Swim Ch. 03

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There’s nothing like a mother in a white two-piece.

After his swim meet Tom’s mother had let him watch her use a vibrator on herself. And as she was climaxing she had reached over and grabbed his cock. After a few pulls he had unloaded right in his Speedo. He couldn’t believe his mother had jerked him off while she was coming right in front of him. Afterward she had taken off her wet panties and traded him for his cum filled Speedo. He pulled on her panties and with his cock still throbbing went back to his room.

The next morning it was as though nothing had happened. Tom decided not to bring up the matter. He had put on her wet panties when they had traded and was still wearing them the next morning. The sheer panties were pulled tight over his stiff cock. He wore the panties all day only cumming in them three times. He had wiped his cum off each time but they were really sticky as they slid over his cock.

The day passed without a mention of Friday night.

On Sunday morning Tom woke up late. He had been dreaming about his mother and his cock was straining to escape his mother’s panties. It only took a couple strokes and he sent another load of cum into his mother’s panties. Her panties were getting a real work out.

When Tom went down to the kitchen he noticed his mother was sunning herself by the pool. He decided to join her and went to put on his swim suit. Taking off her sticky panties he used his swim suit on. Not his Speedo, he rarely used his it except for swim practice. Besides, he had given it to his mom on Friday night and she hadn’t given it back.

He got a towel and went outside. After jumping escort ataşehir in the pool to cool off he sat down in the recliner next to her. She was looking good in her one-piece suit. It was red and clung to her like it wasn’t going to let go. Her nipples were hard enough to poke his eye out if he was closer. The crotch of the suit was pulled up so tight it gave her a gorgeous camel toe. And he was sure he could see her clit poking up from her pussy lips, just a small protrusion but clearly visible. All this gave Tom a protrusion of his own that he did nothing to hide.

Lying there Tom’s mother kept glancing at the bulge in his trunks from his growing erection. Tom pretended he didn’t notice his mother staring at his cock all the while not being able to keep his eyes off he pussy mound and camel toe.

After several minutes of pretending not to look at Tom’s boner Suzie asked him to change into his Speedo. It was in the drawer of her bedside table. He told her he would if she changed into her white string bikini. They both went upstairs to change.

Suzie’s white string bikini was her favorite, especially when it was wet. It was just a few small pieces of soft cloth tied together with some string. The top barely covered her nipples and the bottom was just a small triangle with a string running down from the back of the suit, between her ass cheeks and ending up right up next to her pussy. When the thin material got wet it got so transparent everyone could see her hard pink nipples, her trimmed bush, and her camel toe. Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about wearing the wet bikini in front of Tom. She kadıköy escort bayan stared fingering her clit.

When Tom got his Speedo back from his mother he noticed it was a little crusty from his dried cum. It was also damp and smelled of pussy. He didn’t care, he put them on anyway. It pulled tight across his cock making it impossible to hide his erection.

They jumped in the pool, splashed each other and played for a while. Tom could see Suzie’s nipples sticking out through the nearly transparent bikini top. Without warning Suzie stuck her hand down Tom’s Speedo, grabbed his cock and started pulling. After he was hard she wrapped her legs around him and started humping him, sliding her pussy up and down against his stiff cock. He pulled her bikini top up took one of her nipples in his mouth and started sucking.

Suddenly she stopped sliding and with all her might ground her bikini covered clit into Tom’s dick as she started bucking her hips. Tom couldn’t believe what was happening. His mother was riding him like she was on a bronco. The only thing that would be better was if his cock was being crammed up her cunt as she was bucking. After shuddering in orgasm and grinding her pussy into his cock one last time she climbed off him and got out of the pool. She left him in the pool with his dick throbbing and poking out the top of his Speedo.

After his erection subsided a little Tom got out of the pool and sat down next to his mother. They both relaxed soaking in some sun. Suzie’s bikini was starting to dry but Tom could still see the hard nipples and camel toe.

While Suzie was reading a escort bostancı magazine her hand casually wandered down to her snatch and started lightly rubbing her mound. After watching his mother play with herself for a while he reached his hand over and slid it into the bikini.

He pushed his index and forefingers into her wet pussy then started moving them up and down on either side of her clitoris with an occasional dip into her wet pussy. Suzie began squirming and reached down to shove Tom’s fingers into her pussy making it clear he should continue finger fucking her while she took over rubbing her clit.

She moaned softly and began bucking her hips as she came again. Grabbing Tom’s stiff cock through his Speedo she jacked it up and down until he came, his cum soaking through the nylon material. Using her fingers to scoop up some of his cum Suzie put it in her mouth. Then leaning over she started licking the rest of the cum right off his Speedo flicking her tongue over the head of his dick.

She took a quick dip in the pool and walking over to Tom told him to take off his Speedo. Sitting there buck naked Tom stared as his mother pulled her bikini bottom to the side and slowly stuffed his sticky Speedo into her pussy. Putting the bikini back in place she picked up her towel and headed inside for a shower leaving Tom with his dick twitching and pointing at her as she walked away.

Tom went back inside to take a shower. After drying off he found his mother’s panties he had cum in that morning (and several times the day before). They were still a little damp and they had stiff spots where his cum had dried. He pulled them on with a tee shirt and some shorts and went downstairs to watch TV.

His mother came downstairs wearing her short kimono robe. Tom could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and only had on a thong. He wondered if she still had his Speedo stuffed up her pussy.

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