Suck Day

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It was the middle of a beautiful October in Toronto, but me and Michelle had been missing it. I started my own business last year and had been working my ass off doing all of the annoying little things involved in starting a business. She started a new job last month and it had been stressing her out to the point of despair. Her boss was an asshole and she hadn’t been able to make any friends at the office yet.

“I’d really like to give that boss of hers a good smack,” I often thought.

It was a Wednesday and I’d worked 9 days straight. Michelle was exhausted from working overtime and I could see the dread on her face as she walked out for work that morning as if it was half a desert away. As soon as the door slammed shut, so did any chance of me going to work that day. I decided to take a suck day, I mean, a sick day. In my opinion I’d earned it and since I was the boss, my opinion was the only opinion.

I watched The Bourne Identity and waited until lunchtime. Michelle had told me that she was eating her lunches by herself in her office so I knew I would find her there. She had her own little office already and I was proud of her for that. Michelle often got what she wanted and my cock was often the lucky recipient of that virtue.

They had strict rules about guests there and I couldn’t just walk in, take her panties off and start eating her pussy. However, since Michelle was new, nobody knew who I was or what I looked like. So I had that going for me. I had no clue what was going to happen but I knew I would find a way.

Earlier that day I had stopped by my own office and borrowed the janitor’s uniform. Everyone saw me and that made it pretty obvious that I wasn’t sick, but I didn’t give a fuck and I was in a hurry.

I paid half a fortune for parking, put my disguise in a bag and was off for the 11th floor. Pleased with myself, I walked out the elevator and through the front door only find a janitor vacuuming the floor.

“Fuck,” I thought.

I turned off the janitor’s vacuum and smiled at him as if I was about to sell him shit he didn’t need.

“Hello Phil, my name is Walter Gustafson and I’m with human resources. I hate to interrupt you while you’re doing such a fine job, but I would like to have a word with you for a second. Would that be okay?”

“Sure,” replied Phil.

I told Phil he had the day off and sent him home. Most people don’t ask questions when you’ve told them they can stop vacuuming for the rest of the day. I changed into my gear, borrowed Phil’s vacuum and was off for Michelle’s office.

I walked in and saw Michelle hunched over her desk, staring into nowhere and wolfing down her tuna pasta salad. She looked up glassy-eyed and smiled when she recognized me. She had one of her paintings on the wall, a clock, a nice big window behind her and this poster of some douche on the wall. The man in the poster was pointing and it read, “I’m watching you.” She noticed me staring at it and said it was her boss.

“Everyone has one those in their office,” she said.

I looked back at her.

“Hi babe,” I said smiling mischievously as I forget about the poster.

I locked the door and took off the janitor’s uniform, giving her the “shhh” sign with my finger as she Bostancı Escort froze, leaving her fork hovering in front of her open mouth. I went over to her, got on my knees and turned her chair towards me. She didn’t know what to think at that point. Maybe she was scared. Maybe she was tired. Maybe she thought I was going to propose or something.

I looked into her pretty eyes and began to rub my hands up and down her thighs, squeezing them gently. I loved rubbing her legs and it always helped her relax.

“Baby, you’re going to get me in trouble,” she said anxiously.

“Don’t worry my love. The circus is out to lunch,” I said.

I pulled her closer and began to massage the meatiest and most tender parts of her thighs, getting very close to her pussy. Her breathing was beginning to slow. She needed this and I was glad to do it. I loved my woman and loving a woman is the most satisfying thing a man could ever do.

“Stand up,” I said

She did as I mirrored her. I grabbed her by her ass and squeezed nice and hard, pulling her in close towards my body. I kissed her aggressively as I undid her shirt, sucking on her bottom lip. I kissed her neck while I slipped off her shirt and bra. I bent down to suck on her nipples as I held her tits in my hands. She lovingly played with my hair with one hand and rubbed my arm with the other.

I spun her around and wrapped my hands around her waist to undue her pants as I pressed my half-hard cock into her ass. I pulled her pants off and spanked her from my knees.


“That’s for working too hard.”

I got up and got a good handful of her hair, pulling her head back and giving her a soft kiss on the cheek before I tossed her onto her desk. Bending her over it, I spanked her again.


“That’s for being beautiful.”

She smiled and spread her legs a couple of feet apart, surrendering herself to me. I pushed her torso down gently so that her cheek rested on the desk while her ass hovered in the air, swaying subtly from side to side. Sinking down to my knees I began to run my hands slowly up and down her thighs, massaging them along the way. I squeezed her ass and spread it open, blowing softly into her pussy and asshole. There was no part of Michelle’s body that I didn’t worship.

I spread her ass with my hands and began to lightly lick around her asshole, making circles around it with my tongue. Her body jerked subtly and she took a long, quivering breath. She always loved getting her asshole licked and I always loved doing it. My guy friends would always ask me why I would even think about putting my tongue into a woman’s ass. I don’t why. The eyes see ass and the tongue follows. There’s very little thought involved.

I gathered a good amount of saliva in my mouth, put it on my tongue and deposited it onto Michelle’s asshole. Using my tongue to spread my spit all over, I made it nice and wet. I could tell she was pleased as I began to lick up and down slowly, sticking my tongue into her asshole when I passed it. I used my thumb to tease her pussy as I licked her asshole harder, sticking my tongue into it as if I was trying to drill through a bank vault. She moaned softly as she took shallower, faster breathes.

