Sophia Ch. 02

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Ch. 2 The concubine


This chapter is about the progressing affair between Sophia and her son, and improprieties perpetrated against her privacy, and person, by one of his friends and includes her ultimate revenge for those infractions.

FM-FF incestuous in nature.


Sophia had called Beth that afternoon, and invited her into the living room when she had arrived, to discuss Beth’s teenage sons aberrant behavior. The gorgeous brunette had seated herself across from Sophia with her legs smartly crossed, showing just enough leg to be conservatively sexy.

After intentionally baiting Beth in their conversation and threatening her son with prosecution she had pissed Beth off thoroughly … which is just what she had wanted. But after Beth began to fully comprehend the consequences of a conviction of this type, and its implications to her son’s future, her attitude had drastically changed.

“Please Sophia, there must be something I can do to change your mind about this!” the busty green-eyed brunette pleaded.

“Well there is one thing you might do, but I sincerely doubt you would be interested in my compromise,” Sophia had offered.

“Oh but I would,” Beth quickly replied! “I would do anything to keep this off my sons record,” Beth told her.

Sophia moved to sit directly next to Beth on the large leather sofa, then proceeded, “You will become my sex slave Beth, doing whatever I ask of you when I ask.”

Sophia gave her mind time to digest the implications of her proposal, and as she waited for Beth’s reply. Her delicate, smooth hand started its sensual journey up the inside of Beth’s leg.

Beth was frightened … confused … and distracted, but she was also very dedicated to her son’s welfare and while the offer was something less than optimal, she would accept it.

Beth parted her legs slightly and smiled as sweetly as she could at her hostess, “How long will my obligation to you last?” she questioned.

“How about we go six months,” Sophia offered.

“Accepted, with one condition,” Beth told her.

“And that is?” Sophia inquired.

“That our activities over the next six months be held in the strictest confidence by you and everyone involved!”

“Agreed,” Sophia told her, and then she softly kissed the beautiful Beth Peterson and was stirred to find her response both affectionate, and inviting.

Sophia called her son into the living room and explained the agreement to him; he seemed both surprised and elated.

Clint studied the well built, walking wet dream seated in front of him, and it wasn’t the first time he had done so. He had jerked himself off to fantasies involving Beth many times before, never dreaming that any of it would actually ever come to fruition in reality.

“My Lord … you must take time to get acquainted with your new concubine, and there is no better time to get started than now,” Sophia said, smiling proudly at him.

“My Lady, you’ll never know how much I appreciate this,” he said before he kissed her.

Clint looked down at Beth like a hungry hound dog eyeing its next meal; she had smiled up at him suggestively and then slowly raised the hem of her skirt slightly higher on her gorgeous thighs.

Beth could almost feel the scathing heat of his gaze moving on her crotch before he bent down and kissed her mouth. While he may have been young, he was certainly not inexperienced, at least, when it came to kissing a woman, his lips and tongue made her body flush warm, quickly.

The gentle sweet manipulation of his tongue in her mouth left her dizzy and panting. He continued kissing her as his hands traveled upward on her thighs, as soft and subtle as silk. Clint found the front of Beth’s panties exceedingly damp and she gasped out loudly at the shock of pleasure, when his finger passed over her erect clit.

“Please touch me their again Clint?” Beth asked her young Lord.

“I’d be happy to Beth,” he replied. Clint pulled her front panel to one side and shoved his middle finger into Beth’s tight opening and began to pump it rapidly in and out. Beth’s body immediately began to produce an inordinate amount of fluid as her young lover teased her hungry sex.

“Oh God yes, yes-s-s-s!!” she panted.

After Clint paused his finger momentarily, Beth adjusted her body and her hem to afford him a better view of her wares, and asked, “Do you like what you see Clint?”

“Beth, I have admired your body for a long time now, you just weren’t aware of it!!” he told her smiling.

“Oh, but I think I was aware Clint!” her voice, seductive as she smiled.

With shaking hands Beth hooked the elastic band of her panties and slid them off her shapely legs, and then quickly, removed every other article of clothing she had on. Beth was excited; she had fantasized about fucking this young man several times in the past, when he had visited her home. And given the present situation seks hikayeleri couldn’t wait to get him between her legs.

