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“I’m going out to the pool” I call out as I close the door firmly behind me. I need time to cool of and the pool is the perfect place to do so.

“Damn she can get me going sometimes.” I mutter to myself as I walk towards the pool.

Our argument, one of our rare ones had started about something stupid, then went on from there. I couldn’t even remember what had started it, but some things had been said by both of us, leaving us both mad. I had to get out of the apartment before I said anything else. Maybe she would calm down as well, but I doubted it. Shelly could and sometimes did carry a grudge with the best of them.

Shelly was my wife of many years. For the most part we got along, but sometimes things got heated. She was a looker, standing five foot six with red hair. She didn’t like her body, but I’ve found that normal with some women. I know I loved her tits, and her ass was great.

As I walked into the pool area I noticed several couples either in the pool or in the hot tub. Most were in the hot tub. Dropping my towel and keys on a chaise lounge at the deep end of the pool I eased my body into the warm water. As I settled into the corner of the pool to relax, I could hear the wind whipping in the trees. I hoped the rain would hold off for a while. I needed the time to relax and calm down.

When I had been in the pool for about ten minutes, I heard a higher gust of wind. I also heard the gate to the pool enclosure open and close with a crash. Before I could look up the lights went out. As I sat there in the dark, waiting for the lights to come back on, I could hear other people grumbling. Before long I felt the water lap at me as someone climbed into the pool. After several minutes I pushed off from the wall, heading for the shallow end. Swimming under water with my hands out in front of me so I wouldn’t crash into anything or anyone, I went across the pool. Several strokes later I knew I had to be in shallow water and dropped my feet to the bottom. When I finally stood I found the water to be at my upper chest. Walking slowly to the side I found the wall and lounged against it.

Now that I was closer to the hot tub I could hear other sounds. Along with the wind were the sounds of people talking quietly, and the sighs and groans of someone having fun in the dark. Standing there, I could just imagine what was going on in the hot tub, but I wasn’t going to go over and find out. From out of the center of the pool I could feel little waves hitting my body as someone moved out there. Suddenly I felt a hand brush against my stomached, making me tighten up in surprise.

Over the wind I heard a muttered “Sorry”, as the hand pulled away. Before I could say anything the hand returned, lower this time. As it brushed against my lower stomach I gasped, then relaxed. Feeling this the hand stopped, then moved lower, brushing against my bathing suit until it rested over the lump made by my soft penis. Before I could understand what was happening the owner of the hand slid it up, then under the waistband of my shorts, only to slide it lower until it was cupping my balls and prick. As she, (It had to be a she with nails like that.) started gently kneading me, I could feel myself responding. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, it was almost as though I was in a dream, but I didn’t want to wake up. This had been one of my fantasies. Not necessarily with another woman, but to have a woman take command.

As I heard the door close behind him I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself.

“What an ass I married.” I thought to myself.

Our argument had started over something as stupid as whose turn it was to do the dishes. Then it got worse. I know I had said some things I shouldn’t have. Hurtful things, but my temper got the better of me. Besides, he had said some things as well. Before I knew it I was pulling on my smallest Bikini and grabbing a towel from the stack.

“If he can go out to the pool, I can too.” I thought as I locked up the apartment.

Shaking my head in frustration I made my way through the windy evening towards the fenced in pool enclosure. As I got closer I could hear the bubbles going in the hot tub, as well as voices.

“Great.” I thought. “He’s in the hot tub, which is where I want to go. Not only that but there are people around who will want to talk, and I don’t feel like talking.”

I almost turned around and went home then, but thankfully I changed my mind. As I walked through the gate, letting it swing closed behind me I looked towards the hot tub trying to see John, my husband. Before I could see anything there the lights went out.

Stopping where I was for a minute, I waited for them to come back on. When they didn’t I started to carefully make my way to the pool. I soon felt the tiles at the edge of the pool under my feet. I knew I was close to the steps, so I turned in their direction and headed that way. When my hand felt the railing I knew I was there. Feeling around I found a small table that içerenköy escort is kept there, and set my keys and towel on it.

