Stacy Ch. 02

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Stacy and Uncle begin their twisted connection.

The next day, Stacy’s parents drove her to the airport. Waiting for her at the top of the stairs, in the entrance of his private jet was her 81 year old Uncle, Ted Hall. He was impeccably dressed in a tailored five thousand Italian jacket and pants with a crisp, white designer shirt that was molded to his tight physique.

Disregarding her parents who were babbling on about going away with her Uncle, her huge nipples and pussy began to throb from thoughts of what happened between them the night before.

She went to the party dressed in a sinful slingshot bikini, with the plan to fuck her Uncle. She kept replaying in her mind how their eyes locked onto each other’s at the pool party for his son; her cousin, and how she followed him into the cabana. It was where she saw the biggest cock in her life.

All night and especially now, from seeing him in the doorway she kept thinking about the enormity of his cock and how it stretched her pussy wider than any off the biggest cocks she’d ever fucked. She had an unquenchable appetite for huge cocks. Even though she was rail-thin weighing 78 pounds her pussy was really large and the biggest cocks were the only ones that could satisfy her inner cravings. Her Uncles 14 inch monster was the first to make her moan deeply and see stars.

When he saw his sexy niece get out of the car his massive cock instantly stirred in his pants. Thoughts of the night before caused a noticeable swell to show that went right above his knee.

His hot 18 year old niece was dressed to tease. Wearing a pair of ultra-tight shorts that showed the bottoms of her ass cheeks, and a pair of cream colored high heel pumps made his monster 14 inch cock come alive.

The high heel pumps further adding to the sight of her sexy thin legs and skinny ass. He kept thinking to himself, ’18 years old and dressing to arouse.’ She had on a sinful sheer white halter blouse that clung to her skeletal frame. It was tied just below her chest.

She wasn’t wearing a bra and from one hundred feet away he could see her inch-long nipples piercing through the sheer material. ‘No bra. So naughty,’ he thought to himself as he applauded how calculating she was. The thought of sucking her huge nipples further bloated his monster cock.

Her outfit, bare stomach and her huge nipples caused his huge cock to twitch angrily. After what happened between them last night, including getting to fuck her incredible pussy he could see that his sexy niece came dressed to let him know, she wanted to get right back to where they left-off last night.

Once she laid eyes on her sexy Uncle, her pussy began to melt, and her only thought was getting it wrapped around the massive cock she licked, kissed, stroked and fucked last night.

As soon as she kissed her parents goodbye and handed the co-pilot her bags, she walked up the stairs. The clicking of her high heel pumps seemed to drown-out the idling jet engines, and added to the sexiness of what was to come.

Her pumps caused her sexy Uncles eyes to leer at her long, thin legs, and the sway of her narrow hips. Walking up the stairs, she cast a sly grin at his crotch, which caused the sun to reflect on her silver braces.

This was turning him on like crazy, as he thought about how sinful it was going to be to fuck his sexy, young niece. He had thought about this fuck hundreds of times through the night. There was a twenty year old Czech teen that he left the party with, and even while fucking her his thoughts were consumed with the incredible pussy of his niece.

In all his years of fucking, no pussy had ever taken him so effortlessly, and not many could take more than half of his freakish length and super-wide girth. He knew from finger fucking her with four fingers that his niece had a huge pussy.

He was in awe at her having the longest pussy-lips he had ever seen. In his mind’s eye, replaying the way they wrapped his gigantic shaft and the incredible way they massaged him with every penetrating stroke caused the log-shape cock to bulge even further against his pants. Even though they were at his sons birthday party, with over 100 guests in the pool area close to the cabana, he had to try his monster cock in her pussy.

It was the most incredible feeling to bottom-out in her pussy. Her cunt so big and so perfect, and her long pussy lips constantly massaging his thunderous shaft brought him to three explosive orgasms.

When his niece told him to stand still and let her pussy do the work he was in a trance over the sensation of her suctioning hot cunt. Her cunt gripped and massaged his monster cock in a way he never experienced in his life. Her suctioning pussy drained him of a powerful load. It was a load that shot so hard it caused her eyes to bulge out of her head. Her uncles hot cum filled her pussy so much that large drops dripped-out and spilt to the floor causing a puddle to form.

