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Eric was called to the office because his replacement graduation gown had come in. He had to wait, while the secretaries busied themselves with an unruly student who was getting suspended for fighting. Coming into the office after him was Debbie. They had a few classes sophomore year, flirting in the back of the room like a couple of slackers. She liked to chew gum and dangle her heels. One day, when she saw Eric staring at the rhythm of her heels, she smiled and offered him a piece of gum. They did not have any classes after that, but he always remembered her slow movements and sexy voice. They saw each other in the hallways often, bumping into each other in tight spaces — her curvy but soft body wanting to meld into his. At the last second, she would shift and move on with a wave of her long fingernails.

“Why are you here?” Debbie asked, sitting down closely next to Eric.

Eric looked over to Debbie and smiled. He said, “they had to order me a new gown. My other one went missing.”


“Yeah. Funny, huh?”

“I know Holly had to replace hers; it got stained,” Debbie said, giving Eric a flirty look, tossing her dirty blonde hair back.

“Stained with what?”

“Boyfriend juice and liquor.”

“”That’s funny.”

A secretary came into the office and looked disapprovingly at how close they were sitting — legs touching — to each other. The two did not separate.

“Little busy. Give me a moment longer,” said the busty secretary who usually tried to downplay the size of her breasts.

“She’s smothering them,” Debbie said, after the secretary left.

Eric laughed and said, “what are you doing here, Debbie?”

“I need to talk to the counselor, but she’s not in. They told me to wait here for a bit.”

“I heard some girls are going to be naked under their gowns? Is that true?” Eric said, mesmerized by her soft, blue eyes.

“I doubt that. Maybe just a bra and panties if anything out of the ordinary. I have worn mine while naked underneath, and it shows them moving around too much,” Debbie said.

“Shows them moving?”

“My tits! Too bouncy.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Eric said, staring into her blue eyes, getting reacquainted after such a long time.

“At a graduation? I’m mixed on that.”

“I’d be interested to see,” Eric said with a nervous smile.

“I bet you’re going to look at all the girls in their gowns, thinking we are naked underneath.”

“I’m sure on some it won’t be as obvious. Not you, of course.”

“Do you size us?” Debbie said, raising an eyebrow.

“Haha!” Eric said, blushing.

“Mine aren’t that big,” she said, twirling her hair.

He looked at her chest and wanted to say that they were big enough, but he didn’t say anything.

The secretary from earlier came in and tossed Eric his new gown that was inside a plastic pouch.

“You can go now,” she said dismissively.

Eric got up to go and waved goodbye to Debbie. As he was about to go into the hallway, Debbie ran up behind him and said, “I’ll get naked for you in my gown if you do the same with your new one.”

“Deal,” he said quickly.

A sudden kiss from her surprised him. He took pleasure from her bubblegum breath. Eric walked slowly back to his class, holding tightly to his gown. This one, he was sure, would certainly not go missing.


There was the question of what to do and where to go on senior skip day. Eric gathered with some of his fellow students and sat on the hood of his his car in the school parking lot. There was talk about going to an outdoor party at a park, but that usually attracted the police so early in the day. Someone mentioned there was a house stocked with liquor that was available. The rumor was that most seniors would start at the house and pivot from there if anything else came up.

Driving a carload of students seemed like a good idea, but Eric was having a hard time seeing out of the back window, and there were two voices — one Male and one female — trying to control the conversation. Eric was relieved when they finally made it to the house. The garage was open and people were already buzzing.

While in the midst of a few conversations that centered on what college people were going to, Eric saw Debbie standing on the front porch, drinking from a plastic cup. She was wearing a pair of floral leggings, a white blouse, and ballerina flats. Her hair was up, and she appeared unimpressed by everything that was going on, especially loud greetings and aggressive hugs.

Looking up to Debbie from the bottom step, Eric was debating whether to approach her. He waited for her to notice him. When she smiled, he walked up the steps, as if leveling up to something of consequence.

“Hey, Deb,” he said, shortening her name.

“Call her Deborah,” a semi-drunk senior said.

Debbie glared at him before answering Eric. She said, “hey, Eric. Is this what you had in mind for skip-day?”

“Not really,” Eric said.

“I should have gone to the Folly Park party instead. Although that would have gotten just as boring.”

“I was thinking of that, too. “

Debbie erdemli escort handed him her half-full cup of something fruity. Eric took a sip and handed it back to her.

