Southern Nights Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Southern Dreams – Setting in

Finally there! Sea, sun and unlimited freedom. A place to truly enjoy all the finer sides of life…

The bellboy — a good looking guy of about 25 – bumped down the two heavy suitcases at the bedroom door in their suit. As he turned against them with a polite ‘anything else, ma’am’, Mary tipped him off with a small note. Which prompted him over to open the curtains and windows to display a fabulous view of the beach below and the wide horizon of the ocean beyond. The soft breeze immediately grabbed the curtains and started flicking them lightly. Fresh and warm ocean air filled the room, immediately replacing the somewhat artificially dry air from the conditioning unit.

“I hope everything will be to your satisfaction. Enjoy your stay.”

As soon as the door shut behind him, Mary and Linda fell in each other’s arms. Finally alone Finally together! They held tight for a long moment without saying a word. Then Mary relaxed and looked down into Linda’s spellbinding eyes with a snug smile. “I certainly hope so too!”

She felt almost light- headed from joy Happy, relaxed and quite sexy. The unfamiliar uncertainty she had felt before was totally gone. She could still feel a little sting every now and then, somewhere deep inside, but the eagerness and admiration that the girl had shown — no matter how clumsy she had felt herself — had given her the comfort she needed to kind of get on top of the situation. From here things could only go the right direction. They would be able to find and develop their relationship exactly the way they both wanted — and needed.

The girl’s arms hugged her skirt- clad waist under the jacked as she rested her head against her neck and sighed. The ardentness of the movements and the light trembling in her breathing clearly told Mary that the girl was glowing hot already. Hot for her! Ready to please a lady!

For a moment she let the girl enjoy the fullness and heat of her body. Then she reached back to grab the hands folded behind her back.

“Linda dear, we should unpack and prepare. We’ve got things to do!” With a loving smile she freed herself from her grasp and held her hands in her own as she bent slightly to look deeply into her eyes.

“Now you take this suitcase and I take the other. We want everything to be tidy and ready for our first night together, don’t we?”

The girl looked back at her with this familiar shyness, now mixed with a light touch of confusion. “First night?”

“You know… first night here. First time — really first time – of our new life together!”

She stroked the youngster’s cheek with her most tender caress. Then urged her on to start unpacking with a light slap on her behind.

The things were out and in their cupboards shelves in no time. Mary in the mean time made practical arrangements for the flat and inquired about new restaurants and things like that with the hotel front desk. Linda even noticed something about changing some of the chairs in the living room- corner. She couldn’t understand why. They looked perfect with generously padded leather chairs and a dark, shiny oak table. But whatever the gorgeous woman wanted, it was fine with her. Whatever she wanted!

And the lady certainly knew what she wanted, in every aspect of their relationship. Before the girl even knew it, she had been over in her wardrobe to select a suitable dress for their evening dinner. Just a thin tee-shirt and light cotton panties, nicely matching the light high sandals she had been wearing on the journey.

“You don’t need anything more down here, I tell you. It’s still hot outside for many hours. And besides we’ll be walking just one block down the street. Shall we?”

And her mistress was definitely right about the temperature. The heat met her like a slap in the face as they stepped out into the duskiness of the evening. Cars and bikes roared by with noisy engines. Filling the humid air almost the same way as the smells of all kinds of fries and oils and cheap fast- food that mixed with the salty scent of cool ocean. All of it adding up to the oh- so familiar picture of her childhood summer holiday resorts.

She felt Mary’s hand around her waist as she steered her on in the right direction through the milling crowd of people at the entrance. Then the hand sought out her own as they strolled down the street together.

It felt so strange! Here she was, Young Linda Verdale, walking alone thousands of miles away from home, holding escort bayan hand with a woman in a dainty business suit. A woman she had known only a few weeks, and met just a few times during that time. A woman nearly old enough to be her mother. How could she ever get herself into such a situation? Did she even have the slightest idea what she was doing?

For a moment the old uncertainty came over her and ran a chilling shudder down her back. The same feeling that had kept returning the first days after she had met her. But then it was haunted off once again and replaced by the same calmness she had felt inside for the last couple of weeks. Mary’s entire persona was so awesome, so strong and trustworthy that it served to convince her 100% that she had done the right thing. This mixture of anxiety, awe and admiration just served to strengthen the ties that she felt was growing between them. Ties that threatened to make her completely dependent of this fantastic woman.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a tug in her hand as Mary rounded a corner and went up an alley on a somewhat dirty red carpet. The alley was quite narrow with torches on the stone walls at each side, sending a deep light with flickering shadows over the carved motives of some kind of sea- monsters that were draped in an eastern resembling style all around the thick, wooden entrance door to the restaurant. Suddenly the noisy street was quite distant and replaced by this almost oriental mood of mystery and timelessness.

An older, white haired man in a slightly overdone uniform stepped forward to open the ancient- looking heavy door as they approached the front. The way he smiled and greeted her companion told Linda that they most likely knew each other from earlier visits.

