Surprised, Intrigued and Curious

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Suzanne was desperate to maintain the deception of a happy marriage. There was too much at stake. A profitable family business provided a lifestyle and social standing the whole family enjoyed. Another woman in her husband’s life caused Suzanne to question her own intimate needs, persuading her to seek a new doctor’s assistance for personal fulfilment.

What a surprise we turned out to be Maddisyn! Love the story and Doctor Love’s treatment. Suzanne.


The exclusive medical centre was obviously for the pleasure of discerning women who could afford to be a Guest. The Practice’s luxurious facilities surprised me and left me a little intrigued and curious. Most importantly, I was assured their services would be exceptional and discreet. I wouldn’t expect less for a woman with my taste and social reputation.

George and I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage next month. We’re not planning much as recent events had cast a shadow on celebrations. George’s new relationship with Emily is the reason for seeing a new doctor. Naturally, I couldn’t possibly consult my usual doctor on such a sensitive issue. But something else about Emily was on my mind as I made my way to the appointment.

Our relationship is still amicable. It has to be. One learns to tolerate such indiscretions. I don’t blame Emily. All I’ve asked of her and George is that it doesn’t interfere with our marriage and business interests. The business provides the lifestyle and public status we enjoy. I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my social life or suffer the indignity of a marriage breakdown let alone a divorce.

If I was going to seek some professional advice for my issues with George, then I thought he could pay for the best. The Practice is in the fashionable Park Crescent area. The prestigious address caught my eye and I registered after attending a review. It’s an adorable double-story terrace building and beautifully renovated as a medical practice providing exclusive medical services for ladies.

I was a little excited about visiting the Practice again as I walked up to the beautiful stained-glass door. ‘Hello Mrs. Douglas Sinclair, it’s so nice to see you. Doctor Love is expecting you,’ Maddisyn greeted me with her infectious smile.

Maddisyn’s an attractive and charming young lady with dark shoulder length loose curls. She provided me with a delightful tour of the facilities a couple of weeks ago. I was impressed with her personal manner and how she conducted herself professionally. The benefits of a good family upbringing and private education were clearly evident.

Her lovely dress sense also impressed me. She looked quite elegant wearing a dark blue skirt and jacket with tasteful open-neck blouse and high-heels. It’s refreshing to see a young lady take pride in her appearance. I could tell by the way her outfit fitted her petite figure that they were exclusive designs. I have an eye for such things.

‘It’s lovely to see you again as well,’ I smiled at Maddisyn’s warm greeting. ‘I love your outfit. Do you mind telling me where you purchased it?’

‘From Charlie Girl Boutique on Queen’s Parade. Do you know it?’ Maddisyn replied.

‘Ooh yes. They have some lovely creations. More suited to a young lady like you I’m afraid,’ I added, imagining Maddisyn being about 20 years younger than me.

I was proud of having the same figure as my mid-20’s and people often comment I look great for my age. Not that I consider mid-40’s over the hill. A combination of the right genetics, three early morning workouts a week at a gym and regular social tennis maintains an athletic appearance with a taut and toned body.

‘I adore your sports jacket and pants,’ Maddisyn commented a little excitedly.

I was joining some ladies at the club for tennis and luncheon afterwards. A little rushed for time, I was wearing a woollen training jacket and matching pants with a delicate floral pattern. I loved wearing them, so stylish and warm. The exclusive outfit was difficult to come by but worth the effort and I found the interest they attracted most flattering.

‘I hope you don’t mind. I’m playing tennis later and I’m wearing them over my skirt,’ I explained apologetically in the presence of such a stylishly dress young lady.

‘You look lovely and I’m sure Doctor Love won’t mind in the least,’ she reassured me as we moved from the entrance hall into the Guest’s Sitting Room.

It’s an impressive room and much more comfortable than my usual doctor’s waiting area. Their interior designer should be commended on such an exquisite creation. I love the warm pastel colours and the classical elegance of the furniture and furnishings. A fireplace is a feature of the room and flanked on either side by matching couches with a gorgeous chandelier above.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of being treated as a Guest and not a patient and was interested in becoming acquainted with the man who owned such a wonderful place. I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Doctor Love, imagining him as a refined and dignified gentleman if the Şerifali Escort building, its facilities and Maddisyn were any indication. Visions of the lord of a stately manor brought a little smile to my face as I gazed around the room in a fanciful moment.

