Swinging, Swapping or Polyamory

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Swinging, Swapping or Polyamory

Copyright (c) 2018 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


This is one of a series of stories set in what I call Universe-J. Universe-J is very much like this universe with a few exceptions.

First the people tend to be a little more sexual and less hung up on sex that they are in our universe. This does not mean that monogamy is the exception. James and Heather were monogamous for a significant amount of time before they “accidentally” swapped partners.

Second the repercussions of unprotected sex are less severe than our universe. Not to say that STDs and unexpected pregnancies don’t occur, just that they occur less frequently and in the case of STDs, a good shot of antibiotic will put you right again. HIV has yet to be introduced so STDs aren’t a death sentence there.

Lastly, pedophilia and incest (which I will not be writing about) are virtually unknown. Children are to be protected and loved not abused. When they reach the age of consent, they can join in the adult games if they so desire, but there is no pressure on them to do so.



In this installment of our adventures, I am looking back our first experience with “breaking” our marital vows. It is a set of experiences that shaped our outlook on love and sex and let us explore our relationship at a much deeper level. Heather and I had discussed as theoretical a number of “What If” scenarios, usually as a form of verbal foreplay before getting down to some serious sucking and or fucking. A common recurring theme was how we would feel if we had neighbors over who wanted to “swing” with us. In our ignorance, all forms of extramarital sex tended to be called “swinging” except the dreaded “affair”.

Dramatis Personae


The narrator of this drama and your guide through the debaucheries within. James is built like a Greek God, yeah, in my dreams. In reality, I am in my thirties, about 6 feet tall with a little too much around the middle and a little thinning on top. Overall, I’m not bad for someone of my age. I work in the IT department of what I will call The Very Large Corporation.


Heather is James’ wife. If I am a Greek God, Heather is a modern recreation of Aphrodite. At least I see her that way. She is also in her thirties and a lot more curves than she had when we first met, but with a 36-26-37 figure (36C sometimes D cup), shaved pussy and long blond hair, Heather is still my go to wet dream.


Bill is a new neighbor of James and Heather’s. He is salesman for a large electronics firm. In appearance he is built like an athlete. At 6 foot 2 and 205 pounds of mostly muscle, he is quite an eyeful for the ladies. Given that he is packing 9 inches of solid meat between his legs, he is more than just eye candy. Bill has never owned up to his age but hints seem to indicate he and Cathy are in their early forties, but they don’t look it.


Cathy is Bill’s wife. She is the sales manager for a large open 24 hours a day gym franchise and a part time aerobics instructor. She is 5 foot 9 inches of dynamite. As with most athletic women her tits are not that big, but they are firm and sensitive. Plus, being very flexible has its merits in a sex partner.

Chapter 1 — One Person’s Bad Luck is Another Person’s Good Luck

It was Friday night and Heather and I had both had shitty weeks. So by common and unspoken consent we decided to work heavily on Saturday’s hangover. She pulled the unopened box of wine out of the fridge and started to open it while I dragged out some frozen burgers for the grill. After lighting the grill, I came back and caught up to Heather in the wine department and then refilled our glasses.

I was just enjoying the sight of the little damp spot starting to appear in the crotch of Heather’s shorts (not that playing with her tits had anything to do with it) when the doorbell rang.

“I got it,” I said as I tore my hands off the front of her shirt.

“Good thing they didn’t show up 10 minutes later or I’d be going to the door with a full hardon instead of this chubby” I thought to myself.

I opened the door and it was our new neighbors, and of course I couldn’t remember their names at first. Both were in white wife beater t-shirts and athletic shorts and they looked like they had been working out. Both were all sweated up and the shirts were sticking like a second skin. The way her shirt hugged her top, there was no way there was a bra under there. My chubby started to respond.

“Hi guys,” I started.

“Oh thank gawd you guys are home,” she panted.

“We wanted to know if it was ok if we slept in your pool tonight,” he continued.

It must have been my puzzled/shocked/deer in the headlights expression that gave her a clue that I didn’t know what the hell was going on.

“Our AC went out last büyükçekmece escort night and the AC guy just left and told us he needs a part he can’t get until Monday,” she said.

