Swordfight: Handicap Match

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A handicapped sword-fight (cock vs cock) between three guys; Aimless, a white guy with a cock that’s 3.9 x 4.8 soft and 7 x 5.8 hard, Realist, a white guy with a cock that’s 6.1 x 5.1 soft and 7.6 x 6 hard, and myself, Steel, a black guy with a cock that’s 5.2 x 4.6 soft and 7.4 x 5.8 hard.

The ‘match’ is an unlimited time, knock-out match requiring Steel to knock both Aimless and Realist to a flaccid state in order to win.

Cock-sure of myself, I egotistically try to take on both Aimless and Realist in handicap cock-fight. Aimless enters the ring first, his erect cock scantly more than a centimeter shy of my own ebony rod. My goal is to not only knock him soft, but Realist as well before Aimless can get it back up. I walk up to him confidently and the moment the opening bell rings ram my shaft full force into the underside of his erection. Taken back by the abruptness of my assault, he takes a step back- which I immediately step into trying to force him to retreat. However, he realizes what I’m trying and tries to stand his ground, grinding his member back into mine. We remain locked in a stalemate for several minutes, our members heated grinding against one another, but soon the ferocity of our friction battle becomes too much for Aimless and he tries to back away for a cool down. Just what I was waiting for. Flexing my erection down and then up, I catch the overheated and extra-sensitive underside of Aimless’s cock with my dick-head. He tries to put up a strong front but his erection visibly falters. I fire off another uppercut to his dick, this time getting a groan from him as his cock momentarily caves before regaining some rigidity. For my third flex, I put my hips into the mix, delivering a shot to his shaft so forceful, his member actually bends some before losing all semblance of an erection sending his dick down for the count.

With Aimless taken care of I turn to his partner in phallic pugilism, Realist, who surprises me by rushing into the ring his dick swinging. I hadn’t suspected him to be so eager to take me on, but realize that he’s probably thinking about taking advantage of my exertion to take me down. I smirk, and meet his swinging shaft with my own. Now it’s his turn to be taken back. Coming off my victory over Aimless, my cock is harder than ever. Which is saying something for a shaft that can support and consistently lift five pound weights without faltering. For his part, Realist rallies quickly with another sidelong shot to my shaft. Bostancı Escort I meet him once more on equal terms, then adding a bit of muscle to my member, begin to overpower him. Back outside the ring, Aimless is rapidly pumping his dick back to rigidity. Realist is holding his own, but the way my stronger than steel member is working his dick over, it looks like he’s going to be hard-pressed to keep it that way. If I manage to knock Realist out before he can get it back up, I’d have won in one exchange. At that thought Aimless redoubles his efforts at reviving his languishing member.

Back in ring, Realist has changed tactics from the side-to-side swings for a series of head-on assaults. A double-edged tactic, as every direct hit hurts both cocks regardless of rigidity. But as he has a partner waiting in the wings he’s willing to risk utterly expending himself for Aimless to deal the finishing blow. But I’m not having any of that. As opposed to shying away from his blows and recoup some of my stamina while slowly eroding his erection, I attempt to line our shafts up for some of the most agonizing head-to-head collisions. Each direct impact sends lines of fire throughout the length of my shaft, but with each head-butt, Realist puts up less and less resistance, his erection fading and fast. Soon he’s the one who’s stalling for time, trying to parry my charges and avoid another collision. He evades several of my attempts, but I feint, and one finally gets through. My cock-head head-butting his entire dick into submission as he falls soft.

Realist’s plan succeeded, though not in its entirety. Still stroking his dick as he climbs in the ring, I see that Aimless isn’t back up to full steam. Though admittedly neither am I. This match is still anyone’s game. Discounting Realist as out of the match for good after that last head-on-collision, I focus all my attentions on taking out Aimless again. Like Realist before, he approaches me swinging. His side-to-side maneuvers tell me that his shafts underside is still probably sensitive from our initial clash. If I can lock him up like that again, it’ll be game over. In the meanwhile I have to try and weather his side slams with a few of my own. Unlike before where I could casually iron-wall any attempts to knock my cock around, I have to exert some effort into holding my own. And even then the occasional slam, manages to send my dick reeling. A left, a right, a left, a right. Every other impact gets a grunt out Kadıköy Escort of me as a bit of pre-cum is knocked from off the tip of my dick. I give about as good as I get, smacking Aimless’s dick just as oft as mines is slammed. However, he’s taken notice of the pre-cum he’s sending flying from my dick and realizes that I’m approaching climax.