“At least I’ll be able to find them again.” I thought to myself as I made my careful way down the steps and into the warm water. The water had been warmed by several days of sunlight, and felt almost like a bath. Wading out into the belly deep water, I leaned down and slowly started swimming towards the deep end. Careful lest I hit the wall, I made several laps until I could feel a slight burn in my muscles.

Not wanting to over do it, and slightly spooked by the dark, I made my way towards the side of the pool. As I reached the edge, I moved my hands around a little to get my balance. When I did I felt my left hand brush up against someone’s skin. Muttering a quick “sorry” I pulled my hand away. Before I knew what I was doing I put my hand back where it had been.

“He said I wasn’t inventive enough, or willing to take control did he?” I thought to myself as I felt my hands sliding on this guys body. “He said I’m not spontaneous enough? Well lets see what he thinks of this.”

Thinking this I started moving my hands on this guys body. As my hand slid down his belly to his shorts, I felt him suck in his stomach. God he felt good. Not overly muscled, but solid. Moving my hand lower I felt his outline through his shorts. Not too big, but nice. I moved my hand lower to cup his balls as well. That wasn’t enough. I slid my hand under the waist of his shorts and inside. I could feel his short curly pubic hair rough against my hand then his penis. As I felt it, then reached down and cupped his balls, I felt him stirring in my hand. I loved the feel of his balls weighing in my hand as his cock slowly got hard. Maybe John was right, I know I didn’t do this to him.

As this strangers cock hardened under my hand I could feel myself getting aroused as well. I knew if the lights were on this guy would see my nipples straining against the fabric of my top. Suddenly I felt his hands touching me. As he slid his hands over my body I felt little tingles of excitement. Slowly one hand zeroed in on my chest, brushing over my tits, then settling around one of them, feeling the fullness and weight of my C-Cup breast.

His other hand wasn’t idle. It slid down my body to cup my sex through the thin cloth covering it before sliding around me to grab my ass. I knew he liked the feel of my naked cheek under his hand. As he pulled me closer to feel my ass more thoroughly, I felt him explore with his fingertips. I knew he could feel what I was wearing. While I normally don’t wear a G-String to the pool, (another thing John didn’t like,) I had decided to tonight, just for spite. Now I was glad I had.

Before I could say anything his one hand had pulled my top down and to the side, exposing my breasts to the cool winds. As he did this I felt him kissing me there. The touch of his lips and tongue on my breasts was almost too much. I could feel myself getting wet, even in the water. As his mouth found my nipples, sucking then nipping them, I could feel them harden even more. I knew if I could see them they would look like erasers. As he was doing this I felt his hands sliding onto my hips as he turned me. I didn’t know what he was up to until he lifted me out of the water and placed me sitting on the very edge of the pool.

When I was sitting there he held my hips. I could feel him moving between my spread thighs, but didn’t know what he was planning. I was too high up for him to fuck me. Then I felt a tickle as his whiskers brushed the inside of my thighs. Quickly then I felt his hot breath on the crotch of my bathing suit, followed by his tongue licking at me through the cloth. This was too much. The pent up emotions of the fight, not to mention the actions of this stranger made me gasp and shudder into my first orgasm.

I knew he felt me cum, but he didn’t stop. As I was sitting there dazed, I felt his hands grasping the strings of my bikini. Lifting my hips I let him slide my bottom off me. I could hear the soft plop as it hit the concrete beside my hips. Not even thinking any more, I pulled my top off and dropped it where he had dropped the bottom of my bathing suit. As I was doing this I felt his face dive between my thighs once again. This time there was nothing between me and his mouth. I could feel his hot breath on me, and his whiskers tickling the sensitive skin at the top of my thighs as he started licking at my box. He was taking his time down there. First her slid his tongue around the outside of my lips, before flattening it and swiping it from bottom to top.

As he was doing this I could feel the ripples of his actions moving through my body making me hotter than ever. I couldn’t believe this. As I was gasping I felt him slide his tongue deep inside my hole, tasting me again and again. Even though he hadn’t touched my clit I was getting ready to cum again. Reading my mind kadıköy escort I felt his hands move a little, then felt a finger press down on my clit then start rubbing it.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum” I moaned as he started doing this to me.