“I have my gown in the trunk of my car,” Eric said, expecting Debbie to dismiss him.

“Really?” Debbie said with wide eyes.

“If you still want to.”

“I haven’t forgotten the offer I made you. Let’s hang here for a little while.”

“It’s okay. I understand if you’d rather not.”

“Don’t be silly. I do want to. We can go to my house. Parents are out.”

This bit of news made Eric feel very good. He reached for her cup and took another sip. Debbie reached out with her fingers and touched his lips, opening his mouth slightly.

“I just want to enjoy our classmates a little while longer. We’re almost finished with senior year. There are some people here I have never seen outside of school.”

“Like me?”

“Yes!” Debbie said.

Fading away from Debbie, wanting to give her space, Eric found his friend Mike.

“What’s wrong with you, Mike,” Eric said, thinking Mike looked anxious.

“I asked Lisa out this weekend. She said yes,” Mike said.

“What an opportunist. Didn’t she just break up with her boyfriend?”

“Did she? I didn’t know,” Mike said, laughing.

“Why does her saying yes make you nervous?”

“I didn’t say I was nervous.”

“You look it, though.”

“Okay,” Mike said, “maybe I am a little. I have wanted to ask her out for a long time. And now, she says yes. I figure with high school ending and us going away to college, I might get to bang her.”

“She’d be a nice going away prize, for sure,” Eric said, watching as Debbie was talking to a couple of guys.

“What’s going on with you and Debbie?” Mike said, changing it over to Eric.

“She said we’re going to her house later. We’ll see,” Eric said, still looking at Debbie.

The two guys with Debbie looked too comfortable with her. The comfort of familiarity that made Eric think his date with her was not going to happen. He winced when Debbie stroked the cheek of the taller of the two.

“Did I ever tell you about when she put her ass in my face?” Mike said.

“No. You didn’t,” Eric said.

“A bunch of us were going to a football game. I’m in the backseat, and she gets in, turns her ass towards me to move something on the seat. That’s when I turned her way. Ass in my face!”

“What was it like?”

“It was quick, but I didn’t move away. I let that soft ass stay on my face as long as possible. I think my nose poked her where she liked it. She moaned.”

“What kind of pants was she wearing?”

“Leggings. Afterwards, she smiled and took off her coat. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard. That was it, though. She was off with friends at the game, and I never interacted with her again.”

“That’s what bothers me about her.”

“What does?”

“She is hard to pin down. Always moving around.”

“Yeah, but these girls want the full graduation experience. They’re horny and will put out,” Mike said, satisfied with himself.

“Which one would you do first if given the chance to pick?” Eric said, getting nervous about Debbie.

“Tougher question than you think. I have been vibing on Lisa for a long time, so she would be the obvious choice. Still, that ass in my face turned me on to Debbie and her soft curves.”

“I saw Lisa in a thong bikini last summer. Wow! She’s fit.”


“Yeah. She must pad or something. I saw her at the pool last summer; she looked fit, but her tits were small and her butt compact. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a hot look, it’s just not the look she presents in school. She always looks tall in her heels.”

There was a lull in the conversation. Both of them were wondering about their chances. Mike was certain that things were aligning his way because of the stress of finishing one school before starting another. Eric’s thoughts were less certain. Debbie had floated to another group of guys and was acting friendly. Her confidence unnerved Eric, making him think that she might ask another guy to spend time with her later.

The day was becoming hotter, and Eric started to think about leaving the party without the blonde he wanted to spend time with. He decided to make one more pass at her — a casual reading of how she was doing and where her mind was at. Fortunately, he did not have to. As if knowing he was getting nervous, Debbie came up from behind him, bumping her breasts into his back, giggling with a sweet buzz that had not completely overtaken her persona.

“I’m ready to go,” she said, brightly.

“Are you sure?” He said, knowing she was actually leaving with him.

“I’m sure!”


There were a few sad goodbyes mixed in with some hesitant embraces, as Eric and Debbie left as a couple. It was easy to see that they were a pair, or something close to it. They held hands — initiated by Debbie — as they neared the car. She whispered into his ear, licking his ear.

“Were you worried that I was going to leave without you?” Debbie said.

“Yes!” Eric said, anamur escort as they pulled away from the party.

After a quick stop through a fast food drive-thru, Eric started to tell Debbie about what Mike had said about her ass in his face.

