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Big Dicks

…It was a surprise every time, and the anticipation always gave her a thrill.

She never knew what kind of mood he would be in—playful, submissive, romantic—no two of their liaisons were ever alike, and she appreciated that. It kept her heart racing every time she set foot in the suite, the location and number of which was only known to her twenty minutes before each of their monthly rendezvous. All he ever said was, “stand and wait.”

So she stood by the bed, still in her sensible smart work clothes: conservative gray skirt and matching blazer, white blouse with the frilly collar, shiny black patent leather heels, though beneath the skirt, as usual, she wore no bra or panties. The feel of the skirt against her bare ass kept her revved up throughout the day, just as the anticipation of his call. She never knew when during the day the call would come on her cell phone, specifying the time and place of their meeting, and the mystery, the excitement kept her tingling and wet as she went about her duties.

There was no knock—he let himself in using the second key, all six foot one of him blocking out the light from the hallway as he briefly stood in the door, sizing her up as he always did, his dark penetrating eyes locking onto hers momentarily.

She couldn’t help but inhale, and as she did so she took in the molecules of his scent, a mix of male musk and expensive cologne, that had drifted across the suite. Involuntarily, she rolled her tongue across her lips.

“Strip,” was all he said. “But leave the heels on.”

She shrugged off the white blouse, letting it slip to the floor as she unbuttoned the blouse, eager to free her already-hard nipples from the oppressive fabric. She could already tell he was in no mood for preludes, for his usual fantastically intense foreplay. This would be strictly for his pleasure, and she didn’t mind a bit.

She gave her skirt a tug and it too fell away, bunching around her ankles, creating a brief barrier for her to step over. She stood nude before him, relishing the appreciative touch of his gaze across her naked form.

She was shocked at how quickly he had disrobed, his clothes in a pile beside the bed, and even more surprised at how quickly he’d moved in front of her. She drank in his tall, muscled form, lingering at the oh-so-hard cock that pointed straight at her. God, he was huge. She could never get over its size—at least as big around as her wrist, corded with veins through which the blood that kept it erect pulsed, making it jump.

“I see you looking,” he said, almost out of breath with desire. “Stroke it like Bostancı Escort you know you want to.”

Obediently, she curled the fingers of her right hand around it as best she could, unable to fully wrap her hand around the thick shaft. She moved closer, closer until her aching nipples touched his chest, until his beast of a member was trapped between them. Only then did she begin to work the skin up and down in slow, deliberate strokes, using her other hand to cup and massage the twin orbs hanging in their sac below.

She couldn’t help but stare at it, captured in her hand, the shiny head broad and rounded, making her fingers look small as she worked his cock up and down, faster and faster. It throbbed at her touch, and she slowed for a moment, lest he come too quickly—

“Stop,” he breathed, almost as if he’d read her mind.

“Why?” she asked with a pout. She raked her thumbtip across the tiny slit at the end, which welled with the clear fluid that was beginning to pool there.

“Because I want to fuck you in two different ways tonight, and I don’t want to use it on your hand.”

She did as she was told, allowing herself a delicious shiver at the way he said fuck ring in her ears, taking a last opportunity to rake her fingernails up his prodigious length. Below, her pussy tingled, wet and ready for his next command, hoping, pleading for it to be—

“On your hands and knees, on the bed.”

Ohhhhhhhhhh…she thought as she eagerly made the transition, sliding on the expanse of the bed. The juices flowed freely from her slit now, creating a slick liquid trail down her inner thigh. She crushed her face into the pillows, wiggling her heart-shaped derriere in the air as she anticipated his thick explorations. Her ass was generous, big and curvy, and she wanted him to grab it, thrust on it, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck it with that horse-dick of his—

He wasted no time fulfilling her wish.

He found the wet path running down her leg, and scooped it up with the hot head of his cock, sliding it up, up the smooth skin of her inner thigh, until it nested in the thick wet bush between her thighs.

He opened her up hard,

thrusting the broad head deep amid her puffy lips, and she involuntarily screamed with the pleasure and pain of it all, the hot cock she craved

stretching her,

massaging her

from the inside,

stroking her sugar walls in time to the


rhythm of his thighs against her generous ass,

rough hands grabbing, pulling her hips back and forth,

pussy stroking and stroking the welcome visitor,

mouth Erenköy Escort making ohhhhhhhhhh and aaaaaaaaah and uuuuuuuuuuuh noises

knees nearly giving way with the hot pleasure radiating out from her core

she pulsed and convulsed and fucked

and stroked










She felt him slide out, still hard as iron.

