Summer Holiday

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Female Ejaculation

Finally, the day I had been waiting for had arrived. The past year had taken so long to roll by, I felt as if the moment would never come. The time when you can finally feel free. Any previous restrictions were dropped. It was, at long last, my eighteenth birthday. And where better to celebrate than on the sun drenched island of Tenerife. The first full day of my holiday on this, the largest of the Canary Islands also was my eighteenth birthday. How wild were the next two weeks to be? Sun, sea, sand and hopefully sex. My sexual experience was barely existent. I had only had sex once prior to this day and it was so bad I didn’t even cum. She just hurried and refused to give me a blow job. The weird thing is I crave for her. Every time I masturbate I see her underneath me. But that was then, this is now.

It was early afternoon and I decided to spend my time soaking up the rays. You cannot leave Tenerife without a tan and I wanted mine to be perfect. I relaxed on a lounger, right by the hotel pool. I was daydreaming about the things I could do that I couldn’t before; buy alcohol legally, buy porn and, in short, live. As I lay there I admired the gorgeous girls sunbathing. One in particular caught my eye. She walked past me to a lounger about five metres from mine. She had shoulder length blonde hair which was tied back. She seemed to be about four years older than myself. She wasn’t slim, but had no excess fat either. She had beautifully tanned skin. She appeared about five and a half feet tall. I noticed her large breasts, firm and round, pushed together to create maximum cleavage by a red string bikini top. She wore matching bikini bottoms, not a thong, but it still showed her shapely ass. She sat down and began to layer herself with suncream, first her legs, ten her arms. She struggled, but somehow managed to do her back. Then she spread some on her tummy before doing the unbelievable. She reached behind her and untied her bikini top. With one swift hand movement, she had removed it. I could clearly seeher large tanned breasts and proportioned nipples. I could feel my cock growing in my swimming shorts. Those tits were perfect. Se began to massage the cream into her breasts. Se lay back and started catching the rays. Her breasts kept shape as she did. I couldn’t help but stare as she lay there. My cock was ever strengthening and hardening. I decided I needed a dip in the pool.

Even in the pool I couldn’t stop sancaktepe escort looking at her. Fortunately, the cool water was controlling my excitement in the downstairs area. At one point, she sat up for one moment and glanced around. She appeared to pause when she saw me, but maybe it was my imagination. Soon, she lay back down.

About an hour later, I left the pool and returned to my lounger. Still staring and the gorgeous woman, I dried myself and began reapplying my suncream. Suddenly, she sat up and began putting her top on. I felt so disappointed, Her breasts became hidden once more. Worse still, she got up and began to leave. My eyes followed her as she left. As she passed me, she dropped a scrap of paper without looking at me. At first I thought it was an ice cream wrapper. Then I looked closer. It seemed all white, not a wrapper. I picked it up. It was folded, so I opened it. On it was a three digit number, a room number. I could guess whose. I realised she had noticed me in the pool and wanted to meet me. I grabbed my towel and put on my T-shirt.

I returned to my own room to ditch my towel. I kept my semi-wet shorts on as I headed to the room number I was given. I got there and knocked. No answer. I knocked again. Maybe she didn’t mean to drop the paper. Maybe she wanted me to come some other time. As I went to knock a third time, the door opened and there she stood. She was wearing the same red bikini.
“Hi,” she said, “I’ve been expecting you. Come in.” I walked into her room, which was identical to mine. “Take a seat,” she said. I had no choice but to sit on the bed, as each hotel suite only contained a bedroom and bathroom. She opened the fridge and took two Smirnoff Ices. She gave me one. “Sorry, I don’t drink beer,” she said.
“Nor me,” I replied. She sat down next to me. We began to enjoy our drinks.
“I’m Jodie,” she introduced herself, “I’m 22 ad I’m here on holiday with my mates, only there’s an odd number of us so I got my own room.”
“I’m Chris,” I said, “I’m 18, 18 today in fact. I’m with mates too, but they left for the beach early. I missed ’em and they ain’t come back yet.”
“Alone on your eighteenth?” she asked, sounding sympathetic.
“Yeah,” I replied, “crap, huh?”

