Suzie’s Son-Swapping Sex Club 05

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INCEST: New mom and son initiated into club.

(Note that this is a long story. All characters mentioned in this story, both new characters and characters who have appeared in previous chapters of this odyssey, are over 18 years of age—regardless of the roll played.)


By this time we had three mom’s, mine (Suzy), Jimmy and Timmy’s mom (Marge), and Donny’s mom Kathy, and us four boy’s, the three of us originals and Donny.

Mom had meet Kathy through one of the naughty sites on the internet and had included her and Donny several weeks ago. But for today mom had invited another woman she had met online and invited her and her 18 year-old son over for a party with all of us. Her son Freddy was a freckle faced kid, a bit small for his age, and his mom, Cindy, was a big buxom redhead.

We had certain rules for our budding sex club. All mommies had to be divorced, and had to swear to celibacy outside of the group members. Us boys also had to swear to celibacy outside of the group too. This was to prevent the possibility of someone picking up a disease and spreading it to the rest of the group. We boys were allowed to date girls for school functions and the like, just like everyone else, but we were all, oh, so well behaved. No date rape from any of us. Of course we were all getting more than enough at home with our moms, and with each other’s moms whenever we all got together for one of mom’s big parties.

Anyway, mom had devised a special initiation for new members, but I’ll bug out here and let the new mom Cindy tell you how things came down.



It all started when I caught my 18-year old son Freddy masturbating to porn on the internet. I had just come home from work and saw that he hadn’t taken out the garbage like I’d asked him to do in the morning. So I headed to his bedroom where he usually hangs out this time of day intending to chew him out.

As I began to step through his open doorway I got the shock of my life—which froze me in place. My “little” son, my young, trim, athletic son, was buck naked and sitting at his computer with the biggest fucking hard on I’d ever seen. A quick look at the screen and it was obvious to me he was looking at porn. Then, my eyes, obeying a will of their own, returned to his huge boner.

Not only was my son looking at the porn, but he was masturbating to it! Playing with his huge cock tugging it this way and that. And, needless to say my panties got instantly soaked. I could hardly believe that my “little boy” had such a big cock. I couldn’t believe how he had grown up so fast all of a sudden. It seemed like just yesterday I was bathing him in the tub as he played with his floating boats. But now, there was my “little boy” playing with his very big cock. Trembling, I stood there and watched while he masturbated to that naughty porn. So engrossed was he in his porn that he didn’t hear the rustle of clothing as I lifted my skirt to rub my throbbing pussy.

As my knees got weaker and I feared that I was ready to cry out in orgasm, I quietly slipped back out of his room, fled to my own, closed the door and quickly brought my self off by hand. Then I dug out my rabbit vibe and gave myself another orgasm—longer and more satisfying this time.

I showered and got ready for dinner. While showering, even though I had just cum twice in a row, I couldn’t get the sight of my son’s swollen cock and his masturbating to porn out of my mind. I realized then that I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to have nasty incest with my own son—just like the naughty women in all those nasty incest porn stories I love to read on Literotica. But how to go about it was the question. Just because my Freddy was looking at porn and masturbating didn’t mean he’d want to fuck his own mom.

Seduction. That was the key. I had to work on this over time, get him prepared to take that big step.

After showering, and before going into the kitchen to prepare dinner, I stood in my bedroom trying to decide what to wear. Then I chose the shortest, sluttiest skirt I had in my wardrobe, one that I’d purchased from a catalogue on a whim but had never gotten up the nerve to wear until now. It was a real micro that began just below my belly button and ended at the hem just below my pussy and ass—and I mean just barely below. It was so short that if I bent over even just a little parts of my butt cheeks would stick out.

At first I debated whether to go pantyless or not. The idea of flashing my naked pussy at my son made my clit ache. But in the end I decided that a pair of white panties would took even more sexy than nudity underneath the skimpy black silk skirt. In fact, the color contrast between the white silk panties underneath the thin-materialed black silk skirt allowed my panties to vaguely show through—even without my bending over.

I admired myself in the mirror for a few moments, getting turned on from my own slutishness. I played with my nipples until they got nice and erect gaziantep escort bayan then I slipped on a red blouse with no bra. I left enough buttons undone on top to allow plenty of cleavage to show.

