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Serenity Walker walked along the halls of the small town high school with her shoulders slumped and a tired look in her eyes. The last few weeks had been very taxing. The 18-year old petite, short-haired brunette tomboy high school student had been outed two weeks ago in front of at least 20 people. She dropped her diary earlier that day, and by a cruel twist of fate, Roger Pearson had found it. Roger Pearson was the chief bully of the school and never missed an opportunity to torture someone. So when he found it, he read some rather…sensitive parts out loud in front of everyone within earshot. Most people already suspected Serenity to be a lesbian, since she had turned down every boy who had ever asked her out. Those kind of things encouraged that sort of speculation. But it was a world of difference between suspecting and knowing.

She had never been popular, but she had never felt as alone as she did right now. Everyone glanced at her and whispered when they saw her, some even giggled and turned their backs.

Thankfully, pretty much everyone was in class at the moment, so she was almost completely alone in the hall. ‘Thank god for small mercies’, she thought.

Serenity sighed loudly and pushed the door to the girls bathroom open and started towards the mirrors and sinks. But she suddenly noticed something in the corner of her eye. Someone was in the restroom. She cringed inwardly when she saw who it was. Cindy Jackson. If Roger Pearson was the chief bully of the school, she was the queen bitch of the school. She personified all the clichés, she was blonde, extremely attractive, busty and the head cheerleader. Despite Cindy being the same age as her, Serenity seldom had any contact with her, since the cheerleader was in social clique miles away from the one she herself occupied. Cindy was just putting out a cigarette out with the heel of her shoe when she noticed Serenity walk in.

“Well, well. If it isn’t the dyke”, Cindy snickered. “Shouldn’t you be in class? Or maybe out licking some pussy?”

“My chemistry class was cancelled”, Sereinity said quietly while going in the opposite direction of where Cindy stood.

Cindy started to walk towards her. “How nice for you then”.

Serenity glanced over her shoulder at the approaching girl and noticed a strange look in her eyes. Cindy was almost upon Serenity by now. She stopped right behind where Serenity now stood and washed her hands in a sink.

Serenity felt the other girl’s presence behind her. Mentally, she steadied herself for what the assumed would be an unpleasant confrontation. She finished up and turned around to face Cindy.

“Listen…”, she said, but before she could get another word out, Cindy grabbed her by the arms and threw acıbadem escort her up against a wall. Serenity tried to resist, but Cindy was the head cheerleader and in very good physical shape. The cheerleader pressed the other girl against the wall roughly and Serenity closed her eyes in the anticipation of the blow she assumed would follow.

But nothing happened. Serenity hesitantly opened her eyes and was a little shocked to see Cindy’s face not more than a centimeter away from her own. She was even more shocked to see something completely different from the expected anger or hate in the other girl’s eyes. She saw…lust.

“What the hell is going on..”, she thought just before Cindy quite aggressively pressed her lips against her own.

Serenity was flabbergasted and opened her mouth slightly in surprise. Cindy’s tongue instantly darted into her mouth. Serenity had never been kissed like this before, and she couldn’t help but to respond to the kiss with more enthusiasm than she thought possible, given who it was she was kissing. Cindy was pressing her body tightly against Serenity and was kissing her fervently. She was almost whimpering. It was in that moment Serenity felt a hand work its way up her belly and enclose itself around her breast. Cindy’s hand started to fondle her breast just as her lips left her own. Cindy started to lick and kiss her way down Serenity’s neck until she reached the nape of her neck where she concentrated her efforts. That and the hand fondling her breast somewhat woke Serenity from her state of shock and she grabbed Cindy’s hand and started to push the cheerleader away.

Cindy looked at her with surprise and then anger. “What the hell are you doing?” she asked.

Serenity responded slightly out of breath, “What do you mean ‘what am I doing’? What the hell are YOU doing? You can’t just…just…do that. I mean…” she trailed off, flustered.

Cindy grabbed Serenity by the face and once again leaned in as for a kiss, but instead she brought her mouth close to Serenity’s ear and whispered, “I wonder what the rest of the school would do right now if I told them that you touched me inappropriately in the ladies bathroom”.

Serenity gasped, “But…but, that’s not true, it was YOU…I’d tell them…”, but she was interrupted.

“Oh yeah? And who do you think they’d believe, hmm?”, a smug tone had now crept into her voice. “Just do what you dykes do and make sure I’m satisfied and everything will be fine. Things might even get a little easier around here for you…”. She finished with a lick to Serenity’s earlobe.

Cindy leaned back and looked at the shocked girl. “Oh come on, I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think no one akbatı escort is watching. I know you find me attractive”.

The last part made Serenity blush. It was true. You’d have to be dead not to be attracted to Cindy. And she had indeed been featured in countless of Serenity’s fantasies.