Having a vasectomy right after his son was born asyabahis yeni giriş it was always something he was glad he did, especially when so many young teens would have loved to have his child. He was well aware of the fortune-seekers.

Staying hard (which was never a problem for him) and to the delight of his 18 year old niece, she used her suctioning pussy to bring him off for the third cum that night. While taking in the sight of his hot niece all he could think about now was that he was going to fuck her huge pussy in every sordid fuck position imaginable.

Her outfit caused her father to sinfully think about how hot his sexy daughter looked, and how he would love the chance to fuck her himself. While driving her to the airport he was constantly looking in the rear-view mirror at her long crossed legs and especially her inch-long nipples. He almost drove off the road as she caught him staring and grinned slyly at him.

“I see you staring at me Daddy,” she said to herself as she teasingly ran her finger tips across the wide tops of her nipples.

She would never fuck her father but she loved teasing him and even imagined dressing in some sexy lingerie and having him jerk off to her. Seeing him with his tongue latterly hanging out of his mouth she had a naughty thought.

She thought to herself cunningly, “I’ll have you come to my apartment one weekend Daddy. Ill dress sexy in different outfits and have you jerk off to me. I might even let you eat my pussy and if your really good at eating my pussy I might even suck your cock. But you’ll have to earn it,” she thought to herself as she grinned slyly at him as she ran her fingers across her throbbing nipples, as she was working on a cunning plan in her mind already. It was her cunning nature. The cunning her Uncle would greatly applaud.

At the top of the stairs, she stood beside her sexy Uncle and they both waved goodbye, half-heartedly, with a lot more important things on their minds.

“Take special care of my little princess,” her father shouted up to his brother-in-law, in a joking manner.

As soon as he said that, his 81 year brother-in-law slid his hands around the narrow waist of his not-so-innocent daughter, and said in an almost fiendish voice, ‘Oh, don’t you worry, brother-in-law, I will absolutely make certain that she is well-taken care of.”

At that instant all he could think about was how he wished he had the money and the power his brother-in-law had. ‘Fuck, if I had what he has I’d be the one with my arm around my daughters waist taking her away, just the two of us,’ he thought to himself as he took in the sight of her sinful look before the door was sealed.

As soon as the mother heard her older brother say those words, her own pussy began to get wet. She was well aware of her brothers enormous cock. They had been fucking since she was 18 herself.

She discovered this fact at a young age when she heard the news about her brothers enormous cock from a collage roommate that fucked him one night. There was a twenty five year difference between her and her brother, an ‘accident’ on her parents part.

Although she was resentful of her daughter, she knew that there was no-way she could prevent it from happening. Her powerful and wealthy brother supported her family, financially every month. He even employed her husband with a salary, he could never match anywhere else. Plus, in the back of her mind, she thought that there might be a chance when she, and her daughter were both in his bed, enjoying the pleasures of his gigantic cock.

As soon as the door of the private jet was sealed shut, Uncle and niece began kissing hotly, getting right-back where they were last night. While they kissed, their hands explored each other bodies with an intense hunger.

“Fuck, I couldn’t sleep a second last night Uncle Ted, thinking about your huge cock,” she said lustfully as she ran her hand up and down the frightening length of his massive shaft.

“I was so horny I fucked two girls at the party last night, and my cousin.”

“Really,” he said in a deep voice as one hand ran across her tiny tits and huge nipples while the other went to the front of her pussy.

“Yeah. I saw you leave with that big titted Czech bitch, and I knew you were gonna fuck her. I was still so horny from fucking your huge cock that I needed more myself,” she said as her hands went across the freakish length of his monster cock.

“Ummm, you really are naughty,” he said in a deep voice as his hands ran across her body.

“After you and I fucked I was hoping my cousin was as huge as you.”

“And,” her Uncle said, already knowing the answer.

“I almost laughed when I saw his cock, and was never- more disappointed in my life, especially after pumping-off your giant cock. Even if he was half as big as you I would have been excited to fuck it, but he wasn’t even a tenth as big.

“Yes. I’ve heard that many times,” he said in a confident tone and a asyabahis giriş sly grin that let Stacy know he had fucked a lot, if not all of his sons girlfriends.

