Spring Time Fun

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It’s a cool spring day you’ve decided to come to my families place for a visit & we are alone for the entire week & up at the barn feeding the animals.

I walk into the one feed room & call you in to help me with something & when you walk in there is a blanket on the hay. I motion for you to sit beside me. As you settle down I slide over to you & straddle your lap. The smell of my perfume & the hay mixing together as I straddle you my mouth slowly coming down onto yours & our lips meeting the softness on my pink lips melting into yours & my tongue sliding over your lips into dance with yours as we continue to kiss.

Your hands running up my back under my shirt to free my breasts from my bra and pulling my shirt off only for a moment do we break our kiss & embrace to pull the shirt over my head as we meet again kissing softly my hands on your shoulder as your left hand is sliding down the small of my back.

And your right hand is cupping my breast gently squeezing coaxing my nipples to stand for you your left hand still sliding down my back & around my waist band to the front of my pants to pull off my jeans & panties.

Your put me in my side & pull your shirt off while I help undo your jeans & free your already hardening cock. I reach up & stroke kırklareli escort you with one hand my fingers sliding down your shaft feeling your skin while it’s still silky before you full harden with anticipation of what’s to come.

You feel me squeezing as I slide my hand down your shaft and to your balls you take my hand & put it above my head calling me a tease & then place my other hand with it pinning them together with your right hand.

With your left hand you take one finger & slide your nail down my arm with just enough pressure that I feel it but it doesn’t hurt. You glide it down my arm to my arm pit I giggle & jump as you tickle me but you hold me firmly into place & continue your torture.

Your finger nail down my side all the while planting random soft kisses on my neckline, your nail reaches my breast & you trace a line around my nipple & then the other nipple & back to the center & continue down my belly around my belly button & over my abdomen to the top of my lips.

You stop for a moment secure my hands again & then glide it around the outside of my lips not entering yet down around the ends & back up the other side still on the outside of my lips. I’m squirming & my breathing afyon escort has picked up.

You lean in & kiss me deeply your tongue searching my mouth pulling my tongue into your mouth & the pushing it back into mine while your finger nail following the same path as moments before until you reach the bottom of my lips & my juice is starting to flow out.

Your pull your mouth away & looking me in the eyes slide your finger inside my lips & up to my clit round & round it still holding me still & planting kisses on my neck with a grin. As your fingers continue to search my lips I’m wiggling more & panting my hips start to move & you can smell the hay, my perfume, & the sweet tangy musk from your fingers toying with my need & desire.

You whisper do not move your hands & let go I hook then above my head where you left them & you kiss your way down to my lips. You stop for a moment to breath in my essence I can see your nostrils moving as I lay there burning my eyes begging you to take me while you make me wait.

I whimper & you slowly grin & slide my lips open with your tongue hitting my clit with the tip of your tongue & back down to plunge deep inside me & back out again to my clit where your tongue stays amasya escort & your right hand slides between my legs & plays with my lips before plunging inside me while your tongue is playing with my clit.

Swirling over & over it back & forth as your finger plunges deeply inside me I whimper again & whisper I can’t wait, I want your cock inside me, I want to cum with your cock in me. You pull up on your knees but leave your thumb circling my clit as you push your cock inside me slowly.

Until all of you is inside me & I and stretching around you. You pull back & push in as your thumb continues to circle & then you get this grin on your face you help me roll over without removing your cock & your roll back & I’m sitting on your cock on your lap.

You reach forward & continue your assault on my clit with your thumb as I start to rise up & down on your cock slowly & the faster & faster your thumb driving me crazy while your cock is hitting my g spot. I am moaning so loudly and you feel me getting so wet. I start squeezing your cock as I am riding you.

I can hear your breathing starting to match mine I start to move faster & faster squeezing longer & longer until I scream “OH my god I am gonna cum” & I release but don’t stop I continue to squeeze & ride your cock until I hear you begin yours & I move faster again until I hear you scream out my name & you pull my hips down into yours as you finish. Filling me with your hot liquid I feel it as you finish releasing and we both collapse in the hay & lay there cuddling & trading soft kisses after our little romp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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