Sometimes It Just Happens Ch. 02

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This is the second installment of a series; I recommend you read the first chapter “Sometimes it just happens” first to get the story line correct.

A couple of months had past, and Thanksgiving was just a week away. Fall was coming to a close and winter was not far behind it.

I had gotten a job in the accounting department at the same grain facility that mom works at. The job is ok, and the pay is decent. It felt good to be able to financially contribute to the bills for the house. Not that I haven’t been contributing, I had taken over most of the cooking and some of the cleaning.

Around the house our taboo love affair seemed to settle in to a normal thing. When we were alone or with people who didn’t know us mom had requested I call her Teresa, and she called me Jason. At first it was awkward, but after awhile it became normal. Although I did find that if I called her mom whilst having sex, she got more aroused.

My aunt Mary, mom’s younger sister, was coming to stay over for the holiday. I spent a day setting up the guest room, cleaning, dusting and fresh sheets.

It was the night before aunt Mary was to arrive when things became very difficult. My mom came home with groceries and we brought them in the house and began to put them away, when she spoke.

“Jason, we have to talk!”

“Ok, what’s the matter?”

“Your aunt will be here tomorrow.”

“I know so?”

“Well, I think you should call me mom when she is here.”


“And you have to stay in your room at night, and no groping me until she leaves!”

“This sucks! Happy Thanks fucking Giving to me!”

“It’s only for two nights. She will be leaving on Saturday afternoon.”

“It might as well be two weeks!”

“Oh, stop being a drama queen! It doesn’t suit you.”

I was irritated, but I guess I could survive this inconvenience. She had a point anyway, it was only two nights. Besides up until a few months ago, I wasn’t in a relationship with my mother. Which, most people find to be wrong. Boy, would Aunt Mary be shocked if she found out. I would do my best to not screw up. I guess I will be taking matters in my own hands for a few days.

I had been up since five AM, when I had to get the turkey in the oven. I had planed a divine feast. We would have the turkey, with Grandma Rose’s stuffing, my special roasted butternut squash, loaded mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, home made cranberry sauce, and fresh rolls I baked last night. I also had picked up a few bottles of a nice burgundy to wash it all down.

Mom had gone to the air port to get Aunt Mary, and they returned around noon. The meal wouldn’t be ready until two.

She was a shapely women, almost the same as my mom, a bit smaller in the hips and bust but not bad. She had jet black hair, straight and long down to her round ass, almost like a Native American women. But you could tell where she lived the minute she spoke, Jersey! I almost laughed; I started to hear Snookie from Jersey Shore, when she was talking. She kind of resembles her too. I guess I hadn’t noticed the hoop earrings and the spray tan. She was definitely a guidette.

I put the meal on the table promptly at two. We all sat, said grace, and began to dish out food.

“Jason, this meal is amazing! Where did you learn to cook like this?”

“I watched a lot of Food Network when I was in college, Aunt Mary.”

“Oh, just call me Mary, Jason. He is so formal, Teresa, you have a good boy.”

“I know, Mary. You should see the other things he does for me!”

Shocked I looked at mom, and she had those eyes, those evil I want you now eyes.

“What else does he do, Teresa?”

“He cooks, he cleans, does laundry, takes care of the pool, does the yard work, and he works forty hours a week! He’s the perfect man.”

“Too bad he’s grup sex your son and my nephew. He’s cute too.”

Then they began to giggle, the way I am sure they did around boys when they were just girls. It was flattering, but I had to move the conversation elsewhere.

“You know it is an awful cross to bear, being a sex object! Having women talk about you as a prize or a piece of meat! It is even more difficult when the beautiful women are your mom and aunt.”

My statement worked, they were stunned to silence for a moment, and then mom started a mundane conversation about work. I zoned out while I ate, and before I knew it I was cleaning up.

The evening was uneventful, we talked of times past, and things we should do as a family. It only became awkward once more when they ganged up on me, ribbing me about being the catch of a life time. I politely excused myself.

“I am tired. If you ladies will excuse me, I think I will go shower then go to bed. Don’t forget we have to work tomorrow, mom! Good night mom. Good night Aunt Mary.”

“Mary, just call me Mary, Jason.”

“Ok, Mary. Good night.”

With that I made my way to the bathroom. I got in to a hot shower, and replayed the day’s events in my head. Before long I realized I had a record breaking hard on. I hadn’t realized how thinking of Aunt Mary could arouse me so much. I shut off the shower and then I heard the whispers.

