Sultry Train Trip

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I stood on the platform waiting for you to arrive. The evening was warm and the breeze felt good. I was glad of it after rushing about getting ready myself and packing your things. I remember the tingling of excitement I had as I removed the underwear and stockings from your draw and packed them. The silk, lace and nylon in my hand made me warm and aroused; the dress and high heels had not helped matters. The vision of this was in my mind as I was in the shower and all the way to the station. Now griping the bag in my hand the vision came back to me and I blushed and smiled. It was a good thing that the platform had only a couple of people on it, as I am sure that something else would have been obvious.

Looking down the line I became lost in thoughts of you my mind going into whirls of fantasy, your face before me passionate and beautiful. Then I was pulled out of this as two hands covered my eyes and the warmth of them made me tingle. A warm body pressed into my back, feeling the breasts snuggle into me. It almost felt like the material was no longer there. Our skin was touching and my heart missed a step.

“Guess who?” you said.

“I would have to say a stunning beauty” I replied.

Turning looking into your eyes they seemed to smile at me my hands slipped around you and our lips met. The joy of you kissing me brought back the feeling that I had all afternoon and I started to feel a warmth swarm over my whole body. As we looked at each other after kissing, you asked if I was alright. I replied that I was indeed, a smile on my face showing you the truth of this. We walked along the platform hand in hand, and I looked at you, the wind moving your long brown hair off your face, your skin soft, the summer light radiated your beauty and made your deep brown eyes sparkle. Your body next to mine, the scent of your perfume enticing my senses filled my mind with visions of kissing your neck and shoulders just to hear you gasp and move to my touch.

This picture was torn from me as the zinging sound in the rails announced the arrival of the train.

The train pulls noisily into the station your arm slides around my waist and gently squeezes me, and then back to my hand your fingers locking into mine. The carriage doors stop near to us and I press the ‘open’ button. The air hisses as the doors part: holding your hand, I escort you in, running my hand down your back from your neck to the bottom of your back. I feel your body move into my hand as it moves lower enjoying the touch I move both hands around your waist and kiss you on the neck. You let out a small gasp as my lips contact the nape of your neck. I slip from you and you give a moan of disapproval as we sit. Taking your hand my finger traces along its contours only just contacting making you tingle, moving up your arm slowly along your forearm and on up to your shoulder and neck. Your eyes close, your head moving to the stroking of my fingers, the sensation building in you, turning you look at me, your fingers run through my hair. I am being drawn to you, your lips part and press to mine, your tongue just entering my mouth. It feels like static running from my lips all through my body as we kiss deeper, the train rushing along the line, building speed, mimicking my passion.

Our hands move across our bodies feeling faces, hair, the heat building between us. I brush your breast, the cotton of your top and the lace under send a trigger through me. I feel my erection grow becoming uncomfortable and restricted and frustrating at knowing that I can do nothing but I don’t want this moment to stop. My hand slips from your bosom, you grab it and place it back, your hand squeezing on mine, instructing me without words that you don’t want me to stop. Under my fingers I feel your nipple harden so I slowly circle it enjoying the affect it has upon you, making you moan, and the pressure on my lips increases. Your kisses go from my mouth and down my neck this makes me gasp, surges of electricity run through me with every kiss and caress of you fingers.

“West Horndon. The next station is West Horndon” the automated voice above us announced, causing us to stop as the train pulls into the next station. Still we cuddle the passion in your eyes seems to grow, not diminish; the look in your face excites me. I can’t wait for the train to move off to kiss you again, to feel you, to be close to you. I feel hot all over slightly shaking from what we have just been doing wanting more.

The doors hiss closed encapsulating us back into our moment of passion. You smile at me reaching down for the bag you say “Well I have to change hun”

“Just about right” I think in my mind, thoughts straying to the contents of your bag..

You head toward the loo at the end of the carriage. I watch you walk, just wishing you could have stayed with me for a bit longer. The image of what you are about to put on fills my mind, knowing you will be back sat next to me with all your pretty things on. A smile crosses my face.

Turning half way down, a wicked grin on your face you say, “Are üsküdar escort you coming to help me or what?”