“I suppose you wanna know why I invited you up here,” Jodie asked.
“I had wondered,” I replied.
“Well, I saw you in the pool, ümraniye escort looking at me,” she explained. I blushed.
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“Would I be right in saying you liked what you saw?” she asked.
“No doubt about that,” I replied.
“Well to be honest,” she said, “I liked what I saw and wanted a closer look.” She winked. I was amazed. I’ve always seen myself as slightly overweight, and I don’t work out. She took my drink from me and sat closer to me.
“Since it’s your birthday,” she said, “you deserve a special present. You know that holidays are all about words beginning with S? Well you gonna get one of them and we ain’t going outside.” With that she wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me. It was just her lips at first, but soon her tongue probed my mouth as the kiss became a lot more passionate. She broke the kiss and lifted my shirt over my head. She seemed impressed despite my lack of muscle. he stood up and, as before, removed her bikini top. The perfect breasts came into view once more. She stood over me and pushed me back on the bed. She then straddled me and leaned over me. Her breasts hung over my face. I got the messaged and began licking and sucking like a hungry baby. As I sucked one breast, I played with the other, teasing and pinching the nipple. The I swapped and sucked the breast I played with as I played with the one I sucked.

Soon Jodie began kissing my neck. She went further down my body. She reached my stomach and then began pulling my shorts down, revealing my rock hard, pulsing, seven inch cock. She pulled my shorts off, then took my cock in her hand. She began licking the tip before giving long licks all the way up and down my shaft. I arched my back as she took my full length in her mouth and began sucking. I aided her by pushing my cock deeper in her mouth. She kept sucking and increased the strength at which she sucked. My first blow job felt heavenly. As Jodie kept sucking, I began cumming. She didn’t even flinch as she sucked the sperm from my cock. My love juice filled her mouth, yet she still carried on sucking, pausing only to swallow my cum. As I finished cumming, she continued. Finally, as my cock became flaccid, she removed it, but not before licking the cum from the tip of my penis. She looked at me and smiled. I usually lose all me sex drive after cumming. Not this time, however.

I tuzla escort stood up next to Jodie and kissed her once more. I then pulled he bikini bottoms down to reveal the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. It was completely shaven and smooth. I embraced with her in another kiss before I sat her down on the bed. I reached for what was left of our Smirnoffs and poured them down her chest, covering her breasts and tummy in fizzy, clear liquid. I began licking off the lemon drink off her body. I swirled my tongue around her breasts and nipples, tasting the alcohol. She leaned back in ecstasy. I ran my tongue down her body, guiding it around her tummy before finally reaching her pussy, I delved straight in and began licking out her sex as she began moaning softly. I started to lick hard, firstly inside her vagina, until I finally found her clitoris. She gasped in pleasure as I tickled it with the tip of my tongue. I licked harder and her moans got louder. I pushed my index and middle finger into her cunt to add to her pleasure. Reaching up to the upper wall of her vagina, I began stroking what I guessed was her g-spot. Se began screaming in orgasm as she began humping my fingers. I rubbed her g-spot and licked her clit as hard as I could. I had to make her cum. My fingers were getting drenched and I could taste her so badly. She moaned and screamed louder still until finally, after one strong thrust of her hips, she relaxed. She lay back and looked at me. I looked back. She nodded.

I pushed her back on the bed and positioned my cock by her entrance. Gently, I eased myself inside her. I pushed in an inch at a time, feeling her pussy grip my pulsing member as I pushed in. I finally entered her fully and paused momentarily before I started working on her. Slowly at first, I pushed in and out. I began working a rhythm before I began thrusting harder and stronger. Her pussy became so wet, it became much easier. Her vagina still gripped me. Then she rolled on top of me and began riding me. I watched as she bounced up and down on my cock. I watched my cock go in and out of her pussy with ease as she sped up, riding me faster. She ground her pussy on my dick. I could feel my balls tense up. At the same time, her pussy clenched tighter. She began moaning in orgasm as I started shooting my load. She didn’t care that my sperm was filling her vagina. All she cared about was her high octane orgasm. As I kept cumming, her moans grew more louder and sounded so much more full of ecstasy. As I pumped dry, her pussy walls relaxed and she got off me. She once again licked the excess cum off the tip of my penis before lying beside me. We embraced before vowing this would not be a one off.

This was day one of a fourteen day holiday. What was to follow, I could only dream about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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