“What are you doing?”


I noticed the door to the bathroom slightly ajar when I opened the curtain. Horny and proud of the rod I was sporting, I got out and began to dry off. I turned sideways to give a good profile and show off the nine inch long, two and a half inch wide oak branch sprouting from my loins. The gasp for air I heard was priceless. Then I heard them mom whispering.

“Come on, before he catches us, Mary!”

I heard the footsteps moving away and I rushed to the door, listening intently.

“Wow, he has a huge cock, Teresa!”

“That’s my son, Mary! He’s your nephew!”

“I know, but he still has a nice cock!”

“Yeah, long and thick the way it should be, Mary”

They were out of earshot now. I smiled and finished in the bathroom. I went to my room and got in bed naked. You can never tell who may want service after hours…

I awoke to my alarm at five the next morning. I was irritated from being pulled from an awesome incestuous threesome dream with Aunt Mary. But I got up and had a bird bath and brushed my teeth. I dressed quickly and went down to make breakfast for mom and myself. I was nearly finished when mom came down.

“Good morning, baby!”

“Good morning, mom.”

“I am so fucking horny right now; I could lay you on the counter and just ride you for an hour, Jason!”

“Mom, she may hear you!”

“Oh shit, oops! Sorry.”

We ate in silence, I made us lunches from leftovers and we departed shortly before six thirty. We were five minutes from work when she couldn’t hold it in any more.

“Fuck me! Right now pull over and just fuck me!”

“We are going to be late.”

“I don’t care pull up the service road here.”

I did as I was told and barely had the car in park when I looked over and she had her pants off, panties pulled to the side, blouse open and bra under folded under her huge tits. I was hard immediately. She opened my pants and pulled my dick out, then climbed on, all in about three seconds. She was so hot inside, and wet. I slid in with no problems.

“I have been thinking of you all night, son.”

“Is that so, mom. I was thinking of you too and Aunt Mary at the same time.”

Mom came as soon as I said it. I was a harder orgasm than I had ever felt her have. It was too much for me, I came which made her go in to another fit of orgasm.

When we had composed latina fuck tour porno ourselves and began to dress again. She spoke.

“Did you really think about a threesome?”

“Why, is that bad?”

“Well, according to society it is bad. But I think it is hot. I’ll see what I can do!”

With that our conversation was over. We drove to work, I kissed mom and we went our separate ways.

After work we met in the parking lot. As we drove home she told me of her plan.

“What we will do is pretend to have her slip you a sleeping pill”


“Yeah I will fill a sleeping pill capsule with crushed vitamin C, and convince her to slip it to you in a drink before you go to bed. Then she will think you are passed out and the inhibitions will go away. Then I can have some fun too.”

“Do you think it will work?”

“I don’t know. But she was really hot over peeking at your hard cock through the bathroom door last night!”

“She was peeking on her own, and you caught her?”

“Yes. I was wet instantly when I saw you’re hard on. She must have been the same, because I heard her moaning after we went to bed. She was probably masturbating.”

“I hope it works. This could be hot.”

“Me too, son”

Later that evening after dinner and all the chatting, Aunt Mary offered to get drinks for everyone, and mom gave me the wink. She returned with our drinks and made a point to give me mine first.

“You are a fine specimen of a man, Jason. She said.”

Without skipping a breath, I retorted.

“You’re a pretty sexy MILF, yourself, Aunt Mary.”

With that she gave mom her drink and we all sat and talked. I downed my drink quickly, and before long began to fake sleepiness.

“I just got real sleepy; I am going to go to bed.”

“Okay sweetheart. Are you alright?”

“Yes just tired. See you both in the morning”

They both spoke in unison.


I went upstairs, cleaned up, and then went in to bed. I got naked again and waited. About fifteen minutes past when I realized I wasn’t tired at all, my heart was beating fast and I had a hard on the size of a bed post for no reason. Confused I lay in the dark waiting.

About ten minutes later I heard my mother and aunt whispering outside my room.

“I don’t know if we should do this, Teresa.”

“Maybe your right, we should just forget it.”

“But it wouldn’t hurt just to see him naked, would it?”

“Ok but be quiet I don’t want to wake him up.”

My door opened slowly, they were like teenage girls. They just smiled and giggled.

“It’s too dark, Teresa, I can’t see anything.”

“Maybe I can turn on his desk lamp on low.”

My lamp came on and I had to close my eyes before Aunt Mary noticed I was actually awake.

