Study Abroad Ch. 02: Scotland

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A few days later Jake was on a ferry to Scotland, Tiffany was inside still jet lagged but Jake was on the deck watching the view as Scotland appeared in the distance.

A girl walked up next to Jake, “I ne’er get tired of that view,” said the girl.

“It’s beautiful,” said Jake as he turned to the girl, “and it just got even better.”

The girl giggled and brushed some of her long blonde hair out of her face.

“Sorry, bad line,” said Jake, “you just caught me off guard.”

“S’alright,” said the girl with a smile, “I’m Lara.”

“I’m Jake, You’re from Scotland?”

“Edinburgh,” she said, “just took a short holiday in Ireland.”

“Maybe you could show me around,” said Jake, “I’ve never been to Europe before, I was just in Ireland too.”

“You’ll hafta buy me dinner,” said Lara.

“Deal,” said Jake.

Lara showed Jake around once they docked and took him to a few of the sights before taking him to a restaurant for dinner which Jake paid for. Afterwards Jake walked Lara to her apartment building. Lara leaned in for a kiss, which started out soft and slow but got more intense as Lara pulled Jake up against her.

“If ya want ta come up,” said Lara, “there are some rules.”

“Sure,” said Jake.

“First I don’t suck cock,” she said, “second you wear a condom the whole time you’re inside and still pull out Bostancı Escort before you bust.”

Jake nodded and Lara grabbed his wrist and ran him up the stairs to her apartment. Once inside Jake wasted no time pulling off the half buttoned over shirt that Lara is wearing before pressing her up against the door and grabbing one of her breasts over her tank top. Jake let his other hand grab Lara’s ass over the tight jean shorts she was wearing.

Lara pushed Jake off and slowly peeled the tight black tank top she’s wearing off revealing her perky breasts which were either a large B or small C. Lara got to her knees and undid Jake’s pants sliding them off before his boxers.

“So,” said Lara as she started stroking Jake, “you want a handy or do ya wanta fuck these perky tits.”

“Tits please,” said Jake.

Lara went to the bed and piled up some pillows to lean back against as Jake kneeled over her stomach. She grasped her breasts and pushes them against Jake’s erection. He started to thrust between Lara’s tits as she blew a kiss at him. Jake humped Lara’s tits for a few more minutes until he began to feel close so he pulled back, without a word Lara grabbed his erection and started stroking it furiously. Jake grasped one of Lara’s breasts and squeezed it until he busted right between them.

As Jake caught his breath his cum Kadıköy Escort ran down Lara’s stomach to her belly button before he finally wiped herself off with a tissue.

“Your turn,” said Jake as he and Lara climb off the bed.

Jake pushed Lara up against the wall and pulled off her shorts and panties. Lara propped one of her legs up on a chair providing Jake with easy access as he got to his knees. Jake leaned in and began licking Lara softly as she let out a soft moan, Jake waited a moment before quickening his pace which Lara greeted with a gasp.

Jake decides to push his luck and presses two of his fingers into Lara who lets out an “OH.”

Jake fingered Lara quickly while licking her and in no time the petite blonde came all over his mouth and hands.

“Ya ready ta fuck this soaking pussy?” she asked as she brushed her hair out of her face.

Jake stood up and grabbed Lara by the waist before pushing her on to the bed. Lara waited as Jake put a condom on before spreading her legs at the edge of the bed before Jake pressed himself slowly into her. He pulled out and gave a thrust causing Lara to moan Jake gave a few more slow thrusts before going faster much to Lara’s delight.

Jake reached forward and grasped both of Lara’s breast as he humped her before sliding his hand down her sides to her waist. Lara rested Göztepe Escort her arms above her head as Jake worked her. After a while Jake decided to use one of his thumbs to tease Lara as he fucked her. No sooner did he touch her then she grasped the sheets and squealed.

“I’m gonna cum,” she cried as Jake grabbed her by the waist and lifted her hips off the bed.

Lara’s eyes went wide as she came for a minute or so before Jake put her back down onto the bed.

“Did ya cum?” she asked him after catching her breath for a moment.

“Not yet,” he said.

Lara rolled onto her stomach and Jake got his first real look at her tight little butt. Jake grabbed Lara’s ass playfully and Lara smirked before getting to her feet.

“Take your condom off,” she said.

Jake obliged as she pressed her ass up against his dick and grinded up against it a few times. Jake reached around and grabbed both of Lara’s breasts as she worked up and down against his dick. Lara leaned forward as Jake let her breasts go and Jake thrusted between her cheeks until he came.

Jake gave Lara’s ass a slaps and she squealed, “I’m a bad girl,” she said.

The next morning Jake woke up to find Lara asleep on top of him. Judging by the sun coming in the window it was still early so Jake let himself doze off for a little longer until Lara woke up.

“Last night was fun,” said Lara.

“Yea it was,” said Jake.

“I’ve gotta get to work,” said Lara.

“Yea and I’ve got to meet up with my road trip buddy,” said Jake.

“It’s been fun,” said Lara, “If you come back this way let me know.”

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