Suzy and I Ch. 01

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I hope you enjoy the retelling of this story. I considered putting this under the romance heading, but it is between siblings after all. Always remember, love can make us do things we previously believed were not possible. It will also strike without warning or regard.

All characters are fictional and all sexual activities are between grown adults.

Suzy and I: Part 1 (revised)

Hi, my name is Luke. I was raised in the seventies and eighties, along with my siblings, by stern but loving parents. They were strongly religious people whom raised us with a strong moral background and integrity. Not being the kind of parents that showed much in the way of outward emotional affection, it was still obvious that they loved us.

I was number three of five children. The eldest was June, a sister, second was my sister Suzy, then me, followed by two brothers, Travis and Rich. There was a four year gap between the two sisters, me and Suzy were ten months apart, four more years till my next brother and then two more years to the last.

We had a normal family life growing up. There was the usual drama between sisters, brothers fighting now and then, but nobody ever staying angry.

The only exception was that of Suzy and me. We seemed to have a special relationship. I honestly don’t recall a single cross word between us. As with all siblings, the boys had their shared interests, and of course the girls had their own. These activities were not unusual, but common to all childhood experiences, and seldom did our fun as boys intersect with that of the girls. We each had our own circle of friends, and things we liked to do. But when I needed to talk with someone, especially when something was bothering me, Suzy was who I sought out, and I knew Suzy looked for me when she needed to talk. It was common knowledge in our family that the two of us were simpatico. Our mother thought we should have been born twins.

Despite our closeness the two of us were quite different. I was a little bit of a hot head, also impulsive and spontaneous. Suzy on the other hand was thoughtful, deliberative and kind to a fault. As different as we were, we treated each other with a special respect. I’m not sure why that was, at least nothing I could explain to another. But I think our differences balanced each other, and the trust we shared amplified that feeling of balance. It was like we were better people when we were together, than when we were apart.

Because she was only ten months older than me, my birthday being in August and Suzy’s in October, and the fact she was diminutive in size, our parents decided to wait and start her in school when we both were five years old, which put us in the same grade.

Some of my earliest childhood memories were of Suzy and me walking to school. We always walked together, both to and from school. During those walks we would sometimes be joined by friends that we picked up along the way. But always it was Suzy and I.

By the fifth grade I was much larger than Suzy and certainly stronger. I was a naturally muscled kid. I often helped her if she had a large load of books to deal with, especially through junior high and high school. She started calling me Pack Mule in the seventh grade, much to the consternation of our parents. They believed it was demeaning, but I took it as a badge of honor.

(A quick side note here. Her calling me Pack Mule wasn’t the only nickname being used. I had my own name for her, Lil Sis. Due to our size difference I began calling her that just to mess with her, but she actually loved it when I called her that, which took the fun out of it. It quickly turned into a term of endearment and something I only used when we were alone together. I believe that was due to the emotion I would feel behind that name. Those nicknames, by the way, endure to this day.)

I enjoyed my time with her during those walks. She was always easy to talk to, attentive and considerate. Very cathartic. She always treated me as her friend, not as a younger brother.

All through school, especially elementary, we each had our own set of friends. I had my guy friends and Suzy had her girlfriends. There was very little intermingling of our social circles. We had different classrooms through the elementary grades, with the exception of kindergarten and the fourth grade and we never shared a homeroom in junior high. But through junior high and high school we did find ourselves sharing some classes together. It didn’t happen very often, at least not often enough from my point of view. We had an unspoken rule in which we limited our social time together during school hours, as I think we didn’t want to appear abnormal or weird. We knew we were close, but we didn’t need everyone else knowing just how close we truly were.

It was the high school years that I loved the most in my youth, and it was because of Suzy. During those years Suzy transformed from a cute girl into a beautiful young woman. gaziantep escort bayan Her long mousy brown hair, bright hazel eyes and big mouth with the sculpted lips was just part of her attractiveness. She had a way of pulling you in when talking with you. Her face was animated and her eyes expressive, always positive and uplifting to be around.

