Soapy Wet Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I stand in the crystal water unable to move for a few seconds, as I watch him walk away into the shadows. My entire body tingles in satisfaction. I have never felt so alive as I do at this moment.

Breaking the enchantment, I wade back into the shallows and retrieve my soap container so I can finish my bath. Lathering the soap across my body I run my hands over my engorged breasts, and gasp involuntarily when my fingers reach the sensitive nipples. I reluctantly move my hands away to wash the rest of my body and then I dive into the cool water to rinse off the soap.

When I get on shore, I grab my towel and dry my body, taking time to squeeze the water out of my hair. I spread the damp towel over a huge flat boulder and lie down on it, letting the heat from the sun and the boulder dry every inch of my body. I stretch out arching up my breasts up toward the sunshine before relaxing back down to the rock, closing my eyes. I promptly fall into a deep relaxing sleep.

I wake up about one hour later refreshed, and ready to go, feeling completely energized. I get dress quickly. Brushing the tangles out of my thick hair with my fingers, I smooth my wayward tresses down long enough for me to braid it, and tie it off with a piece of leather I keep around my wrist. Gathering my belongings, I hike back up the hill to my camp site.

The shadows are getting longer, I need to hustle while there is still light to see. I remember a spot where there are a few huckleberry bushes. I want to pick some of the berries for dessert before it gets dark. Grabbing a bag from camp, I begin the trek up the steep incline. When I reach the spot, I am amazed at how bountiful the dark purple berries are. They are almost the size of grapes, plump, sweet, and juicy.

I pick berries from a bush close to me and feel the heat of the late afternoon sun beating down on my back. There are small birds chittering away to each other in the pine trees, and I spot a fat chipmunk scampering through the underbrush in search of fallen berries. Meandering up the slope picking berries, I am unaware of what I am about to walk into, until I feel the sharp pain biting into my ankle.

There is a burning sting, over and over again on my ankle. I am suddenly aware of the buzzing sounds rising up from the tangled undergrowth. I wandered right smack dab in the middle of a yellow jacket’s nest. Without another thought I hurdle wildly down the slope, Zonguldak Escort jumping over fallen logs and crashing through the brush in my attempt to escape the stinging hoard.

By the time I reach the bottom of the slope I had left the yellow jackets far behind me. My entire ankle is now burning and so swollen I can barely put my weight on it. The only satisfaction I have is in the fact that I didn’t lose any of the berries during my downward flight. My next reaction is to sit down and cry, both scared and feeling sorry for myself. After a bit I try to stop the watershed, and I wipe my eyes while sniffing from a red nose when I look up to see my warrior standing in front of me. His head is tilted to one side and he wears a deep smile across his face which sparkles out through his brown eyes. I feel like such a dopey kid, instead of a grown woman, for him to see me this way blubbering like a total idiot.

“Let me see,” and he kneels down in front of me to look at my swollen ankle. His hands are warm, his touch is soothing and my tears slowly begin to dissolve away into hiccups.

“It’s not too bad. You’ll live.”

He pulls my sock away from my ankle and I can see five or six angry white marks where I was stung. Without a word, he removes a pouch from his backpack and opens it up to sprinkle a herb onto his hand. Next he adds some water from his water bottle to the herb. When it is completely wet, he applies the mixture to my ankle and pulls my sock up over it to hold it in place. The pain immediately disappears, the swelling stops, and within a few seconds I can’t even tell I was stung.

He pulls me up to my feet, bringing my body up against his, and takes my face between in his rough calloused hands. He looks into my eyes, inches away from me and his breath caresses my face with his words.

“All better now?”

“Yes,” I sigh. “Thank you.”

His lips are inches from mine. “My name is Ben.”

“I’m Jean,” I whisper.

The memory of our sensual meeting earlier at the swimming hole is still very clear and sharp in my mind. I want him again. Shamelessly I push my body into his, pressing my breasts against his chest and wrapping my arms around his strong neck to pull his hard lips down to mine. At the taste of my lips he deepens the kiss, thrusting into my mouth with a gentle flick his tongue. I feel my heart beat faster, pumping warmth over every inch Zonguldak Escort Bayan of my body. I melt into him letting him feel my heat.