I get up out of the chair like a rocket. You giggle and walk on knowing I’m looking at you move in front of me, my eyes taking in every movement you make. Getting to the loo you press the button and the door slides open. You enter, turn and beckon me in with your finger, lust showing from you.

“Close the door and make sure it’s locked”.

It closes with a light thud and the lock clicks.

“Come here!” you command and I readily comply.

Your fingers run up my chest to my top button and you undo them half way down. You move forward to kiss my chest, your hands sliding around to my back then returning again to undo all of them. When my shirt is removed, your mouth takes my nipple, sucking it, making me gasp and hold you to me, half wanting you to stop because of the intensity of the feeling, the other half wanting, needing you to continue as the sensation overwhelms me.

Reaching down you rub against my crotch. The sensation tears into me. I have wanted you to touch me there for so long. My gasp is all the indication you need to know you have aroused me totally and your wicked look is made more mischievous by your grin. Sliding down you sit on the seat looking up at me gasping with pleasure, both of your hands running along the material covering my stiffening erection, pulling at my belt, undoing it. Your fingers find the zip and you pull it down slowly, each tiny thud of it opening pulsing into me.

Finally you release the button and slip down my trousers and then my boxers. You let out a soft moan of pleasure as your hand slides around my hard shaft. I steady myself gripping onto a bar for support as you pull down on my cock stretching my foreskin back. This makes me arch back and cry out a soft moan of my own. Looking down I see you take your free hand hold it up to your face, extend your tongue and lick from wrist to finger wetting your palm. Smiling, you cup your hand, placing it over the swollen head of my penis and you rub in circles. The sensation is overwhelming, causing me to buck and call out. It feels somewhere between wanting to cum and being unable to and not wanting it to stop.

By now I’m stood before you gasping reacting to the movement of your hand, now your other hand pulling back so firmly before now begins to move forward slowly gripping tightly then back. I cry out, an animal cry of lust. You loosen the grip and leave two fingers around my engorged cock and begin to rhythmically slide, back and forth along its length. Removing your hand from the head, you see some pre cum ooze from the end of my cock. Your index finger rubs across the hole smearing it with my juice. You look at me and lick your finger and with that innocent look, you suck it, tasting me on your tongue.

“Nice, but I want more” you say, sliding your finger out from between your lips. Slipping both of your soft hands around what is now a very stiff, swollen and aching shaft, your head moves forward. I shudder as you begin to lick the head all over and then push the tip into the dripping slit of my cock.

With what feels like an explosion of pleasure, your mouth encompasses my penis, making me lean forward, my hand holding the back of your head gently. You slide up and down using your lips to suck and your teeth to stimulate, the pleasure and the pain combining to send me into waves of delight. You take it one step more as you slide me from your mouth, your teeth biting softly onto my sensitive head making me unable to breathe, barely able to gasp out another soft groan of pleasure as I slide from between your lips.

You reach around me your finger tips softly touching the base of my spine, the feeling making me thrust forward and you swallow me again. Pulling your head back, still sucking hard, you free my shaft from between your lips once more, your tongue darting out for one last lick and the sudden loss of me in you leaves me throbbing wanting more.

Pushing me back a little you stand brushing your body against me, your clothes against my naked skin teasing me. The sensation is increasing my want to be in you, pleasing you, wanting to drive you to cum again and again.

You stand to full height, kissing me, shifting your body, turning me around so we swap positions. Your hands move forward and push me from you, then they slide to my shoulders and you make me sit and you turn. My hands reach out and caress your rear, sliding over the smooth material covering your stunning arse. As my fingers follow every rise and fall of the contours under them you bend over and push back into my hands, moving your rear from side to side.

Reaching down you take the bag, open it and one by one, you remove the contents, teasing me with every item. First your high heels, the shine from the black patent leather almost twinkling. The vision of this on your foot makes me shiver with excitement. Out of the bag then comes a black stocking, its sheer şerfali escort nylon flowing over the bag brushing the high heels cause my erection to grow harder.