‘Is Doctor Love able to see me?’ I inquired. ‘My engagement for tennis is later this morning.’

‘Doctor Love is available whenever you would like to see him. You can have some morning tea if you like or maybe you would like to use the Guest Lounge,’ Maddisyn kindly offered.

‘Thank you. I’ll just visit the lounge,’ I replied, glancing at my wrist watch.

‘Some ladies enjoy having a massage or a spa bath, so keep it in mind for next time,’ Maddisyn mentioned. ‘Please use any of the facilities and I’ll introduce you to Doctor Love when you’re ready.’

The lounge is lavishly appointed and certainly rivaled any day spa I’d visited. The spa bath looked so inviting in front of a large window with a view of a private courtyard garden. I used a lovely selection of cosmetics on an antique dressing table with a large mirror and touched up my makeup and hair. After freshening up, I left and rejoined Maddisyn.

I followed Maddisyn down a passageway with polished Baltic Pine flooring that lead from the entrance hall towards the back of the building. A set of impressive stairs with decorative wooden balustrade leading from the hall went up to a second floor, running parallel with the passageway. About halfway down was a closed door.

‘This door is another entrance to the Guest Lounge,’ Maddisyn mentioned. ‘You can go directly to and from Doctor Love’s suite instead of going through the Sitting Room.’

The door to the suite was open and we walked in finding Doctor Love seated at a large ornate wooden desk. I suspected the suite wouldn’t be a typical doctor’s consulting room. I wasn’t disappointed. The suite had high ornate ceilings with decorative cornices and ceiling rosettes that were throughout the building. A chandelier provided another touch of class and it was elegantly furnished. There were plush couches with soft cushions and items of lovely period furniture.

Doctor Love left his desk to greet us. ‘Doctor Love, I’d like you to meet Mrs. Suzanne Douglas Sinclair,’ introduced Maddisyn.

‘It’s a pleasure,’ he greeted, extending his hand and a rather engaging smile.

The way a man greets a lady says a lot about their character. Doctor Love’s hand was warm and gentle, lingering just enough to be welcoming and reassuring. His appearance and grooming were immaculate. I instantly recognised Doctor Love as a gentleman and with more substance I suspected than some I’ve been acquainted with.

‘Please, let’s take a seat,’ he offered, directing me to one of the couches nestled in front of a white marble fireplace.

Letting me sit before he did didn’t go unnoticed. I was also impressed with my new doctor’s impeccable dress sense. It’s a quality that I rarely get to admire in men. He wore a fine three-piece tailored suit and a Christian Dior silk neck tie. Doctor Love was attractive, in a classic gentlemanly way befitting an older man. He looked fit and obviously looked after himself. His lightly greying full head of hair was stylishly cut short and his choice of cologne was exquisite, and expensive.

I hardly noticed Maddisyn leave as we sat opposite each other on the two couches. ‘How have you found the Practice’s facilities Mrs. Douglas Sinclair?’ Doctor Love commenced.

‘Please call me Suzanne,’ I softly laughed, thinking it would make things more comfortable. ‘They’re wonderful. I’m meeting some ladies for tennis and a little pressed for time. That’s why I’m in my tennis clothing. I hope you don’t mind?’

Doctor Love gave me a lovely smile and I felt his warm gaze briefly roam over my body-hugging outfit. ‘It’s lovely and looks wonderful on you,’ he complimented.

I returned his smile feeling pleased at his flattering observation. His praise for my outfit was all the more appreciated, given his exquisite taste in male fashion. It’s always nice to receive a compliment, particularly from someone as charming as Doctor Love was proving to be.

‘I’ve reviewed the information you provided in the survey when you registered but please tell me why you have come to see me,’ he continued.

‘George and I have been married for almost 25 years and have two lovely children,’ I smiled. ‘Both grown up now, James 23 and Sarah 21.’

‘They’re still at home?’ Doctor Love inquired.

‘Yes. I was married at their age but things are a lot different these days,’ I sighed.

‘They must be happy being at home. Please continue,’ he prompted with another charming smile.

‘George and I have worked hard to build up a very successful transport business. George manages the operational side and I managing the social aspects, entertaining and networking with clients and often their partners. We also have the Sinclair Foundation that I manage and arrange charitable functions. I’m sure you would have heard of the Foundation?’ Üsküdar Escort I finally asked.

‘Yes, certainly. They do wonderful work,’ Doctor Love smiled. ‘It sounds like you’re both busy people,’ he added.

