Taking a Break

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Sitting at her desk, hard at work, she decided to let herself take a small break. Most people take this time to smoke cigarettes or refill their coffee; she had a different strategy to get through her work day. She allowed herself to sink into her own mind. Sometimes, she would plan the perfect meal, other times she would imagine the feeling of watching a movie with a glass of wine in her bathtub. Today, she felt like indulging in her favourite fantasy.

She could remember every contour of her body. She could conjure up her smell and taste. Her firm muscular thighs, curvaceous hips, plentiful breasts with nipples the colour of bitter chocolate. This woman’s body was a drug to which she was addicted. She was ready to go on a J-e-M bender.

She imagined reaching home after a long day’s work, feet aching, shoulders stiff, and in desperate need of a drink. She steps in the door, her friend lounging on her bed in nothing but a cotton kurta that has been worn down to the softest and sheerest fabric. She could see her ample breasts clearly accentuated by this almost threadbare piece of clothing. The weariness of her day evaporates and is replaced with unadulterated lust.

She couldn’t wait to put her mouth around it, her slick cunt with her engorged protruding clit. But she was disciplined; she knew not to jump to dessert when there were appetisers to be had. She wanted to savour every lingering kiss; she wanted to build up the tension until they both reach a frantic, frenzy momentum. No, this was not going to be a quickie.

She threw down porno izle her bag and pounced on J-e-M with such ferociousness that the whole bed shook under them. She savours J-e-M’s kisses with a zeal that is usually reserves for an old reserve port wine. As their kisses got deeper and longer, she slowly slipped in her tongue and methodically brushed the top of her palette with the tip of her tongue. Her could feel J-e-M’s body tense and relax as her tongue was stroking the inside of her mouth. Tense, relax, tense, relax, tense, and relax, until J-e-M breaks their embrace to catch her breath. She’s not ready to stop; she takes her breathless mouth and starts licking her lips, tracing the shape of her mouth with her tongue.

J-e-M is wriggling under her, trying to break free to catch her breath. She pulls up for a brief second, only to take J-e-M’s hands and pin them up above her head. She continues to kiss her deeply, devouring her whole mouth. J-e-M breaks free of her grasp. She puts her hands in the back pockets of her jeans and rhythmically presses into her ass. She follows J-e-M’s lead and bucks her hips between J-e-M’s legs. J-e-M opens her legs wider to receive her. They continue to fuck each other in missionary position with J-e-M setting the pace with her hands in her back pockets. As their bucking gets faster, their moans get longer and louder.

She pulls backs to take off her shirt. As she flings her shirt, J-e-M has already starting taking off her bra. J-e-M is laying beneath her, looking up at her abundant chest. She reaches brazzers up and gingerly touches her breasts. This is the catalyst that she needs; she throws her off of her and climbs on top. In one swift move, the tables have turned. J-e-M reaches down, unbuckles her belt, undoes her pants, and has her completely naked.

J-e-M starts kissing her again, slowly and sweetly with a devilish look in her eye. She moves down to her neck. She pays special attention here; hundreds of soft kisses that turn into teasing bites. She is writhing under her now. J-e-M takes her ear in her mouth and licks the outer edge until it is bright red and scorching hot. She moves back down to her neck and makes her way to the part where her arms meet the upper part of her breasts. She spends a copious amount of time there licking and kissing all around her breasts while playing with her nipples in with her hand. She massages each breast and lavishes endless attention onto them.

She tries to take off J-e-M’s kurta, but has her hands swatted away. J-e-M moves to her side and caresses up and down her torso. She flips her over and starts kissing the back of her neck. She goes wild, trying to get up so that she can touch her. J-e-M will not have any of that. She ties her hands behind her back. J-e-M kisses her way down, stopping at the dip on her lower back. She blows softly on it, and she thrashes in pleasure and discomfort. J-e-M kisses the spot. It results in more squirming verging on struggling. J-e-M lifts her hips, so that her ass is in the air and fake taxi porno continues to kiss and lick the sensitive spot. J-e-M knows that she can’t take any more of this, so she takes the belt and whips it across her bare bum.

Slap. Slap. The mixture of pleasure and pain cause her to gasp and moan. Slap, gasp, kiss, moan. Slap, gasp, kiss, moan. Her bum is red; J-e-M goes to kiss it better. Much to her delight, she sees that all this stimulus has made her pussy start to drip. She takes her finger and touches the droplet of moisture and lets it fall on her finger. She starts kissing her ass from top to bottom, never touching her pussy.

She loves the power that she has in this position with her ass in the air. J-e-M takes her finger and slowly trails it from the dip in her back down her ass, down her thigh, down her calf, to underside of her foot. She twists and turns from the sensation.

J-e-M finally flips her over. She lifts her kurta and places herself squarely between her legs, they are pussy to pussy. They start bucking again, fucking, rubbing, banging their clits against each other. Each thrust causes them gasp and groan. Their thighs are slick with each others’ wetness. The bed is creaking in unison with them. She tightly wraps her legs around J-e-M, and she gives a final thrust and a deep guttural sound comes out of her. She disentangles her legs from J-e-M and her body goes limp.

J-e-M leans down and kisses her clitoris, one soft barely there kiss and she her entire body tenses, releases, wriggles, twists in another orgasm that brings just a small almost inaudible whimper from her lips.

She opens her eyes and sees that she has received several emails in her 15 minute coffee break. Reluctantly, she goes back to work, knowing what is waiting for her at home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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