Her Uncle was impressed to learn how his niece managed to get two girls who were known to be extremely introverted and very shy into bed with her and his son. This was how he began to learn how scheming and cunning his niece was.

“All I could think about that night, while I fucking them, was your huge cock going in and out of pussy,” she added, while groaning though an orgasm, from playing with his giant shaft through his pants.

As soon as she came, she forced his pants down around his ankles and gasped out loud, as the biggest cock she could ever imagine on anyone uncoiled in front of her face.

“Jesus fuck baby,” she moaned as she instantly squatted on her high heel pumps and grabbed it in both hands.

While on her knees the backs of her feet came out of her high heels while her toes stayed anchored at the tips. This was a sexy sight for her uncle. She spread her hands out as far as they could and barely managed to get her long fingers around a quarter of his log-shaped girth.

“Such a wide-ass cock,” she moaned as she looked up at him with reverence before kissing his grapefruit sized cockhead.

She was astonished by the staggering heaviness and sheer power of it in her hands. She grinned up at him slyly, showing him her naughty, young braces and moaned in a throaty voice, “So fucking huge. Need six hands to really pump it,” she groaned.

“Get it wet baby,” he said in somewhat of a demanding voice.

Shooting him a sly grin made his massive cock twitch at the sight of her shiny braces. She instantly began spitting, licking, and sucking all over his staggering cock. Spreading her mouth as wide as she could she could barely get half his huge crown inside her mouth.

“That’s it baby,” he moaned as his teenage niece worked his massive cock to the point where it began to throb and expand in her outstretched hands.

“Load baby,” she pleaded knowing her Uncle was ready to cum.

“Fuck,” he snarled as his monstrous cock blew the biggest load of cum, she had ever seen in her life, even bigger than the night before.

It was a load that none of her boyfriends or the bank President Friend of her fathers, or her father’s three best friends ever matched, combined. From the night before she was quick to learn that her Uncle had a cock that recovered almost instantly. Disbelieving for a teenage boy, let alone an 81 year old man.

During the eight hour flight his sexy, young teen niece, had the most mind-blowing orgasms of her life. Stripped of all her cloths, except for her high heel pumps, she was fucked in every position in the private jet, by her 81 year old Uncle’s staggering 14 inch cock.

At times he would fuck her sexy pussy from behind, and then tease her and drive her wild, by pulling his huge cum covered cock out, eating her pussy and ass with his skilled mouth and tongue, making her cum in waves.

As she was cumming from the talents of his masterful mouth and tongue, he would work his 14 inch monster back into her spasming pussy. Catching her by surprise he would fuck her senseless, until her over-stuffed cunt came in another series of volcanic orgasms, that made the sexy teen, nearly pass-out.

During their eight hour, uninterrupted fuck-fest, she would ride her Uncles massive cock, with her pussy exploding over and over, like an earthquake every time she slammed back down on it.

The exhilaration of fucking his sexy niece, and the way she rode his massive cock, with an untamed excitement, brought him off in huge, thunderous loads. Loads so powerful that it would trigger her pussy and cause a volcanic eruption as she exploded and coated his massive cock in a glaze of cum.

As she rode him, he would run his hands up and down her titless chest, and her big nipples, pulling and sucking on them which caused her pussy to explode. The excitement of her not having any tits, and looking so young, drove him insane with lust.

The other thing that drove him insane for his niece was her naughty, almost devious nature. He was quick to learn that his 18 year old niece was very cunning, and seemingly knew how to manipulate people into fucking.

The way she planned-out how she was going to fuck him at the party showed him that she was extremely resourceful. Not to mention that she fucked his own son and a few of the girls from the party, and how she manipulated them into all fucking proved to him that his niece had amazing abilities. Abilities that could go a long way in his business-world.

He himself had left the party with a huge titted Czech teen. She was the daughter of a man he was doing business with in Europe. She was recently married. His plan was to buy her fathers company then terminate him. Even while fucking her all night his huge loads were due to his mind continually drifting to his hot young niece and asyabahis güvenilirmi her huge pussy, and how effortlessly she took his gigantic cock.