‘Probably too busy,’ I offered. ‘I think we lost focus on our marriage and drifted apart personally but not professional. I’m sure you understand.’

‘Has this caused any difficulties?’ Doctor Love probed.

I paused for a moment. Doctor Love was patient, not wanting to interrupt my thoughts. ‘Not as far as the operation of the business and public life. I’m sure that James and Sarah have no idea.’

Sharing his inquiring gaze, I couldn’t help but notice his blue sensual eyes. ‘And George . . .?’ Doctor Love prompted.

‘George and I became aware of the situation almost 12 months ago. We’ve discussed it many times. We don’t blame each other, it just happened,’ I explained. ‘Our marriage has developed into one of convenience and necessity.’

‘What do you mean by convenience and necessity?’ Doctor Love asked, seeking clarification.

‘We have the children to consider, obviously, but the business provides the lifestyle we all enjoy. We rely on each other for the business to be successful,’ I mentioned. ‘Doctor Love, a divorce would put an end to my social life so it’s simply out of the question,’ I added.

‘It seems you have both come to an arrangement to continue the marriage in the best interests of everybody,’ Doctor Love summed up so perfectly.

It made a complex situation sound so simple. But there was still my personal issue with Emily. I was relieved at least that I was talking with someone other than George and Emily about our situation, someone who understood and could help, but wasn’t involved. I was also enjoying the distraction of having a charming and rather handsome new doctor.

Doctor Love’s eyes narrowed thoughtfully. ‘What has happened in the arrangement that has prompted you to see me?’ He inquired.

‘George is seeing another woman, Emily,’ I answered without malice or even disappointment in my voice.

Emily is our fleet controller and quite a likeable person really. What happened wasn’t her fault. A similar age as me and equally attractive with a friendly and kind personality, I can see why George was interested in Emily. I don’t think it’s in her nature to want to come between us. It’s unusual really how the three of us still manage to get on so well.

‘How do you feel about that?’ He asked softly with a hint of sympathy in his voice.

I’d only just met Doctor Love but his invitation to share my intimate feelings was irresistibly arousing. I wasn’t use to confiding with anyone, certainly not such personal matters. Doctor Love listened intently and expressed genuine interest. His face and eyes told me so. I hadn’t experienced such a connection with any doctor before. Despite being a little excited where the conversation was going, I was still hesitant to mention another complication with Emily.

‘We’ve become more like three friends than a married couple,’ I sighed. ‘All I’ve asked of George and Emily is that they keep it discreet and private,’ I added.

‘Is there a love interest in your life Suzanne?’ Doctor Love asked with such tenderness I almost felt the need to mention what was also on my mind.

The question, however, struck a sensitive nerve. I discretely moistened my lips and drew a silent breath, wondering where the discussion was headed. ‘No,’ I quietly muttered, slowly lowering my gaze from Doctor Love.

‘I sense some disappointment,’ he astutely commented in a comforting voice. ‘You’re an attractive woman and I’m sure there would have been opportunities.’

I was flattered and moved and felt a little trill of arousal at hearing the comments from such a lovely gentleman. I lifted by eyes to meet his and felt their warmth. ‘That’s kind of you to so,’ I said, returning his charming smile.

‘Just my observation,’ Doctor Love replied, his gaze having that little something extra that excited me.

I started to feel uncomfortably warm and my cheeks became flushed. ‘I’m feeling a little warm. Do you mind if I removed my training top and pants?’ I asked. ‘I have a tennis outfit underneath,’ I added, softly laughing reassuringly.

‘Yes certainly. Would you like some water?’ Was his concerned and caring reply.

I smiling in appreciation. ‘Thank you, if that’s not too much trouble?’

Doctor Love was an arousing conundrum. I was enjoying the session, maybe a little more than I should. While my eyes were explored his exquisite taste in clothing as he went to a room off the suite, my mind was imagining the toned and athletic body concealed beneath his finely tailored suit.

I removed my tennis shoes and slipped out of my jacket and pants, placing them neatly on the couch next to me. Doctor Love soon returned and offered me a glass of water. Peering at him as I sipped, I hadn’t fully appreciated how handsome he was for late 50’s.

Doctor Love had a look of concern etched on his Ümraniye Escort face as he stood near my side. ‘How are you feeling?’ He asked.

‘Much better,’ I assured him as I settled back on the couch looking forward to our discussion continuing.