I take a hand from you and hold my own stiff cock, stroking slow and gently, biting my lip as the deep lace of the stocking comes into view. Standing and turning, you hang the stockings over my shoulder the nylon tingling on my skin and the hair on my body stands on end as goose bumps cascade down my back and arms.

Looking at me in this helpless form of ecstasy, transfixed by the scene being played out in front of me, a sinful grin twitches the corners of your mouth. You cross your arms in front of you and gripping the bottom of your satin blouse, you pull up. Now I see your skin revealed as you remove the covering, your tummy first then a glimpse of the white lace of your bra. Your breasts heave as you pull the top over your head, your hair flowing back as you tilt your head. This naturally makes you arch your back pushing your ample bosom out, filling the cups and emphasising your amazing cleavage. Moving down you hook your thumbs into the waist of your trousers and remove them bending down as you push them from you. I look as you bend and see those soft orbs fill the lace of you bra once again but not in the same way fuller now deep and soft. Lifting a leg to remove the restricting trousers, your hair so long and soft, brushes over my genitals, the tips of the hairs landing on the head now so swollen and hard, making me gasp at the sensation.

Standing, I see you only clad in your bra and thong both white and covered in lace the skin showing is glowing, the heat still running through your body. You reach out take a stocking holding the lace end you run your other hand down the length of the stocking forming a circle with your thumb and index finger. As it reaches the end the silky nylon slips from your grasp now hanging full length from you and you bite your bottom lip, eyes smiling at me.

Lifting your leg you place your foot on the seat between my legs and lean forward placing the toe of the stocking over your foot covering it in smooth blackness. Flattening your foot you push it towards me. The feeling is so intense, the nylon is silky against my scrotum, its coolness filling all through my groin, but this only serves to make my erection harder, the tip oozing with the increased pressure as I swell. Seeing this you find an opportunity to tease: wriggling your toes you massage my balls. My head falls back as I let out another moan. Smiling, you encase your leg in sexy blackness. As you reach the top of your thigh, the lace of the stocking covers the skin, black petals and flowers stretch out around you like an erotic bouquet. Removing your leg you bend it slightly and straighten the lace, smoothing the stocking from your knee to your thigh.

You take the next one from me and put your foot on my thigh close to my groin, placing the inky black nylon over your foot again. As you pull the stocking up, your foot moves over to my cock applying pressure against me. Moving your foot hard upon my balls and stiffness, I place a hand on your foot to feel the sleek material from both sides and stroke the foot that is giving me pleasure. Feeling the sensation build, my testicles start to harden as the heat rises the muscles in my belly begin to tighten as orgasm begins to rise.

Quickly you pull your foot from me “NO!” you say “not yet”.

I’m left throbbing: the feeling is mind blowing all I want to do is take you, fill you with every inch, but this it just too exciting and I don’t want it to stop.

I remove your thong, the white falling past the black like good falling past wicked. You catch them on you foot and lift. Now I can see your pussy the lips moist, glistening in the light and my mouth waters at the prospect of tasting that sweet nectar. Looking down, you place the second high heel on your foot, and the effect is fantastic: the shape of your legs change making the stockings flow over you. Leaning forward, my hand feels up the back of your leg, from your calf up to the cheek of your bum and you turn around to my touch, facing away from me. My lips kiss over the exposed cheeks and up along the crease to your coccyx, where my tongue extends and softly strokes the surface making you shudder. Pressing deeper with my tongue you bed forward and part your legs and I lick deeper my hands moving up between your legs.

My fingers find the soft lips of your pussy making you gasp they swell to my caress and I run two fingers either side of you dripping lips. Pulling my head back, I see you glide against my fingers and I move towards your clit, its hardness like a button between my fingers as I circle it. My other hand rubs your bum and as I reach the furrow between your cheeks, my middle finger slides deep along it. As I explore, you push back and you expose more of you to me, my finger finds your anus and you pant at the feeling that has just dashed through you. I apply little pulsed of pressure to this and you sigh your pleasure.

Below, my fingers move from your clit and I slide a moist finger into your soaking opening.

“Oh yeh, yeh” you exclaim as I push deeper into you.