Though wanting to knock my cock out via physical prowess, Aimless realizes that an orgasm is probably the best bet at getting my erection to tap out… and he may be on top something. Though usually a draft-horse when it comes to my sexual stamina, the intensity of taking on two cocks in phallic combat has gotten me precariously close to cumming, not to mention sapped a lot of my stamina. In focus on winning physically, I’ve neglected to account for a more erotic assault, and Aimless easily manages to slide his cock beneath mine, beginning to work it up to a froth. I’m at a loss now and groan as I feel the underside of his grind against mine, not to cause pain, but instead pleasure. The entirety of my cock throbs from the sudden shift, and I feel my balls lurch heavily as they prepare to unleash a monster-load of pent up cum. I can’t… I can’t let him do this to me. Not when I’m so close… so close to winning. Going against every instinct, I push my shaft back into his. This gets a heated groan from him as well. That’s right; the underside of his shaft is still painfully oversensitive. Using the strength of my engorged erection against his, I again work my cock into his. Aimless’s erection lingers, as he tries to coax me to climax, and is rewarded with my head leaking a copious amount of pre-cum over the entirety of his shrinking member, but at the last minute, when it feels like my erection can take no more, his cock drops off, falling totally limp it’s head facing the floor in defeat.

I’d done it! And not a moment too soon. My swollen are aching with the urge to release, and the card girl is the perfect recipient. I look around for her, and am shocked to see Realist climbing back in the ring. He’s managed to get his dick back to a semi-rigid state. I look toward the ref girl in protest, but she nods to me saying that he’s good. Despite his erection having barely enough oomph left in it to stay level, Realist smirks at me. He knows that despite my cock pulsing and flexing at near peak rigidity, I’m seconds from blowing my load and exhausting my erection. He approaches me confidently. Not wanting to be seen Göztepe Escort backing down this late in the match, I meet him mid-ring. Mirroring Aimless earlier, he lines his cock up for another round of shaft-to-shaft grinding. I accept and immediately force my bulging erection forward in an attempt to crush his cock before his has the chance to make mine cum. He groans loudly as his usually larger member withers under mine, but still stands firm enough to grind back.

My attempts to decimate his cock grind to a halt as I’m only able to stand there and take it. My pre-cum production had stalled in the interim of Aimless leaving the ring, but Realist’s brought it back with a vengeance and then some. Getting his hips into the mix just as I’d done before with Aimless, Realist works the head of his shaft along the entire length of my underside, pressing from the very base, and rubbing up to the leaking tip of my head. He manages to get in two more full length grinds before my cock explodes with cum, emptying my bloated balls and all my energy as well. He backs off as my cock, still rigidly erect, blasts several heavy ropes of cum skyward before calming marginally and pumping out another dozen oozing shots of spunk that drip to the floor in thick clumps. My epic orgasm dies down, and with it my erection. Realist is about ready to go high-five Aimless on their victory when he realizes that the ref-girl hasn’t counted me out just yet.

Despite my all-encompassing blowout and my erection steadily declining, it’s doing so at too slow a pace. At this rate, he’d still end up counted out before me. Aimless still totally soft, Realist tries to flex his waning erection back up to power and only manages to eke a slight jerk out of it. Not nearly enough to save off his decline to outlast mine. He’s forced into a final sudden death against me and so steps toward me once more. My cock throbbing with each shed centimeter, I’m in no condition to try and counter whatever he has planned. But I know that no matter whatever he tries to hit my cock with, I’d still outlast him. Which is why he doesn’t go for my cock. His dick having regained its length advantage, if not strength advantage, over mine once more, he swings his soften member upward under mine, swinging his cock-head into my nuts like a wrecking ball, undermining my prolonged erection. It’s not enough to bring me to my knees in agony, but it is enough to knock the last vestiges of fight from my erection. My cock drops atop his, knocking his own member out in the process. Both Realist’s and my cock hang limply downward. The ring girl looks toward Aimless, but he fares no better, his dick just as flaccid as ours. In light of this, she declares it a no-victory, three-way tie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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