Beth sat there completely naked, her cheeks and upper breasts flushed a light crimson by the sweet, intense hormonal stirrings she now felt. Clint’s strong hands forced her legs wider, opening her up for his further pleasure. As his hands touched her body Beth was surprised by how deeply wanton, and sluttish she was acting, but even more surprising was the fact that she loved it as much as she did!

Clint knelt before her and held her eyes with his, they were hypnotic and the color of young spring foliage … affectionate, and full of wonder. He lowered his mouth to her clean shaven folds, his long serpent like tongue darting out to find the small pearl of life, in her fragrant fertile valley.

Beth’s head went back and her fiery green eyes snapped shut when Clint’s tongue touched her. He skillfully parted her swollen lips with the tip of his tongue and lightly passed his serpents tool over her erect clit, sending a powerful electric shock through her body that left her weak and shaking.

With her head laid back and her eyelids lowering, her hands roamed over her body, as she pleasured herself. Smiling with the sensation of her hungry fingertips, against the smoothness of her warm velvet skin.

Her eyes paused, silent in wonder, as his lips pressed her most modest feminine attributes. Her breath rushing from her lungs, while her heart burned brightly with the intense emotions of her surging arousal.

Softly … so sweetly, he loved her, his tongue gently caressing the tender folds surrounding her creative inferno. There was nothing in all of creation now, but the gentleness of his mouth on her body. No other longing, but her deep desire for his continued presence, as he quickened her body.

“Oh God my Lord, I love that skilled and sinful tongue!” Beth cooed.

Encouraged by her response Clint’s tongue began to work a little faster and his stroke against her lips and clit became decidedly firmer. She was making little love sounds with her eyes closed, as her hips began to rise up from her seat and actively seek the sweet pleasure of his mouth, her face and neck now straining backward, as she arched her pelvis at his face.

Clint raised his mouth from her mound and began to whisper low in her ear, telling her how much he loved the look and taste of her, as he continued to drive her mercilessly toward culmination with his fingers. He told her how wonderful her breasts were, and how he had always admired the swing of her full shapely hips.

“Oh thank you my young Lord,” she whispered forcefully. Her intoned gratitude intending to cover more than just the compliments, appreciated though they were. Beth reached out and stroked Clint’s cock through his jeans, feeling the massive organ swell and flinch beneath her gentle touch. She loved the way it bucked at her caress, and she loved the way it made him moan when she squeezed it.

“Oh God Clint, its so big, so long, and I want it!” she whimpered softly.

His fingers at her nipples were as soft and subtle as a woman’s tongue, and at this moment she lost all reservation about making her deal with Sophia. Her heart was sweet thunder and the crashing waves of pleasure rolling over her ruled her reason as he toyed with her body … and Beth lost herself in the marvelous sensation of both, his hands and his wicked tongue!

“I know you want me I can feel it, and you should know I have lain in my bed with my fingers pumping my wet opening, as I fantasized about your cock!” she hissed. “Now eat me lover!”

Clint was elated with that revelation, and so was his cock, which lurched and began to seep the evidence of his arousal. Though Clint had never been with a real woman before his mother, he instinctively knew that Beth’s articulation, and forthrightness of feeling, were unique to her personality, and he adored it.

Pure rapture flooded through Beth, as this wicked boys gentle tongue once again drove her feverishly toward an explosive orgasm. She could almost calculate the flexibility of his tongue muscle, as he fucked it slowly in and out of her damp, pulsing passage.

“Oh my God you wicked child, how sweetly you make my body surge with lust!” she panted.

Beth lovingly caressed her own nipples as she watched Clint savor the fluids of her passion, his tongue like fine silk against her moist skin. He was a gentle savage as he ate her, drawing the total focus of her mind to the single, wonderful sensation, of his mouth on her sensitive labium.

“She would never have believed anything could feel this beautiful, and knew at that instant she would serve him willingly the rest of her days. It had been far too long, since she had been taken this way, her husband having lost his passion for her long before now!” This is what she’d longed for, the unrestrained adulation of her body by a lover that was sincerely escort gaziantep şişman bayan swept away by her feminine charms.