I Kadıköy Escort pulled my face out of her ass and took a look at it, like how a child might look at its first drawing. When other kids were doing their first drawings I was looking at my first asses, already starting to think about what I might do with one when I got the chance. I gave that ass a good squeeze, marvelling at its magnificence.

Spreading her pussy with my thumbs I began licking it slowly up and down, covering every mile from the North to the South Pole, just like Santa Clause would. I licked every part of her pussy, beginning with the often ignored parts. I was saving the clit for dessert. I licked her pussy lips and sucked on them gently. I used my tongue like a finger and stuck it as deep inside her as it could go, tongue-fucking her and tasting her insides while my nose tickled her asshole.

I could tell she was getting more excited and the thought of her cumming made me excited. I started to lick her clit, sticking my entire face into her pussy. I licked up and down, side to side and when my tongue got tired I put my lips around her clit and sucked on it. Her body began to jerk subtly, like the first rumbles of thunder and I could tell she was about to cum. I put more pressure on her clit, licking it slowly and firmly.

“Yes! Suck it baby,” she said.

She reached her hand back and stuffed my face into her ass as she began to cum. I found her clit with my lips and sucked it hard as her body shook violently. I held her up by her cheeks as she moved her ass up and down, moaning and covering my face in her juices. I began to run out of air at that point, but this was no time to breathe. I kept sucking, knowing this would be a fine way to die.

I took a half-breath as she slowed down her movement and loosened her grip. I licked her pussy all over and got one more taste of her asshole before I pulled my face out and took a deep breath. This was when I realized that my face was covered in goo. She looked back at me and laughed hysterically as I wiped it off with my hand.

I almost hurt myself as I got up. My cock was now mucho hard and denim doesn’t rip easy. I tried to take my pants off, half bent over, half feeling like my dick was going to break off as Michelle turned around and sat on the desk. She smacked my hands away and did it for me, undoing my belt, unzipping me and pulling down my pants and underwear. It felt semi-orgasmic as I was able to stand up fully and my cock popped out of my pants, swinging wildly from left to right, hard as a rock. I just looked down at he, dazed from lack of oxygen as she began to stroke it with one hand and play with my balls with the other. It felt fucking brilliant and I pushed my hips forward, lifting my gaze to the heavens, losing myself in that moment.

I pulled her hands off and turned her around again, putting her right leg up on the desk and slipping my cock inside her very wet pussy. The feeling of my cock spreading her pussy was incredible. She turned around and smiled roughly, biting her lip. She was in agreement.

I put my hands on her shoulders and began fucking her hard, slow and deep, swaying her body forward every time I shoved my cock inside her.

“Could this Göztepe Escort get any better,” I thought.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

Michelle looked at the door instantly and froze like a squirrel that just heard a twig break in the forest. She was freaked out, but I wasn’t. The door was locked and I didn’t particularly feel like stopping at that moment. I put my hand around her mouth. I pulled her up into my body. I used my other hand to rub her clit as I left my cock inside her. I fucked her quietly and rubbed her forcefully, like a ninja would.

“Michelle, are you in there?” asked a female voice.

Michelle was in no position to answer.

“Shhh,” I whispered into her ear as I kept fucking her slowly and rubbing her suck-spot.

They left and I released her onto the desk. She braced herself with her hands and reached her arms out in front of her, grabbing onto the edge of her desk. I began to pound her pussy hard as she held on for dear life. Good thing she had one of those really heavy, fancy desks. Otherwise, we might have made a lot of noise.

In astonishment, I held her by her hips and stuffed my thick cock inside her over and over. She came again, desperately trying to keep quiet as her body quaked forcefully. I kept fucking her hard as I watched her eyes roll back into her head and her fingers claw into the desk. I was ready to cum too.

Just as I was about to pull out and cum all over Michelle I snapped back to the reality of where I was.

“Where am I going to cum?” I thought.

I didn’t want to cum inside her because she wasn’t on the pill. I didn’t want to cum on her back because she had to work for the rest of the day. I couldn’t cum in her mouth because then she’d have cum-breath for the rest of the afternoon.

“I’ve got to cum baby,” I said, out of options.

She lifted her face off of the desk and began to look around the room, trying to think as fast a woman who just a good hard fucking could think. She looked straight. She looked to the right. She looked to the left and found what she was looking for. She smiled, got up, got behind me and walked me over to that poster of her boss on the wall. She grabbed my dick with her hand as if it was hers and started jerking me off from behind, rubbing my dickhead nice and hard. My cock looked enormous in her little hand.

She pointed it at her bosses face and we began to shoot cum all over it. It felt amazing to have her milk my cock for me. I hadn’t blown my load since Sunday and I had quite a big one saved up. She looked so delighted as she watched thick, sticky cum splash into her bosses face. Even firemen didn’t get that kind of satisfaction from extinguishing burning houses.

“Wow,” I said or mumbled or thought. I’m not sure.

My eyes were closed and my body was rocking subtly in all sorts of directions as I could barely stand. That was intense. I put my arm around Michelle, who was still lovingly stroking the head of my cock. I opened my eyes to see the poster covered with the epic load that me and Michelle just squirted all over it. We just stood there for a while watching cum ooze down Harold’s stupid face. It was beautiful.

Michelle scraped some cum off the wall with her finger and put it into her mouth, tasting it. She looked to the right and the clock read 12:55.

“Thank you baby,” she said lovingly, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“That was just what I needed.”

“Now put on your little costume and get the fuck out before you get me fired.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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