Taking Care of Business Ch. 01

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Cock Worship

What the hell just happened, Ryan thought to himself as he descended through the parking garage. He was heading home after spending his Saturday morning completing a project. The details replayed in his mind as he pulled out onto the street.

He woke up early, showered, dressed and headed out the door for work. He met his partner on the project, Stacy, at the door to their temporary office. Stacy was a beautiful, petite, raven haired MILF but such a sweet, caring person too. Ryan and Stacy had camped out in this secured room for several weeks reviewing contracts to verify the procedures they created were correct. Today would be the last day of the project.

They took their places and the day went along as every other day went. They had been there for only a few hours when Ryan looked from the contract on the screen to the procedures in Stacy’s hand. “I think we’re done,” exclaimed Ryan.

Stacy also took one last look at the screen and down at the procedures. She agreed. Her arms flew in the air, launching the procedures across the room. Stacy screamed, “Yeah, we’re finally DONE!” Her arms came down and Stacy hugged Ryan tightly.

Stacy pulled back slightly and kissed Ryan full on the lips. Ryan was so completely shocked that he sat there wide eyed starring at Stacy’s face. It felt like eternity but only a few seconds passed before Ryan’s body reacted without thought and he began to kiss her back. Ryan closed his eyes and he became aware of his other senses: the sweet scent of her perfume, the soft touch of her fingers on his neck and her soft, wet lips pressed against his.

Ryan slipped his arms around Stacy and she responded by slipping her tongue in his mouth. The passion was rapidly growing between the two. Stacy was in no mood to wait. She knew what she wanted and she wanted it now!

Stacy moved her hands down to the hem of Ryan’s shirt and pulled up, breaking their kiss. Both were panting as Stacy threw his shirt to the floor. Ryan starred as Stacy removed her hoodie followed by her shirt. His cock was pulsing as he studied her partially naked torso, only her black lacy bra covering her big beautiful breasts.

But Stacy wasn’t done. Ryan’s mouth dropped open when Stacy kicked off her shoes and began opening her jeans. He thought his pants would burst open when Stacy stood up, revealing her smooth legs. His eyes followed her legs up past her thighs to find her pubic mound covered by a matching etiler escort pair of black lacy panties. Stacy moved forward and kneeled between Ryan’s legs. His eyes met hers and he could see the burning desire and lust.

Stacy reached up and opened his pants. Ryan kicked off his shoes and lifted his ass off the chair as Stacy pulled his jeans and underwear off. His cock was fully erect and wet from pre-cum. Stacy wasted no time as she swallowed his 8-inch pole.

Ryan was in bliss as Stacy bobbed her head up and down, deep throating his throbbing cock with each stroke. He thought he’d blow his load quick with her intense sucking but Stacy had different ideas. Ryan moaned as his cock fell from her mouth. He was disappointed till he felt Stacy’s wet tongue running up and down his shaft and balls. She was an expert at this, Ryan thought. Ryan moaned his approval and his hands clenched the arms rests of the chair. Stacy smiled as she watched him move along with her ministrations.

“My turn,” Stacy purred as she stood up and moved against the desk. Ryan rose from his chair and watched as Stacy removed her bra, exposing her big breasts to his hungry gaze. He kneeled in front of Stacy and began sucking her aroused nipple while flicking and pinching her other nipple. Stacy began to moan as his tongue flicked at the hard, sensitive nipple in Ryan’s mouth. She felt his hands move down her womanly curves to the waist band of her damp panties.

Stacy moaned loudly and threw her head back in anticipation as Ryan pulled her panties off. The cool air in the office felt electrifying against her warm, wet slit. Stacy was disappointed when she felt Ryan’s mouth leave her nipple. She opened her eyes and looked down to see Ryan bury his head in her neatly trimmed pussy. She leaned back onto the desk, spread her legs and held tight to the edge of the desk.

Only groans of pleasure escaped Stacy as she felt Ryan’s tongue flicking over her clit. His tongue was relentless as Ryan moved it down to her wet hole. Stacy was moaning, panting and squirming as Ryan ate her sweet pussy. He could tell it wouldn’t take Stacy long till she exploded. Ryan made sure she exploded when he took her bud in his mouth and sucked on her sensitive little clit. That was all it took. Stacy let out a long, loud moan, her body stiffened and she squirted her sweet juices all over Ryan’s chin.

Ryan halkalı escort held her clit in his mouth till she relaxed. He began to lick her juicy pussy but she pushed his head away from her crotch. “Too sensitive,” Stacy panted, her big breasts heaved with every breath.

