Student-Teacher Relations

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I’d been in your class all year. I sat in the desk in the very back, the one covered in doodles and partially chewed gum. I never really paid attention, and you could tell. I just sat there, daydreaming. History was a dull subject to me anyways. Yet, there was always something about you that intrigued me, something that led me to stay after class and ask for extra credit assignments to make up for my poor test grades. You were strictly against extra credit, but for some reason I was an exception.

After a year of sitting through tedious lectures and listening to you drone on about world wars and rebellious uprisings, my day had finally come. I woke up bright and early. I took a quick shower and wrapped my hair in a towel to dry. I put on my favorite navy blue skirt and a nice, white button-up shirt that accented my curves perfectly. I flicked on some mascara and lip gloss, let my hair down, and practically floated all the way to school.

I had been planning this day the whole year. Nothing got to me more than a man in a tie, and you wore one every day. You unbuttoned the first button on your shirt and rolled up the sleeves, but you always had on a tie. Something about that casual, rough, yet sophisticated look made me so hot. I blushed as I thought about it on the ride to canlı bahis school.

The day went on as usual. The first 6 periods were a blur. I’m sure the boys in my classes stared. That was nothing new. I was too busy thinking through my plan to even pay them any attention. Finally, the bell for 7th period rang, and I dashed to your class. I walked to your door, clutching my textbooks tightly against my stomach, pushing my breasts further out of my shirt.

“Good afternoon, Ariana,” you said with a polite smile. You were always so polite. There was something about that smile. Those perfect teeth surrounded by the stubble from your 5 o’clock shadow made me weak at the knees.

“Hello, Sir,” I responded back, sending you devious looks. I’m not sure if you noticed. I was too nervous and giddy from my newly found courage that I look down at my feet immediately and rush to my seat.

The class itself was nothing special. We took our final exam and I guessed on nearly every question. I tried to look seductive, yet flustered at the same time, but I probably looked like a confused mess. I hope I was at least a hot mess. After class I stayed past the bell to talk with you.

“Can I help you, Ariana?” you asked kindly.

“Yes, but would you mind closing the door first? I bahis siteleri don’t want the other kids hearing about my grades,” I said.

You got up and quietly closed the door. While your back was turned, I made sure to adjust my blouse and fix my hair. This had to be perfect. I unbuttoned a button or two on my blouse and tried to push my breasts up further.

“Now what is it?” you asked as you turned. Your eyes got wider as your gaze landed on me and my chest. I’m sure my breasts were spilling out a little more than necessary, but I was determined to go over the top.

“I didn’t feel very confident about that exam,” I explained, “I’m pretty sure I failed. I can’t fail or else I wont graduate.”

“Well, I can’t do much about that. I can’t offer you more extra credit this late in the year.” You shook your head and sighed. A frown flashed across my face, but it didn’t stay long.

“Sir,” I began, brushing my fingertips along your arm, “I’m sure there’s something we can do to help me graduate.”

The boldness of my move clearly catches you off guard. You look into my eyes. You nervously mutter something about how there’s no assignments left and how I’ll have to talk to an administrator about my credits, but I tune it out and continue to trace my fingertips along bahis şirketleri your body.

“I’ve had my eye on you all year, Sir,” I said, “I think you’re very handsome.”

I knelt to the ground and brushed my hands along the bulge emerging in your pants. I slowly moved my hands towards your belt and began to unbuckle it. Within a few moments your zipper was down and your cock was in my hand.

“Ariana,” you panted, “stop it.” You sounded unconvincing. Your words told me to stop, but your body and your eyes encouraged me.

I stroked your cock slowly, and gently trace circles around the tip with my tongue. I could taste the pre-cum oozing out. I put my lips around the head of your throbbing cock, and slowly let it enter my waiting mouth. I used my hands in combination with my mouth, moving them up and down your shaft while I sucked. I began letting your cock deeper and deeper into my throat, until your public hair tickled my nose. I’d practiced a long time for this. I was proud of what I was able to do.

I sucked harder and faster, until I felt you tense up. I moaned, letting you know that I’m ready and that your cum was welcomed. I felt your cock pulsate, and you pushed my head down on your cock as you shot your cum in my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed as you fed it to me. I let go of your cock and removed my mouth. I licked the last bits of semen off the tip and licked my lips.

“Ariana,” you whispered, exhausted, “I’ll have to find more extra credit for you to do…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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