Stuart’s Angel

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“I just don’t think you’re my type, Stu.”

Stuart frowned as he listened to the tinny words. “I understand, well I’ll see you at school on Monday.”

“Whatever, bye Stuart.”

There was silence, and then a jarring dial tone. Stuart grimaced as he listened to the blaring tone. With his eyes shut, he hung up the phone. A quick glance at the blinking alarm clock revealed it to be close to bedtime. Shrugging his shoulders, he headed to the bathroom.

All throughout high school, Stuart had been dateless. Unlike most of his friends, he had never gotten laid. He never felt up one of the schoolgirls. He’s never even been kissed by a girl. It wasn’t that he was unpopular or unattractive either. He had plenty of friends and was a valued goalie on the school’s soccer team. No, his problem was with his confidence. Around women, he would choke up. He’d stutter and invariably excuse himself after thoroughly embarrassing himself. Stuart was just a klutz around women.

Stuart gazed into the mirror, “Eighteen already and you’ve yet to get any. You need to shape up, kid.” He stuck his tongue out at his reflection. Wet hands slicked back his blonde hair. “And that phone call was probably your last chance too, there’s only one prom and you don’t have a date.”

In the reflection, Stuart noticed his collection of comic art that lined the bathroom walls. He turned to give each of them their nightly once-over. Most of them featured some sort of buxom, scantily Kadıköy Escort clad woman of some kind. Some of them were barbarian princess, some of them were super heroes. One of them was even a pert Asian beauty in a nurse’s uniform. Stu smiled at each of his ladies in turn, pulled down his boxers, and plopped onto the toilet.

He scratched behind his ear and looked over his harem of hand drawn ladies once more, and captured each of the images in his mind. His free hand wrapped around his manhood and squeezed with a comfortable rhythm. Leaning back, he found his usual posture and began his nightly masturbation.

Stuart’s eyes fluttered shut as he was lost in the mental pictures of beautifully exotic ladies dancing in his head. He knew what he liked and quickly settled into a familiar fantasy featuring an angel who came down to earth to teach him to be the perfect lover. The angelic woman would teach him everything he needed to know about snagging the girls at his school, and looking good in the process.

His fist pumped furiously as he felt himself draw closer and closer to climax. He bit down sharply on his lip as the throbbing gradually coalesced. Just as the fateful moment was about to arrive, a large crash was heard in the other room. Stuart leapt off the toilet seat and pulled his boxers up in a flash.

His trembling hand clasped the door handle and slowly turned. Stu winced as the door opened with a whining groan. He peeked Ataşehir Escort out the door’s narrow slit. His eyes grew wide. “Oh, God!”

Standing in his room was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen. She was draped in a gauzy white dress. It served to cover very little as the silhouette of every one of her curves was apparent under the garment. As Stuart’s eyes made their way up her body, he was taken aback once again. Peeking out from the top of her gown were a pair of tiny, ivory wings. She turned around and their eyes met.

“Crap.” Stuart let the bathroom door slam shut. He stood motionless on the other side. For a while, the only sound that he heard was the rampant beating of his heart. Then she spoke.

“Come on out, Stewie. I won’t bite.”

His breath wavered. He clamped his eyes shut and counted to ten, just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“I don’t have all day Stuart, come on out.”

Once again, the door creaked open. Only this time, Stuart had worked up the nerve to enter. He stepped into the room and saw the angel smiling back at him.

“Very good, Stewie.”

“Thank you, Miss.” Stuart stammered. He reached back and scratched his shoulder.

This woman was a knockout. Her breasts were quite large and Stuart could easily see her dark nipples under her see-through gown. Her waist was whisper thin and her hips curved like a serpent. If it wasn’t for her gold high heels, she’d stand at his eye Maltepe Escort level. She slipped one hand behind her, undid a knot, and her gown fluttered around her feet.

Stuart’s jaw dropped. He’d never been so close to a naked woman before, especially one as stunning as this. Alarmed, he then realized he too was practically naked, and his arousal was easily apparent from the tent in his boxers. He covered his erection with both hands.

“Please Stuart, this is no time to be timid.” The angel smiled and took several graceful steps towards him. She reached down and grasped one of his hands and guided it to her ample breast.

Stu let out a deep wavering sigh as he felt tight throbbing ache in his boxer shorts. His fingers cupped the angel’s breast and squeezed. He delighted in the hot, fleshy feel. Just realizing that he was staring agape, he snapped his mouth shut.

The angel grinned and looked down at him. “So you like what you see then?”

Stuart nodded his head in a trance, “Yes, yes Miss I do.”

She winked and turned, and strode toward the bed. Stuart’s eyes followed her swaying bottom the whole time; he was practically drooling. She leaned over the bed and placed her palms atop it. She craned her back like a reclining feline and arched it beautifully. Her wings flitted briefly as she turned to look Stu over. She grinned broadly at the small wet spot that was developing on the crotch of his boxers. “Now Stewie, it is about time you learned how to make a woman yours.”

She reached back and slapped her wiggling bottom, flashed the boy a playful smile, then turned away. Unbeknownst to Stuart, her eyes gleamed a malignant red. The angel smiled wickedly; she had this one in her grasp.

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