Step Mommy Seduction – Ellie

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Step Mommy Seduction – Ellie

This is a direct sequel to “Step Mommy Seduction – Lana”

All characters are over the age of 18.

Brandi checks her watch, 9pm, turning off the TV, she stands up and looks at the plate next to her.

I really can’t be arse cleaning up, she thinks, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Heading to bed, she puts on her pyjamas and lies down.

She grabs her phone and sees that Steve has texted her.

“Hey sweetie, we are going away this weekend and Ellie has asked for you to join us!” He says.

Brandi smiles at her phone, Steve has always been a sweet and caring man to her and Brandi couldn’t be happier.

“Of course, I would love to!” Brandi replies back.

Just as she goes to put her phone down another text comes through, assuming it is Steve, Brandi is shocked to see Lana’s name come up.

It’s been a good few months since Brandi last thought of Lana and their time together, even longer since they last spoke.

Seeing her name gives Brandi a mix of excitement and nervousness.

“Hey sexy, how’ve you been?” Lana has texted.

She looks at the message for a few minutes, not knowing what to do until another message comes through.

“I can see you’ve read my message and are online, message me back.”

Straight away, Brandi feels herself going back to her submissive ways to Lana.

“Hey, sorry I was just shocked to see you messaging me. Is everything okay?” Brandi asks.

“It has been a while. I’m all good, how’s your new relationship going?” Lana replies.

Brandi ponders on what to say. She settles to keep everything casual and texts her back.

“It’s great, Steve treats me amazingly.” Then, before second guessing herself she texts, “How’s your dad?”

She watches the “Typing” part for a while before a message finally comes through.

“He’s good, still single. I don’t think he’s really gotten over what he saw just yet.”

Brandi gives off a little laugh until her guilt returns. Lana’s dad is a good man and Brandi hates how she hurt him, especially with his own daughter.

“I’m not surprised, I feel bad for what happened.” Brandi replies.

“Don’t be, we had some fun x.” Lana texted back.

Just reading this has the inside of Brandi’s thighs reacting.

“We did….” Brandi replied, although as soon as she hit send, she feels bad, not wanting to get dragged back into that.

“My mates still ask if that sexy MILF that we all fucked is free!” Lana replied.

Oooh God! Brandi feels herself getting wetter at reading the message.

Although she knows it’s wrong, she texts back.

“That was a wild weekend, I can’t believe I did that.” She replies. It feels as though that wasn’t even her. Even when she was young and slutty, she never did anything nearly that wild.

“Oh yes it was, my favourite was you getting your cunt, arse and mouth fucked at the same time with strap on’s.” Lana replied.

Fuuuckk! Brandi moans in her head, her pussy now burning for attention.

She thinks back to that weekend, how one after another she would crawl between their legs and lick their pussy’s. How she had one cheerleader sit on her face as another one licked her pussy, even when they fit two strap on’s in her pussy at the same time.

“Did that bring back good memories?” Lana texted again when Brandi didn’t reply.

“I can’t do this, I’m sorry.” Brandi replied, although her horniness is so high, she tries to keep a calm head.

“That’s okay, I’ve already got my plaything for tonight.” Lana texted back and then followed with a photo.

Opening it, Brandi saw a brown haired woman between her legs, her tongue is out and Brandi can see Lana’s wet pussy.

Oh god, I miss that pussy! She thinks to herself.

Not being able to hold it in any longer, Brandi’s hand slowly moves down her body, into her pyjama shorts and she slowly rubs her already throbbing clit.

“Lucky girl.” Brandi texts back.

“You remember what it was like to be between my legs don’t you?” Lana replies.

“Yes, I do! I loved tasting your young pussy!” Brandi texts back, rubbing her clit a little faster.

“This girl’s pretty good at it. Remember the time that my dad was downstairs while I was grinding my cunt over your face until I came over you!” Lana texted.

Oh god, oh god, oh god. Brandi is panting more and more, her pussy is soaked and she’s rubbing her clit faster and faster.

“I do, and the time you had me get under the dining room table and lick your pussy while your dad was washing the dishes.” Brandi texted back.

More and more memories of her time with Lana came to Brandi’s head and she rubbed her clit faster.

“FUUUCKKK!!” She moaned out loudly finally cumming whilst thinking of her time with her old lover.

“Do you miss being my lesbian slut?” Lana texted her.

After cumming, Brandi’s senses were coming back to her and she knows now not to let this go any further.

“How come you texted me?” Brandi asks, ending the sexual conversation.