Ryan stood between her legs, “You ok,” he asked.

Stacy smiled, “Oh hell yes you stud. I hope you’re not done though.” She reached between her legs and grabbed his hard cock. “I need to feel this inside me!” Stacy guided his hard rod inside her hungry little pussy. Ryan slowly stroked in and out of her. Both were softly moaning with each deep thrust, her pussy tight around his tool.

Ryan slowly increased the speed of his deep thrusts. The sound of their bodies slapping together added to the moans and the sounds of Stacy’s wet pussy. Stacy’s hips began moving in time with Ryan’s penetrations, wanting all of him inside her.

There movements became a finely tuned orchestration of movements and moaning. Their sexual symphony came to a crescendo as Ryan was pounding Stacy’s hot little pussy over and over again. Ryan couldn’t hold back any longer. His cock shot jets of cum deep as he thrust hard for the last time. The feeling of this last deep thrust and the jets of his seed pushed Stacy over the edge as his orgasm exploded; radiating from her pulsing pussy through her entire body.

Gradually their bliss passed and they both slid to the floor, lying next to each other, catching their breathe. Stacy was the first to speak, “Damn Ryan, I just never…like that…where…how…dear God what did you do to me?”

Ryan looked at Stacy with a smile, “So you enjoyed it?”

“Holy fuck Ryan, I didn’t know a woman that wouldn’t have liked that!!” Stacy continued, “I’ve never had a guy go down on me like that before. You just attacked my pussy.”

“Sorry,” said Ryan with a pleased grin on his face.

Stacy laughed, “Don’t be. I just wish I could take you home to show Deke how to eat pussy. He’s not really into pussy eating. I think he just figures he needs to do it once-n-awhile cause he wants me to suck his cock all the time.”

“Oh yeah, you tell Deke you want me to come over to give him pussy eating lessons and he’s liable to hunt me down and rip either my tongue, my dick or both off!:

Stacy rolled over on her side, propped up on one elbow and started innovia escort to stroke Ryan’s wet cock. “Well then I’ll make sure I don’t say anything because it would be a shame if anything happened to your talented tongue or this beautiful hard cock.” Stacy leaned forward and they began to kiss again. Here kisses were hungry and her stroking was bringing his cock back to full staff. She shifted, straddling his cock and once more guided his hardness into her womanhood.

They broke their kiss and moaned as Stacy slid down his cock. Ryan felt the warm wetness of their combined juices. Stacy placed her hands on his chest as she ground her pussy on his cock. He was deep inside her and was thankful he already shot a load or he’d have come at the sight of Stacy riding his cock and the feel of her tight, wet pussy surrounding him.

Stacy began to move faster as she moved up and down his pole. She was moaning as she rode him hard, her breasts bouncing as Stacy slammed down faster. Ryan had no doubt that Stacy was using him as a fuck toy to satisfy her neglected needs. He wasn’t going to disappoint.

Ryan grabbed Stacy’s hips as she fucked him hard. He pulled her down and thrust his hips upward to meet her downward strokes. Stacy rode him as fast as she could, screaming with pleasure as their bodies slapped together over and over. Ryan moaned louder as he felt Stacy dig her nails into his chest.

“Oh God,” was all Ryan heard before he felt Stacy’s orgasm. Ryan pounded her quivering pussy as Stacy experienced waves of orgasmic bliss. “Oh my God Ryan,” Stacy screamed, “squirt your hot fucking cum inside me NOOOOWWWWW…” Hearing Stacy beg for his release set Ryan over the edge again. Ryan’s body tensed as he released shot after shot deep inside her spasming pussy, roaring Stacy’s name.

The euphoric bliss lasted for minutes before they both opened their eyes. Stacy unclenched her fingers, leaving marks where her nails dug into Ryan’s skin. “Sorry about that,” said Stacy as she laid her head on Ryan’s shoulder. Her big breasts squashed against his chest and his throbbing cock still buried deep inside her pussy.

Stacy sighed, “I don’t think I’ll be able to move for a while. But that should keep me satisfied for a month or so. Maybe I’ll have to find another project for us next month.”

Ryan laughed, “Deke would be suspicious if you had a project with me every month.”

“That’s true,” said Stacy, “guess I’ll have to come up with another excuse to get my sexual satisfaction.”

Ryan held Stacy close for a while before they got up and dressed. They would continue their affair for several months before Deke found out Stacy was cheating on him. Stacy never told Deke who with but Deke made Stacy quit and he transferred his job to another state.

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