Strictly Business Ch. 03

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Aria Lee

Jack climbed back onto the bed, stretching out beside me. He leaned over me placing his lips on mine, kissing me softly and passionately. I put my hand on the back of his head pulling his lips into mine. I loved kissing; it had been so long since another man had put his lips to mine. Jack’s tongue slipped between my lips and swiped across mine. I let my mouth relax enough to permit his tongue to slip inside my mouth. He swiped it across my teeth then probed it deeper in my mouth. I loved what he was doing, not thinking about what we were doing was wrong. We kissed long and hard until we became breathless.

Jack’s lips traveled down to my chin, then down my neck, kissing and flicking his tongue at me the whole time. I put my hands on his shoulders as he slowly worked his way down to my breasts. He cupped a breast in his powerful hand, massaged it then flicked his tongue at the nipple till it responded. I gasped when he took the nipple between his teeth. He rolled it between his teeth ever so gently. I arched my back when he tugged on it. Jack sucked on the nipple till it became tender. He then focused his attention to my other breast, doing the same with it. My hands on his shoulders, squeezing when I couldn’t stand it any longer.

Jack’s tongue then traced down over my tummy stopping at my naval to flick his tongue all around it. I felt his large, powerful hand slip between my legs. I raised one leg slightly allowing him easier access to my pussy. He had taken over complete control of my body; I wanted it to be that way. His index finger slid down between the folds of my pussy, working slowly up and down. All I could do was moan, I was moaning continuously and uncontrollably. Jack’s hot breath was wafting on my pubic hair, his mouth just above my pussy. I was rotating my hips slightly as his finger probed just inside my opening. I watched through half opened eyes as he spread my legs and positioned himself between them, his cock still hard. He stroked it a few times.

I could only think of him impaling me with it. I started to tense up, not wanting to feel the pain. Jack put his hands along both sides of my pussy rubbing his thumbs up and down the folds. He spread my folds apart exposing aydınlı escort my inner pinkness.

“Hmmmmmm……. I’m going to enjoy this as much as you”. He said.

I looked up at him, his tongue moistening his lips. He was going to do something I’d never experienced. I tried to close my legs but his body between them wouldn’t prohibit his access to me. Jack placed his mouth on my pussy. I could feel his hot breath flowing inside me. He kissed my pussy all over. I cringed, trying to protest. I raised both legs, my feet flat on the bed as his tongue licked and struck at my pussy. It felt like a snake’s tongue flicking at me. Jack held my hips firmly down on the bed, my hips bucked against his mouth. He found my now swollen clitoris and put his lips to it, pressing it firmly with his lips. His tongue stabbed at it.

“UHHHHHHHH…….!!!” I screamed. “Ohhhhhhhhh………….!!!!

I had an orgasm that shook my entire body. I thought I was going to pass out for a second. I whimpered as my long orgasm slowly subsided. Jack didn’t stop working my clit. He kept sucking on it, nibbling it with his lips and teeth. He got me off a second then a third time. My eyes watering from the intensity of each orgasm. Jack’s tongue penetrated inside my pussy, it felt like he was fucking me with his tongue. Uncontrollably, I thrust my pelvis into his face. My hands on the back of his head pressing it hard. I felt warm fluid running down from my pussy. Jack finally ceased his oral attack on me. I was holding my breath, finally releasing it in one long exhale. Jack was out of breath, his face flushed. He reached down to the floor for the sheet from the bed, wiping his face with it. His eyes were barely open, still trying to catch his breath. I felt the warm fluid from my pussy still running down onto the sheets.

Jack had a serious look on his face. His hand was slowly stroking his hard cock. I watched as the head of it pulsated slightly, it’s color a deep purple. Jack released his cock and put his hands at my sides leaning over me. He kissed me hard, his lips grinding against mine. I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I flinched when it touched bağdat caddesi escort me.

“Sarah, relax. Let me take control”. He said in a soothing voice.