With her eyes closed she suddenly felt a rushing chill as her lover removed his mouth from her body. Beth whimpered softly, as she suffered a deep temporary sense of loss, but the whimper soon turned into a lustful moan again as she felt a new sensation on her wet engorged lips.

Pausing at the interruption, Beth looked down to see Clint’s colossal hardness, as he pulled it free of his boxers. She had never seen or experienced anything like it in her life, and gave a low whistle when it was fully exposed and in view.

“My God Clint, you absolutely must let me touch it again!!” she said with a tone of lust inspired awe, in her excited voice.

Moving closer to her, Clint then took Beth’s small, soft hand, and guided it to the flinching mass of his cock. The smooth warm sensation of her skin made his breath quicken and his body shiver, as Beth lovingly stroked her prize.

Beth’s eyes feasted on the smooth soft character of his hard shaft, she cooed gently as her small warm hands ran up and down the length of his firmness over and over again. “It’s so big, and beautiful Clint, I just love it!”

She stilled inside as she felt the shocking enormity of his helmet as it slowly spread the enraged, wet lips of her cunt. He toyed with her, pushing in a couple of inches and then slowly backing out of her hungry passage. He continued this method of torture until Beth was completely frustrated, shaking, and saturated.

“Please Clint, don’t tease me, please give it to me and I promise by all that you trust I’ll be so very good for you!” she bargained.

Sophia smiled, as Beth begged for her son’s cock, she knew the feeling all too well, and was thrilled that Beth now shared that experience with her.

He slid into Beth very slowly until she was full; fuller than she’d ever been in her life, she could feel the head flirting with the top of her uterus before he slowly withdrew all the way out to its very tip. Beth opened her eyes and looked at him in unbelief, at this mere youth, who had just filled her with the largest cock she had ever felt.

The next thrust was faster, as he stretched her to the limit again, she could feel the heft of his balls slap the cheeks of her ass, as he impaled himself deeply inside of her. Had it not been for her abundant lubrication, she doubted that he would have been able to enter her without ripping her in two.

“Oh baby … do me hard … oh fuck yes-s-s-s, you bastard!” she hissed.

He was a brutal beast as he used her, his speed of entry increased rapidly and the power of his thrust grew more ferocious with each stroke. She came almost instantly the first time, doing something she had never done before. She filled the room with the liveliest profanities she had ever heard, hardly believing, that they’d came from her own lips.

“Oh please baby … enough, let me go!” she begged, but was pleased in a moment that he’d ignored her.

He didn’t even slow down, but kept hammering that huge cock into Beth’s small delicate body until she came a second time, screaming and completely out of control again. He used her until her body was limp and nearly lifeless, before allowing her to collapse into a heap before him and recover.

She was satiated like she had never been before, satisfied at the deepest level of her emotional being, and yet even though she was nearly exhausted, she craved more of him. She opened her eyes again, when she felt the warm, loving touch, of his caress on her cheek.

“Thank you my Lord,” she told him, with only enough energy remaining to smile sweetly at him.

While Clint never achieved ejaculation with Beth, he was nonetheless elated with her performance. She had elevated his self-image and bolstered his ego tremendously, by her response to his romantic advances.

Sophia came to her Lords rescue as she knelt before him and engulfed his wet, sticky cock with her mouth. Savoring the delectable taste of there mingled juices as she sucked him!

Her sharp colorful nails pricked lightly at his sack as she devoured the colossal hunk of meat. When she moved a single sharp nail across his anal opening his liquid fire belched forth from his body spilling into her busy mouth.

He pumped furiously, as he emptied what seemed like gallons of his hot, elixir of life, between her thinly stretched lips. It spilled out running down her neck and over her breast, to drip slowly from her hard nipple.

Beth, watching from her reclined position, felt a tinge of jealousy in the fertile soil of her lustful spirit, thinking that this should have been her treat Sophia now greedily drank. But there would be other opportunities she thought, as she smiled wantonly.

That afternoon, Clint and Sophia did things to Beth’s body that would have colored the cheeks of a seasoned hookers face, high escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan crimson with shame, and Beth loved every one of them! She was alive, and vibrant in a way she hadn’t been in years, she was in love with life again and felt good about herself.

