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“Oh no, oh no…” Aya adjusted herself as she hurried down the hall, her eyes scanning for somewhere empty while her brown hair sashayed back and forth from turning her head. She put her hands on the front of her blue skirt and stopped in the middle of the hallway, desperate to find somewhere private. Bathroom? No, gangs of other girls were probably in there now and someone might see or hear something. Classroom? No, it was still during school hours and someone might be in there. She squirmed lightly as she stood, there was nowhere around she could find to fix her little problem.

Meanwhile, Erin sighed as she calmly strolled through the halls, once again deciding to skip class. Normally she enjoyed having the halls to herself, she was normally by herself anyway as she was somewhat of an outcast, so she resigned herself to enjoy the privacy. She was surprised to see Aya crowding up her hallway, the goodie-goodie never seemed to miss a single class, so she probably had a good reason for being out here. “Wait a minute…”

A smile crept over Erin’s lips as she noted the expression on Aya’s face and the manner in which she fidgeted. “I know that look…” She gave a dark chuckle as she began to strut towards the other girl, twirling her raven hair around her finger. “Today might not be so dull after all…” She walked up to Aya, putting on an innocent look. “Hi Aya, could I talk to you for a moment?”

Aya shivered, the other girl’s words pulling her out of her trance and desperation to find somewhere to hide. “Uh… s-sure…” She blinked, her legs shaking slightly.

Erin growled as she heard voices coming from around the corner. ‘Damn intruders…’ “Not here, it’s kinda private.” She told Aya and took her hand, leading away. She planned quickly before the other girl got frustrated with her, finding a classroom that was empty as well as the two adjacent rooms.

Aya was getting impatient now, her problem was getting worse and she was now shifting from leg to leg, rubbing them together to keep from being too obvious. “What is it you wanted to talk about Erin?”

Instead of answering, the black-haired girl turned around and, swiftly and deeply kissed Aya on the lips, pressing her against the door lightly.

Aya’s eyes widened as she was caught off guard by the kiss. Her mind raced, what was Erin doing? They didn’t know each other that well but Aya always had a quiet respect for the amount of strength and assertiveness she had even when she was alone all the time. But what was she doing now? She could feel her problem getting worse as she moaned into the kiss, heat between her legs growing hotter. This was so weird, girls weren’t supposed to feel this way about other girls, right?

Erin grinned as she pulled back from the kiss, licking her lips and savoring the taste of Aya’s own. “You’re wet, I can tell. That sound in your voice, the way you’re moving, admit it, you’re not very good at hiding it.” She smirked.

She bursa escort bayan blushed and looked down, she was caught and there was no way to avoid it. “Y-Yeah…” She nodded lightly, staying quiet.

The other girl grinned and put a finger to her lips. “Let me help you with that then…”


Erin smirked and lead her over to the teacher’s desk at the front of the room, giving her another tender kiss and placing a hand on the front of her white blouse, which was already clinging to her from a slight sweat on her chest. Aya breathed deeply, shaking lightly and sitting still, letting the other girl toy with her.

The raven-haired girl snaked a hand into her shirt, finding a lacy white bra as she feathered Aya’s neck with kisses, grinning. “Just relax and let help you, don’t worry about it.” She rubbed the girl’s petite breasts lightly from over her bra, finding tiny nubs as her nipples hardened, giving a small sound of accomplishment as she rubbed them back and forth, earning light whimpers from Aya.

Aya squirmed on the desk, shifting lightly, she felt her underwear dampen more in an uncomfortable way and gasped as Erin rubbed her nipples through her bra and began nipping and sucking on her neck, flicking her tongue lightly on her earlobe.

Erin growled lightly, she was enjoying taking her time but now she wanted to get serious. She backed up and unbuttoned Aya’s blouse and removed her bra, revealing her erect nipples to the cold air of the classroom. The outcast girl looked over her breasts with delight, the nipples, like the breasts themselves were small with just a tiny rim of areola poking out. “Mmmm… very nice.” She grinned and leaned down, sucking lightly on one of the nipples while trailing a hand down to Aya’s quivering legs and under her skirt, pressing a hand against her moist panties. “My, my, you’re worse than I thought, I better hurry then, mustn’t keep you waiting.”

Aya gasped and nodded, shivering lightly from all the attention, she was breathing heavier now and she felt warmth between her legs and on her breasts grow.

Erin moved on to the other nipple, circling her tongue around it and grazing it with her teeth. As soon as she nipped, she heard a quiet shriek from Aya and slid down, beginning to remove the girl’s skirt while getting on all fours in front of the desk so her face was level with Aya’s crotch. “Oh my, such a pretty sight from down here.” She giggled teasingly, earning a deep red blush from Aya.

Aya panted as she watched Erin eagerly, she hadn’t been too sure about this at the beginning but now she really wanted it. She had been trying to hold herself off for too long now and couldn’t hold out anymore, no matter how foreign the situation, she needed this now. She pushed her hips gently against Erin’s face, practically begging for her to continue.

Erin grinned at the new motivation she showed, she liked people to want her, she had done this quite bursa anal yapan escort a few times with others and now she was getting a chance to do it with the goodie-goodie class hero, she smirked and pushed Aya’s panties to the side, staring into her damp lips and licking her own in hunger.