Seated at the table she got the nerve to ask. Why shouldn’t she anyway? Couldn’t be anything wrong about that…

“Well, I’ve been here on several occasions, if that’s what you mean,” Mary told her. “Just let’s say that this place pretty much is a part of my past. The last few years I’ve been here with friends of mine. Last year I was here twice with a good friend and associate named Angela.” Mary smiled warmly at the young girl as she once again reached out to stroke her cheek; “But now we’re here, you and I! So let’s have a decent meal!”

Mary ordered some strange looking fish dish for herself, and helped Linda to a light beef in a spicy mint sauce.

They chatted lightly and quite relaxed about nothing in particular for a little while, until the lady sighed and leaned back in her seat, patting her lips elegantly with a red napkin. The silk scarf in her neck was already opened, and several of the buttons in her blouse undone. She smiled again as she admired the sweet, innocent look of the girl opposite to her.

“I don’t know if I should be so straight forward, but what the hell! I have to admit I’m so horny I can’t even enjoy my meal properly!!”

She leaned forward again, making a sweet display of her bosom pushing forward to almost overfill the elegant bra under the straining material of her shirt. Linda felt a rush of heat through her body as she feasted her eyes on the full bosom and the deep cleft deliciously caressing an elegant little drop- shaped golden pendant.

Then their eyes met again in a long, breathless moment.

“Oh, Ms…. Mary,” the girl breathed as a flush of unadulterated desire sent a glowing hot wave throughout her entire body. She put her hand over Mary’s. “P — please… couldn’t we just go back to the hotel? I’m really not very hungry… right now.” Again her eyes dropped down to admire the fullness and sensuality of the shamelessly protruding bust. Mary tried to push them even further forward for the girl’s enjoyment, feeling how the remaining buttons were close to popping any time. A wonderful sensation in itself.

“You like it?” she smiled as she put her fork down. “Would you really like to see a little more of me?” Stupid question, but still a part of the hot game.

“Oh yes… oh yes please! You know I’ve been dreaming about this since the very first time we met!”

Mary was thrilled to note that the girl also seemed to have overcome most of her earlier shyness, and now spoke openly and relaxed of her desires. And now she let air to all her feelings. All of them! Giving herself to her in her typical open and confident way. Unconditionally, submissively, with total abandonment, and driven by her intense desire to have pleasure by giving pleasure. bursa vip escort

Mary got so wet she was sure she stained not only her skirt but even the seat. Luckily she had been prepared enough to wear her special Libresse. The one she was forced to start wearing after these fantasies came to her.
For a moment she considered trying to stay put and prolong the agony a little longer. But all of a sudden just the thought of such a thing was already almost unbearable. Letting all her resistance go, she waved impatiently for the waiter, and when they finally could leave, it was Mary who almost dragged the girl out the door, not even waiting for the old fellow to open it to them.

As they walked hand in hand up the street they looked more like a loving couple than the mother and daughter they had decided to present themselves as. Linda’s hand around her waist slipped so low that Mary almost felt like removing it briskly as they passed through the sliding doors into the hotel. And when they got alone in the lift, the girl hugged her tight and landed a rain of kisses all over her neck and the bare part of her bulging tits.

They got so carried away that the clang of the bell came almost as a shock, and as the door slid open they had to tear apart breathlessly. Luckily nobody was waiting outside.

Right inside the door of their flat, Linda’s hands were all over her body, and Mary finally had to grab them in her own to calm the youngster down a little.

“Linda dear”, she whispered breathlessly, her bosom heaving under the sexy confinement, “I… I want it…. I’d like this to be nice… to be good!”

She took the arms and put them over her neck for another tight squeeze. Then she took the girl’s smiling face in her hand and kissed her deeply.

“You know… good for both of us… right, in a way. You understand what I mean?”

The girl nodded. She let her hands rest on the woman’s hips and tried to behave. But the eyes clearly betrayed the wild excitement she felt.

“No, I’d like us to enjoy this for all it’s worth. I would like to take a very long and very hot shower together with you, be close to you and feel your passion mixing with mine. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Again an eager nod. Dark eyes scanning back and forth over her face as she talked. Taking in every detail.

“Could you be a dear then and go fetch the robes for us? And then you can turn on the shower and adjust it as hot as you can take it. That’ll be fine for me too.”

With a final kiss Mary turned the girl around and patted her behind to get her going.

As the youngster ran off, she hurriedly shred her clothes on the bed. As Linda returned with the robes, she was naked, just draped in a huge towel from the shoulders down. The girl froze, awestruck by the beautiful sight. With a seductive smile Mary reached out to take the robe out of the stunned girl’s hand. She waited for a moment until she nodded her head in direction of the bathroom. “The shower, if you please?!?”

The girl came around, and quickly disappeared inside. She could hear her struggle to get out of her clothes, and a moment later the water splashed against the tiles.