“My God, Teresa, and look at the tent he has going under the covers.”

“It certainly looks big, Mary. Maybe you should pull back the covers.”

The covers were slowly removed, then a gasp of air from Aunt Mary.

“Oh my, he is huge. I have to have it!”

With that I felt a mouth on my head, the more of the shaft. Then without warning she swallowed the whole thing.

“Jesus Mary, you swallowed the whole thing!

I felt the mouth leave my dick.

“I still got it Teresa, I haven’t sucked one like this in years, but I still don’t gag.

“Wow, let me try Mary.”

Mom took me in her mouth, and swallowed no problem. Up and down up and down she deepthoated me. I knew she had made a big deal of it for Aunt Mary but still Mom’s sucking talents were impressive.

“I am soaking wet Teresa; I have to sit on his dick now!”

“Ok I don’t think he will wake up, especially if he didn’t wake with the sucking I just gave him.”

Aunt Mary stood on the lezbiyen porno bed and straddled my waist. She squatted down and I stole a glance. She was looking up at the ceiling. She had huge tits like mom’s and a small pooch and a great set of child bearing hips. She gripped my cock and swished it in her slit. She was right she was soaked. She found the hole and slid me in. She was like fire inside and tight as could be.

“OOOOHHHH he is so big. I don’t think I can take it all.”

“Yes you can Mary, just work it; it will all be in shortly.”

She worked like a pro, and had it all inside in a few moments. She came about five times and had a great rhythm down when I couldn’t handle any more. I came hard and a lot. She held me inside until I had finished, then she eased off and sat on the side of the bed.

“I think he filled my whole uterus with cum, look at it run down my thighs.”

“Wow, he is still hard as a rock, Mary. Should I take a turn?”

“He is out cold, he won’t know the difference.”

I felt the bed shift and looked up in to my mothers face as she climbed on top. She smiled and put her finger in her pussy and slid it discreetly in my mouth. She tasted great. Then I closed my eyes again. She griped my still rock hard cock and eased it inside. She like Mary was soaking wet and on fire. But she also felt right, the perfect fit. She rode me forever, cumming many times along the way. Aunt Mary began to lick and suck my balls. Mom lay down on my chest at one point draping her hair over my face and whispered in my ear.

“Sorry honey, I wasn’t sure if you could keep it up for us both so I put half a Viagra in the pill.”

She sat up and I opened my eyes. She had an evil grin on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

“I don’t know Mary he is still hard as a rock. This could be a long night. I just wouldn’t feel right leaving him with a hard on. We should take turns until he goes flaccid.”

“You don’t have to tell me, I am ready for more Teresa.”

Mom rode me for awhile longer before I came.

“There he goes, she said. God he does fill you right up doesn’t he!”

She climbed off and Mary jumped on. Then she totally shocked me. Mom started to suck on Aunt Mary’s tits. Aunt Mary moaned loudly. Then Mom sat on my chest with her pussy just inches from my face. I could see I had given her a big cream pie.

I had pretty much lost interest at this point. My balls hurt, my dick was raw, and I wasn’t going to cum again. Aunt Mary rode for another hour and Mom road for forty minutes more before I finally got soft. I had lost track of the time they came. But both were walking funny when they left my room. I waited for awhile before I got up to go clean myself. When I got in the hall I noticed the light on in Moms room and the door ajar. I tiptoed over and looked in. To my surprise they were both in there in the sixty nine eating cum from each others pussy. I almost got hard again, but lacked the stamina. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up quietly the stole back to my room. I think I was asleep before I hit the sheets.

The next day before she left she gave me a questionable kiss from aunt to nephew. I also noticed she was still walking funny. I grinned at this. Then she was gone.

Mom returned from the Airport an hour later. She also was walking funny. But as always she was sexy as hell.

“Well not a bad visit, was it, Jason?”

“No. I can now check threesome with mother and aunt off my things to do list.”

“Don’t worry honey; we will be working on that list a lot.”

“Is that what you and Aunt Mary were doing in your bed room after you two almost fucked me to death?”

Mom giggled at that and was quiet for a moment.

“Yes, she finally said I was working that off my list.”

“I had not expected to see you with another woman, least of all your own sister.”

“You should learn not to be surprised by anything now that you have opened the metaphoric Pandora’s Box.”

“What do you mean?”

She grinned even bigger now with an evil look in her eyes.

“Wait until you see the toys I got for us the other day, son…..”

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