Doctor Love returned to the couch opposite and smiled as I shared his gaze, enjoying the warmth of his eyes. I was feeling more comfortable sitting in my tennis attire and even more relaxed in his company. He was my new doctor but the thread of arousal weaving through my body felt a little naughty. I admonished myself for the thought but it still brought a smile to my face.

‘So, you don’t have a love interest, but are you interested in a relationship?’ Doctor Love continued, interrupting my dreamy thoughts.

‘Well . . . not really, I hesitantly replied. ‘As far as people know we’re happily married and I wouldn’t like it to compromise the arrangement with George and Emily,’ I added. But there was more to it than that.

Encouraging the discussion, he continued. ‘But you have thought about it?’

‘Well . . . I did at first, when George told me about Emily. More of a fantasy really,’ I laughed. ‘You know the sort of thing, the personal trainer or the gardener who calls once a week,’ I added, not entirely honest.

My arousal increased as I recalled the details of the brief fantasies I had entertained, but not pursued. Thoughts and images of George and Emily being intimate also entertained my mind. The fantasies and self-pleasure were a poor substitute. But increasingly thoughts of Emily were on my mind as I masturbated myself to sleep. My feelings for her surprised me, even leaving me a little intrigued and curious at my interest.

Doctor Love must have read my mind. ‘It must be difficult without the intimacy and sexual relationship normally in a marriage?’ He posed.

I reflected, my pussy moistening and throbbing with the images. ‘We haven’t had sex for quite a while,’ I softly sighed. ‘I do miss the intimacy.’

‘Tell me what you miss,’ Doctor Love explored.

Months of pent up frustration flowed as we discussed my yearned. I found Doctor Love more attractive professionally and personally, enjoying his warm engaging eyes and soft sensual tone of voice as we discussed my most intimate needs. The arousal I was experiencing was also wonderful. Discreetly glancing down, my hardened nipples were embossing through my sport top and my wet tennis briefs were fully on display.

I shifted nervously on the couch embarrassingly unaware, so relaxed and engrossed in our conversation. Hardly intimate apparel but the sodden and translucent material was all that separated Doctor Love’s gaze from my embossed intimate opening. I hadn’t noticed him showing particular attention but what was obvious was his erection pushing against the fabric of his trousers.

I move forward to the edge of the couch trying not to bring attention to my situation and crossed my legs. The saturated fabric of my briefs pulled deliciously tight across my pussy as I squeezed my thighs together. I adjusted my skirt to regain my modesty, as much as a short tennis skirt would permit.

‘Thank you for the water,’ I nervously grinned, picking up the glass from the footstool and justifying my repositioning as if nothing was wrong.

Doctor Love’s sexual interest sent a shiver of excitement through my body and that gorgeous smile he kept flashing at me was playing havoc with my self-control.

There was a pause in our conversation as I sipped. ‘I love your suite,’ I commented trying to hide my arousal and composing myself, emotionally and physically.

Still holding the glass, I motioned nervously towards the room off the suite. ‘Is there a kitchenette or something?’

‘There’s an ensuite, please use it anytime,’ Doctor Love offered. ‘Would you like another drink?’

‘No that’s fine, I was just curious,’ I smiled back. ‘I wouldn’t mind a look. I must be leaving soon or I’ll be late for the tennis,’ I added, trying to handle the situation.

‘Certainly, I’ll show you around on your way out. I’d like to schedule a couple more appointments, if you’re comfortable with that,’ he suggested. ‘How does the same time for the next two weeks sound, and then we can review how things progress?’

‘That sound great,’ I replied remarkably calm. ‘The session has been most helpful and I’ll look forward to it,’ I added with a coy smile.

We got up and I gazed around the chandelier lit room briefly before following Doctor Love into the room off the suite. There was an impressive archway leading to what I discovered was a bedroom. It took me by surprise. I shouldn’t have been really, finding the Practice full of surprises.

My eyes roamed the exquisitely furnished room with butterflies suddenly taking flight in my stomach. ‘What a wonderful room!’ I exclaimed while my mind ran wild with possibilities.

The room was elegant, warm and intimate, ideal for being entertained by a gentleman. A white ornate fireplace was a striking feature and had a large mirror suspended above it. Matching antique chairs were upholstered in dark blue velvet. The king-sized bed with matching polished cheery-wood tables looked wonderful. Then Doctor Love, noticing my curious fixation on the bed, indicated the doorway to the ensuite.

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