Steve the Mentor Pt. 01

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Ariel Rebel

\”Are you sure your wife won’t mind me coming by for dinner without notice?” Dan asked me as I drove us to my home.

“No, not at all,” I told him.

Dan was new at the company where I was Vice President of sales. He is 27 years old, stands about 6′ 2″ and has a very chiseled face but still looks a bit boyish. I’ve kind of taken him under my wing because he reminds me of myself at that age. So I’ve worked closely with him over the last few months and given him some good leads the other newbie’s haven’t had the privilege of getting.

I’m Steve and have been with the company since I graduated college. At 41 I’m starting to get that salt and pepper hair but I’m in great shape physically. At about 6′, 220lbs, and a 30″ waist, I carry a good amount of muscle.

Near the end of the day Dan had mentioned that he would have the Uber guy stop on the way to his apartment and he’d “pick up carry out again” and eat in front of the television. That’s when I decided to invite him over for dinner.

“Great, I’m sure a home cooked meal will taste great after all the fast food I’ve had lately.” Dan said rubbing his hands together.

“You need to get a good woman,” I told Dan. “One that will take care of things at home, have dinner on the table.”

“I need to get laid is what I need!” Dan said desperately. “It’s been months.”

“A good woman will take care of that too my friend.” I assured him.


“Honey I’m home.” I announced as Dan and I walked through the door. “We have a guest for dinner.”

My wife hurried in from the kitchen and grabbed my briefcase and introduced herself to Dan. “Hello sir, I’m Sara, if there’s anything I can do to make you comfortable please let me know.”

“Hi Sara, I’m Dan. I hope it’s not too much trouble for me to stop by for dinner.” Dan still unsure about her not being told ahead of time.

At the same time I saw Dan looking over my beautiful wife. Sara is 5’5″ and weighs about 120 lbs. with just the right size hips, a tight round ass, and large C cup tits. She has long auburn hair and green eyes. She was wearing a retro looking dress that you might see in an ad from the 50’s, a bow in her hair, and high heels.

“I said it was okay Dan. She loves serving me and my guests. Don’t you dear?” I interjected.

“Absolutely. Dinner will be on the table in 15 minutes.” Sara said as she turned and walked back into the kitchen.

“How about a drink?” I asked Dan as I walked over to my wet bar.


The only sounds filling the room were that of forks and knives against the plates as we ate steak, potatoes, and vegetables. Dan appeared to be somewhat uncomfortable in the silence so I spoke up.

“Sara, Dan here is somewhat of an apprentice of mine. I’ve taken it upon myself to help him get a good start in the business. I told him I’m willing to help him out any way I can.”

“Yes and I really appreciate that.” Dan told us both.

“You just do what Steve tells you and you’ll be fine Dan.” Sara said as she stood up and turned her attention to me. “Is it okay if I clean the table and dishes dear? Or did you have something else in mind?”

“Go ahead Sara. Dan and I will be in my office.” I said and stood up. Dan followed my lead and we walked out of the dining room.

When we got to my office and sat down Dan looked at me. “I hope I’m not out of line by saying how beautiful your wife is. And I don’t want to offend you but something seems, I don’t know, ‘stepford’ and this, about her.” Dan seemed curious.

“I understand Dan.” I laughed a little. “Our relationship is somewhat different than most you see nowadays. We’re more, well, traditional I guess. As the man I have the authority, my wife küçükçekmece escort does as I say. I also earn all the money and provide for us. As the woman she takes care of this beautiful house that I have provided for us. This arrangement carries over in all aspects of our relationship.”

“Wait, so your wife does anything you tell her to do?” Dan asks in amazement.

“Yes of course. Obviously I would never make her do anything that would hurt her or anything illegal, but you get the idea.” I explain.

“So what about sex? Does she…”

“Anything.” I said cutting Dan off.

“Wow! That’s hard to believe.” Dan said sitting back in his chair and looking off to ponder what I’d just said.

“Sara, come in here.” I yelled out.

“Oh you don’t have to…” Dan started to say but stopped short when my wife entered my office.

“Dear,” I begin, “Dan here hasn’t been laid in several months. I’d like you to strip to your under garments to remind him how gorgeous the female form is.”

“Steve really…” Dan fumbles out.

“Dan please, enjoy the view.” I said while Sara had already begun disrobing. “Look her over from head to toe. She’s quite stunning. Maybe it’ll motivate you to find yourself a good woman.”