“Oh okay, istanbul travesti serious now I see.” Lana replies followed by another text, “I wanted to check to see how you are doing and remind you of your time as a lesbian whore.”

Brandi worries that she has annoyed Lana, knowing that her dominant manor doesn’t like being questions.

“I’m sorry, I was just surprised.” Brandi texts back.

“It’s okay. I’ll get back to this new slut making me cum.” Lana texts.

Although Brandi would love to be the girl between Lana’s legs, she knows to end this hear and not to text back.

Closing her eyes, she attempts to fall asleep.

A few days later.

Brandi is driving over to Steve’s house, ready to have the weekend away with him and Ellie. Her bag fully packed, she has managed to book Monday off from work so that she’s in no rush to return.

“Hey beautiful!” Steve says opening the car door for her.

“Hey, how’re you?” Brandi asks giving him a kiss.

Closing her eyes to kiss him, for some reason an image of Lana flashes into her head.

“Good thanks, ready to go?” He asks.

Brandi brushes away the thought of Lana and smiles.

“Yep, are we going straight away?” She asks.

“Yes, just need to get your bags in the car then we’re ready to go.” He tells her.

Walking to the house, Ellie comes running out and smiling.

“Hi Ellie, are you excited for the weekend?” Brandi asks her.

“Definitely, it should be good.” She says with a smile and hugs Brandi.

Her perfume is intoxicating and Brandi finds herself getting slightly turned on by the girls embrace.

Stop it now! Brandi thinks, annoyed that Lana has gotten back into her head and giving her these thoughts.

Breaking the hug, Ellie goes over to the car and helps Steve put Brandi’s bags in. She looks at the younger girl, 18 years of age but an absolute beauty.

She’s wearing denim shorts that are riding up and showing the bottom of her cheeks, which Brandi can’t take her eyes off. She’s wearing a baggy white vest that falls down and shows the white bra that she’s wearing. Brandi has noticed many times that Ellie has pretty big tits.

Ellie turns around and catches Brandi staring at her, Brandi snaps out of it and gives the girl an awkward smile before walking over to the car.

Brandi gets into the front, Steve in the driver’s seat and Ellie in the back with her feet sticking through the middle.

She’s taken her shoes off and throughout the drive Brandi catches herself staring at the young girls smooth, thin legs.

Oh god, what has Lana done to me! She thinks.

“So,” Brandi says, hoping that by starting a conversation she can distract herself, “What’s the plan for this weekend?”

“Well tonight we are staying in, tomorrow we are going for a walk and a lovely meal.” Steve replies.

“And Sunday?” Brandi asks.

“Ellie has you both booked in for a spa day while I go and play golf.” Steve tells her.

Looking back, Ellie is fast asleep with her vest to one side and Brandi accidentally stares at her bra.

Oh god, I’m going to be alone with her? Brandi panics, hoping she will be able to control her stares.

“Sounds fun.” Brandi says with a nervous tone, turning and looking out of the window for the rest of the drive.

Arriving to their home for the next few nights, it’s a cute little cottage house that’s fairly remote. Unloading the car, Brandi goes into the room she’ll be sharing with Steve.

A large room with a rug in the middle and a big double bed and a fireplace to one side.

“This will do hey?” Steve says grabbing onto Brandi and giving her a kiss.

“Definitely.” She says with a smile.

They walk back through the cottage and find Ellie unpacking in her room, again it’s a very large room with a double bed and a rug on the floor.

She’s bent over and her hands are in her suitcase and once again Brandi finds herself staring at her curvy arse.

“What do you think?” Steve asks his daughter.

“Great!” Ellie says turning around and smiling.

Steve has brought a bag load of food and starts to cook in the spacious kitchen as Ellie and Brandi relax in the living room in front of the fire.

“You and dad are getting pretty serious then?” Ellie asks, surprising Brandi.

“Erm, yes. I think we are.” Brandi says back.

“Good,” Ellie says with a smile, “Have you had many boyfriends before my dad?” She asks, again surprising Brandi with the line of questioning.

“A few.” Brandi replies, not wanting to lie to her but also not wanting to say too much.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend.” Ellie says and has a little pout, her cute lips pushing together.

“You’re still young, you have plenty of time to find a boyfriend.” Brandi tells her, not knowing how much she should say to this girl.

“I don’t know, I don’t think boys really like me.” She says, looking almost sad in her eyes.

“Don’t be silly, you’re absolutely beautiful!” Brandi says before closing her mouth, worrying she sounded istanbul travestileri too obvious with her remark.

“That’s sweet, thank you Brandi.” Ellie says and her pout turns into a cute smile.