“I’m sorry,” I said making the connection. “It’s over a hundred out there come in. I’m sorry I didn’t know or I’d have just dragged you in. Please come in. Get cooled down.”

I opened the door wide and stepped to the side beckoning them in. The lady, what was her name, came in first and stopped for a second once the cool air hit her. I knew she liked it because her nipples went from little bumps to full on nipple erections. And so did my dick. Definitely no bra on those lady mounds.

“Keep it moving, lady,” he yelled and she continued in.

“We’re out in the kitchen getting drunk. Would you like to join us?” I offered. “I can pull some more burgers out for the grill and you guys can stay and get cooled off and have dinner with us.”

“That sounds like the best offer we’ve had in months,” he said. “By the way, I don’t think we have been formally introduced. I’m Bill and this is Cathy my wife. We’re your left door neighbors.”

We shook hands and I closed the door and waved them through to the kitchen.

“Hi, I’m James and my wife is Heather, let’s go join her in the kitchen,” I said.

A moment later we repeated the introductions and acting as hostess Heather asked if they would like something to drink, water, beer, wine or anything else. Wine was good with both of them, so two more glasses appeared and were filled. We did a little chatting and Cathy explained the saga of the dead AC unit.

“Oh my gawd,” Heather said “And it is the hottest fucking week of the year, you poor babies.”

She looked at me and said, “Go clean the junk off the guest room bed. They are sleeping here tonight.”

As I turned to go, Bill and Cathy both started to protest, but I knew Heather, they were going to lose that argument. It only took a minute to clear off the bed and throw the empty suitcases in the closet. By the time I got back Heather was hugging Cathy and Bill was hugging both of them.

“Group hug,” I yelled and joined in.

When we all stopped laughing Cathy turned to Bill and said, “Why don’t you go grab some clothes for us and stuff and I’ll take that shower Heather offered.”

“You got it,” Bill said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I looked at him and said, “Just leave the front door unlocked and come on in when you get back.”

Cathy called out as he was leaving, “Don’t forget the swim suits.” Then looked at Heather and asked, “unless you guys don’t mind skinny dipping?”

Heather blushed and we heard the door close so Cathy continued, “I’m not sure he heard me. If he brings them, we have a choice. Now where is that shower?”

Heather got up to show her and I gathered my implements of war to do battle with the grill. But my mind was definitely on the nipples that Cathy was sporting in that sweaty t-shirt.

Chapter 2 — All is Fair in Love and Grilling

I had the grill scraped down and oiled up and the temperature was just right. So I placed the burgers on the hot side and the buns on the cooler side to toast. It didn’t take long and they were done so I moved the toasted buns off and slid the burgers to the cooler side and topped them with some cheese.

I started talking softly to myself, “I should probably go in and jerk off to get his hardon back under control before I embarrass myself in front of Cathy. She is so hot. I would love to fuck her, but that is just the wine talking. There is no way my dick will end up in her pussy. Once I take these burgers in, it is going to be beat off time. Maybe I can talk Heather into sucking on me while I whack off. That would be sweet. She might be drunk enough by now. I know I have a great buzz going to match this hardon.”

Just then I heard the back door open and Cathy came out wearing one of Heather’s t-shirts and all I could see was the t-shirt. It was really long on her, so there must be some shorts under there somewhere. As she walked barefoot over to me, she started to pull the t-shirt off and all she had on was a pair of pink thong panties. Part of my brain recognized them as a pair Heather didn’t like because they were too tight, but on Cathy they were perfect and so were her titties. Maybe a B cup, but perfect and the nipples were standing straight out, just like my shorts were trying to do.

“I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality in letting a couple of complete strangers crash your weekend like this,” she said as she slowly walked to me and pressed herself against me as she went up on her tiptoes to kiss my lips.

My brain already spinning went out of control. Then the voices in my head kicked in.

‘Oh my gawd did you see those titties’

‘That body is ungodly perfect’

‘There were no tan lines on her at all’

‘Those titties…’

‘That thong just hugged her tighter fatih escort than my shorts’

‘Such perfect titties, I want to taste them’

‘What would Heather think if she walked out?’

‘Shut up’

‘Who cares?’