During our freshman year I began noticing how much attention she was getting from the other boys in school, some of the older classmen even stopping to offer her a ride as we walked to school. She never accepted their offers as this was our time, a time that we both enjoyed, but I sat up and took notice. Even my friends began to comment on her. Nothing crass or disrespectful though. They knew I’d kick their asses. But they would comment on how pretty or cool and nice she was. I actually went on an informational campaign our freshman year to be sure everyone knew that if Suzy was mistreated or hurt in anyway, they’d have to deal with me, and I didn’t care who they were. I wasn’t a huge kid, but I wasn’t to be trifled with either. I was very protective of Suzy, especially during those years. I was also very proud to call her my sister, and for her to call me her brother.

The connection Suzy and I had strengthened during those high school years. When we’d pass each other in the halls she always had a smile and twinkle in her eye for me, regardless of whom was around. Our routine lunch tables, where we ate with our friends, were in sight of each other and during lunch we were sure to make eye contact and share a smile.

I remember one day, our sophomore year during lunch, Suzy wouldn’t look my direction. As I kept looking her way, hoping to catch her attention, I noticed that her friends appeared to be consoling her. I realized her body language showed an indication of distress. Breaking protocol I walked over and asked her what was wrong. She said ‘nothing was wrong’ and that she’d see me after school. Bullshit! She couldn’t hide her hurt from me; her eyes betrayed her, as she knew they would. I pressured her friends for info and finally one, in the face of Suzy’s protests, told me what had happened. A boy in one of her classes had been asking her to go out with him and she had turned him down each time. This last time, when she refused, he got in her face and called her some harsh names. One of the girls claimed to witness it. Knowing the boy’s name and where I’d probably find him during lunch, I walked off, Suzy pleading with me not to go.

I found him immediately and confronting him, asked him to apologize to Suzy. He decided to call me a few assorted things and push me around instead. He was a junior and a football and baseball player. He had two inches and twenty pounds on me and I was not inclined to tangle with him. That is until he decided to use more choice language concerning Suzy. I remember a feeling washing over me that I’d never known before and promptly attacked him. When it was over, about three minutes, we both were bloody, but I was standing and he was on his hands and knees, whipped. I was promptly sent home with a two week suspension (school wanted expulsion, but I had never been in trouble before) and received a scolding from my parents. I recall my dad having a gleam in his eye.

That evening in my room, which I was confined to for the time, Suzy came to talk with me, not having seen me since I walked away in the lunch room. Her face turned to shock as she looked at my swollen face for the first time. Her eyes welled up in tears and began running down her cheeks, her expression one of concern and fright. Wiping her tears on her sleeve she sat down next to me, our legs up against one another. She told me how scared she had been, afraid I’d get hurt, and how worried she was once she heard about the fight. I remember vividly how her voice choked up as she spoke and how I sensed her emotion, causing my heart to begin pounding. She touched the swelling on my face tenderly, a look in her eyes I didn’t recognize, and thanked me and asked me to never do that again. I promised. She leaned into me and placing a hand on the other side of my face kissed me on the cheek, a soft lingering kiss, which caused my already pounding heart to jack hammer. I can still recall the feeling that swelled up in me with that kiss. It was such a feeling of happiness and joy. A feeling of belonging.

When she left my room I stared after her, trying to wrap my head around the emotions I had washing through my body. The only thing I was certain of was how much I wanted her to kiss me again.

On the day I started school again, the boy, who was also suspended, sought out Suzy and apologized. He then did the same with me at lunch. We never became great friends, but he did become a friend and a fellow baseball team mate the following year. More importantly, Suzy was never disrespected again.