When he heard this he did something which surprised me even more than what I was doing. He shifted my hips as I bucked them into his face, moving his tongue down then driving it into my ass. This blew me over the edge. The feelings he had been causing, plus the feel of his finger jazzing my clit, as well as his tongue invading my ass pushed me over the edge. I couldn’t hold back the loud moan as I came.

Shaking my head in an effort to clear it, I reached down and grabbed his head. Leaning down pulled his face towards mine and kissing him tasted my cum on his cheeks. I wanted more. To hell with being married.

Sliding into the water I grabbed his hands and pulled him towards the stairs. As we waded in that direction I could hear the sounds of another couple or two going at it not too far away in the dark. I hoped the could hear us, and were getting as turned on as I was from it. Reaching the steps I pulled him out and over to a chaise lounge I found by kicking it.

Ignoring the pain in my foot I turned and sat on the chaise lounge, pulling him towards me. Reaching up I grabbed his semi hard dick, and slid my lips around it. As I tried to swallow him I could taste the chlorine from the pool, as well as a slightly salty bit of his precum. (When had he taken of his bathing suit?) Holding his hardening shaft in one hand, I fondled his balls with the other, reveling in the feel of them sliding around in their hairy sac. Finally I couldn’t take it. I wanted more.

“Wow” was all I could think as I felt her hand cupping my balls. Thinking that she might have thought me some one else, I decided to see how far this would go. Reaching out I placed my hands on her body. Moving them I first found her tits. As I played with them I could only enjoy the feel of their weight and fullness. While they weren’t huge, they were large enough to keep me interested. As I played with them I slid my other hand over her body until I could feel her mound beneath her bathing suit. Even through the cloth I could feel the shape of her, and the fact she was clean shaven. Moving more I grabbed at her ass.

It felt almost as if she wasn’t wearing anything. All I could feel was warm skin under my hand. As I pulled her to me I slid my hand around until I realized she was wearing a G-String. I loved it. Shelly rarely wore hers. She always said she was either ashamed of her ass, or more usual she didn’t want to offend some one. I kept trying to tell her not to worry about offending people. If they didn’t want to see her ass they didn’t have to look. As it was she rarely wore it. Now tonight I was grabbing the ass of a woman who was wearing one. It felt great under my groping hand.

As her play grew more insistent, I decided on more. Lifting her I set her on the edge of the pool beside us. When I knew she wouldn’t fall I dove in. I could smell and almost taste her through her bathing suit. Grabbing it, I pulled her bathing suit bottoms off with her help. as she settled back in front of me, I dropped the bikini bottoms beside her. I could smell her sex in front of me. It almost drove me wild.

I leaned down to slip my tongue to her. I didn’t know this woman, but I just had to taste her. Shelly didn’t let me do it often enough, and when she wanted me to, it was usually right after she had either taken a piss or a shit. That didn’t do it for me. This woman though was nice and clean from being in the pool.

As my tongue found her lips, I could barely taste her. Wanting her to enjoy it as much as I was, I took my time. Slowly lapping at her. (as I was doing this I slipped my shorts off and tossed them onto the concrete beside the pool.) At first I worked just the outside of her sex, then I started going deeper until I found the entrance to her pussy. Hardening my tongue I slid it into her while finding her little hard button with a finger. As I rubbed her and ate her, enjoying her taste, I could feel her getting hotter and hotter until she finally started bucking against my face. On one of her hip thrusts, she caught my by surprise, almost knocking me over. What she did do though was to shift herself so when I drove my tongue back into her snatch I found it going into her tight little ass instead. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, eating some woman’s ass. (Shelly would be storming out of the room in disgust at this.)

Instead of being disgusted I heard this woman let loose with a wail above me as I felt her sauce flowing onto her ass and my face. Shifting my tongue back up I continued licking at her as she shuddered in her orgasm. As her shudders and twitching stopped I felt her grab at my head, pulling it away from her crotch. As she did this she leaned down and kissed me, licking kartal escort her cum off my face as she did so.