‘Hug that perfect body that is kissing you’

‘Oooooohhh her back feels so nice and soft’

‘Who cares about her back, feel her front’

‘But Heather is just in the kitchen’

‘What is she doing with her thumbs in my shorts?’

And with one last, ‘Oh my gawd,’ all the voices in my brain froze (except the one who had been in the background yelling ‘Fuck her, just fuck her, pull her up, bend her down and fuck her’ the whole time). She pulled my shorts down and my dick popped out into her face like it was spring loaded.

Then the voices kicked back in, ‘She isn’t going to, is she?’

‘No way.’

‘Only happens in pornos.’

‘Oh my gawd she really is.’

The last one was as she slid my dick into her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around the head. At that point, I swear my eyeballs rolled back into my head and I heard a moaning groan from somewhere and realized it was me. I reached down to try and pull her up off my cock, but she refused and started sliding my cock deeper into her mouth.

I didn’t realize how deep I was until her tongue started licking my balls.

I looked down and she had my cock all the way into her mouth right up to my pubic bone. Heather had been trying to learn how to do it after we watch some porn a few months ago. But here was somebody who knew how to do it and could do it well.

One of the voices in my head kept asking, ‘What would Heather think of you getting a blowjob from a stranger in our own backyard?’ and I glanced at the back door guiltily and saw Heather standing there.

But not just standing there. She had a hand up her t-shirt and was playing with her tit and while I watched she unsnapped her shorts and let then slowly slide to the ground as she slid a hand into her panties.

I looked over to her pleading and she just nodded and pantomimed giving a blowjob to an invisible dick.

She wanted me to get a blowjob?

She was apparently not minding watching Cathy, a virtual stranger suck my dick. From the look on her face, she was much more than not minding watching, she had on her ‘O’ face.

Just then the door opened and Bill walked out. Instead of being furious that his wife was on her knees in front of another man with his dick down her throat, he just turned to Heather, finished pulling her shirt off and started sucking on her nipples. I could hear her sharp inhale followed by her moans. I looked down because I could start to feel the electric tingle in my balls as they crinkled and sucked up to my body in preparation for an enormous release. Apparently Cathy could feel it too.

She pulled back so just the head of my cock was in her mouth and she resumed swirling her tongue around it. At the same time, she wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and began squeezing and pumping on it. The exquisite sensations she was producing made the tingle feel like a bolt of electricity and I looked over at Heather for permission to come in Cathy’s mouth.

Heather was not looking at us she had her head back and groaning as Bill was finger fucking her furiously while still worshipping her tits with his tongue.

Bill’s shorts had been discarded and Heather had his cock in her hand and was not so slowly stroking it.

As I watched, she spun part way around and I had a perfect side view of Heather putting her leg up and over Bill’s hip and guiding his cock into her pussy. I was so shocked and so turned on that I just exploded into Cathy’s mouth.

I don’t know how she managed to contain it because my cock felt like a firehose blasting spurt after spurt of hot cum into her mouth. But she kept swallowing and that swallowing felt so good my orgasm continued until at last my cock was spent and Cathy finally released it.

She licked her lips and stood up to kiss me and as she did, my hands intercepted her tits and they were every bit as awesome as I thought they would be.

She put her mouth up near my ear and said, “Pinch them and pull them gently. Get my pussy hot and wet and ready to fuck that big beautiful dick of yours.”

And then she kissed me and started exploring my mouth with her tongue. I recognized the taste and the salty flavor of my cum on her tongue having tasted it often enough in Heather’s mouth. But somehow it was even more exciting being in the forbidden territory of the mouth of another man’s wife. My dick responded and was hard again in short order.

I have to admit watching and hearing Bill fuck Heather helped my new hardon immeasurably.

Cathy reached down and felt my hardness and whispered loud enough for Heather to hear, “Good boy. I want your hardness inside me. Now it’s my turn.”

As I glanced over toward Heather and Bill, they had changed positions. esenyurt escort Heather was bent at the waist holding the back of a lounge chair while Bill fucked her from behind.

Her eyes were wide open and she said, “James you be good to Cathy and fuck her good or I will be mad at you.”