I looked at myself again in the mirror admiring the way my hard-on nipples tented the material of my blouse. I tucked my blouse real tight into my skirt so as to accentuate my cantaloupe-sized tits—tits that were firm enough that I needed no bra to hold them up as they stuck straight out as if defying gravity. I teased my nipples again through the cotton making them grow even larger so they were sticking out about an inch, then I strutted my way into the kitchen to start getting dinner ready.

By this time my son who had finished jerking off to his porn, was sitting in the living room dressed in his gym shorts looking at a sports magazine. When he saw his poor horny mom dressed like she’d never been dressed before and strutting her stuff in front of him his eyes almost popped out of his head.

Step number one, I thought. I wanted him to know that his mom could look just as sexy as any of the porn sluts on the internet when she wanted to.

Just before entering the kitchen I turned back to catch him drooling over the way my ass wriggled under my short, tight, slutty skirt. “Freddy honey, why don’t you come into the kitchen and help mommy get dinner ready?”

“Sure, mom.”

With Freddy following me, and knowing that his eyes were riveted on my round juicy ass, I walked as sexily as I could, swinging my hips back and forth. “Turn the oven up to 400 degrees, dear, while I get the left over pot roast from the fridge.”

“Open the oven door for me, please,” I said as I carried the roast over. Of course, placing the roast in the oven gave me a great opportunity to bend over in front of my son and show him a little of mommy’s panties. Knowing that he was watching made my pussy almost gurgle.

Glancing back and seeing the nice bulge in his shorts that I’d caused made it all the better.

I closed the oven door and stood back up. “Okay, dear, let’s set the table now while the roast is warming up.”

Getting plates and silverware out of the dishwasher gave me more opportunities to bend over in front of him. Each time I bent over I tried to get my skimpy skirt to hike up even more. After handing him the plates and silverware I said, “take these over to the table while I get a couple of glasses for us.”

To my delight, after he had placed the items on the table he returned to the dishwasher to watch my skirt slide up my ass as I pretended to be searching for the glasses. Knowing he was watching, I wriggled my ass back and forth. He stood so close to me I could feel the heat from his cock so close to my ass. And the thought of him getting such a hot hard-on from looking at me, his own mom—and the thought that his cock was so close he could press it against my ass if he’d just lean forward a bit raised goose bumps all over my body.

Pretending that I didn’t know he was standing so close behind me I suddenly “found” the two glasses I was looking for, stood up and backed in to him. And, oh my God! The bulge in his shorts pressed against my butt pushing my skimpy skirt and panties into the crack of my ass. I could feel the cheeks of my butt caressing that hot horny bulge of my horny porn-watching son. And it sent shivers all through my body. And through his shorts and my skirt and panties I could feel his cock quivering and making short, quick little jerks. My nipples throbbed and bulged out through my blouse even more than before. I could have stayed there forever feeling his cock against my butt cheeks like that but I didn’t want to push my luck this early in the program.

“Oh, excuse me, son, I didn’t know you were there,” I finally said with a slight giggle.

“Why don’t you start chopping up the lettuce for the salad while I pour the wine?”

While my son worked at the counter-top near the sink, I poured the wine into the glasses I had just sat on the table. Then from the fridge I grabbed a handful of cherry tomatoes for the salad. I pressed my body against him pushing my hot cunt against his ass and my huge tits caressing either side of his neck. “Here, sweetie, it looks like you’re about done with the lettuce. Let me plop these tomatoes down and we’re about ready to go.” I pressed tighter into him while reaching around to set the tomatoes into the salad bowl on top of the lettuce.

“Set the salad on the table while I get the roast out of the oven.” I paused just a moment allowing him plenty of time to set the salad down on the table and turn around. I walked slowly over to the oven and turned it off. I grabbed a couple of hot pads and with my feet more than shoulder-width apart I opened up the oven door. A blast of heat roared out against my already over-steamed crotch. “Whew, that oven’s hot.” Knowing my son was standing nearby to watch me, I quickly yanked my skirt up so high it exposed escort bayan gaziantep my entire panty-covered ass. Then with the hot pads in hand I bent over to take the roast out knowing that my son could look right between my upper thighs and see the huge wet spot on my panties right below and in front of my ass.

