Step-Yellow Fever Ch. 03

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The week passed like a dream, I was cared for in my state of recovery by Hoshi and Sun-Yi when the two of them were not fucking my brains out. In a single week I had gone from virgin to being the girls private gigolo, and I loved it.

My father looked in on me while the three women were out shopping. I was sitting up in my bed going over some of the homework my teachers had sent home.

“How you doing son?” He asked as he sat on the edge of my bed.

“Better. Haven’t seen you much.” I responded as I set down the books.

“Been busy at work, catching-up on month’s worth of office paperwork crap that piled up while I was on that business trip. Lei told me what happened, she also said her daughters were taking care of you.”

“Yeah, dad. They’ve been great.” I responded with a smile.

“I’m sure they have been, I’ve also noticed they are no longer sleeping in a separate section of your room.” My father said the last pointedly.

“I uh…” My voice trailed off uncertain whether or not he was upset.

“I commented on it to Lei, she is fine with you ‘spending time’ with her daughters, and I guess I am too. Just be careful, you screw it up with them and you might screw things up for me.” My father said the last with a big smile.

“I would never do anything to hurt them dad.”

“Good, but then you are my son. So you want to tell me about this fight then?”

I spent the next half hour telling my dad about the fight, and everything. When I was finished he tussled my hair before getting back to his feet.

“You did well son, you fought fair until it was clear that someone might get hurt bad if you didn’t fight dirty.”

“Thanks dad.” I said with a grin.

“Think you can go back to school tomorrow?” He asked me then.

“Yeah I think so.” I said with a grimace.

“Won’t be so bad, I promise. If Hoshi and Sun-Yi think of you as hero what about the other girl you protected? What about the rest of the kids at school who hear about you? You’ll have plenty of people looking up to you when you go back.”

“I doubt it.” I answered.

The next day I found out he was right and I was wrong. As Sun-Yi and Hoshi walked up to the school from the car on either side of me, the entire school’s Asian population swarmed us. Apparently the other girl who had been with Sun-Yi and Hoshi had told all her friends, who had told all their friends, and so on. The guys were offering to help me with any homework they could, the girls were offering to cook meals for me, Sun-Yi and Hoshi were beginning to look a little jealous, until their friend, I later learned was named Ahn, came running up and gave all three of us a hug at once in her tiny arms.

I couldn’t understand most of her thanks due to how fast she was speaking, but it seemed to be enough to ease Sun-Yi’s and Hoshi’s jealously a little.

If I were surprised by the Asian students’ reception, the rest of the students’ reaction would have shocked me. Every single person I passed in the halls was yelling greetings, the guys were slapping me on the back, and the girls were being very flirtatious. I was suddenly a star, and I had no clue why.

Finally in my first period class Dave, one of the few people who had been my friend prior to this, filled me in.

“Well it seems some of the younger Asian girls are popular among the younger girls and they have older sisters, so as the popular upper classmen started hearing about that there was the news of the expulsion of the three bullies.” Dave said with a smile, this meant popularity for him as well, as my friend.

Apparently the knives that I had forced the bullies to drop and leave behind had been found that same day after we had left the school. Since weapons were strictly forbidden on campus they were finger printed, and no surprise the three had police records, the two with the knives incriminated the third and they were all expelled and sent the city jail awaiting assault trials on several of the other students.

If I was excited about my new found stardom Sun-Yi and Hoshi were less than thrilled. I found out at lunch when they sought me out in a large crowd who were listening to my re-counting of the tale. The two of them practically dragged me across the campus and when we reached a girls bathroom in canlı bahis an out of the way corner of the school they pulled me in, and into a stall where Sun-Yi closed the door.

“I thought you liked us?” Hoshi started angrily.

“I do, what’d I do?”

“All of those women, they want to have sex with you!” Sun-Yi said shaking her finger at me.

“So?” I asked innocently enough.

“You want them? You want their big breasts? Their blond hair, blue eyes?” Hoshi asked now the hurt showing through the anger, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

I stepped forward and gave Hoshi a deep kiss, as I pulled both her and her sister closer to me, I then gave Sun-Yi an equally deep kiss before I pulled my head back to look them both in the eyes.

“I would never willing hurt you two.” I stated, ” They can want me all they want, what I want is two sexy little Japanese girls, with beautiful brown eyes, long black hair, perfect pert breasts, and tight little round asses. I only want you two.”

They looked at me with their eyes open wide not quite comprehending and then their smiles lit their faces with relief.

“We are so sorry, we are silly girls.” Hoshi said quickly, and then she dropped to her knees in front of me.

“How can we ever show how sorry we are?” Sun-Yi then asked with smile as she also dropped to her knees.

Before I could respond Sun-Yi had my pants unzipped and was fishing my quickly hardening cock out of my boxers.

I gave a panicked look; the stall wasn’t that much privacy, but my panic was quickly overcome with lust as Sun-Yi’s mouth slid down my cock.

