Sonya and Anna

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Sonya is an intelligent, beautiful, divorced, petite, adorable, blue-eyed redhead that lived in an apartment, below me, in Oceanside, California, back in the 1990’s. Both in our, late, 20’s, I asked Sonya out for a dinner date, but she, initially, turned me down. I was about 5-feet-10 inches tall, 200 pounds, average looks and build, brown-haired, hairy man. I worked for a witch of a State Farm agent. Sonya worked in the office of a major car dealer.

About a year later, I had a job offer, in the Napa area, hours north, from Oceanside, and went downstairs to say my goodbye to Sonya. She was surprised and sad and said she was about to take me up on dating. Shocked, I told her I would have liked that, leaned over and kissed her, and Sonya, reciprocated and, surprisingly, led me, by my hand, to her bedroom. kissing, caressing and unwrapping each other. Just minutes later, we were naked, holding each other, close, and I, happily, learned that Sonya was a natural, freckle-covered redhead, my first ginger, whose “carpet” gloriously matched her “drapes.” With Sonya’s proud and pert nipples sitting high on her little chest, I licked her to her first ankara eryaman escort of several orgasms as we spent our night, having passionate sex, in and out of her bed, the shower, and back to bed, missionary, cowgirl and doggie, waking up and going for it, again, every couple of hours.

My hips slapped back and forth against Sonya’s backside, plunging my hard, thick cock deeper and deeper. into Sonya’s ginger pussy. Her groans and screams were muffled as she mashed her face into her pillows with a wild outburst of pleasure. My tool glided swiftly through Sonya’s sopping, hairy pussy, penetrating the wet suction of her humid cavity where her muscles tightened around my pulsing cock.

“Give it to me, love! Cum for me!! Please make me feel it, Mark, Oh god, I’ve never felt so full!!! Give me every drop of your cum!!!” Sonya screamed, ending in a HUGE creampie, and, our multiple, mutual climaxes.

“You’re so tight, so tender, So sweet” I said. “You’re such a beautiful woman. I wish we had the last year together! We could have had so much fun!!!”

Each of my, tender, touches, sent a shiver through Sonya’s, beautiful, body escort elvankent and elicited a whimper from her trembling throat. Sonya couldn’t contain herself either and began gasping and panting as her crotch bucked in our pleasure.

The next morning, after another round of, tender, missionary and doggy, passion, we heard the garden apartment’s front door open, and, Anna, Sonya’s best friend, casually, walked in as I, quickly, covered, our nakedness, with Sonya’s blankets and comforter.

“It’s my turn,” Anna said. “Sonya and I have a, fun, her-first, me next, tradition. We don’t lesbian or threesome, but she, generously, shares her men with me. Here’s directions to my apartment. Get there in 30 minutes and bring your hard cock. with you! I guarantee it will get another workout!!!”

Sonya nodded. “Go make my friend feel good, really good’ she said. “It’s OK with me. Anna gets to share your hard cock. She’s on birth control. You will enjoy her!”

I did.

Anna was a taller, average-looking and build, brunette with hair down to her larger-than Sonya’s breasts. Part Latina, beautiful-coloring, dark hair, no etimesgut escort bayan freckles. I knocked on the storm door of her house. “Come in,” Anna shouted. “I am in my bedroom waiting.”

Anna was beautiful, naked, on her back, with her hairy pussy spread, waiting for my tongue and cock…

“”I want that so much, Mark. God, I want to feel your hot prick in my mouth and pussy!” Anna screamed out.

First, we 69’d, then I eased my steel cock, into her, wet, bushy pussy. I buried myself fully inside of Anna before slowly pulling back, moving back inside her again, spreading her inner walls apart, taking my time and making her feel every slight movement. Anna was whimpering in pleasure, her juicy pussy clenching around me as she could feel my warm, thick cock moving inside her.

I moved myself back and forth within Anna, sliding myself deep inside of her as my balls loudly slapped against her ass as I kept thrusting, while Anna could only shut her eyes and let pretty moans slip from her lips from the overwhelming pleasure, before climaxing, in each other’s arms, together, in a, fun, creampie that dripped out of her, hairy, pussy, onto her sheets.

A one-day adventure, Anna wasn’t my regular partner, or “group sex,” or a threesome, just a one-time “bed buddy,” and Sonya’s, longtime, friend. They were the first time I had sex with two women within an hour.

It is a great day for my memories!

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