She lay on the bed, the half-moon of her ass still in the air, panting, gasping from the gifts he’d given her, eager to accept him again in any way, any manner he saw fit.

She felt deliciously helpless, deliciously vulnerable as strong hands spread the round, jiggling orbs of her butt.

“Tell me you want it,” he rasped, his voice catching with raw, pent-up lust.

Of course she knew what he wanted to hear.

“Take my ass,” she stage-whispered, sliding her fingers back toward her rump. She eagerly pulled the cheeks apart, taking over from his hands so he could use them for other purposes. “I want my ass full of your thick, stiff cock.”

A hot, wet, broad something slid across the tiny entrance there, and a little thrill slid up her spine when she realized it was not what she thought it was.

Hot breath rippled between the cheeks of her derriere, She let out little furtive yelps as the slick tip of his tongue darted in and out, gently playing pathfinder, loosening her up and getting her oh, so wet. He’d never done that before and it





Lips sucked and slurped, lingering at her ass, and she lay there slack-jawed, riding the luscious waves of orgasm after orgasm.

“Dammit,” she moaned, gripping the sheets with bitch-red nails, “stop teasing me and fuck me in the ass…”

There was no warning, just the sensuous feeling of a broad slickness pushing its way past her dampened and slowly yielding portal. Strong hands gripped her hips as steady, rhythmic thrusts pushed at her tight opening, harder and harder until the hot round cockhead slithered into her anus—


Her involuntary shout excited him, and he began to push deeper, deeper into the hot, humid depths of her round ass. She tightened around the hot cylinder that invaded her most intimate of depths, squeezing her curvy cheeks together to milk it of its hot stickiness. Concentration left her, the only noises able to escape her clenched lips a hissing noise as he filled her ass. It was here she felt her most primal,

Here where she felt like the dirty girl she Göztepe Escort liked to be, feeling bad, bad, bad as she listened to her butt eagerly slurp at his big cock…

Here where she went weak-kneed with lust as




in her




She shivered as he abruptly withdrew his hot length, the sudden emptiness in her ass a bleak void, and she rolled over onto her back to see him holding his near-bursting cock in his hand.

His eyes were crazed lust as he slid up her, and she knew what he wanted then, and she was only too happy to comply. Her tongue raked across her lips as she came face to face with the instrument that had given her so much pleasure a few seconds ago.

It was dark and angry with the pent-up desire inside it, and only she could give release.

She accepted the challenge.

Both hands gripped the slick, raging shaft, and she eagerly rolled her tongue across the head, tasting his salty juices and her own. Her beckoning tongue and lips slurped and sucked, bobbed and kissed.

His slick head filled her mouth, and she closed her eyes, shutting out one of her senses to enhance the other four…

Touch: steel-rigid, hot, slick, pulsating, throbbing, thrusting, bulging…

Taste: salty, sweet, delicious, tangy, luscious…

Smell: sweaty, musky, humid, sexy…

Sound: slurping, smacking, oohhh, mmmmph, yeah, don’t stop, take it allllll….

Ohhhhhhh, how she wanted it all, to take it in, all the way down, but he was too blessed, there was sooooooo much…

She slid a hand down to his balls, ripe, hanging fruit boiling with the liquid passion that wanted to erupt, to spurt, to leap from him—

“Baby, I’m gonna….I’m gonna…”

She withdrew all but the thick head, letting it rub hot against the inside of her cheek, furiously stroking with her hand and licking with her tongue…

“Give it to me,” she mumbled around his dick, wishing for another hand so she could touch herself. “Empty those balls…”


Jets of hot gooey, salty liquid stung the back of her mouth, and she let the thick juices roll across her tongue and down her eager throat before pulling him out of her mouth, letting an endless cascade of boiling spurts land on her beestung lips, aiming them at her neck and nipples and between the gentle curves of her breasts, coaxing the last pearls from the end with lips and fingers and tongue.

She fell back on the mountain of pillows behind her, a sticky, silvery string trailing from her lower lip, connecting her to his cock. A swift swipe from her tongue captured the briny evidence so she could send it, still warm, into her tummy.

“Yum,” she said, smiling up at him with eager eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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