Stacy thrived on controlling people. It was as if she thrived on knowing that she could get the most conservative people to fuck, even mothers fucking their own sons and daughters to fuck their own fathers.

But her Uncle was the man she wanted for a long time, especially since she turned 18. He was everything she craved for in a man. Ruthless, and powerful and very aggressive. It was her personality to the letter. His ruthless personality and come to find out, an enormous cock were the things that she craved.

“You finally have this pussy, Uncle Ted,” she said with a devious voice that caused him to groan out loud in a deep resonating voice while he pounded her into submission as he thought about how nasty she was.

“Such a huge cunt,” he groaned as his massive fuck-pole went straight up into the back of her pussy as he carried her through the aisles of his private jet.

“It was made for your huge cock, Uncle Ted,” she said in a thrilled voice as his monster filled every inch of her pussy unlike any of the big cocks she’d ever fucked.

As he fucked his 14 inch pole, way up into the back of her pussy, he thought to himself about how his huge cock went painlessly into her pussy. With her freckles, skinny body, flat tits, and braces, but she fucked like a seasoned porn star. When she felt him flood her tight cunt with more cum then she could ever imagine, it heightened her orgasm to the point of nearly passing out.

What amazed, and turned her on even more was that after he came, he stayed hard as steel, and continued fucking her pussy, using it for his personal-pleasure. At times he would be so worked up, by the fact that he his monster cock could bottom out so with ease, that he would turn into a wild animal, putting his strong hands on her shoulders, then lift her legs up, so that her high heel pumps were anchored to the edge of the leather seat, and would force his skinny niece’s wet pussy, up and down on his cum-covered shaft, until he burst inside her.

After he came, she would greedily lick and pump his cock and worship it, until he was hard again; which happened within a few minutes. She loved making her powerful, 81 year old Uncle hard, using her skilled hands, as she watched and felt it expand to a massive 14 inch hard-on.

“Such a huge cock. Such a huge pussy pleaser,” she moaned as she was pumping his monster while looking at it with worship and amazement.

During their brief breaks in fucking, they spent quality time locked in 69 positions, enjoying the taboo moments, of tasting each other, in the most intimate way.

To Stacy there was nothing more intimate than having her Uncle’s mouth sucking her pussy and asshole, as she licked and kissed his giant cock. As he sucked her delicious pussy and ass, she marveled at her Uncle’s giant shaft, as it towered in front of her face. So huge that it eclipsed the light in the cabin, because of its wide girth, and 14 inches of web-like veins and flesh.

She was possessed, as she zealously licked, kissed, and adored her uncles monster cock, pumping it with both hands, as it towered, way above her head. It was a fuck that was long over-due, and one that would continue between them for years.

When the jet touched down, they were deep into an incredible fuck. His enormous cock was pounding her from behind. The pilots and flight attendant were well-aware not to interrupt their wealthy employer, until he let them know he was ready to leave.

Uncle and niece continued to fuck heatedly, for another hour, before they finally finished. On the way to his corporate suite, they kissed and sipped Champaign in his personal limousine, and as soon as they got to the room, they stripped, then went to the shower where they continued playing with each other for nearly an hour.

In the shower her Uncle tenderly soaped all the cum off her cum-covered body. Although he would never cum in a girls face, as he found it degrading, her body was plastered in cum, from her stomach to her back and her ass. He even washed her hair which had gobs of cum in it from when he fucked her from behind.

“I couldn’t believe how hard you came, Uncle Ted. When I felt your cum hit my hair I thought it was haling out, it felt,” she said as he continued to wash her hair.

Stacy couldn’t believe that this was the same man who fucked her like a wild animal for hours and hours straight. After washing her hair they kissed while running their hands over each other’s bodies.

Playing with each other in this sensual way had them building each other up to where they were desperate to fuck again. It was these moments where her Uncle proved to be an amazing lover whose only concern was turning her on and driving her insane.

While they kissed his hands were softly running over her flat chest and lightly running her nipples between his thumb and index finger.

Breaking their kiss he would suck each of her hard, aching nipples between his soft lips.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned as he went from one nipple to the other sucking each one tenderly.

“Beautiful big nipples,” he said before sucking each one tenderly.

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