Staying Quiet

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Author’s note: As usual, this story is true. It involves Sean (not his real name), the first guy I ever fucked after my teen boyfriend. To read about my first time with Sean, click on my profile and look for “Eighteen and Ready to Get Fucked”.


It had been a few days since Sean and I had fucked for the first time in the living room of my parents’ house. Unfortunately, we were having a hard time finding even a moment alone, much less enough time to have sex again.

The day after Sean and I had sex I had contacted my boyfriend at the time and broken up with him, ending the inevitable wait. While I no longer needed to feel guilty about cheating on him, there was still the taboo nature of sleeping with the son of one of my dad’s best friends, a guy who had been invited to stay with us while he saved up some money.

One night I was taking a shower after everyone else had gone to bed. In addition to Sean, the whole family was home. My brother, mom and dad were all asleep in their rooms. As I stood in the shower, feeling the hot water cascade down my naked body, I began thinking about my session with Sean the week before. Before I knew it I found myself running my fingers between my pussy lips, rubbing my clit as I pictured him fucking me with his big cock. I lost track of the time and wound up staying in the shower long enough to use up all of the hot water, the sudden drop in temperature reminding me that it was time to get out.

I dried off and wrapped muğla escort myself in my towel, looking forward to lying down in bed and fingering myself to an orgasm before drifting off to sleep. As I walked past Sean’s room, however, I had a delicious idea. I stood still for a moment, listening for any sign that someone else in the house might be awake. Aside from my own breathing, the only thing I could hear was the snoring coming from my brother’s room down the hall. I put my hand on the doorknob to Sean’s room, took a deep breath and then slowly and quietly opened the door.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, but there was enough moonlight coming in through the window that I was able to see Sean, lying on his back sound asleep. I stood there for a moment as though deciding what to do, then I dropped my towel to the floor, leaving me naked. I walked over to the bed and lifted up the covers, crawling in next to him. I ran my left hand down his bare chest and over his underwear, feeling his soft cock through the fabric. He didn’t stir as I rubbed it softly, then I pulled it out through the opening in the front of his boxers. I stroked it a few times before pulling the covers back and leaning over, taking it into my mouth.

“God that feels good,” I heard him whisper. I pulled away from his cock for a moment to look at his face and confirm that he was awake. “Don’t stop sucking it,” he whispered. I smiled and then took him back ordu escort into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down slowly as I applied suction. “You’re so fucking good at that, Christine!” I sucked his dick for a few more minutes, taking it deep as I had the last time. Although I’ve gotten better in the years since then, I was still able to take about six of his eight or nine inches.

As he started to show signs of nearing orgasm I stopped and pulled off his boxers. As much as I was willing to let him cum in my mouth, something I had never let my previous boyfriend do, I really needed to get fucked and I couldn’t be sure that he could get it up for another round. Once he was naked I got on my hands and knees on the bed, guiding him behind me. He put the head of his cock between my pussy lips and pushed in, sliding his entire length into me. The sensation was amazing, enough to make me cry out softly. Knowing that I couldn’t risk my parents hearing me, I reached out for a pillow and buried my face in it to muffle my quiet moans as he began to fuck me.

“You make me so wet!” I whispered to him over my shoulder. “You’ve got such a big cock!”

He kept shoving his hips forward with powerful thrusts, about as hard as he could without making any excessive noise. It only took a couple of minutes before my first orgasm had washed over me.

“I feel so fucking naughty!” I said, thinking that this was the first time I had ever had sex osmaniye escort with my parents in the house.

“Take my cock, baby!” he said to me. “You’ve got such a tight little pussy!”

“Oh god baby!” I gasped a minute later. “I’m cumming again! Take my pussy Sean!” He shoved his cock deep inside me as I came, my juices coating his entire shaft. “Can I ride your cock?” I asked him. He pulled out and got on his back on the bed as I turned away from him and straddled his hips. I put the head of his cock in my pussy and then slowly inched myself down onto it. I leaned forward, putting my hands on the mattress between his legs and giving him a great view of my ass as I started to move my hips up and down.

“That’s it, girl!” he said. “Ride that cock!” As I bounced up and down on it I reached back and rubbed my clit.

“That feels so fucking good, Sean!” I said. “I love your cock!” We were both starting to moan a bit and I was concerned that my parents might hear us. “Are you ready to cum in my pussy?” I asked.

“Fuck yes!” he said. Then, as if we had rehearsed it, we came at exactly the same time. I felt his cock pulse and shoot its load into me as the walls of my pussy contracted. I sunk my pussy down onto his cock and held it there until our orgasms had both subsided, then I climbed off of him and stood up.

“I can’t wait to get you alone again,” he said, his glistening cock resting against his stomach as I grabbed my towel and wrapped it back around my body. He stood up and pulled me to him for a kiss. “I love fucking you.”

“There’ll be plenty more chances in the future,” I said.

“Good, because I want to use that sexy body over and over again.” He kissed me again and then I turned and left, heading toward my bedroom to get some sleep.

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