For a moment she stood like that, looking at the door. Her heart pounding in her chest and her nipples uncomfortably stiff against the soft material of the robe. She couldn’t help feeling that going in there would be the first step into her new life, that her future would be sealed, almost like a point of no return.

In there was the first time that they would actually see each other completely naked… two Eve’s about to find the path to unparalleled pleasure. Oh, she was so horny she could burst!!

Resolutely she threw the robe back off and stepped forward in all her nude glory to open the door. The bathroom was already thick with hot steam, and she could just barely see the contours of the young body under the spraying water. With short, slow steps she approached, arms hanging along her side, tits pushed forward as far as they would go. Trying to look like a Greek goddess, as sexy as humanely possible. She didn’t feel much that way though. All naked, the feeling of being dirty after the long journey was still too prominent for that. But that was a thing that a distinguished lady always had to deal with, and besides it was about to change really soon, and then things were going to be entirely different.

She felt the sharp sprays of water dig into her neck and scalp bursa elit escort as she moved in under to face the girl. Again she couldn’t resist the desire to grab her face and go down for another deep kiss. The girl managed to control herself a little better, and just rested her hands gently on the woman’s waist, right over her hips. As they moved together in a new tight hug – continuing the insatiable kiss – the hands slipped down to caress the rounded globes of her ass cheeks though. Again a little too audacious for her taste, but now Mary had no doubts about letting it happen, and signalled her approval by letting her hips gyrate slowly against her, feeling the passion rise to uncontrollable levels. As she broke away for air, she felt her legs almost give and her entire body tremble. The hands on her bum grew bolder and probing finger started searching down between the wet globes to find her pleasure source. Mary grabbed a piece of soap and started rubbing herself down almost feverishly as the fingers approached. As an index finger found its way in between her throbbing pussy lips, she again had to grab the naughty hand. Incredible! This little strumpet was just like a boy. Maybe even worse! The impatient fumbling almost made her angry.

In a swift moment she took the soap and slipped it into the impudent hand.

“Give me a proper rubdown now darling. You know how I like it, don’t you?” she whispered into her ear.
The girl’s expression changed from uncertainty to excitement once again, and she jumped to obey her mistress’ wishes. Mary could just raise her arms and let her body be covered up by milky foam as the girl worked her way all over it. She had to moan deeply as a sleek hand started rubbing all over her crotch, again penetrating both her holes with eager fingers. Now it felt much more appropriate though, and she could just give herself over to the melting sensation as the hand massaged her most sensitive spots.

She felt herself being pushed gently into the cleansing shower once again, and those wonderful hands continued caressing her till she thought she would yell out her passion in blind delirium.
As the last soap was away, the girl fell to her knees in front of her. With her nose just inches away from her bush, she started caressing Mary’s thighs. But soon the seductive hands slid up to her buttocks, and before she even knew it, Linda’s hot young lips were on her pussy! Mary gasped as her clit was sucked gently out from its confinement to be met by a gentle tongue. Oh nooo! The heat hit her almost like a fist in the belly. She grabbed the bobbing head with both hands. This was going to fast. Way too fast! It shouldn’t be like this… not yet!

For a moment she stood like lamed. Water splashing all over her. Running into her eyes. Blurring everything. There was no way she could be able to interrupt a wave of feeling as mind bending as this. The tongue was massaging the base of her clit in a wild flicking that again made her legs buckle under her. Oh golly, it was coming onto her already. No! It couldn’t be! Not yet!!

She managed to twist away with a solid grip in the girl’s hair. Powerlessly she sank back against the tiled wall as she tried to support herself. This was more than a mortal woman could take. Too much too soon. She knew she would need a very strong drink very soon.

“Oh Linda… this is just… Come up here… please!” She grabbed the girl by the arm and pulled her up against her. “Let us uh… finish up in here, and then get out to bed, OK?”

Without waiting for an answer she once again went down on those wonderful lips for a deep kiss. With shaky hands she started soaping the slender body feverishly to have her ready for bed too. The girl kept clinging to her, and on several occasions one of her nipples were engulfed by soft, warm lips as she worked, adding even more fuel to her burning excitement.

Soon the soap and water was off, and they dried each other with soft, fluffy towels. Now she felt completely clean and really ready for what was coming up. She would have preferred to use the hair- fan as well, but there was no way she would be able to concentrate on that now. Definitely a time to use a hair towel short- cut!

Mary staggered out of the bathroom with the young girl’s arm around her towel- draped waist. She got herself up to the bar and proceeded to pour herself a stiff glass of bourbon. Linda had wrapped herself up the same way, but clearly didn’t know how to fasten the towel properly, so she had to use her naughty hands to keep it in place as the lady swept down the liquor in a short, gracious movement. Then she got up. With the liquor glowing it’s way down her chest, she put up her most seductive smile, took the girl by the hand and led her along over to the alcove with the huge bed.

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