Susan from Philly Pt. 05

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“We need to get ready for dinner,” I said.

Susan rolled over onto her stomach and just grunted, “I want to stay here.”

“I think they would notice if we did not show up. We do not need those questions.”

“I know.”

Rolling on top of her I playfully humped her ass and then slid off the bed.

“I am taking a shower,” I called out as I walked into the bathroom. Starting the shower I stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain about half way closed. I had just finished getting wet when Susan stepped into the tub with me.

Grabbing the bar of soap she said, “let me wash that for you.” Soaping up her hands she began washing my cock, balls, groin and around my asshole.

I reached down between her legs to finger her pussy. Reaching her inner thighs I could feel how wet and sticky she was with our mixed cum. Pushing my fingers into her I could feel my hot sticky cum still inside of her. Scooping some cum from her pussy I brought my fingers to her lips. She opened her mouth, took my fingers and sucked the cum off of them. She then turned me around to allow the water to rinse me off. After she had gotten all of the soap off of me she turned me to face her again.

Grabbing my half-hard cock she asked, “do you pee in the shower?”

“Yes,” I answered, “do you?” She blushed slightly and looking down nodded her head yes.

Looking up she asked, “can you pee for me, I want to watch again?”

I nodded and began trying to pee for her. It took me a few seconds to get started. Since we were standing close together I was peeing on her just above her pussy. She was staring at my cock and watching the piss stream out of it and onto her. Susan stepped up to me pushing my cock against her pussy and my hot piss was running across her pussy lips and down her legs. My stream turned to a trickle and then stopped. One arm was over my shoulders and she pulled me in to kiss her.

Breaking the kiss, she looked into my eyes, “I never knew it was so hot. That was amazing.”

“Do you need to pee?” I asked.


She spread her legs apart. After a few seconds a stream of piss and cum flowed from her. Stepping up to her I pushed my cock into the hot stream coming from her and moved her legs together making her piss over my cock and down the inside of her thighs. Her pissing on my cock felt so hot and nasty, it was incredible.

When she finished we just held each other for a few seconds. Looking at her we both knew we had crossed over to something very different. It had been both of our first times with piss play.

We both quickly rinsed off. I got dressed and headed down to grab a cab over to the restaurant. Susan was going to arrive a little later. She was still naked getting ready when I left so I was not sure what she was going to wear.

Pre-drinking before dinner was well underway when I arrived. Susan Bostancı Escort arrived about 15 minutes later just as we were being seated for dinner. She looked very fuckable in a short black skirt, pantyhose, heels and a tight white blouse that looked at least one size too small for her. It looked like the buttons over her tits could pop at any second.

We sat on opposite sides of the large table not quite across from each other. There was no real interaction between us during dinner. However, drinks and wine were really flowing and just about everyone was pretty lit when dinner finished.

As we were breaking up, one of the Philly managers offered to drop me off at my hotel. Susan overheard his offer and came up and whispered to me to walk to the office after he dropped me off. She winked and walked away.

My ride dropped me at the hotel and I took the quick walk over to the office. Susan was in the lobby chatting with the security officer who was almost drooling over her. Walking in she looks at me and says, “we can finish those reports now, I’ve already signed you in.”

We get on the elevator and the door is not completely closed before her tongue is in my mouth. In the 4″ heels she is just a couple of inches shorter than my 6 feet. My hands went to her ass and I felt bare skin. She was wearing black suspender stockings that exposed her ass and pussy. Kissing me she was grinding and rubbing against me and my cock was growing in my pants.

The elevator stopped and she stepped back. Nobody should be in the office, but who knows. The lights from the elevator spilled into the lobby. Lights from outside the building and the exit lights lit up the hallways leading from the lobby. It was pretty clear that no one was in the office at 10:00 pm on a Thursday night.

Susan took my hand and led me back towards her office. “I have always wanted to fuck someone in my office,” she said.

As she turned into her office I noticed that she had unbuttoned her blouse, I had been busy watching her ass. Pulling me into her office she pulled me close and began kissing me again. My hands once again found her bare ass and she ground her pelvis into my hardening cock. Breaking our kiss she pulled her blouse off and unhooked her bra. They both landed near the window as she tossed them behind her. I reached behind her and unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt and stood there in just her black suspender stockings and heels. I stepped forward and began to alternate sucking, squeezing and licking her both of her tits. She held my head to her tits as i sucked on them. My right hand went to her pussy and I began to rub and slide a finger into her. Susan was already soaking wet. Soon I was plunging 3 fingers deep into her.