The tip of my finger is now far into you and I feel the change in the texture of your wetness. The G-spot seems to fold around my probing digit and your wetness increases. A loud cry exclaims from you, your face contorts in pleasure as my thumb feels your clit and begins to circle in time to the finger penetrating you, stimulating your G-spot. Pushing rhythmically back and forth you slide on the finger deep in you grasping at it with your muscles, your wetness growing. Feeling your orgasm build I apply a little more pressure with my finger deep in you and in response your G-spot hardens to my stroke. My fingers closest to you are covered in your moistness they slip effortlessly in and over you pleasuring you. Your face contorts mouth opening you let out several whimpers and then a deep shuddering moan as you reach the most intense point of sexual pleasure.

My hand is covered in your hot wet cum, the juice flowing over my skin and dripping onto my thigh exciting me. I withdraw my finger from deep within you and slide it along your lips to join my thumb at your now throbbing clit. Rubbing slowly at first I build the pressure and pace, then with my index finger I circle it flicking against your hot button as it moves around. In response to this you bend your legs opening more of you for me to touch my free hand moving to your sopping wet pussy.

“No I want to cum with you in me” you pant. I continue stroking you. “Fuck me!” you growl. Standing I glide my fingers from your clit and along your lips making you moan at the caress, then with your sweet liquid over my hand I take hold of my hard throbbing cock.

Teasing you, I run the head of my penis along your flowering pussy, your heat and wetness stiffening me more, and with a little pressure I part you and hold there. Placing my hands upon the spectacular frame of your arse, I breathe in then glide into you with one deep, slow thrust making you bite your lip and gasp loudly. The sensation is almost beyond description as my cock fills you. I feel your warmth around me; the connection is infectious and impels me to thrust again. My rhythm is slow and steady at first, the feeling blowing my mind as your succulence covers my balls. I look down at you at your legs and high heels this sight fuels my erotic nature; this visual stimulus generates something within me. I thrust faster, the pace increasing, you tilt your head to look back at me, and the sheer pleasure I see there makes me want you to cum again and again.

I lean forward and take hold of your shoulders; the sensation is amazing, the muscles now gripping my thrusting cock change to a smooth clamp. This intense arousal makes us both call out and I have to stand up behind you and hold your hips. Heat grows between us raising the temperature in this small space.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” I thrust deeper “That’s it” you purr, “Just there, come on, fuck me!” All I can concentrate on is making you cum and I know you are not far from this; your hole is pulsating rippling along my driving manhood. Head down you cry out and grip almost at the same moment the pressure loosens, you gush cascading hot fluid over my balls and legs. Not stopping or even slowing I continue through this level of pleasure

“I want you to cum more” I say.

“Oh god! Yes!” you pant in response. The orgasm you have had, had not had a chance to fall away when the next surges over you and you call out again as I plunge deep and hard into you. Yet another crashes over you like waves braking on the cliffs. The last one stirs my own orgasm and I feel the tip of my cock swell till it feels like it will burst. My balls tighten and ripple with pleasure as they collide with your body, urging them to empty into you. The feeling takes over, my whole body tightening what seems like every muscle as my groin strains and throbs. Calling out to me “come on baby cum in me!!” you push back in time to my thrusts and I feel you grip again.

What seems to me to be the most intense orgasm pulses along my shaft as you cum once again, prompting the sensation of my own impending explosion. The bliss of this moment is taken to new heights as the most powerful mix of sensations pile up on me. Bucking deep into you I say through gritted teeth “I’m going to fill you full of spunk”. I call out “Oh fuck!” and let out a loud groan from deep within me. “I’m cumming!”

The concoction of pleasure and pain rage through my genitals and I feel my sperm sear along my shaft and pump out into you. I can only hold my last thrust deep in you and cry out, my body heat rising making me pant, and in response I pump into you.

Giggling with delight you use your muscles to grip me and hold me in a little longer. The head of my cock is now so sensitive that each movement that you make tingles and tickles all around my middle. I withdraw from you gasping as I leave you, the muscles in my legs quiver after the work that they have done. You stand, turn and place your arms around me and once again we kiss, the moment now more loving than passionate and the cuddle closer, safer. Our moment of passion passed but not forgotten and our taste for adventure ignited….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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