Studio of Lust Ch. 01

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(This series follows on from Sally’s Last Day. You might want to read those stories for the background. These stories are not based on real people or events. They are just a record of my fantasies. Need I say everyone is over 18yrs old. Enjoy.)


The drive out of Vegas on the Sunday morning was leisurely. It was a warm sunny day and the mood was very relaxed in the car.

“We should have woken him up to say good bye. I feel like we ran away.” Sally was resting her head on the car window, her face reflected in the glass.

“You did run away. You didn’t want to wake him. I think we should’ve woken him up and had breakfast together. You don’t want to give him a chance do you?” Emma sighed. “I’m going to phone him tomorrow”.

“Do you have his phone number?” Sally asked sleepily.

“He’ll phone one of us. We fucked his brains out, he’ll phone. I wonder who he will phone?” Emma raised an eyebrow.

“You fucked him sore. He’ll probably phone you. That was a good fuck. Is your arse sore?” Sally smiled. “We’re dirty girls. I really enjoyed that threesome”.

“I’m going to ask him out for a date. I don’t think he’s your type. I can’t imagine you with a man shorter than you. You have only ever been with tall guys. Most of your guys have been crap, so maybe you should try a short guy” Emma laughed. “What happened to Charles?”

Sally threw her head back. “He was a big, stupid loser. I sold my arse to help pay off his drug and gambling debts and he blew the money I gave him on drugs and gambling. You’re right, I do pick shit guys.” Sally shook her head.

“My life is fucked up Emm, I had everything at Hugo Simpson, life was great, I could’ve had a good man and I made the choices a stupid whore would make. I was thinking with my cunt. I’m not good enough for Peter, that’s why he is not my type. I’m just a tart.”

“Don’t you ever say that about yourself, you are better than that. Yes, we were exotic dancers. We got paid to give men fantasies, but we don’t disrespect people and we respect ourselves. You have integrity. You are a beautiful, desirable woman any man would want to be with. Don’t for one moment think Peter does not want you. I think we are tired. We’ll pull over and have a coffee at the next rest area.”

“Do you really want to marry him Emm?” asked Sally.

“I’ll like to see more of him. See what happens. I think he is a prospect. I like the smart, creative, sensitive type. Are you afraid I’ll take him away from you? Honey, I think you should have a shot at him, if it does not work out for you, it does not work out.

However, if it works out for me, you will see me happy and be resentful that it is not you.” Sally was taking the fun out of Emma’s chase for Peter. Emma was getting irritated. “Sal, your moping is not doing you any good and it is ruining my day. Pull yourself together and get yourself a man.”

“I know. We are in our 30s. I’m afraid of being left on the shelf. I don’t want to settle for just anyone, and after that bad engagement I’m gun-shy.”

“How old is Peter? He looks 30s. Go for him.” Emma said nudging Sally.

“He’s in his 40s. He does look very young. I think he appeals to you because he is mature. We have been going around with a lot of toy boys” Sally sighed.

“You don’t mind if I phone him do you?” Emma looked over at Sally.

“I’m also going to have a shot at him.” Sally met Emma’s look.

“That’s my girl. Are we in competition? How exciting. If either of us get him I’ll be happy”. Emma smiled. Sally put her arm around Emma and gave her a hug.


Peter lay in his bed thinking about the previous night. He started to masturbate thinking about the women. He thought mainly about Emma because she had showed him so much affection. He could feel her body in his arms. She had a charming, innocent face, but a wicked body. Peter had learned about Sally’s involvement with Lewis, but he understood her position at the time. He worried she was drifting and needed an anchor.

When Peter returned to LA on Monday evening, he phoned Emma but went through to voicemail. Then he phoned Sally. “Hi Sally, its Peter.”

“Hi Peter, lovely to hear from you!” Sally was thrilled with the call and she was not going to let him slip through her fingers this time. “On the way back from Vegas Emma and I were talking about you. Sorry we had to leave early. It would’ve been great to stay and enjoy Vegas together, but Emma had a booking and I also had something on.”

“I had a great evening with you and Emma. I thought it would be good to get together for lunch.”

“The three of us? I think Emma is out of town at the moment. How about if you and I meet for a drink tomorrow evening?” She hoped she was not being too pushy.

“That sounds good. It would be nice to have a quiet chat together. There is so much for us to catch up on. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, we have a lot of catching up to do. See you then”. Sally took a deep breath after she hung up.

