Sorority Submission: Animal Kingdom

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Summary: Pledges must complete 3 humiliating sexual tasks as animals.

Note 1: Sorority Submission Chapter 1 was released in December 2012 as an illustrated story, as was part 2 released in August of 2013, but unfortunately the artist was too busy to do the extensive art work needed for this story.

A plot summary so far:
In Part 1 Sorority Submission…Anne sorority pledge fulfills her first task to not wear panties or a bra for the day and where a provocative outfit chosen for her. She is then chosen to be the inspection girl to see if all the other pledges have fulfilled the task as well. Since Anne has very small breasts the task is made extra humiliating. She also meets a very nice boy, Harvey. (This part is illustrated).

In Part 2 Sorority Submission: A Spanking…task 2 is to take a picture of a guy’s cock. Anne decides to ask Harvey and ends up doing more than just taking a picture. Unfortunately, she e-mails the picture three minutes late and ends up being spanked on her bare ass by each of her fellow pledges. (This part is illustrated).

Note: This story is dedicated to the real Anne who is exactly as the story describes: a powerful domme to her man and a submissive slut to other woman.

Note 2: Thanks to Mab7991, and Leann for editing this chapter.

TASK 3: Animal Kingdom (Wednesday)

My whole body ached when I woke up and my ass was still burning. I lied in bed past my alarm and didn’t move until I heard a knock at my door. I struggled to get up and struggled even more to get to the door.

I opened the door and Camree smiled and asked, “How is your ass feeling?”

“Not as bad as I expected,” I replied, my butt feeling like one tent-sized bruise.

“Well, today is a pretty easy day, no task until we meet at seven,” Camree said.

“Good,” I said, relieved.

“Be sure to come wearing the stockings from Monday, a dress and no underwear,” Camree said.

“Ok,” I agreed, before asking, “What is up with the stockings?”

“It has been a tradition for years,” Camree explained, pointing to her jeans, “we are even expected to wear them under jeans.”

“Odd,” I said, adding, “I have always had a thing for them but was considered odd for wearing them, they seemed outdated.”

“Well, you will fit in well here then, Little Annie, you will be wearing them till you die,” she smiled.

“I could think of worse things to be wearing,” I joked, noticing she too called me Little Annie.

She laughed and said, “I concur, see you tonight,” and she was gone.

Relaxed that I was not expected to do anything crazy today, I decided to take a sick day, reapplied lotion to my ass and went back to bed.

I woke up to my cell phone vibrating just before lunch. It was a text from Harvey.

My Belle,
Same place, same time…for lunch I mean.

I texted back.

My beast,
I’m still kinda full from last night’s snack.

But seriously, I am feeling a bit under the weather. I will have to take a second rain check, one for lunch, and another for you to brunch.

I smiled at my naughty innuendo…it was rather brazen, just like I was yesterday. It was odd I was so comfortable and controlling with guys, but in front of girls and particularly Jamie I was meek and mild. I wanted to see him, but I was too embarrassed to let him potentially see my ass. He texted back ‘someday soon’ and I agreed hopefully.

I had another bubble bath, and applied more lotion to my ass, as I contemplated if I should just quit pledging the sorority. I had been humiliated two days in a row and there were still four more days to go. Yet, even though there were several logical reasons to quit, I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to disappoint my mother, I also somehow felt like I belonged even though there was growing evidence to the contrary and there was something about Jamie that kept pulling me to her. I tried to rationalize it, but I couldn’t, other than the obvious lesbian curiosity I had overflowing inside me.

I arrived early this time and was happy to see none of the other pledges treated me differently after my public humiliation last night. I chatted with a few of them while we awaited tonight’s activities.

Finally, almost twenty minutes late, (which I thought was ironic after getting punished for being three minutes later yesterday, but of course I didn’t say anything) Kim came in.

“Welcome pledges,” Kim greeted with a big smile. “Tonight aydınlı escort we all become sisters in a new very intimate way.”