Susan reached down for my belt and unfastened it, unbuttoned my Erenköy Escort pants and unzipped me. Her hand reached in my underwear grabbing my cock. After squeezing my cock for a minute she pulled her hand from me and said, “you have too many clothes on,” and began to unbutton my shirt. Soon it was unbuttoned and she pulled it off of me forcing me to let go of her pussy. My shirt wound up with hers on the floor. She then pulled my tee shirt over my head and flung it away.

Susan dropped to her knees and bent down to untie my shoes. She pulled my pants and underwear down and I stepped out of them. They wound up in heap of clothes. Finally she pulled my socks off and tossed them to the side. I was totally naked in her office and she was below me wearing only suspender stockings and heels.

My rigid cock was standing straight up. She reached up, grabbed it and pulled it to her mouth swallowing it in one motion. Susan was working my cock with her mouth only while squeezing my balls. Between already cumming twice that day and being a little more than drunk I knew I could last for a while, but her mouth was so hot and she knew how to use her tongue.

As much as I love my cock in a mouth, after a couple of minutes I pulled my cock from her mouth and stood her up. I maneuvered her to behind her desk and sat her on the edge. Sitting in her chair I pulled her stockinged legs over my shoulders and dove into her pussy with my tongue. She tasted so sweet and hot. Laying back on her desk she was completely exposed to me and I was eating all of her pussy. Looking up I could see that she was playing with her own tits. She was completely soaked and her juices were running down into her butt crack and onto her desk. I brought my hand up to play with her pussy too. Between my tongue, fingers and her playing with her tits, she was getting really turned on. Her breathing was becoming increasingly ragged and she moved one of her hands down to begin rubbing her clit while I continued to suck on her pussy. My juice covered fingers slid down and rubbed over her asshole. As she rubbed her clit faster I shoved one then two fingers into her ass. Her body stiffened and the air rushed out of her as a huge orgasm shot through her body. I lapped up her juices the best I could and slowly finger fucked her ass.

Her breathing began to return to normal and I slid my fingers out of her ass. Standing up I stepped forward. Taking my cock in my hand I rubbed the tip of it over her wet and engorged pussy lips. Grabbing her legs, I pulled them up totally exposing her pussy to me. I slowly began to push my cock into her and was soon deep in her hot wet pussy. Watching her cum had been a tremendous turn-on and standing in her office, with the door open, naked and fucking her on her desk was really driving me crazy. I was steadily and evenly fucking her. She was pushing Göztepe Escort back against my thrusts and massaging and licking her own tits.

“I can’t believe you are fucking me on my desk,” she said.

“Office sex is always so hot,” I answered.

I had picked up the pace pounding her pussy when she suddenly tensed up and her pussy began clinching my cock as another orgasm rolled through her. Slowing my strokes I caressed her legs and ass. She laid there with a completely blissed-out look on her face.

I lowered her legs, pulled my cock from her and stepped back. She looked at me quizzically. Taking her hands I pulled her to standing up.

“Come over here,” I said as I lead her to the window of her office, kicking our clothes out of the way. It looked down on Rittenhouse Square in Downtown Philadelphia which was still busy at this time of the night and you could see the occasional light on in the nearby office buildings.

“What are we doing?” she asked.

“Step to the window,” I answered.

She looked at me unsure.

“Can anyone see us up here?”

“No, not with the lights off in your office.”

Taking her hand I turned her to face the window. I pressed up against her pinning her on the window, her tits smashed up against the glass. My cock was sliding up and down the crack of her ass that was slick with her juices. I continued that for a couple of minutes and leaving her hands up on the window I grabbed her hips and pulled her back slightly from the window. Grabbing my increasingly throbbing cock I slide the tip down her ass crack, teasing at her asshole and then thrust my hips forward driving my cock all the way in her pussy. With her heels on she is the perfect height to fuck from behind like this.

I am ready to cum in her and holding her hips I begin to thrust as deeply and as fast as I can into her. Finally I cannot hold out any longer and begin to pump my cum into her pussy. Her tits are pressed against the window as I finish my last spurt into her. I am leaning against her trying to catch my breath as my cock slowly softens and then falls from her with a plop pulling a string of cum along her inner thigh.

Susan is looking intently out the window. I believe she is wondering did anyone see us? After a couple of minutes of holding her by the window I whisper in her ear, “we should go.”

“Yes”, is all she says.

We quickly dress in the darkness of her office. When we are done, she stepped to me and kissed me with one of the long passionate kisses she enjoys.

“Thank you, that was unbelievable,” she said as she broke off the kiss.

We made our way back through the office, into the elevator and back to the lobby. As we signed out the security guard looked at us and smiled.

We walked back to the hotel, made our way up to the room, stripped off our clothes and fell into bed. I was cuddled up behind her falling asleep and thought, did I see her take a bra off when we got back to the hotel? Was she even wearing one tonight? One more day in Philly, what else could happen? I drifted off to sleep next to her warm sexy body.

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