Peter arrived at the bar early and was sitting çekmeköy escort at a bench by the window. He saw Sally arrive and he waved to her. She looked stunning in a black dress with a strap looped behind her neck. She walked over and gave him a kiss hello on the lips. The kiss lingered like they were lovers. Peter was surprised by her kiss.

“I’ll go get myself a drink” she said, and spun around and gave him a view of her behind as she walked to the bar.

Peter was expecting a friendly drink and chat and suddenly the heat had gone up. Peter linked his fingers behind his head and puffed his cheeks out in disbelief. He was used to being with bookish women, he wondered if he was in the same league as Sally and Emma. She looked like everyman’s wet dream. She did not tower over him as usual, he noticed she was wearing flats. Will he be able to cope without screwing this all up with some clumsy technical chat?

Sally came back with a glass of wine, confident she had changed the dynamic. “You look really relaxed. I never saw this side of you when we were at Hugo Simpson. You’re looking great” Sally said with a smile.

“You’re looking fabulous. How’s life been treating you”. Peter felt underdressed, he was just wearing jeans and t-shirt, and Sally was dressed stylish. He was not expecting a hot date. This was just meant to be two friends meeting over a drink.

“You know I’m not with Hugo Simpson anymore don’t you? My engagement to Charles was a total fuck up. It cost me that job. I’m working in a suburban practice now, doing Wills and Conveyancing. I missed you when you left. I’m glad our paths crossed again. What have you been doing with yourself?” Sally took a gulp of wine.

“I’ve been relaxing and doing whatever I like. I bought a rundown recording studio in LA which I am refurbishing. It has good acoustics but all the equipment was crap and had to be replaced. Also the whole place needed a make over. I’ve also been doing some shows, but once the studio is ready I’ll work as a session player at the studio; and I’ll be too busy running the studio to work on the road.” He looked into Sally’s eyes and got lost in them. He wished he could take her home. “Have you had dinner? Maybe we can have a meal somewhere.”

“I don’t live far from here, why don’t we go to my place and I’ll cook up something. I’m a good cook” Sally said proudly.

“Are you sure? Nothing that’s too much trouble. I’ll be happy with a cheese sandwich.” Peter was excited about eventually seeing the private Sally.

“Honey, I could whip you up some good food in 15 mins. Finish your drink and we’ll go.” Sally sipped her wine confidently.

After they finished their drinks, Sally got into her car and drove them a short distance to her townhouse. Sally had a modest two bedroom townhouse with a study. Her kitchen had all the things chefs need, including a good quality cook top and oven.

Within 15 minutes Sally had prepared a pasta dish and a bowl of salad.

“You’re a great cook Sally. This is delicious. I’m glad we came here for dinner.” Said Peter with a mouthful of food. “This would be better than what we would get in a restaurant.” Peter was beginning to appreciate Sally’s home skills. He was a home body and liked that in a woman.

“I do like good food. Good food and a good man what more could a woman…” Sally was interrupted by a knock on the door. Irritated, Sally answered the door. It was Emma looking cheerful as usual.

“Damn Emma!” Sally screamed internally.

“Hi Sal! Just thought I would drop by and see how you are doing after last weekend. Hope I’m not interrupting anything…you’re all dressed up and looking hot. Were you going out?” Emma came in dressed casually. Tight jeans, knitted top, no make up. She still looked fabulous.

“I was just having a bite to eat with someone you know. Come in.” Sally followed Emma and wrinkled her nose behind Emma’s back.

“Oh…my… God! Peter! It’s such a surprise. Did you get my message? I phoned you earlier, but the phone did not answer so I left a message. Now I know why the phone did not answer.” Emma gave Peter a juicy kiss on the mouth. “A mid week rendezvous Sal?”

“I phoned Sal yesterday. Thought we should get together and catch up. There is so much history between us. Happy to see you again Emma” said Peter looking pleased.

“You can call me Emm” Emma patted him on the shoulder. Peter was chuffed to be taken in as a friend by two beautiful women.

“Would you like to join us for a bite Emm?” asked Sally before she sat down to finish her meal.

“Sal you are such a great cook, how can I resist your food. Sal is a Goddess in the kitchen Pete.”

Sally gave Emma a serving, leaving a little left over. “Would you like a little more Pete?”

“Yes please” Peter replied. Sally emptied the rest of the pasta into his plate. She wanted to kiss him, but more food on his plate will do.

After dinner they finished a bottle of wine. Sally put her arms cevizli escort around Peter as she pored the last of the wine into his glass. “I hope you enjoyed the meal”.