“Please…” Aya gave a more forceful buck of the hips, panting louder now, breasts heaving as she looked down on the other girl.

“Fine.” Erin yanked her panties down, unable to keep herself in check much longer either, feeling her own underwear getting wet. She panted, breathing hot breath onto Aya’s lips as she gave the outside of her hairless slit a nice long lick. She continued flicking her tongue on the surface, then gently spreading her lips and licking just barely inside them. She reached her hand down between her legs and quickly got to work on rubbing her own panties, moaning into Aya as she continued her work.

Aya panted, her hips shaking as Erin licked her. She growled lightly in frustration as she watched, she was purposely teasing her! Her tongue moved closer to her clit with each lick but didn’t touch. Her small button swelled with anticipation but received no direct attention. She squirmed and moaned as her juices continued to build, gasping and throwing her head back as Erin’s tongue caught part of her throbbing clit in one of her strokes. “Ugh, I can’t take it anymore!” Aya shouted in frustration, bucking her hips again, pushing her clit against Erin’s mouth.

The raven-haired girl grinned and gave in to the forceful request, sucking lightly on her clit while lavishing it with her tongue, dancing with the tip of it and stroking it with the blade. Meanwhile her fingers played with her own panties still, forcing her to moan around the clit, pressing more reverberations on it while her other hand gently stroked the edges of her lips.

“Ooooh… oh no…” Aya winced as her hips shook. Erin raised an eyebrow and backed up slightly, still rubbing both Aya and herself. The brown-haired girl whimpered as she shivered and began to release her golden fluid, pouring it and letting it pool and run off over the desk.

‘She’s… peeing?’ Erin blinked, genuinely surprised for the first time in this encounter.

“Oooh, I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it in anymore…” She panted, still shaking with pleasure, she looked and blushed deeply.

Erin looked far from scared or disgusted, she looked delighted even, she took in the sweet and strong smell of the urine and continued to lick, cleaning the liquid from Aya’s lips and insides, giving small pleased sounds as she continued. “It’s wonderful…” It tasted and smelled so sweet, as to be expected from the class goodie-two-shoes. If Erin had to guess this girl probably bled chocolate syrup and cried gumdrops.

Aya blushed, squirming as Erin licked up her pee, panting lightly and blushing with a small sense of satisfaction bursa rus escort that she enjoyed her fluids. Now that her bladder was released she felt other muscles tensing, wincing lightly, now that her pee had passed, she remembered how turned on she was. She moaned and winced, shivering again as Erin’s tongue began to play with her again.

Erin’s fingers moved quickly along her own slit as she panted onto Aya’s lips, flicking the edges of her tongue, lips and teeth on them, pushing the tip of her tongue against her clit and moaning deep into her, letting her tongue vibrate as she pushed her tongue inside her.

Aya gave a yelp at the feeling of teeth on her lips, moaning as she continued to tighten inside, she was so close and now she just wanted more. She pushed her hips against Erin’s face, pushing her tongue deeper as her careful fingers tenderly caressed her clit and outside folds. She held her head in place, longing for her to go deeper. Her inner muscles clamped and contracted as she panted, eagerly moaning for more, her voice now slightly hoarse in a frenzied heat of lust.

Erin was getting closer as well from her own eager rubbing, she panted into Aya as she kept her hand inside her panties, pumping herself lightly and feeling her own muscles react. She felt Aya’s desire for more depth and knew exactly how to finish them both off. She pressed the length of her slender fingers up and deep into both Aya and herself on a sensitive spot, moaning out loud as she did and hearing Aya’s screams of pleasure as she finally convulsed, sweet release running through her shaking body as they released violently together as both of them shuddered and continued in that sweet pleasure for what seemed like forever.

Aya panted, laying back on the desk, sprawled out as her combined fluids flowed over the edge of the of the wooden fixture. Erin seemed tired as well, panting heavily, fingers still stirring lightly in her soaked undergarments. “N-Not much good trying to hide all this.” She chuckled out wearily.

Aya nodded, panting lightly, finally realizing the reality of their situation now that her lust had quieted and her mind began to work again. “What should we do?”

“Don’t worry about it, they don’t have class in here for another hour, by then we’ll be long gone.” Erin grinned mischievously.

Aya smiled, enjoying her quiet confidence after a while of silent and rest, she finally broke it with three words she truly believed she meant. “I… I love you.” She smiled sheepishly as she sat up, her admiration for this girl had turned into genuine love through this bonding experience.

Erin was silent for a while; to Aya it seemed like forever. Had she done the wrong thing? Was Erin going to be scared and never talk to her again? Erin finally grinned and spoke up, getting to her feet and hugging the girl tightly. “You are so cute!” She exclaimed and laughed. She hugged her tighter and moved close to her ear, whispering. “I love you too…”

Aya giggled and blushed, spreading her legs and lifting up her skirt again to reveal her soaked slit. “How long did you say before a class was in here again?”

And from that day forward, Aya and Erin were seen everywhere together, and seemed to disappear every day around the same time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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