And then she closed her eyes as a large shudder ripped through her body. I recognized the moan that escaped her lips as her war cry of orgasmic ecstasy.

By this time Cathy had spun around and was bending down sliding her thong down and presenting her pussy to me. I was so hard and wanted her so bad, but I had to taste that delight in front of me. So I went down on one knee and grabbed her cheeks and jammed my tongue into her honeypot.

I think I surprised her because she tensed up and then relaxed crying out, “Ewwww. Yassss. Lick me. Taste me. Suck on my pussy.”

So I did. I sucked on her pussy and licked from her clit up to her cunthole and then stuck my tongue as deep as I could. I swirled it for a second and then she shifted and my tongue slid up and landed on her sphincter.

I heard her suck in a deep breath and then tell me to, “Yes. Yes. Lick that asshole. Stick your tongue in it. Fuck it with your tongue.”

That was not the kind of encouragement I was used to getting. When I would lick Heather’s ass, I mostly got a, “What are you doing?” response from her.

So I continued licking her ass and added a couple fingers to her pussy. This caused a sharp intake and a slow purring exhale, especially when my thumb found her clit.

Cathy’s clit was like a small cock. When she was excited, it stood up at least an inch and was almost as big around as my pinky. It was extremely sensitive and as I found out later, she loved to have it played with gently and sucked.

When my thumb hit it, I wasn’t sure what it was, it was so much bigger than any clit I had ever felt. I stopped licking her ass to look at it. I pulled my hand out of the way so I could behold this marvel and then just started licking and sucking it. Cathy started shaking and pushed back on my face and in the process my index finger slid partway into her ass. That was all it took and she started shaking and coming and I think she squirted a little because my face got splashed and it wasn’t pee.

When she stopped shaking I started sucking on her clit again and working my finger in and out of her ass.

It wasn’t long when a deep husky voice came from her lips telling me to, “Get your dick into me. I want your dick now. Fuck me now!”

So I scrambled to my feet and aimed my cock at her fuckhole. Just as I started to penetrate her, she lunged backwards and impaled herself on my cock and accidently my thumb, which I was using to help guide my cock to her cunt, slid all the way into her ass.

She started bucking then, yelling all kinds of dirty things. Apparently I hit just the right spots with my cock and thumb and she was coming again.

I waited for her to slow down and then started a slow measured fucking pace. By sucking me off like she did, I was able to hold off my own orgasm for a long time but finally I could feel it building and started slapping my cock into her faster and faster. She came first and her cunt muscles squeezing my cock set me off and I began to shoot my seed deep into her.

We continued to fuck each other long after the orgasms were over until my limp dick slid from her pussy and I felt like I needed to sit down or pass out.

I stepped over to a chair and sat down heavily and watched as my juices started to slowly ooze out of Cathy’s crack. That was when Heather did something unusual, well the whole situation was unusual, but this was even more unusual then most. She went over and sucked my sperm out of Cathy’s cunt, cleaning it with her tongue and then came over and sucked on my limp dick, cleaning Cathy’s pussy juice and my sperm off of it.

Then she kissed me. As I said earlier, I know what my come tastes like in Heather’s mouth but this time there was something sweet with the salty and I knew it was Cathy’s pussy juices and my come swirled together in Heather’s mouth.

I started getting another hardon because of the inherent sexiness of the situation. It hit me that I had just been sucked off and then sucked and fucked another women while my wife watched and got fucked by another man and she wasn’t mad at me, I wasn’t mad at her and we had never done anything like this before.

The whole time I was married to Heather we had been faithful to each other, until then. I had never touched another woman sexually (not that I didn’t fantasize about it) and she had never touched another man sexually (although she had confessed recently to me that she too had fantasized about it). And in the space of a few minutes, we had both been sucked and fucked by people other than each other. And we watched it happen to each other and we both loved it.

As those thoughts were running through my brain, Cathy came over and crawled up into my lap and started to kiss my neck and Heather went over and crawled up into Bill’s lap and put her head on his shoulder. I was the first to wake up, about an hour later and my stirring woke Cathy up. She lifted her head up and gently bit my earlobe.

Then she whispered, “Oh lover that was soooo good. I needed that so much and you seemed like you needed it too.”

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