Hoshi began to lick my left ball, as her sister bobbed her head on my cock. Some how the sensations felt all the more powerful, either due to the danger of where we were, or from doing it standing up. As their talented mouths worked me, my knees weakened and I began to have trouble remaining in my standing position.

Sun-Yi slid her mouth off my cock and ran her tongue down my shaft to my right ball, which she licked energetically as Hoshi slid her tongue up my cock, to then engulf it in her mouth.

I had to put my hands on the stall on either side of me to keep my balance as my legs were threatening to go out beneath me. Hoshi slid her mouth off my cock, and as she ran her tongue down my shaft on the left side, Sun-Yi ran hers up on the right.

Sun-Yi held my cock head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it momentarily as Hoshi’s tongue traveled back up my cock. Then as one they slid their tongues down my shaft, between them my cock slid between two tongues as they licked up and down my cock. The sensation was incredible, and in only a few stokes I felt my balls tightening.

Hoshi sensed my impending orgasm and slid her mouth over my cock head as Sun-Yi continued to run her tongue up and down the under side of my cock. The cum boiled up my shaft as my cock twitched and I shot my load with a groan into Hoshi’s mouth.

She swallowed all but my last spurt, which she showed me before she shared it with her sister in a very unsisterly kiss.

After the kiss Sun-Yi slipped her mouth over my cock and sucked the last of my cum from my cock.

The two of them stood up and smiled at me as Hoshi helped me get my cock back in my pants and zipped-up.

“Just remember to think of us during class!” Sun-Yi said with a smile.

“Are you kidding?” I asked, ” I’ll have a hard time not. When we get home I am going to have both of your asses.”

“You better.” Hoshi said with her own smile.

“Oh…” Sun-Yi started and then stopped to look at me.

“What?” I asked

“Ahn wants someone too. Her parents won’t let her date, but we thought if she came over to our house and you had a friend…” Hoshi explains.

“I think I know just the guy, if she can come over to study tonight I’ve got a friend who wants to work a school project with me.”

“You are the best!” Hoshi says with a smile and a kiss on my cheek before we left the bathroom.

Lunch was nearly over and we had to hurry to our classes.

I slipped into my desk in front of Dave just a head of the bell.

“Hey Dave, you want to work on that project tonight?”

“Can you give me a ride?”

“Long as you don’t mind riding with my sisters.” bahis siteleri I said with a smile.

“Are you kidding? If it weren’t against friend rules I’d be going after them.” Dave responded eagerly.

“If you weren’t too scared to ask any girl out, you mean.” I answered back with a smile.

“Fuck-you. Not like you’ve been out there playing the game.” Dave answered back, a little upset I think at my sudden popularity.

I felt a little bad for my friend; he had always wanted to be with popular kids and had finally given up in our senior year. The maturity of turning 18? I didn’t know but I knew I would be making up to him for any jealous he may feel right now, he just didn’t know it…yet.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly and Dave met me at my car. As most of the cars were emptying out of the parking lot Hoshi and Sun-Yi came up with Ahn between them.

“Dave, my sisters Hoshi and Sun-Yi, and this is their friend Ahn.”

“Uh, Hi.” He answered at first his eyes looked them all over, but remembering is code of not messing with a friend’s sister he kept his eyes trained on Ahn.

All three girls giggled and smiled at him.

“Can I sit up front?” Sun-Yi asks.

“Sure.” Dave answers.

Hoshi sat behind me, and Ahn sat in the middle, with Dave on the right, behind Sun-Yi.

I started the car and began the drive home.

I noticed in the review that Dave couldn’t keep his eyes off of Ahn, and Ahn for her part had her eyes nearly glued to his crotch and neither seemed to notice the other’s attention. A laughed to myself, those two would be screwing like rabbits before the night was over, that was sure.

When we arrived home the group split-up, Dave and I went to my bedroom half, and the girl’s went to theirs, as if we hadn’t been sharing for the past week.

As Dave and I worked on our project I saw him continually staining his ears to hear the girls, unfortunately for him they were speaking Japanese and he understood as much as I did which was only when one of them used a rare English word.

“Hey Dave!” I said trying to recapture his attention.

“What Mike?” He asked trying to behave as if everything was normal.

“I asked you three times if you had tried working the problem backwards.”

“Oh uh, sorry.”

“I think we need a break. Why don’t you go sit on the couch and find something on the television, I’ll go grab a snack or something.”

“Sure thing.” He responded as he pushed pass the curtain.

I went through to Hoshi I smiled and nodded at them. Hoshi and Sun-Yi followed me to the kitchen, leaving Ahn behind.

“Your friend is cute. Ahn likes him a lot.” Hoshi says with a smile.

“He likes her too, can’t keep his eyes off her when she passes, and is trying to hear every word you say when he can’t see her.”

“How long should we wait?”

“Well Dave might get suspicious if I don’t get back soon, so lets grab some snacks and head on back.”

“Sounds good.”

The three of us came back in and Ahn was no longer in the room, I looked over at the couch and only saw Dave’s head. I took another step forward to ask him where Ahn was and figured it out for myself.

Dave’s pants were open, and Ahn was busily sucking him off. His eyes were closed loving what was probably his first ever blowjob.