Sara had immediately kicked her heels off and unzipped her dress. She allowed her dress to drop to her feet and stepped over it. Her big firm tits were practically spilling out of her lacy push up bra and she wore tiny lacy cheeky bikini panties. She came to stand about 5 feet in front of Dan and smiled to present herself to him.

“Holy hell! Steve your wife is gorgeous but I really feel like I shouldn’t be looking at her like this.” Dan said but never took his eyes off her body.

“Sweetheart, remove your bra and panties.” I looked at Dan to see his reaction to that command.

Dan’s eyes were glued to my wife’s body as she didn’t even consider not obeying my direction. She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor next to her. Her large yet firm tits hung out in front of her as she bent over to take her panties off revealing her pussy and the perfectly sculpted landing strip of hair above her slit. She stood up straight and just smiled at Dan.

I charge my wife with the task of constantly having impeccable hygiene that way no matter when or where I desire to have sex, she is prepared. Always manicured pubic hair, all other hair completely removed, skin soft, intoxicating fragrance not too strong, and hardly any make up but just enough to accentuate her gorgeous eyes.

“She’s perfect!” Dan said to me. “You’re perfect!” He repeated with his attention back to Sara. “But I still feel like…”

“Why don’t you sit on Dan’s lap sweetie.” I stopped Dan again mid sentence.

Without hesitation Sara walked forward and sat on Dan’s lap and threw one arm around his neck. She swung her legs over and across his and clasped her hands together causing her near perfect boobs to almost touch Dan’s face. Sara just sat and smiled looking him in the eye. Dan clearly couldn’t figure out where to put his hands and after fumbling for a second he put them on the arms of the chair.

“She smells great right Dan?” I asked. “I’ll bet you’re getting hard about right now!”

“Yes he is,” Sara told me. “I can feel his cock growing against my leg.”

“Dan, don’t you like my wife? You don’t even want to touch her body? I mean look at those tits. And believe me, her ass feels great!” I prodded him.

Dan tentatively reached a hand down behind Sara and put it on one of her ass cheeks and half heartedly squeezed it. His other hand went to one of her tits but again, he was very cautious.

“Well dear, do you think he’d be more comfortable şişli escort if you pulled his cock out for him? Those pants must be getting tight.”

Dan’s jaw was agape and he didn’t know what to say or do. As Sara got off Dan’s lap and began to unbuckle his belt he just returned his hands to the chair arms and looked at my wife in her naked splendor.

“Oh my. He’s rock hard Steve! Pretty good size too!” Sara said pleasantly while pulling Dan’s throbbing dick out through the fold of his boxer shorts. “Should I suck his dick sir?” Sara asked me.

“Yes honey. We can’t leave our guest with that in his pants.” I casually said.

Finally Dan’s silence broke. “Are you two sure this is okay. I mean, is this normal?” He stammered out.

“Yes Dan. Everything is fine. You’ve asked me to mentor you and I agreed. That doesn’t just apply to business but also in life. I’m simply showing you the proper way to run your household. How to wield your authority and lead your spouse. And of course helping you with your current dry spell in the process.” I assured him.

Sara is now kneeling with Dan’s pulsating cock in one hand waiting for my final okay to begin sucking him off.

“It’s just…” Dan began but I gave the nod to Sara and she leaned over and took his rod in her warm mouth.

Dan looked down to see my gorgeous wife bobbing up and down on his cock. Her right hand was holding it at the base, her head was slowly yet methodically moving up and down his hard shaft, and her tongue was slightly sticking out constantly licking the underside. His full attention was now on her performance.

“You may talk to her if you like.” I told Dan. “I like to talk dirty when I get head. You know, ‘suck that dick’, ‘faster’, ‘slower’, that kinda stuff. And Sara loves dirty talk too.” I instructed Dan.

Sara lifted her head off Dan’s cock for a second and said, “You can say anything you like,” and went right back to work.

“You’re doing things I’ve never felt before Sara. I don’t know what to say.” Dan admitted.

“Sara. Why don’t you take Dan into the bedroom and get him out of those clothes. I’ll be in there in a minute, I need to make a quick call.” I told my wife.

Sara immediately stood up and took Dan by the hand and started pulling him in the direction of our bedroom. Dan was holding his unbuttoned pants with his free hand and stumbling behind her.


When I got into the bedroom Dan was laying on his back completely naked. My wife was on her hands and knees leaning over him sucking his dick. Dan had gotten more comfortable and was rubbing and kneading Sara’s ass with one hand and playing with her hair with the other.

“Good to see you relax a little Dan. Sweetheart, why don’t you climb on up there and give Dan a taste of that sweet pussy.” I directed my wife. “You do eat pussy don’t you Dan?” I asked him.