“I kind of remember that,” Debbie said, laughing.

“It’s true?” Eric said.

“Yeah! The car was full of people. There was a girl that was crowding me; some junior, I think.”

“So, his nose was trying to get inside you?”

“He got close,” Debbie said.

“He said you were braless.”

“You guys!”


“Noticing those details, remembering nothing else. Tell him I may not have had on panties.”


“No! I probably had a thong on, like this,” she said, pulling down the waist of her leggings to reveal the thin band of a thong.

“I like the color blue,” he said, reaching for her hand.

A song came on the radio that caused her to get close to Eric, holding on to his arm as if she would never let go. He liked the feel of her fingernails on him, scratching him gently. Debbie nibbled on his ear, tugging on it gently with her teeth.

“Why did it take so long for us to hook-up?” Debbie said.

“I don’t know. What were we thinking?” Eric said.

“I don’t know.”

“I wish it had been me instead of Mike in that crowded car.”

“I do, too.”

A couple of quick turns, and they were at her house. Eric made sure to get his new gown from the trunk of the car. Debbie took him in through the kitchen and offered him something to eat or drink.

“Those burgers were fine,” he said.

“Okay,” she said, finding some chocolate on the counter.

“Your parents both work?”

“I just live with my mother. She works, yeah. My dad is out west with his new family.”

“Is that why you’re going to college out there?”

“I visited him once and liked it out there. I doubt that I will see him much,” Debbie said, feeding Eric a piece of chocolate.

They walked over to a door that she opened. Debbie gestured for him to go down to the basement and said, “go and get ready. I will go upstairs and change into my gown.”

After she turned on the light, he started into the basement. The area was large and mostly empty, but there was a bed, a sofa, and a television. Across from that was a small exercise area with some equipment. Eric looked around, saw himself in a mirror, and proceeded to undress.

Naked, save for his socks, Eric grabbed his penis and stroked it a little. He was already half-naked and was twitching. At its fullness, Eric’s erection was close to 6.5 inches. He tended to obsess that his cock was not longer, but he was satisfied with the girth.

He tugged on his balls a little before putting on the fresh, blue gown, zippering it up all the way. It was obvious that his cock was active. He wanted it to be the first thing Debbie noticed when she came down to the basement.

The wait was short because Debbie was on her way. He could hear her heels signaling that she was getting closer. Eric moved over to the stairs to watch her come down. Her hair was loose, and her boobs definitely jiggled with each step her 5-inch heels took. Eric marveled at the movement of her loose boobs, as they bounced their way down to him. He was glad his erection was there to greet her, respectfully honoring the show she put on.

“I have never seen you in such high, high heels,” Eric said, standing face to face with her for the first time.

“These were made for showing off,” she said, turning her right foot, so he could see their height.

“Wow! Everything looks amazing,” Eric said, looking at her protruding nipples.

“You look like you have been busy,” she said, eyeing his crotch.

Eric laughed it off, but he did start to think that he may have appeared too ambitious, standing there with an obvious erection meant for her.

“Maybe a little,” he said.

“Or a lot,” Debbie said, getting right in front of him and taking hold of his manhood.

She got in his face and in a whisper, said, “not there yet. Impressive, still.”

Eric reached for one of her boobs, landing on a nipple. The material of the gown was silky. He played with the nipple, gently tugging at it, while she pulled on his cock. Wrapping the gown around his cock, Debbie took control of his aspirational tool.

The first kiss was on even terms, with each one holding a part of the other. The now statuesque Debbie forced his mouth open with her tongue, giving a preview of what she intended to do with it very soon.

“It’s so thick,” she said, squeezing his penis.

“I’m glad you think so,” Eric said, wanting more of her tongue.

The opening was now over; Eric was close to declaring his love for her. She directed him to the bed and unzipped his gown all the way. She looked approvingly at his twitching member, sitting him down on the edge of the bed. Debbie walked over to the sofa to get a cushion. The heightened Debbie was now kneeling on the cushion, holding Eric like a prize she had not expected. A veiny prize of meat.

Her tongue was long, curling seductively mersin escort as she made contact with his penis. He just closed his eyes and tilted his head back, letting Debbie use him as her plaything. Debbie gently dug in her nails on his hips. She mumbled something inaudible before taking the tip under her mouth, licking it with her tongue. The primal feeling of the moment was not lost on either of them. Eric moaned in approval and Debbie said she was happy they had rekindled their friendship.