It was a rather ominous sentence and I was incredibly curious instantly.

“We are all sisters here and we believe in sharing everything: our clothing, our material things and our bodies,” Kim said.

There was utter silence as Kim’s words lingered.

Kim explained, “Tonight we are going to play Animal Kingdom. The event will be videotaped and kept forever. If you are uncomfortable being videotaped in the lesbian frolics we have planned, you should probably quit now.”

All of the pledges and myself, stood there in stunned silence, looking to each other to see if anyone was about to back out, yet no one left.

“Excellent,” Kim said, “you are all quality potential sorority sisters.”

“Now first of all, animals don’t wear clothes. So get undressed, but keep your stockings on,” Kim instructed.

We all obeyed and as I looked around, I again felt inferior as I saw all these women with their voluptuous breasts.

Once we were all naked, Kim instructed, “Of course, most animals walk on all fours.”

We all obeyed the implied order, falling to our hands and knees.

“Good girls,” Kim purred, like she was talking to puppies. “Last, but not least, most animals have tails.”

On cue, third year sisters came behind us and I felt cold liquid, obviously lube, between my ass cheeks. My eyes went wide as I felt something slowly penetrate my ass. Slight yelps, whimpers and moans echoed through the room as we all were sodomized.

“You all look so cute,” Kim purred, again talking to us as animals.

We all looked at each other to see what had just been put in our asses. I couldn’t tell for sure, but we now all had tails, some different than others.

“First you will be calves,” Kim announced, “baby cows. Moo for me.”

A quiet echo of moos filled the room.

“Is that the best you can do?” Kim roared, her usual soft demeanor gone in a flash.

Much better moos soon filled the room.

“Better,” Kim complimented her usual soft tone back.

“Task number one is simple. Find second year sisters, they are all wearing red pantyhose and are topless so they should be easy to find and go do what calves do, suck tit. Now go.”

Some pledges instantly crawled to red legs, while others, like me, sat transfixed unsure what to do. Finally, I saw a big pair of black breasts, something that had always made me curious, and I crawled to her.

She looked at me and asked, “Does Little Annie want to taste some chocolate?”

I nodded and responded politely. “Yes, Ma’am.”

Seconds later I felt a smack on my ass, reminding me instantly of Tuesday’s humiliation.

Jamie asked, “Do animals talk?”

I frantically nodded no.

“Exactly,” Jamie said, rubbing my ass before walking away.

“Well come here my pet,” the black goddess smiled.

I climbed onto the couch she was on and waited for final permission.

Holding her big firm left breast up towards my direction, she offered, “Suck away, Little Annie.

I moved forward and took her stiff left nipple in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around her nipple, slowly bathing it with my mouth. I replicated the dedicated concentration on her other nipple, savoring every second of her voluptuous black breasts.

I was disappointed when Kim said to all of us, “Return to the line, my herd.”

“Next time maybe you can have some real chocolate,” the big-breasted black sorority sister smiled.

I nodded in eager anticipation, as I returned to my position in line.

“You were all good calves, but now it is time for you all to be kittens,” Kim announced playfully, “Meow for me.”

Instantly meows echoed through the room.

“And of course kitties love to lick and lap,” Kim smiled, “so your new task is to find a senior, they are all wearing beige stockings, and you are to bring them to orgasm with your tongue. Go.”

My greatest fantasy suddenly within reach, I instantly looked for Jamie. I don’t know why, but that was who I hungered for. I scanned the room, and saw that someone was already between her legs. Jamie saw me looking and shrugged, as if able to read my mind. I turned away and started crawling, searching for beige stockings without a fellow pledge already between their legs. A few pledges were already eagerly bağdat caddesi escort submitting to their older potential sisters before I noticed that Kim was still standing and surprisingly alone. I quickly crawled to her and once at her feet I rubbed against her legs like a kitty would seeking attention.

Kim laughed, “Oh, my kitty, you are always surprising me.”

I meowed.