My breathing is ragged as he moves his hands to my hair, releasing it from the braid. The golden tangles fall like a soft curtain around my shoulders and arms. He ensnares my hair with his fist, and forces my head backward in submission of his molten kisses over my neck. I moan in response, and my hands move down to his pants where I grab him by his belt to pin his throbbing member against my hips. I feel the stiff hardness of his need, pressing through his pants which make me so wet I can feel my moisture soaking through my panties and I whimper in reply.

Breaking the kiss he nibbles into my ear, “come with me, it will be dark soon.”

He takes me by the hand and leads me back down to my camp. Once there, Ben quickly gets a small blaze started in the middle of the fire ring. I watch his hard body, marveling at his muscular form shifting beneath his clothes as he works stacking the wood in a pile to keep the fire going. He unrolls a sleeping bag and sits down on it in front of the warm fire then reaches up, pulling my body down to his, we tumble in a heap together, tangled up in our need for each other.

The glow of the fire illuminates his chiseled features as I remove his t-shirt. I push him down on his back, sit on his hips, and straddle him with my legs. Reaching up I pull my shirt over my head next and his fingers immediately pull my bra below my rounded breasts to find my nipples. He pulls the nipples making them hard by tweaking and rolling them between his fingers before gently reaching around my back to remove my bra. I grind my hips over his hard cock, feeling it press against my crotch. I want him so badly I can feel my juices soaking right through my blue jeans. When his fingers unzip my pants and push them down over my hips I quickly remove my boots. My underwear and jeans follow right behind the boots. I stand above him in the flickering light of the campfire with hard nipples, swollen breasts, and smell of my musk filling the air begging him to touch me.

Ben growls when I bend down to remove first his hiking boots and then his pants. He is not wearing underwear, and as his pants slide down his hips, his hard cock springs free. He watches my breasts sway as I move. Unconsciously I wet my lips with my tongue Escort Zonguldak in anticipation of his throbbing shaft inside my mouth and he groans at the thought.

He pulls me tight against his chest, looking down at my breasts crushed against him.

“You are so beautiful.”

He makes me feel beautiful and desired. I want to pleasure him until he begs for release. I start with his lips, ears, neck and back up to his lips. Slowly I begin to kiss every inch of his body. I go lower and lower as my lips graze lightly down his body, touching my mouth to his skin. When I reach the tip of his shaft, it jerks and twitches with each caress. I tease him unmercifully, never quite touching his cock. Fleeting soft touches that drive him crazy until I suddenly wrap my mouth around the head. I stay there for a few minutes, running my tongue around the rim, licking and sucking as I play, stroking him with my hand at the same time.

Ben groans in pleasure and slowly begins to move his hips up and down, sliding his hard cock gently deeper into my mouth. I suck on his length, and watch the pure enjoyment play across his face. It makes me want him even more and I can feel the moisture dripping from inside of me. Lifting his balls in my hand they begin to tighten, ready for his release. He removes me, stopping my mouth, and quickly brings me over to sit on top of him.

The joyous feeling of heat as his hard shaft parts my legs to slide deep inside of my wet pussy makes me squirm in pure delight. The moisture is spilling down over his cock as I ride him up and down. I grab my breasts to first pull on the nipples and then to squeeze the soft mounds. Ben watches every movement. My nipples are hard and protruding, my head is thrown back as I rock over his shaft. I feel my orgasm wash over my entire body and I sit down hard on Ben’s cock, rubbing my clit across his body as wave after wave of fills my body.

Ben turns me over laying me down on my back, and thrusts his swollen cock into my wet slit. Pounding into me over and over again I wrap my legs around his neck in order to take him deep within me. His head goes back, his neck muscles tighten as his final thrusts shoot hot cum deep inside of me, groaning loudly as he cums.

Relaxing, he lowers his weight on top of me, enjoying the touch of my body against his before rolling over to pull me into the sleeping bag with him. He wraps his arms around my body drawing me close. He chin rests on the top of my head, as we both lay there sated and happy. The warmth from his body and the beat of his heart makes me feel drowsy and relaxed. Within a few minutes I fall asleep, and so I don’t hear his sigh of contentment, or feel the gentle kiss he puts upon my forehead.

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