“I’m so glad you were in the office that day,” she said, taking more of him.

“You’re amazing, Debbie. I was so jealous of those guys you were talking to today.”

She mumbled something and went to work on him more diligently, using his cock like a toy she had just discovered. Her eyes were wide with exploration. Her hands worked in unison with her mouth and tongue, submitting Eric to all of her powers of hormonal freedom.

His shaft glistened with her saliva, pulsing beyond anything he had known. It was not easy at first, but she swallowed him whole, making his anchor disappear. Debbie tightened her mouth at the base, possessing him completely, if only for the moment.

Thumb and forefinger changed the course of her handiwork. She was driving towards the eruption that she needed as validation of her womanly wiles.

To keep him in her control longer, Debbie left his twitching cock alone, while she went lower, putting one of his balls in her mouth. This time he mumbled something she did not understand. She switched to the other ball, stoking him with her right hand.

Again, the thumb and forefinger worked his shaft. Her mouth tightened its grip on him. Debbie was relentless, racing to the finish line with hands, tongue, and lips conspiring to pull his load out.

“I’m so close.! I love you! Debbie!” Eric shouted, spilling his load into her mouth.

Debbie released her grip on him and started to gag, coughing some semen onto his gown, wiping some with the sleeves of hers.

“That was wild,” Eric said, lifting Debbie up and embracing her.

“I know,” she said, wiping her mouth on any part of his graduation gown she saw fit.

A long kiss — certifying the first part of their rendezvous — was followed by Debbie standing up and tossing back her long hair. She acted proud of herself, knowing she had delivered her best blowjob ever on Eric for his first time. Instantly, she thought, his was the nicest cock she had ever handled, and now it was time for her to get off.

Posing seductively with her dominant heels, Debbie stood in front of Eric; her hand played with the zipper on her gown. She moved it down, then she moved it back up. Debbie teased Eric by bringing the back of the gown up, showing him her shapely legs, coming close to revealing her ass in all its splendid paleness.

“Is that high enough?” Debbie said.

“No!” Eric said.

A quick flash and the garment went down again. Eric caught a glimpse of both cheeks but wanted to see more.

“Is that what Mike got into?” Eric said.

“Very briefly,” Debbie said.

Eric watched as she moved legs, toyed with her zipper, and ran a hand across her breasts. He hoped their reveal was coming soon. He looked down and saw his dick was beginning to recover some.

With a slow tug, Debbie lowered the zipper almost all the way down, holding the gown tightly in front of her. With a confident step, she positioned herself In front of Eric, lifting a foot onto the bed.

“Did Mike wish he could see these?” Debbie said, opening the front of her gown to show him her bouncy tits.

“Yes,” Eric said, thinking her tits were wonderful and so suckable.

“You get them!” She said, moving a hand across her hard nipples.

“I want them so bad.”

“What do you think of them?” Debbie said, offering them to him.

“I think they are perfect,” Eric said, cupping them.

Eric leaned back onto the bed, as Debbie’s boobs lined up with his face, so he could suck on them. His lips found a willing nipple.

Debbie moaned, reaching down to unzip the remainder of the gown. She started to hump his cock while he enjoyed her treats.

“Getting hard already. So impressed with you,” she said.

Debbie started to give attention to her pussy, inserting her middle finger as far as it would go.

She straddled Eric, giving him a few of her tits as they swayed. He felt her soft belly that surprisingly, to him, had a nice layer of fat on it. He liked how it jiggled.

Her bush was trimmed, but it showcased a triangular patch of fur. He watched as her fingers revved herself up.

Eric reached for her belly, caressed it and poked at her belly button. He placed his hand over hers, but she pushed it away, wanting to do the job herself.

Finally, Debbie said, “are you ready for me?”

“Yes,” he said, knowing he was erect again.

She grabbed his cock and lined it up for her platform. Debbie slid his piece in slowly, carefully gauging his girth. He was a little thick to start quickly, she thought.

Debbie moved on top of him, greedily, seizing control of his body, utilizing him for her own pleasure. Eric sensed her intentions, and let her work it out. He marveled at how her body was a mixture of perfection and extra weight. He was enjoying her flabby parts so much. The belly, the flesh around her hips, and her jiggly butt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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