I tried to relax my body but couldn’t. I tensed up as he guided the head of his cock into me. I gasped loudly. The look on Jack’s face concentrating on penetrating me. I felt the head of his cock slip between the lips of my pussy, then he slowly pushed into me farther. My hands on his arms squeezing. He worked his hips back and forth slowly, each forward motion plunging his hard cock deeper inside me. I raised my legs and spread them wide. Jack’s face broke into a big grin. He pulled his cock all the way out. It sprang upwards, it glistened with my juices. Jack looked down and guided it back to my pussy, pressing it in all the way. I closed my eyes tightly, feeling his balls slap against my butt. Jack put his arms underneath my legs, keeping them spread apart. He slowly and methodically fucked his cock into me. He worked it slowly; little sounds came from my pussy as his slick shaft worked me. He increased the tempo of his stroking into me. He was making little grunting sounds as he took long deep strokes into me. I opened my eyes just long enough to see his cock pulling out and then slamming back inside me. Jack fucked me hard and fast, then he’d slow the pace down to short, easy motions. I came in a matter of minutes; one big orgasm almost knocked me out. I begged him to fuck me harder. His body rocketing his cock into me, his pelvis slamming into me. I came again as I felt Jack’s body convulse. He exploded a huge load of cum inside. I felt it fill me. He withdrew his hard cock about halfway, then he plunged back into me shooting another load. His mouth was wide open.

“AHHHHHHH…….! He moaned loudly. His body convulsing.

My legs muscles were tense and aching from being spread so long. Jack pulled his still hard cock out of me, it was covered in our cum. I was able to get my legs back down on the bed, Jack still between them. He was reclining on his heels, not saying anything, just staring at the wall behind me. Neither one of us moved for at least five minutes. bostancı escort I watched as Jack’s cock started to lose its erectness.

“Jack, are you alright” I asked.

Jack just nodded his head, not answering me verbally. Our breathing had returned to almost normal. His hand smoothed his hair back and a smile returned to his face. He looked down between my legs, cum was flowing out of me forming a pool on the sheets. I managed to get my legs from around him and headed for the bathroom. I had to pee so bad. I felt his warm cum flushing from me as I peed. I jumped in the shower real quick and turned it on, letting the warm water flow all over me. I grabbed a washcloth, soaped it up and washed myself. I was sticky front and back. Jack pulled the shower curtain back and got in the tub with me. He washed himself off; his flaccid cock still a good size. We washed each other’s back and Jack washed my breasts. He kissed me softly, our lips just resting on each other’s.

We stepped out of the shower and dried ourselves. Walking back into the room, we both noticed how much of a mess we’d made. Bedding piled on the floor, the sheet on the bed with its large wet area. We looked at each other smiling, almost grinning.

“Well, you’re not going to get much sleep on that sheet,” he stated. “Why don’t you come over and we’ll sleep in my room?”

I didn’t give it a second thought, I put on a robe, courtesy of the hotel and we walked towards the door. Jack just slipped on his briefs and grabbed his door security card. I slipped my card in the pocket of the robe. Jack opened the door and peered down both ends of the hallway. It was empty so we walked across to his door. He opened the door and turned on the light. We were both thirsty so Jack called down to room service for some soft drinks. It was just a matter of minutes before they were delivered. I stepped into the bathroom out of sight so the room service girl wouldn’t notice Jack wasn’t alone. We drank the soft drinks down trying hard to quench our thirsts. Refreshed and tired, Jack turned the room lights off. I walked over to the bed letting the robe slip off my shoulders and down onto the floor. Pulling the covers back we both slipped onto the warm sheets. Jack lay on his back, his left arm stretched out motioning for me to lie beside him. I moved right up against him and he held me in his strong arms. My left hand on his chest, noticing he had just a little hair on it. The warmth of Jack’s body causing me to drift off to sleep almost immediately. I slept through the night, never wakening till morning.

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