The two stay and chat for an hour whilst Steve finishes cooking and then they all sit down to eat together.

Brandi offers to clean the dishes and returning to the living room she sees Steve and Ellie sitting on the sofa under a blanket.

“We’re going to watch a movie.” Steve says to her.

“Great.” Brandi replies and walks over to the two.

“Here, sit in the middle.” Ellie says and lifts up the blanket.

Brandi sits in between the father and daughter, they are both close together and Brandi can feel them both pressing against her.

They start to film, but Brandi is too distracted by feeling Ellie’s bare skin from her thigh and her arm touching hers. Her brunette hair lightly sitting on Brandi’s shoulder and her perfume filling her senses.

Before she knows it, Brandi can feel between her thighs heating up.

Every time Ellie slightly moves and her skin rubs against Brandi’s her pussy gets a little wetter.

“Oh god, I’m too hot!” Brandi says and pushes the blanket down.

“You okay sweetie?” Steve asks her.

“Yeah, I’m good, sorry I was just hot.” She says.

Although she wants to move away from Ellie, she doesn’t want to cause any sort of a scene.

Throughout the movie, Brandi is distracted by Ellie and can feel herself getting hornier and hornier with dirty thoughts running through her mind. Her conversation with Lana the other night seemingly reopened this door.

The film finally ends and Brandi jumps from the seat.

“Okay, time for bed.” She says.

“Goodnight.” Ellie says, standing up and giving Brandi a hug, her large breasts pressing against Brandi’s.

“Good night.” Brandi quickly says and turns to go to her room.

Getting undressed into her pyjamas, she turns around and sees Steve standing there.

“Ready for bed?” He asks.

“Definitely.” Brandi says.

Steve gets undressed and the couple get into bed. After a minute in the dark room, Brandi can’t sleep and is horny as fuck.

“What are you doing?” Steve asks in shock as Brandi’s hand lands on his soft cock.

“Just having a little bit of fun.” She whispers, running her fingertips up and down his shaft and balls and she can feel him slowly getting harder.

“What about Ellie?” He asks in a whisper.

“She won’t hear, we will be quiet.” Brandi whispers.

She lifts up the duvet and slowly goes underneath.

“Oh god.” Steve gasps out as he watches her disappear under the cover.

Brandi wraps her hand around Steve’s now fully hard cock.

Sticking out her tongue, with one, slow motion she runs it from his balls all the way to the tip of his cock.

“Ooohhh.” Steve pants out.

God I’m so fucking horny! Brandi thinks to herself.

Holding his cock, she opens her mouth and wraps her lips around it. Tasting his precum she starts to slowly bob up and down.

She desperately wants to give him a good sloppy blowjob but she doesn’t want to make too much noise so she lovingly sucks up and down just past the head.

Opening her mouth, she slowly takes a little bit down her throat, running her tongue along his shaft as she does.

Then, a picture of Lana standing in front of her wearing her pink strap on cock flashes into Brandi’s head. Her pussy twitches as she pushes her mouth deeper down Steve’s cock. Picturing it’s Lana’s strap on that use to fuck her throat regularly.

“Oh god.” Steve moans.

“Mmmmm.” Brandi moans around his cock, her hand moving to her wet pussy, with ease she slides two fingers deep inside of herself.

Although she’s sucking on a real live cock, Brandi can only think of sucking one of the cheerleaders strap on cocks as another girl fingers her from behind.

Faster and faster, she bobs on Steve’s cock as she fingers herself.

Just as she prepares to jump up and ride Steve’s cock, she feels him tense up and he groans loudly and a shot of cum lands down her throat.

“Oooohhh.” He grunts as shot after shot of cum pours down Brandi’s throat.

Pure disappointment fills Brandi, knowing she won’t be having sex tonight. However, not wanting to show it, she lovingly keeps sucking his cock until he finally finishes cumming.

“That was amazing.” Steve pants and Brandi lies back besides him.

As kind and loving as Steve is, his main downfall is that he doesn’t like to go down on Brandi. Something that right now she hates.

“Good night.” Brandi says, trying to act casual.

She turns to her side and tries to fall asleep but her thoughts are only filled with Lana, until, Ellie pops into her head.

Her smooth, pale skin, her brown hair, her big tits. What Brandi would do to have her way with another 18 year old.


Brandi wakes up at 9am to Steve already having cooked breakfast.

Going into the dining room, her travesti istanbul first sight is Ellie sat at the table in her very skimpy pyjamas. They are a blood red colour, short shorts and a baggy buttoned shirt. The material and the fit of the top on emphasis her larger tits and shows that she’s obviously not wearing a bra.