During dinner, I sat across from him and was pleased to note how many times he stared at my most obvious cleavage. “Would like you some cookies for dessert?” I asked after we had both finished the main course. “I just baked them today.”


I brought the plate of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies over to the table but instead of just setting the plate on the table I stood beside him and bent over in front of him to offer him the plate. In fact I bent over so far that my huge boobs were practically hanging out of my blouse and dangling in front of his face. I saw his eyes bug out—but not at the cookies. “There’s two kinds. Of cookies, that is. Please take your pick, honey. You can have as many as you like—as long as you leave some yummy for mommy.”

I watched as his trembling fingers fumbled over the plate of cookies. To my delight he was obviously not watching what he was doing. I bent over a little more to expose even more of my huge tits. My face so close to the top of his head I could have kissed it. My hot breath fluttered his hair.

With dinner over we watched TV for awhile then I said, “Honey, before you go to bed could you help mommy change a light bulb?”

“Sure mom, where is it?”

“In my bedroom.” I had planned this scenario by removing the bulb from the overhead light fixture. I left the bulb laying on my bed where freddy could easily find it and hand it to me while I was up on the ladder. I had also left the step ladder in place so it’d be nice and handy.

“Could you hold the ladder for me dear, while I climb up and unscrew the light fixture?”

“S-s-s-sure mom.”

Knowing that nothing turns a guy on more than looking directly up a woman’s skirt I planned to give him a real show. In addition to having pre-positioned the step ladder, I had also purposely left my rabbit vibrator and a dirty book on my bed where he couldn’t help but see them—right next to the new light bulb I wanted to use. I figured it’d be a good idea to let Freddy know that his mommy also liked to look at porn and masturbate. This would put ideas in his head—naughty ideas, the kind of naughty ideas that could lead to a lot of fun.

“Can you be a nice boy and hold the ladder steady for mommy now while I climb up to undo the light fixture,” I said as I raised one foot and put it on the first step. This move of course pulled my skimpy skirt up a few inches showing him some more of my white panties.

“S-s-s-sure, mom.”

I climbed up a few more steps then looked down to make sure he was looking up my skirt. He was. I smiled at him but I don’t think he noticed, he was so entranced by looking up between my legs right at my exposed panties. And, oh, I know he couldn’t help but see how wet his mommy’s panties were—and that thought just made me all the hornier and wetter.

After undoing the light fixture I handed him the burnt out bulb. “Now can you hand me the new one, the one on my bed?”

This was going to be good, I thought, because the light bulb was sitting right on top of my dirty book and the rabbit vibrator was right next to it, so he couldn’t pick up the bulb without practically touching the vibrator—and of course he couldn’t help but notice the title of the book that I’d left face up. It was called: “Family Fun: incest short stories.”

I got a huge thrill out of watching his already flushed face turn an even brighter read when he picked up the light bulb and saw the title of the book—and of course the picture on the front showing a group of five people of various ages enjoying a group sex session.

By the time Freddy handed me the light bulb he was trembling all over. Luckily he didn’t drop it. I smiled at him again. “Now hold the ladder steady again will I screw the light bulb in.”

Knowing he was looking right up between my legs to my sopping wet panties and feeling his hot breath against my legs was just too delicious. I took my time screwing the bulb in, relishing the moment.

After installing the bulb and climbing back down the ladder I said, “That was sweet of you to hold the ladder for mommy, so let me give you a nice big hug for that.”

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him to me, and being so much taller than he was my huge tits practically smothered his face. His hot young breath on my cleavage sent goose bumps all over me. My hands traveled down his back to his butt and then I pulled him in even tighter to me so I could feel that huge bulge in his gym shorts pushing in between my upper thighs.

“I guess it’s about bedtime,” I breathed into his ear, “so let me give you a good night’s kiss.” Reluctantly gaziantep escort blogu I removed my hands from his butt and lifted his face up towards mine. I planted my kiss right on his lips, and then held it there for a moment. I wanted so bad to give him some tongue but I didn’t want to rush things too much. I didn’t want to scare him. Best to give him more time to think—and to fantasize.