“Yes, thank you so much. I loved it. I will be free next weekend, why don’t you both come up to my place in Malibu. I have a few spare bedrooms if you want to stay the weekend.” Peter asked hopefully.

“Thanks for asking. I’ll have to give you a call, I don’t know if I will be free this weekend, how about next weekend?” Sally replied, disappointed she could not be more certain about her agenda.

“Ok. That’s fine. Let me know.” Peter felt that maybe this was as far as Sally wanted to take their relationship. He turned to Emma “how about you Emma, but I suppose you will also be working over the weekend.” He thought he may as well strike out on both. Sometimes, fate is a bitch.

“I have a show this weekend but I might be able to fit you in. I’ll try my best to fit you in.” Emma put her hand on Peter’s arm and said suggestively.

Sally arched her eyebrow, taken aback. She had taken Peter for granted and left an opening for Emma. She slammed her back against her chair in disappointment. She suddenly felt left out. Emma was strong competition.

“Are you ok to drive home? I can make up a bed for you if you have had too much to drink.” Sally offered to Peter in hope. She now had to make up ground on Emma.

“Oh, he’s only had a few drinks in the course of the evening. He should be ok. We definitely would not have been able to drive home last Saturday.” Emma laughed.

Sally was sullen. She made sure she pressed her breast on Peter’s back while clearing the table and cleaning up. Emma saw that and grabbed Peter’s hand on the table “are you near the beach? I’ll bring a bikini.” She was burying Sally.

“Yes, I am near the beach. We can go swimming or hiking or just lounge at home, whatever you want”. Peter said with a smile.

Sally was really getting jealous now. “Unfortunately I have work tomorrow, so I can’t stay up late. Peter, I’ll give you a lift back to your car.” Sally was pleased she made the move.

“I forgot about that. My car is at the bar.” Peter finished his drink and got up to leave.

“Don’t worry Sal, I can drive Peter on my way home.” Emma volunteered.

“Peter’s car is in the opposite direction. It’ll be easier for me to drive him.”

Emma looked at Sally and smiled. “Sal be careful you don’t drive too fast.” She decided she would let her friend have the night.

“Come on, let’s go” said Sally as she let them out the door. They walked to Sally’s car.

“See you on Saturday Peter. I hope you can make it for the weekend Sal, it will be fun. Good night.” Said Emma before she walked off to her car.

Sally and Peter got into Sally’s car. She slid her butt forward on the seat, so that the hem of her skirt would ride up. She drove with her legs wide apart.

Peter became very aware of Sally’s body. Dinner at Sally’s ended too soon for him. The feeling in the car was intense. He wanted to feel her. It wasn’t long before they arrived at the car park.

As Peter was going to get out of the car Sally placed her hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see her looking into his eyes. She cupped her hand around his neck. He brought his face closer to hers. Their lips met gently. Sally brought her left hand up and cupped both hands behind his head. He pulled her to him. The kiss became intense.

Sally’s hand dropped down his chest to his crotch. Her breasts thrust out for attention.

Peter’s hand went all over Sally’s breasts. They felt soft and naked under the dress. He cupped them and rubbed them with his thumb. He tried to stick his hand down the front of the cleavage, but it was too tight.

Sally flicked the straps off her shoulders, dropping the top of the dress to her waist. Her full bosoms bounced free.

Peter grabbed those globes. They felt good, a good handful. He couldn’t wait to get his mouth all over those beauties. He licked and sucked the right tit, then the left one. Nipples were getting erect.

Sally lifted his face to her mouth. She wasn’t as oral as Emma but she was going to give it a good try. She stuck her tongue into his mouth, slurping her passion into him. Sally could not get the right stimulation. Sally wanted his mouth lower, between her thighs. The car was too small. Their heavy breathing had fogged up the windows.

Sally put her hand on his crotch and started rubbing it. She was about to give him a blowjob but had a better idea. She pulled away, breathing heavily. “Let’s go back to my place. You want to do that?”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

Sally took Peter’s hand and placed it on her pussy as she drove them back to her apartment. He put his hand to good use inside her panty and rubbed her until she was hot and wet.

He was enjoying playing with her responsive pussy. He had Sally writhing while she drove. The drive ended too soon.

When they erenköy escort arrived at the townhouse Sally scrambled out of the car and ran to the door. She threw open the door and waited for Peter to catch up. As soon as he reached the door she pulled him in and slammed the door shut. She threw herself at Peter, pinning him to the door as she mauled his mouth with desperate kisses, licks and sucks. Sally had never felt so wanton. She wanted him so badly.