We always found the time to support each other in our varying gaziantep cimcif escort high school activities. Suzy would come and watch me play baseball at the school field, both practices and home games. I could hear her yelling every time I went to bat. She was my biggest fan. I attended her tennis matches and swim meets as well. She was a decent tennis player, but swimming was her passion. She was so graceful in the water, and fast. Her speed came from her form and mechanics, and she worked hard on that. I felt it would have been awkward to attend her swim practices, with all those cute girls in their swim suits, especially if my attention was primarily on her. But I never missed any of her home swim meets and I loved watching her compete. She was at home in the water and had a fire in her eyes when competing.

I also admired her body and how she looked. Long slender neck atop wide straight feminine shoulders, moderately sized mounds on her chest, a narrow waist, slender hips and the cutest little round butt. We had a pool growing up and whether she was swimming laps between school competitions or just relaxing in it with her friends I was in attendance. Her tight one piece suit showed off her cute little caboose and perky breasts. It was tough not to be awkward and just relax with her in the pool when my mind was filled with all sorts of lewd thoughts and desires as I studied her girlish figure. I often disgusted myself with such notions, knowing it was wrong to lust after one’s own sister.

Suzy was always made to wear a ‘suitable’ one piece bathing suit by our mother. The school’s official suits barely made muster. She really didn’t mind the restriction for a time, but as she got older, and her friends began wearing more revealing two piece suits, she became self-conscious. Her body was filling out slowly and she had just the right curves, so I think she wanted to step out a little and let everyone see that she wasn’t a kid anymore. That and the fact that she was the only one in her circle of friends still in a one piece.

The summer between our sophomore and junior year, Suzy and I went with a group of friends to the local pool for the day. They had a high dive and a slide there, something our pool didn’t. On the way we stopped at a store and Suzy bought herself a bikini. I had to take an oath to never tell mom about it. Of course she didn’t have to ask for my silence, as I relished the idea of seeing her in it, and hopefully, many more times.

We arrived at the pool, went in and all changed into our suits. I was waiting for Suzy near the woman’s locker when she came out. You could see she felt timid and self-conscious about showing so much skin. But she was stunning! She didn’t have the biggest tits of our group, but her overall form was flawless. I mean perfect! I think I told her the suit looked nice on her, or something along those lines and that she could relax. She was blushing as she stood next to me, looking about, not sure which direction to go. For a moment I thought she was about to grab onto my arm in an attempt to overcome her nerves. Fortunately her friends all jumped straight in calling for her to join them. She quickly complied and I saw her face relax once she submerged her body, concealing it from prying eyes.

As the day wore on I could see Suzy becoming confident in showing so much skin as her activity with her friends had her getting in and out of the water regularly. We swam and played, enjoying the immense size of the facility. I took advantage of the high board as Suzy preferred the slide. It was a great time.

I was sitting on a deck chair watching people in the pool and checking out the cute girls, while catching a little sun. Most of my attention though was on one particularly cute girl, Suzy. She was a beautiful sight to behold in that green bikini. Seeing me sitting there alone she motioned for me to come back in. I shook my head and motioned her to come out instead. She cruised to the side of the pool and climbed out. Walking over to me I saw that her bottoms had crawled quite thoroughly into her pussy. She was sporting a pronounced camel toe. Now normally, being a guy, I’d keep my mouth shut and enjoy the view for as long as possible. But I knew immediately how traumatizing this would be for Suzy if she knew others had seen her in this compromised state. I didn’t want her to feel that level of discomfort or shame, as I knew she would, so I grabbed the towel from the back of my chair and met her halfway from the pool. She looked at me puzzled as I threw the large beach towel around her shoulders to conceal the wardrobe malfunction. I remember having an impulse to reach down and pull the fabric from between her lips, but wisely I refrained. As we walked to the chairs I told her through tight lips about her predicament. She turned a bright red as she nonchalantly fixed herself before sitting down. She thanked me for cinsel bilgiler my discretion and swore to never wear a bikini again. I never saw her in one again during our remaining years of high school.