I suddenly felt a hand on my crotch, Hoshi was standing beside me, watching her friend suck off my friend and her hand was stroking my quickly hardening cock. Sun-Yi came up on the other side of me and gave me a tongue kiss, and as our tongues wrestled, Hoshi opened my pants.

In an instant Hoshi was down in front of me and had my cock in her mouth. Sun-Yi broke off the kiss with me and smiled.

“Watch us too.” Sun-Yi said as she got on the floor and slid underneath my spread legs and Hoshi’s knees.

Sun-Yi lifted Hoshi’s skirt and pulls her panties down, and then as Hoshi is still sucking my cock her sister starts licking her vagina. Hoshi moans her excitement into my cock and my cock twitches from the sensation.

Now I had three shows! I could watch the original of my best friend Dave enjoying a blowjob from a beautiful Asian girl, I could watch a hot Asian chick sucking my cock, or I could watch one hot Asian chick lick the cunt bahis şirketleri of another. My eyes were nearly popping out of my skull trying to see it all, if only I had another pair of eyes, or two!

Suddenly I hear Dave’s moaning as he begins to shoot his load into Han’s mouth. The sound sets both Hoshi and I off, Hoshi moaning around my cock as I shoot spurt after spurt of cum down her throat, trying to keep from being too vocal and disrupting the rest of the show.

Dave’s eyes suddenly open as Ahn lets his cock slip from her mouth and they both look over at the three of us on the floor enjoying their show.

“Did you guys set this up?” Dave asks confused as Hoshi lets my cock pop free from her mouth.

“You’re welcome.” I said with a smile.

Then Dave really noticed what was going on behind him.

“You’re fucking your sisters?!”

“Step-sisters, and yes. Ever since… well you know, and Ahn wanted some of the same and I said you was the guy to help her out.” I said as Hoshi and Sun-Yi started to stand-up.

“Well I am so thankful I won’t even start judging you. Can’t blame you, you Asian girls are as hot as they can come!”

All three girls smiled and blushed slightly from the compliment.

“I want you.” Ahn said firmly. ” Perhaps you guys want to sleep over?” I offered.

“Dude, you are way to awesome!” Dave responds as he makes the call home.

After his call is done Ahn does the same to her home.

Still on the couch Dave began slipping Han’s shirt over her head. She unclasped her bra as soon as the shirt was out of way and Dave dove right into sucking on her breasts.

I turned my attention back to my girls to notice that Sun-Yi and Hoshi had somehow completely stripped and were now in a sixty-nine position with Sun-Yi on top.

My cock got instantly hard, having only recently begun to see the two of them do things with each other. My cock was immediately hard and ready for action.

I quickly slipped out of my clothes; I came up behind Sun-Yi’s ass and gave it a quick smack with my hand that caused her to yelp. I then let me tongue begin to roam her ass.

I used my tongue, lips, and teeth all over her ass cheeks, causing her ass to shake and shiver beneath me. I then ran my tongue along her ass crack.

I let my tongue slide up and down her ass crack, circling the sensitive anus causing her to moan into her sister’s pussy.

I after several passes, I finally push my tongue into her ass causing her to buck back into me.

My cock is so hard from the ass licking I was giving that I can only let my tongue slide in and out a few times before my cock is begging for its own turn.

I get up on my knees and line my cock up with Sun-Yi’s vagina; Hoshi slides her tongue from Sun-Yi’s pussy to my cock shaft, and then back.

I slowly push my cock into Sun-Yi’s warm welcoming cunt, and once I get fully buried I feel Hoshi’s tongue sliding along my balls causing me to moan, and my cock to twitch.

My cock’s twitch suddenly causes Sun-Yi to moan louder into her sister’s cunt and I instantly feel her vagina pulsing along the length of my cock shaft.

Above us I hear Ahn start screaming and moaning, and soon I hear Dave’s grunts and knew they both were cumming.

I slowly pull my cock all the way out. As Hoshi resumes licking her sister’s cunt, I line my cock up with Sun-Yi’s ass. I barely start pushing into her before she is pushing back into my cock. In a single thrust I have my whole cock buried in her ass.

I started slowly backing out and then pushing forward again, but in only a few thrusts Sun-Yi starts rocking back and forth faster so I started meeting her with my thrusts.

As I am picking up speed I hear Hoshi beneath me start to scream as she began to cum into her sister’s for the second time tonight. Just as Hoshi seemed to calm down Sun-Yi’s ass suddenly clamps down on my cock and she screams and moans as she came again.

The convulsions of her orgasm caused her ass to grip my cock in a vice like grip and I suddenly felt the cum boiling up out of my cock. With one final thrust I shoved my cock deep into her ass and I shot my load deep with a groan.

As I slowly withdrawal I look up to see both Dave and Ahn watching the three of us with hungry lustful looks.

“You guys are fucking hot!” Dave blurted.

This was going to be a very long night I figured to myself as Sun-Yi rolled off her sister, and Hoshi crawled forward to begin sucking my cock clean.

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