“Hell yes I do but…”

Dan was cut off by my wife’s instant obedience. She had brought her legs to either side of his head and set her wet cunt lips right on his mouth. Dan’s hands instinctively went to Sara’s ass and he began eating her pussy. My wife quickly started grinding her pussy into his face.

“That’s sweet pussy isn’t it Dan?” I ask.

“Mmmmhmm.” Was all I heard from him.

Sara was reaching back and jacking on Dan’s cock while riding my his face. He was thrusting his hips forward into her hand with each of her strokes. I just sat back enjoying my beautiful wife in action.

“Sara, I’m sure you’re ready for a good fucking by now aren’t you?” I asked already knowing the answer.

Like a good girl my bride pushed herself up off of Dan’s face and moved back to sit on his lap. She şirinevler escort wriggled around while his cock sat in the folds of her slit.

“Should I wear a condom?” Dan asked urgently.

“No worries Dan. My wife can’t have kids. And she loves the feeling of cum inside of her.” I answered.

“Please don’t hold back Dan. I can take it.” Sara said in a sultry voice as she finally guided his dick into her slick hole.

Sara started bouncing on Dan’s cock and telling him how nice he felt. Dan’s hands went right to her big tits and his hips thrusted up to meet my wife on her down stroke. The sound of their bodies slapping together was very erotic. Sara shrieked as she had her first orgasm and I could see Dan’s balls glisten from her cum on them.

“Feel free to get her into any position you want Dan. She’s quite flexible and willing.” I told him.

Any hesitation Dan had before was now gone. Dan stopped my wife from bouncing and told her to climb off of him. He got off the bed and told Sara to get on all fours. She got on hands and knees with her ass towards Dan and looking at me. He climbed on the bed behind her and pushed his cock into her still soaking wet pussy. Dan wrapped a hand into her long hair and held on like a leash and began to pound her doggie style.

“Your pussy is so tight and wet baby. Fuck it feels so good.” Dan said rhythmically while smacking her ass.

After fucking Sara like this for several minutes he pulled his cock out and announced that he didn’t want to cum yet. He told my wife to flip onto her back and get her legs up in the air. When she did he planted his face right into her sopping wet cunt. Dan licked, sucked, and kissed her clit and pussy to two more orgasms. I was glad to see he was giving her pleasure and not just getting himself off.

Sara lay on the bed sweaty and sexy as ever. Dan climbed back onto the bed and got between my wife’s legs putting one of them on each of his shoulders. He guided his dick back into her slick hole and pushed all the way in. He then began to bang my bride in a jack hammer manner clearly ready to blow his seed.

“Sara I’m gonna fill you up you sexy slut!” Dan exclaimed.

“Yeah baby, cum inside my married pussy!” She went right along with the dirty talk.

Dan’s face turned red and his hips stopped moving when he was deep inside Sara’s cunt. His body shuddered, legs straightened, and he grunted. Clearly he was cumming in buckets inside her and my better half was swaying her hips side to side to help him expel all of the hot jizz he had to offer.

Eventually Dan collapsed on top on my wife and buried his face in her neck.

“Oh my god, thank you Sara. That was so good. You’re so sexy!” He mustered out.

“Thank you too Dan. That was nice.” Sara said nonchalantly.

“Dan, if you’d like you can step into the master bath and shower or clean yourself up.” I told him. “Sara, I need you over here to take care of this.” I instructed her as I stood up and presented my 8″ hard prick to her.

When Dan reentered the bedroom cleaned up and dressed, Sara was on her knees just about to receive my load down her throat. She was kneeling in front of me with my apprentice’s cum running down the insides of her thighs. What a good girl she is. After I shot my load down her throat I told Dan I’d get dressed and drive him home.


“I’m not sure what to think about that back there.” Dan broke the silence after 5 minutes in the car. “Are you two swingers? Do you let a lot of men fuck your wife?” He asked.

“No we’re not swingers and truth be told my wife has now slept with 3 men besides me. I like you and I chose to allow you to enjoy my wife. I certainly don’t offer her up to just anyone and I implore you to keep this to yourself around the office.” I explained to Dan.

“Well, I’m thankful and I won’t say a word. Um, she’s beautiful and I really enjoyed myself.” Dan awkwardly said. “I’d be willing to have sex with her again, you know, if you wanted me to.”

“Ha ha! I’ll bet you would!” I laughed. “Hopefully we’ll find you a girl just like her Dan.”

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