The season of the day, now becoming long with the hour, was cause for Beth to inform her hostess, and her Lord, that the time for her departure was now pressed. She dressed quickly, but really hated to leave, she was fond of them both; and this had been more adventure than she had experienced in a good while.

Clint and Sophia both walked her to the front door where Beth paused momentarily, hoping for some sign of affection from them.

She didn’t wait long as Sophia placed one long nail under her chin lifting her face with it, and then sweetly kissed the beautiful brunettes shapely lips. Sophia’s free hand toyed on her high, shapely pubic mound, as her tongue gently caressed the inside of her mouth.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself Beth,” Sophia told her sincerely, after breaking the kiss.

“Oh Sophia, like nothing else before in my life!” Beth replied, equally as sincere.”

Clint gently pulled Beth from his mother’s grasp, and stepping very close to her, kissed her himself. Every sensitive area of Beth’s body came alive with warmth at the touch of his lips, and her knees became jelly like.

Passion robed her petite frame once again, as her Lords wicked tongue cast its irresistible spell against her charms, making her flush wanton once more. She forcefully ground her pelvis into the hard protruding bulge at his crotch, as both hands squeezed the tight shapely cheeks of his hard ass.

“Oh God my Lord, it troubles me so to leave you … but I must. We will do this again, when I serve you next, and I will serve you well my Lord,” She told him smiling.

“I believe you will Beth,” he responded smiling back.

Her eyes sang in silence, a song his heart alone could hear, as he gave one final thrust of his cock to the high cut of her mound. Beth whimpered and quickly buried her face at the side of his neck, and kissed him there before leaving. She smiled warmly at him, as she arranged her hair and then passed through the door.

“I’m dying to know how you liked her Clint,” Sophia asked, her own curiosity teasing her.

“I thought she was fabulous, she’s a beautiful woman mother,” he told her.

Sophia took him by the hand and led him upstairs to her king size bed, threw the comforter off and turned down the top sheet, “Sleep my prince, for a short while, and I will lay beside you.”

And the world with its problems fled away, as they sank into a very peaceful, deep sleep.

When Clint opened his eyes after what he thought was a short nap the very first thing he saw was his mother with her long shapely leg thrown over his thigh. Her face was still peaceful, as her body was held tightly in the clutches of deep sleep.

He slipped quietly out from under her legs, and arm, without waking her and headed for the shower. His mind took him back to the fucking he had given his close friends beautiful mother, and his cock rose instantly.

When he finished and had dressed, he headed downstairs to put on some coffee, before he had the brew built he heard the water upstairs as the shower came on, and knew Sophia was showering as well.

When he entered the bedroom again carrying Sophia’s steaming cup, he saw upon entering that she was already fully dressed, and he was still unaware that he had slept all through the night.

“It’s a beautiful Saturday morning,” she said smiling, as he handed her the cup.

“Saturday … what happened to Friday afternoon?”

“Forever gone lover!” Sophia responded.

“Look, there are some things I’d really like to pick up from the market. I have tried to call your concubine to arrange a Friday evening outing, but couldn’t reach her. Would you be a dear while I’m away and go over to her house later and attempt to settle on a time that is good for her schedule?” Sophia asked.

“Certainly Sophia,” Clint replied.

“Ok, I’m off then, see you later lover,” she told him, flashing a come on smile as she moved seductively toward the door. She paused half turning, her stance wide, her hip provocatively placed, and said, “Don’t let that hungry she-wolf use you completely up my love … remember, you still have my needs to attend too!” She giggled, blew him a kiss, and floated out the door.

Clint sipped his coffee with a grin, his mind still dreaming of the things he yet wanted to try with Beth, and wondering what her son would think if he knew! He was away visiting his uncle up state and Clint decided it would probably be best not to say anything at all about it … at least not yet.

It was two blocks to the Peterson house and Clint had decided to walk instead of driving the short distance. He knew her husband Ted would be home today, but was unconcerned he was a nice fellow and Clint liked him.

When Beth answered the door she was wearing a soft white top and a very short, loose, clingy skirt, her hair was free around her shoulders, and her face was radiantly peaceful. He could clearly see the sharp rise of her mound there, between the hollow of her legs.

He began to explain his reason for dropping by unannounced when her husband Ted entered the living room behind them.

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