Peter didn’t know what hit him. He was being swamped by this big gorgeous brunette, and quite frankly it looked like she would chew him up and spit him out. Peter closed his eyes, he hesitated. He was over thinking.

Sally did not give him time to think, her mouth was on his with a crushing kiss. Her arms held him tightly to her body as she gyrated. Pushing against him, gripping him with her thighs, massaging him with her breasts. With her mouth wet, Sally pulled away and kicked her shoes off. She reached behind herself and unzipped her dress. Her breasts bounced free as her dress dropped to the floor.

Peter was drawn to the jiggling tits. He leant forward and took a nipple in his mouth. He sucked and kissed them, they felt good. Big soft mounds of female skin.

Sally was fingering her pussy. She wanted Peter to ravish her, bite her tits, use her body to make up for all that time she palmed him off. She wanted to make up for not letting him use her, like she let others use her.

Peter had not entered that mindset. What he saw before him was a kitchen goddess, someone who could serve up a lovely three course meal.

Sally wanted none of that lovey-dovey stuff, she wanted him to be a savage, like Tom Lewis. She wanted him to do everything Tom Lewis did to her, she wanted to overwrite the memory of Tom Lewis. The difference is she will give Peter better than what Lewis took. Lewis did not get her best.

Sally pushed her pussy forward to place it in Peter’s hand, at the same time she grabbed his cock and tugged on it. It was going too slow for Sally. She wanted to slow down but was being driven by her heat. His mouth was not hot enough on her tits. Sally lifted his head up licked his lips before sticking her tongue in his mouth.

Peter loved the invasion of his mouth by Sally’s tongue. It felt so hot and wet. He cupped and rubbed Sally’s pussy. Her pussy was rampant for his touch. He placed a finger on the opening and slowly put it in. Sally took his hand and shoved his finger into her cunny. Peter got the message. He started finger fucking her.

“Harder” Sally gasped. Her pussy was wet and slurping. The finger fuck had done its job.

“Get down there.” Sally’s voice quivered as she thrust Peter’s face down to her steamy pussy. She held him against her crotch, grinding against his mouth.

Peter ran his tongue along the length of the clitoris rapidly, to taste her juice. Peter’s face was buried in pussy. His lips were covered in her juice. He stuck his tongue in as far as it would go, he flicked and licked all of Sally’s clit.

Sally was that hot she came when he licked her clit. She just gave a little squeal. She had more to give. Sally grabbed two handfuls of hair and ground her cunt into his mouth. She was ready.

Sally knelt down and wrapped her mouth around Peter’s cock. She pinched her nipples while her head bobbed on his cock. He reached back with his hand and felt for the wall behind him. Sally tugged his shaft with one hand, while she licked and sucked the head. A little precum appeared at the tip.

Sally stood up and placed her hands on Peter’s shoulders. While looking into his eyes, she raised her right leg and wrapped it around his hip. She wanted him to pin her to the wall and fuck her hard. Peter cupped his hand under her thigh and lifted her off the floor. She helped him by leaning against the wall and wrapping her other thigh around his hips.

With her weight leaning on the wall Sally held Peter’s eyes and bit her lip. He reached down and guided his dick to the heat of her vagina. They were both breathing heavily. He inserted the head slowly.

“Shove it in.” Sally instructed. “Fuck me hard.”

The rest of Peter’s cock was rammed into Sally’s wet cunt.

“Ohhh…” Sally moaned. She felt that cock slam into her. It felt like a big beautiful piece of sex. Sally arched her back and raised herself before lowering her body onto that cock.

Peter looked at her mouth. He rested his lips on her mouth. Sally opened her warm, wet mouth and licked his lips, covering his mouth with her saliva. He wrapped his arms around her body and pressed her against the wall. This drove his cock all the way up her cunt.

“Yes.” she gasped. They held each other tight for a while. Peter dreamt of this moment for so long. He was fucking this big beautiful woman and she wanted every inch of him. He gave Sally long deep strokes. Sally closed her eyes and rested her forehead on his. Peter’s strokes became more vigorous. He was now bouncing her on his cock.

Sally cupped her arms around him and leaned back against the wall to allow him deeper penetration. She looked into Peter’s eyes when he stopped to catch his breath. She ground her cunt on the hairy base of his cock and started to deep fuck him. The friction on her pussy was close to making her cum. She started breathing heavily. She was humping faster and faster at a frantic pace.

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