“Follow me, kitty,” she instructed and I followed her to a nearby chair. Once she sat down, she asked, “Is kitty hungry?”

I meowed eagerly.

She opened her legs, revealing she too was not wearing panties, and I was staring at her trimmed natural blonde pussy.

“Lick away, kitty,” Kim ordered.

I crawled between her stocking-clad legs and moved to her pussy. Her scent was strong and I closed my eyes, extended my tongue and made a long held in fantasy come true. One taste and any lingering doubts I had vanished, I was bi. I loved the taste of a big hard cock in my mouth, yet it didn’t compare to the delicious taste of Kim’s sweet pussy. I started slow, wanting to savor her taste and drown in her scent. I slowly licked up and down, making her pussy lips wet, avoiding the clit which is what always got me in a frenzy rather quickly. I don’t know how long I was between Kim’s legs; time became irrelevant, as I continued my quest to make her orgasm.

Suddenly I felt her hand on my head and vaguely heard her say, “Faster, Slut, suck my clit.”

Being called a slut turned me on, even though if a guy said that I would have kneed him in the balls, and I obeyed, taking her clit in my mouth.

I licked, nibbled and shook my mouth and soon felt the gush of juices as she screamed, “I’m coming, Slut, fuuuuck.”

I opened my mouth and allowed the flood of her cum to flow into me. I continued licking, not wanting this moment to ever end. Unfortunately, it did, as Kim pushed my head away. Looking down at me, as she caught her breath, she purred, “You are one eager kitty, my pet. Jamie was right about you.”

I felt my cheeks go red and wondered what Jamie was right about. ‘What had she said?’

Kim said, “Return to the line, Little Annie, you are going to make a very good pet for us.”

I nodded as if I understood, even though I didn’t remotely understand as I crawled back to the line.

I waited, Beth’s cunt juice lingering on my lips, as other pledges finished their tasks. Finally, Kim was ready to continue.

“Well, that was a lot of fun. We have many good kitties here. Are you ready for one more game?”

We all nodded, understanding we couldn’t yet speak.

“Lastly, you will first be dogs,” Kim announced, “Bark for me.”

A variety of barks echoed through the room.

“Gooood puppies,” Kim purred, her voice as if she actually were talking to puppies. “Your final task is simple. Go find a third year sister wearing black pantyhose and hump yourself to orgasm on her leg.”

A few gasps escaped through the room.

I suddenly felt the tail in my ass pulled out of me and couldn’t believe how empty my ass suddenly felt.

“Obviously, the tail would be tough for your required task. Now go puppies, go find your humping pole,” Kim instructed, dismissing us.

Some girls instantly moved, searching the girls in black stockings around the room. Only a couple of the girls on the main floor were wearing black pantyhose and they were rushed upon by over-eager puppies. I watched as Stephanie, crawled to a pretty brunette, straddled the brunette’s leg, and started rubbing up and down on her stocking covered leg. The scene was utterly absurd, utterly humiliating and yet a complete turn on to watch. I was frozen in place as the beautiful big busted pledge recklessly got herself off on a sorority sister’s leg.

The third year sister ridiculed Stephanie. “You like humping my leg like a puppy, don’t you?”

“Yeeeees,” Stephanie whimpered, clearly enjoying the rubbing sensation.

I was transfixed on the erotic scene when I felt a sharp slap on my naked ass yet again. I let out a yelp, like a puppy having her tail stepped on, as a voice, unmistakably Jamie’s, scolded me, “You really are a little dyke, aren’t you, Little Annie? What are you staring at? What real breasts look like as they bounce up and down? Or are you looking at Stephanie’s pussy with a hunger to lick? Doesn’t matter, Little Annie, you have a task to accomplish, now go fucking find a leg to bahçelievler escort hump.”

More shame flooded through me as Jamie was right on both accusations, but I tore my eyes from the scene and searched for my own leg to hump, my pussy now eager for the attention. I crawled around and saw puppies humping legs everywhere, but no black pantyhose legs without a puppy attached to it. After a couple of minutes, on the stairs I saw a pair of lonely black legs and I actually scurried to her.