As I was trying to keep from blowing my load right there in the water, she slid down to my level with a little splash. Grabbing my hands she started pulling me along. The cool water we were wading through helped calm me some so I was able to follow her out of the pool. As we walked slowly away from the pool I heard a rattle as she kicked something, then her hands moved. Before I knew what was in store for me I felt her hands shift on me, one grabbing my semi erect prick, while the other slid under my balls playing with them. As she did this I felt the warmth of her mouth slowly engulf the head of my prick. As she slid me into her hot mouth I groaned. I loved the feel of her mouth sliding along my pole, her lips clamping and loosening as she did so. As she was doing this I could feel her one handing sliding on what she didn’t take into her mouth, while the other played gently with my balls. Reaching down I felt first her head, then her shoulders, finally her tits. She had taken off her top as well. I could feel her breasts gently bobbing as she moved her mouth on me.

Gently at first I started playing with her tits, weighing them, and running my hands over their fullness. Her nipples felt hard enough to hurt. Zeroing in on them I started playing with them, wishing I could suck on them. She must have been reading my mind as she soon stood up, brushing my cock against her tits then her belly as she did so. Leaning down I sucked them enjoying the feel of them in my mouth. Before I was ready she pulled away from me. I couldn’t feel her there.

“Great I thought to myself. She gets herself off and leaves me to jack off here.” As I reached down to start stroking my raging hard on, I felt a hand grab my wrist. Slowly the hand glided down mine until it reached my cock. Pushing my fingers to the side she grabbed me again. Over the wind and the sounds of other people fucking nearby I could hear her shifting until suddenly I felt something pressing against the head of my cock. Slowly I felt myself being drawn into the heat of her waiting sex.

Before I could change my mind, after all I was cheating on my husband, I stood up. I could feel his mouth lower onto my breasts as he started sucking on my nipples again. The feel of him doing that was intense, but I wanted something else. Pulling away from him I turned, then reached out to grab hold of where I just knew his cock had to be. I felt his hand gripping his rod, and pushing it to the side grabbed him myself. As I finished turning I could hear someone else gasping from their own orgasm. When I could feel him behind me I backed up a little.

As soon as I felt his head against my skin I shifted him slightly to line him up with my opening. Pushing back against him I felt him slowly enter me, filling me with his hard prick. I gasped as he slid all the way into my wet cunt. I could feel his balls laying lightly against my lips, and the brush of his hair against me. Not being able to see I could concentrate on what I was feeling.

Slowly, oh so slowly he pulled almost all the way out of me while placing his hands on my hips. I could feel every inch, every knob and vein on his prick as he eased his way back into me. I was loving this. As he slowly stroked into me some more I felt him shift his hands until one was grabbing at my tits swinging below my body. As he started kneading my flesh there I braced my hands on the chaise lounge in front of me. As he started speeding up I felt him start grabbing at, pulling and pinching my nipples. The feeling was incredible.

“Why didn’t John do this to me?” I thought as I enjoyed the feelings coursing through me.

As he was doing this I moved my own hands until I could reach under me and play with my clit. when my fingers brushed against myself I gasped.. As I slowly stroked myself, I could feel him moving inside me. Lowering my head I pushed my ass higher, wanting more of him in me. When my head was resting on the chaise lounge I reached back with my other hand.

Now I could play with myself with one hand, feel him playing with my tits, and feel his prick as it glided in and out of me with my other hand. I loved it. I could feel my juices running down my legs and off his prick onto my hands. Reaching back a little further I could feel his balls as he pushed into me.

By this time I was gasping from what I was feeling. I could feel my cunt gripping at him as he fucked my sodden pussy. I was loving this. I was fucking some one I didn’t even know, and I was loving it. I could also hear myself moaning. Not just moaning but telling this guy I wanted him to fuck me harder.

“Fuck me like a whore.” I heard myself say. “Fuck me like the slut I am. Make me scream as I cum.” I was shocked at what I was saying. “Let me feel your cum inside of me.” I said a little later.

I couldn’t believe it was me saying these things, but I loved it. As I felt myself twitching beneath him, I knew I was going to hit orgasm soon. He must have felt it too because he shifted his hands on me. Grabbing my hips with both hands he started pounding into my abused sex. I knew I was going to be sore tomorrow, but I didn’t care. As I felt him start twitching and swelling inside of me I knew he was going to drop his load in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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