Soap Suds

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Big Tits

The sun is high overhead and the air hangs heavy with humidity. The kind of day that is best described as “steamy”. There’s just a hint of a breeze to cool the perspiration that slowly trickles down between my breasts. I’ve agreed to come over and wash your car today even though I know you won’t be available to help, you have work to do inside. I’m wearing as little as possible to try and stay cool. A tight white tee shirt rides just high enough to show off the tiny diamond I wear in my pierced belly button and an old pair of faded cut off jeans completes the outfit.

I bend over slowly dipping the sponge into the sudsy water. As I am bending over I am aware that you are spying on me from the window in the living room. Your eyes lazily stare at the definition of my strong leg muscles as I bend over; the shorts are so short that you can see just the hint of my tan ass cheeks. You reach down to the need that is rising as you watch me. Absentmindedly you unbutton your pants, sliding the zipper down as you continue to be transfixed by the view. I rise up, splashing the suds on the hood, using the sponge back and forth. My body is rocking back and forth, breasts swaying with the motion of the strokes I am using to clean the hood. You are using your own back and forth strokes just inside the door. You have now slid your pants down to the floor, your hands fumbling to push aside all fabric. Your fingers gripping…stroking in time with my strokes outside.

I continue lovingly stroking, scrubbing every inch of atakent escort your car. My long hair clings to my neck as I work harder and harder. The sweat and soapy water mix on my shirt so that you can see the outline of my hard pick nipples through the tee shirt. I bend over each time I clean a tire..each time making you moan with desire as you imagine me bent over, screaming, begging you to take me from behind. Take me deep; fill me with every inch of your hard cock.

I reach for your hose, turning the nozzle until water shoots out in a thick, steady stream. All the while you have been building, waiting inside. It’s too much, drops of water dripping down my legs, suds on my belly, perky tits straining against thin wet fabric. You moan softly and explode in a climax of pleasure while watching the little show I am putting on for you.

I am almost done outside; the water rinses all the soap away. The spray blows back in my face, cooling me but only for a second. The sun is beating down, making a rainbow of the spray around me. You can’t help but stare, taking me in. My hair hanging down my back in long wet tendrils, my tan face flushed pink from exertion, my breasts heaving up and down with every breath. Drops of water cling to my narrow waist, down to the curve of my hips where my shorts rest. My legs are splattered with soapsuds. You’ve never felt this much desire for any woman other than me; you know you have to have me now.

I begin akbatı escort putting away my tools. I wind the hose up and open the door to the storage shed. It’s dark and musty smelling inside. As I am bent over putting the hose away, the door suddenly closes and you grab me, wrapping your hand roughly across my mouth to suppress my scream. Pain ripples through me as you roughly grab my breasts, squeezing my nipple hard. Your hot breath is in my ear, huskily whispering that you are going to fuck me and there is nothing I can do to stop you. Somehow I manage to squirm away from you. I reach the door and thrust it open but it’s not soon enough, you use my momentum to scoop me up over your shoulder. You carry me across the lawn and into the house. Down the hall we go, I protest the entire way. You throw me down on the bed. My soapy wet body exciting you even more. I can see your cock straining against your pants. You grab my hands and put them over my head while you roughly hold them with one hand. The other hand is groping at the button on my shorts..sliding them down slowly..enjoying teasing me. You know by the look in my eyes that I am so hot for you. I won’t fight you anymore. I want this more than anything. You are taking too fucking long! In desperation I reach up and yank your shirt over your head..ripping it but not caring. I roughly grab your shorts and rip them from your body..pulling underwear and shorts down in one swift stroke. I’m hungrily kissing aksaray escort you. Our tongues are probing, teasing, tasting, and dueling. I reach down and push my own soaking wet panties down. I reach down and savagely push your head down between my bare wet legs. Oh god, yes. Lick my pussy!!!

You use your tongue roughly. Probing, licking, and biting me. Making me so desperate for you. You know just how I like it. Finger my pussy while you suck, lick and gently bite at my clit. HARDER!!! Oh yes, that’s it! My head is spinning with desire now. I have to have your cock inside my pussy right now. I jerk you up and you plunge your pussy juice tongue into my mouth, making me taste my own pussy on your mouth as I move on top of you. I poise myself above your hard cock, hesitating while we look into each other’s eyes. You moan and your head arches back as I slowly slide down and impale myself onto you. Riding you deeper and deeper, in and out. I lean forward as you suck my tits while I grind my clit against you. I lean back then and use my fingers to trace circles around my clit while I pump away on your cock. I look into your eyes as I bring my fingers up to my lips and greedily lick all the pussy juices off my fingers. You put your hands on my hips and work me up and down on your stiff cock. I pause as the bottom to grind strongly against you. In and out, working ourselves into frenzy. I can feel my pussy quivering, being pushed to it’s limits by your big cock. I can’t take it any longer, moaning and screaming as we both cum loudly, not caring who might hear us. We milk our orgasm of every last drop, riding every wave of pleasure, gliding slowly until I have milked you of every last drop.

I lean forward, spent; resting on your chest while you are still inside me. We don’t need to speak; it’s wonderful as always. I kiss you, nuzzling your neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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