I looked up and she smiled, extended her finger towards me and summoned me, “Crawl, puppy.”

My pussy hungry, I awkwardly crawled up the three stair steps to where she was sitting.

“Good puppy,” she purred, “you are such a cute little thing.”

I can’t believe what I did next. I woofed. It was like all the moaning, mocking and chatting in the room suddenly stopped and all eyes were suddenly on me.

Feeling the pressure of all the eyes on me, I did what came naturally, I woofed again.

The sister patted her legs where she was sitting and said, in a voice like she was talking to a real puppy, “Come here, puppy, come to Mama.”

A rush went through my body at the thought for a third straight day all eyes were on me. I crawled up the final step and straddled her while holding onto the stair railing.

“Good puppy,” she purred, “does puppy need to come?”

I woofed three times.

I heard laughter in the room, but instead of humiliation, I felt a rush of bliss, just my wet pussy resting on her stocking-clad leg had me acting like a complete bitch in heat. I opened my mouth and let my tongue hang out like a puppy would.

“Hump away,” she instructed.

I didn’t hesitate, as I began rubbing back and forth on her pantyhose covered leg. I saw another sister with a camera videotaping my scene of submission, but instead of hiding my face, I began panting like a dog. I decided to put on a show, to be the center of attention, something I had never been comfortable with in the past.

I ground my pussy on her leg for a couple of minutes before I could feel the early build-up of the inevitable. I began howling which again had others looking my way, most soon returned to their own submission. I rubbed myself frantically, and when close, I shifted to bouncing up and down on her leg allowing a new more intense pleasure to bring me over the edge.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhoooooooooo,” I bellowed as my orgasm came cascading in. I held onto the rail for dear life, as my cunt squeezed tightly on my makeshift fuck toy, a leg, and my juices flooded out of me, like a tap that couldn’t be shut off. My moans of ecstasy continued to be animalistic. A raw carnal energy that I didn’t know existed in me until this moment. I had never reached such euphoria until this humiliating task. A couple of minutes later, finally spent, I crawled off the leg and as I did I noticed a massive wet spot on her pantyhose.

I looked up and I was still being videotaped. I don’t know why I did it, but I leaned in and sniffed my wetness on her pantyhose. The sister, who I did not know, laughed. “Look at this, girls, she is smelling her own scent.”

Jamie called, “Clean up your cunt juice, Little Annie.”

It was all the push I needed as I began to suck my juice from the sister’s very wet pantyhose. I had tasted myself before, but the taste was unique through the nylon fabric and the added humiliation only made me want it more. Although what I really wanted was to taste the sister’s pussy directly from the source.

A couple of minutes later, the sorority sister petted my hair and said, “Sit beside me.”

I obeyed, sitting beside her on the stairs like a puppy would do. It was awkward and uncomfortable, yet oddly seemed so naturally right. I watched other pledge puppies finish their task and I couldn’t help but feel jealous, I wanted more…more what? Finally, I realized what I so desperately wanted…more attention.

A few minutes later, once all the puppies had completed their task, Kim called, “Puppies back in line.”

Once we were in line, Kim congratulated us, “Good job, Pledges, you all passed tonight’s task. Those of you who survive Rush Week and are allowed to become sorority sisters should know we play Animal Kingdom once a month. Good night, Pledges, tomorrow is our annual ‘Hook-up Day’, so go home and get some rest.”

Back in my room half an hour later, in the tub, I replayed the humiliating night’s events. I had tasted pussy and loved it and even though I came just over half an hour ago, I allowed my hand to go to my vagina and bring myself to a second orgasm. Like the night before, the image in my head was Jamie. Would she taste as good as Kim did? I closed my eyes, allowed myself to fantasize about submitting to Jamie and becoming her pet.

Up next: Task 4 Hook Up Day

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