Brandi knows that in any normal situation that this wouldn’t be anything weird, however, when you’re fantasising about this younger girl it feels wrong.

Brandi stares and can see the hint of her nipples poking through the top.

“Morning.” Ellie says bringing Brandi back to reality.

Looking up at the beautiful girl, even without make up on she is stunning, Brandi smiles.

“Good morning, how did you sleep?” Brandi asks.

“Not as good as you I guess.” Ellie says with a little laugh.

Oh god did she hear us? Hearing your dad with a woman, that can’t be good! Brandi thinks.

“Erm, yeah I slept fine.” Brandi replies, trying to push it off.

“Good, I’m starving!” Ellie says as Brandi sits down.

I’m starving to taste your pussy! Brandi laughs to herself.

“Same.” She replies.

“Good morning my two princesses.” Steve says coming into the room with two plates full of food. Putting them in front of the two girls he goes back to the kitchen and returns with a plate for himself.

“Hi, what time are we going out?” Brandi asks Steve.

“Say two hours?” He replies.

“Perfect.” Brandi says and the three sit and eat their breakfast and make friendly conversation.

They all get dressed into hiking gear and prepare for a long walk.

An hour into it, Brandi is walking alongside Steve and Ellie is a few feet behind, looking at her phone.

“You know,” Brandi says, “Ellie was asking me about boyfriends yesterday.”

“Oh, what about?” Steve asks.

“Well, she asked how many boyfriends I’ve had and then said that no boys like her.” Brandi tells him.

“Aww, she’s always been a very self conscious girl.” Steve tells her.

“I don’t get it, she’s beautiful, what does she have to be self conscious about?” Brandi asks.

“Until a few years ago she had very large braces and she was late to… erm… develop, should I say.” Steve tells her.

Brandi feels a little sad at this, knowing what it’s like to get picked on for the way you look. She looks back at Ellie who smiles back at her.

“Maybe I should have a talk to her, at the spa day tomorrow? You know, about women things.” Brandi suggests. Although she doesn’t want to get too close given what happened with Lana but she thinks that there’s no way that can happen twice, right?

“That could be a great idea!” Steve says and grabs Brandi’s hand, “You’re amazing you know.”

“Oh, I know.” Brandi says with a laugh.

The rest of the day goes very calmly, they hike for a few hours before returning home to shower. Brandi catches a glimpse of Ellie just in a towel walking out of the bathroom. Her breasts pushed up by the towel and her smooth legs, all of her looks so inviting.

They then go for a family meal out and have a lovely time.

In bed later, Brandi thinks of making another move on Steve as she is still incredibly horny from the night before. However, after knowing that Ellie heard them, she doesn’t want to risk it again.

So, another night of falling asleep horny. Instead, this time, it isn’t Lana in her dreams, but Ellie.


Steve heads off to play golf for the day and Ellie and Brandi get into a taxi to go for a spa day. Sitting next to each other in the back, Ellie grabs hold of Brandi’s hand with excitement.

“This is going to be so much fun!” She says.

“I know, I can’t wait. A massage is well overdue!” Brandi says back with a smile.

To Brandi’s surprise, Ellie doesn’t let go of her hand. Her soft skin, it’s so delicate. The longer they hold hands, the hornier Brandi finds herself.

They finally pull up and Brandi almost doesn’t want to let go of the 18 year olds hand. Getting out of the taxi, they both head in side.

“Hello, do you have an appointment?” The receptionist asks.

“Yes, I think my partner Steve booked us in?” Brandi says.

“Yes, Brandi and your daughter Ellie?” The receptionist says.

Just as Brandi goes to tell her that Ellie isn’t her daughter, Ellie interrupts.

“Yep, that’s us.” She says.

Brandi looks back to her in shock but Ellie just smiles at her.

“Please follow me.” The receptionist says and walks down the hall.

The two girls follow her into a changing room.

“Please put your items in a locker, take a robe and meet me outside.” She says and leaves the changing room.

Brandi watches the woman leave the changing room, turning around she’s shocked to see Ellie has already pulled her shirt off and is standing there in her bra. Brandi stares for a few seconds at her large tits, her skin all over her body is silky smooth and inviting her to touch.

Ellie isn’t looking at her and Brandi watches in amazement as Ellie unhooks her bra and it falls to the ground.

Oh my god! Brandi thinks as Ellie’s large tits bounce open, her nipples are large and perky and Brandi can feel herself getting hotter and hotter.

“Are you getting undressed?” Ellie asks Brandi, standing there as if completely normal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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