After he retired to his bedroom, I put the ladder away then tiptoed towards his room. I put my ear to the door and to my utter delight I heard the tell-tale rhythmic sounds of a boy masturbating. And what a turn-on that was, knowing that my son was masturbating while thinking of his mom’s sexy antics and wet panties and all. I reached a hand down to play with my pussy while listening as he began to moan “mommy, mommy, mommy.”

And then he stopped. Figuring that he’d cum, I tip-toed back to my own bedroom and quickly brought myself off—and then again and again using the vibrator fantasizing that my son was using it on me.

Throughout the rest of the week, I continued to dress sexy around the house and made sure I gave my son plenty of opportunities to look up my skirts and down my blouses.

The next Saturday his father (who had visitation rights once a month) came early and picked him up for the weekend.

As soon as they were gone, and I was home alone, I stripped all of my clothes off, and feeling super kinky and energized I slipped into my son’s bedroom. I checked his computer to see what kind of porn he has been looking at. To my delight I discovered that for the last few days(ever since I’d had him help me change the light bulb) he had been reading incest stories on —especially mother-son stoies.

I read some of the stories he had read, and masturbated thinking about my son masturbating to the same stories. I knew then that my son wanted to have incest with his mom as much as I wanted to do it with him. But I still worried about how to actually go through with it. Incest is such a huge thing, and once you’ve stepped over that line there’s no stepping back. I decided I needed to talk to someone about it. Someone who had actually crossed that line. That’s when I contacted Suzy and learned about her son swapping sex club. We swapped some photos and I was impressed with how hot all of the moms looked and how hunky all of their sons were.

I’d never had sex with another woman before but had certainly fantasized about it and so it really made me wet and quivery all over when Suzy told me that all of the moms were expected to get it on together in addition to sharing their sons with each other. And, of course the idea of fucking all those hard, young cocks also sent my head to spinning. What better way, I thought, to introduce my Freddy to real live mother-son incest than to introduce him to such a sexy group of good-looking mommies who love to fuck their own sons.

It was time to take that final, fateful step.

Freddy came home on Sunday, but as usual at these times he was a little cool to me at first. I think his dad talks to him and puts dumb ideas in his head about his mom. So, I just bided my time. By Tuesday Freddy had become his usual friendly self and was starting to look at my body with more interest like he did last week. So I started dressing sexy again, flashing him and what all. Wednesday things really warmed up. I could see Freddy getting that nice big bulge in his gym shorts from looking up my skirt. And I found opportunities to rub up against him now and then. Thursday, more of the same, and it seemed that by this time he was getting an instant erection in his gym shorts every time I came into his view—even if I wasn’t flashing or especially acting sexy.

Friday I took off from work so when Freddy went to school I went into his bedroom again and turned on his computer to see what he had been googling. To my delight I saw that he had been visiting the Literotica site again and had been reading more incest porn the last couple of nights—especially the mother-son stories. I sent an e-mail to Suzy to tell her to expect us on Saturday for one of her parties.

Then I got myself ready for that evening.

I showered and shaved my pussy. Then I slipped on a white garter belt and rolled a pair of beige stockings up my legs and fastened them. I wore the skimpiest skirt I had in my wardrobe, but with no panties this time. On top I wore a button down blouse that I left unbuttoned but tucked into my skirt. The blouse’s thin material covered my nipples but left everything in between exposed.

In the preparing of dinner I found opportunities to bend over in front of him and to brush up against him like I did the other day. After dinner we watched a bit of the evening news, then an episode of “Desperate Housewives.” When that was over I turned to him and placed my hand on his thigh. “Freddy, dear, now that you’re 18 and an adult, would you like to watch an adult movie?”

“Y-y-y-you mean a porn movie?”

“Well, yes.” I giggled. “If that’s what you want to call it. Look Freddy, I know that you’ve been looking at porn on your computer . . .”

He looked away, his face suddenly becoming red.

“That’s okay.” I patted his thigh, moving my hand up a little higher. “I understand. It’s only natural for a boy your age. In fact mommy enjoys looking at porn too.”

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