We both graduated with strong grades and I recall the feeling of excitement I had at the ceremony. I had accomplished something significant and had more I wanted to do. I also remember the feelings of gloom and despair that gripped me that evening as I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. I was letting go of a life I relished and I struggled mightily with the loss.

Unable to sleep I left my bedroom and walked out onto the back patio hoping the fresh air would have a positive effect on me. I couldn’t think as my thoughts and emotions were inseparable. Stepping over to the nearest block column I leaned into it with my shoulder looked out over the backyard and pool. What was I going to do now?

I was suddenly startled as I heard the faintest sigh and turned to see a dark figure sitting quietly on the porch swing. It was Suzy.

“You scared me.”

Without a word she stood and with fluid grace closed the distance between us and in the next instant we embraced. With her arms around my chest I felt her small hands clench into fists, twisting my shirt into knots. My arms had encircled her as I brought a hand up to the back of her head holding her tight to me as I smelt her hair, felt her body, experienced her warm breath on my neck. No inappropriate thoughts crossed my mind, no other thoughts other than how much she meant to me. Life wasn’t going to be the same from this day forward and I believe we both understood and were mourning the loss. We didn’t speak. We simply held each other tightly for what felt like minutes.

Her body relax and become soft and pliable under my grip, her hands releasing their grip and opened to hold be gently. She had been so tense, as if trying to resist something, then suddenly her will had collapsed, as if resigning her fate. A thrill surged through me as I suddenly felt that we were sharing something more than I had thought. What was this? Fear? Remorse? Longing? Desire?

Releasing me abruptly Suzy turned away and headed into the house never speaking a word, but not before I saw the glint of moisture in her eyes as she tried to avoid eye contact. We never spoke of that encounter for there was nothing to be said, and my life continued on with a little less color.


Suzy went on to work on credits at the local community college and I enrolled in a vocational college. She met a good young man, someone from our church and within a year got married. It felt like their relationship was rushed, but I was happy for her. I remember how beautiful she looked at her wedding and felt that old surge of pride.

I really missed her and our walks.

I was a large man by then, 6’1″, 190 pounds, naturally muscled and lean. I took after my father’s side of the family. I knew I wanted to do something in the construction trades as I enjoyed hard work and using my hands. A desk or office environment was not for me. While at school I met a cute little student nurse, Becky, and we began dating. It wasn’t long, approximately five months, that she announced to me she was pregnant. We got married with-in two weeks of that. I was nineteen. It wasn’t a shotgun wedding, although many thought so. The fact was, I was falling hard for her and knew marriage was in our future anyhow.

Suzy and Becky hit it off immediately. Becky never had a sister, only three brothers that she was not particularly close with. But when she met Suzy, she fell in love with her, which was of no surprise to me. They talked all the time, on the phone, at arranged lunches, emails, texts, you name it. Suzy was always looking for ways to help Becky with her pregnancy. It was heartwarming to see Becky find a friend, or more importantly, a sister she had been missing all her life. That’s just how Suzy was with everyone, loving and open, willing and wanting to help.

One evening as Becky and I were eating dinner, she mentioned she had lunch with Suzy.

“Oh and how did that go?” I asked halfhearted, while looking at some school work.

“It was enlightening to say the least,” she quipped with a smirk on her face.

“What did you guys talk about?” Now I was interested.


I set my papers down and faced her.

“And what about me did you learn?” I was smiling, unworried about what she might have been told about me, especially from Suzy.

“Well, I asked Suzy what you were like growing up. I was looking for some juicy tidbits I could tease you with later, or file away for future use.” She enjoyed teasing me, so it made sense.

“Did you get anything?”

“No, nothing I can use to embarrass you with. But Suzy did have a lot to say. Once she got going she couldn’t stop talking about you. And from everything I was hearing I got a little jealous.” She was still smiling, so this wasn’t going south.

“What would have to be jealous of? I don’t understand.” I was truly puzzled by that.

“That I never had a close relationship with any of my brothers. I could see in her face how she feels about you. She really does love you, you know.”

“Yea, I know.”

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