“So, what will it be?” Cindy demanded.

Serenity sighed, lowered her head and supplied the other girl with a tiny nod. This was all Cindy needed. She dragged the other girl into one of the small private bathrooms within the main restroom and locked the door behind them. She immediately renewed her oral assault on Serenity’s neck. Her hand also returned to its previous place on Serenity’s breast.

Serenity was overwhelmed. The sweet and perfumed smell of the other girl was intoxicating, and that combined with the fondling and kissing made her quite aroused. She was actually making out with Cindy Jackson! The thought ignited a fire in her lower belly. She tentatively raised her hand to Cindy’s waist and slowly moved it upwards toward the blonde cheerleader’s ample chest. When her hand reached its goal, she timidly squeezed and marvelled at the softness of it.

As she continued her ministrations, she heard Cindy mumble, “Mmm, that’s right. You like that, don’t you, dyke..”. With that Cindy raised her head and leaned in for a kiss. This time, Serenity met her halfway and returned the kiss enthusiastically.

After a few minutes of heated making out, Cindy suddenly stepped back half a step. She reached under her skirt and started hitching her pantied down. Serenity realized what was about to happen and got a nervous knot in her stomach. Cindy deposited her panties on the toilet seat, leaned back against the bathroom door and laid her hands on Serenity’s shoulders and pressed downwards quite forcefully.

“Get down on your knees.”, Cindy commanded whilst pressing down. Serenity dropped to her knees in front of the cheerleader and looked tentatively up. Cindy looked down at her with eyes clouded by lust and lifted her skirt up and grabbed Serenity by the back of her head and unceremoniously pressed the girl’s head into her crotch.

“Come on..”, she said forcefully, “lick my pussy. Do it!”. Serenity had never had sex with a girl before, no matter what Cindy might think, but she couldn’t exactly stop now. So she hesitantly started to lick the hairy slit in front of her. She pressed her tongue inside it and started to use her whole mouth in her endeavor. Cindy seemed to approve since she now panted and whimpered loudly while forcefully holding the kneeling girl’s head between her legs with both her hands.

“Ohhh yes, oh, oh…oh fuck”, the cheerleader chanted as she pressed the aksaray escort back of her head against the door behind her.

Serenity was really getting into this now. She loved the taste; salty but with a sweet overtone.

“I could REALLY get used to this”, she thought to herself.

She closed her eyes and just concentrated on bringing as much pleasure to the girl in front of her as possible. She concentrated her efforts on the hard little nub at the top of the slit and assaulted the cheerleaders clit with tongue and mouth. Within a few minutes, Cindy’s panting and chanting was starting to accelerate in speed and volume. Suddenly, she grabbed Serenity’s head even more forcefully and pressed her mound against Serenity’s mouth. Cindy’s whole body shaked and Cindy banged her head against the closed door behind her whilst moaning loudly in pleasure. After a short while, the cheerleader’s rigid body relaxed and she released her hold on Serenity’s head. The now spent girl sank down on the floor and exhaled with a dreamy look on her face.

Serenity still kneeled when Cindy opened her eyes and regarded the other girl. Serenity had Cindy’s juices smeared all around her mouth and she looked at Cindy with a questioning look on her face. Cindy smiled and opened her arms in invitation. Serenity crawled up in Cindy’s arms and snuggled up in the nape of her neck.

In a somewhat breathless voice, Cindy said, “That was fucking amazing. You are one talented pussylicker”.

“Thank you”, Serenity replied, feeling absurdly pleased with herself.

Cindy abruptly stood up and gathered her panties, slid them on, unlocked the door and peeked out. When she saw that the coast was clear, she stepped out and went to the mirrors by the opposite wall. She straightened her clothing and fixed her hair, erasing all evidence of the sordid encounter.

Serenity approached her from behind and put her hand on the cheerleaders shoulder.

“What?”, Cindy asked.

“Uhm, what happens now?”, Serenity asked.

The answer was a little brusque, “It’s quite simple: nothing. You were a good little dyke and did your part, so I see no reason not to uphold my part of the bargain.”

“Oh.”, Serenity said, feeling a little disappointed.

Cindy grabbed Serenity by the arm and looked her right in the eyes, “If you ever say anything about this to ANYONE, I’ll make sure every second you spend on this school is laced with pain, do you understand?”

Serenity nodded and looked away.


Cindy walked to the door leading out of the restroom. Serenity looked after her, hoping that Cindy would look back at her. And just as Cindy went through the door, she hesitated and looked over her shoulder at the other girl.

Serenity noticed something in the cheerleader’s eyes in that brief glimpse.

“Hmm..”, she thought. Maybe things weren’t as simple as Cindy claimed after all. Serenity cleaned herself up, cherishing that brief something, and felt a little better about her tryst with Cindy Jackson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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