Taking Care of Business Ch. 08

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The beginning of Summer was in sight and the April showers had left plenty of downed tree branches. One day, as Ryan was sitting at his desk, a teammate of his came to his desk. Her name was Staci. Staci was about 5’8″, mature figure with short curly blonde hair. Staci needed Ryan’s help at her campsite. Her husband was away and there were lot of trees that needed cut up and hauled away. “Couldn’t you haul the trees away in your truck,” Staci asked sweetly.

“Sure,” Ryan said, “but where am I hauling them too?”

Staci gave Ryan a map, “here’s the campsite, here the place where we’re going with the wood.”

“Hell,” Ryan exclaimed, “it’s going to take forever to get there with the truck. I have a side-by-side we could take on these paths through the woods. It would be faster.”

“Ok,” Staci paused, “what’s a side-by-side?”

“It’s an ATV. Instead of like a 4-wheelers, it’s like a buggy with a cargo area in the back. Depending on how much wood there is it would be quicker to use it. If there is a lot of wood, then the truck would be better…I’ll bring the buggy just in case.”

“Whatever you think,” Staci said, “Saturday morning about 10?”

Ryan said, “yeah, that’ll work.”

Saturday morning came and Ryan met Staci at the entrance to the camp grounds. Staci climbed in his truck and directed him to her site. “Looks like they’ve been up here clearing out already,” said Staci as she got out, “my neighbors said there were lots of trees down.”

Ryan joined Staci in front of her camper, “we can use the buggy. There’s not a lot here. We can do this in one trip. Can you get the tools, gloves and rope out of the back of the truck; I’ll get the buggy out.”

Ryan got the side-by-side off the trailer while Staci collected the tools. Ryan parked in the middle of the debris, “We will want to stack the wood in the box and then tie it down. Ryan handed Staci a pair of cutters, “you take the small stuff. Do you have an outlet to plug in?”

“Sure,” said Staci, “right there.” Ryan plugged in his lopper, stood up, turned towards Staci and almost dropped his power tool. Staci removed her sweat shirt and sweat pants. Staci had on an old pair of shorts that were definitely short and tight, especially when she bent over. Her tank top was low cut and just as tight as her shorts. Ryan collected himself and started to work. He turned so that he was facing Staci at all times. He would sneak peeks from behind his sunglasses. Ryan could see the outline of her bra but could not see any panty lines. Oh man, Ryan thought, she must not have panties on. His cock lurched.

They started at opposite ends of the small space. As they moved closer to each other, Ryan would see more and more. When Staci was facing Ryan, he could see down her shirt, the tops of her smooth breasts visible to his gaze. When the two were only a couple feet apart, Staci was facing away from Ryan. She had bent over to collect branches when Ryan looked up to sneak a peek.

What Ryan saw made his cock spring to attention yet again. Her tight shorts were also damp from sweat and molded to her body. When Staci bent over, her legs were spread apart. The tight fabric molded to her pussy. Ryan could see the outline and almost cut his leg instead of a tree. Ryan gathered his wits and made the final cut.

Ryan and Staci loaded the last of the wood. Ryan secured the wood and they took off to dump it. Ryan had found that the shortest route on the map was straight up and over Pendik escort the mountain. He found the right path and zoomed up the mountainside. Ryan wanted to get this done quick as he could so he could get home and satisfy his hard cock. As horny as he was, it was quite possible he would rub one out on the way home…maybe stop at one of the strip clubs on the way home for a special lap dance.

Close to a half-hour passed by the time they reached the plateau at the top of the mountain and stopped. The path down the other side was blocked. Ryan didn’t like being stuck at the top on the small plateau. “Crap,” Ryan said as he looked at Staci. That’s when he saw an opening in the rocks beside them. Ryan backed through the opening to find a spacious area to park while he investigated, “wait here while I find out what’s up.”

While Ryan went to look at the trail, Staci got out and realized where she was. She had not been here in many, many years. Staci walked to the center of the plateau and looked around. Yup, she thought, this is definitely my hidden fuck spot. The memories flooded back to her. This was the place Staci and her friends would sunbathe. They eventually got bold and went topless, then without shorts and finally they sunbathed naked. This is also where they started talking about sex, where they all masturbated together which led to the day they all got drunk and began touching each other.

Staci was getting hot with the memories. She closed her eyes and remembered the day they all got drunk and licked each other’s pussies. Staci moved her hands to her breasts and began to massage as she remembered her best friend between her legs for the first time, licking and sucking her clit. She began to softly moan as memories played of the various encounters with her friends and then the nights she had with her first boyfriend. The first time she saw his hard cock, sucked it and the first time she felt it inside her.

Lost in her memories, Staci didn’t hear Ryan return. He was rambling about the trail. Staci didn’t hear anything he said. When Ryan didn’t get a response, he walked up behind Staci. He was shocked to find her massaging her breasts and softly moaning. Ryan was instantly erect. Alright, thought Ryan, enough teasing, let’s see what happens.

Ryan quietly kicked off his shoes and stripped his clothes off. Slowly Ryan hooked his fingers into the waistband of Staci’s shorts and pushed them to the ground. Staci didn’t say anything; she was still lost in her thoughts of her boyfriend undressing her. She didn’t finally snap out of her daydream until she felt Ryan’s lips on her neck, his hands slipping through the soft blonde hair covering her pubic mound and down to her moist slit. Staci also felt his hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks.

Even when Staci opened her eyes and realized she wasn’t dreaming, she didn’t stop Ryan. In her fantasy induced haze she spread her legs, allowing Ryan’s probing fingers access to her clit. Ryan took the move as an invitation. He moved his right hand down further and began to circle Staci’s clit while his left hand moved to her breast. Ryan could feel her hard nipple against the palm of his hand as he massaged.

Staci moaned, “No….we can’t,” as she raised her arms behind her and around Ryan’s neck. “NoOOOOoo…Ryan we can’t.” Staci’s voice was weak with little conviction. She kept breathlessly moaned “no” as Ryan fingered her clit. Staci began to grind her ass against Kurtköy Escort Ryan’s hard cock.

Ryan moved his hands to the hem of Staci’s tank top and pulled it off. He discarded the shirt on top of his clothes. Ryan then removed Staci’s bra and it joined the pile of clothes. Ryan’s right hand resumed its place on Staci’s pubic mound while his left hand began massaging the soft, smooth skin of her bare breast. Ryan dipped his finger inside Staci to find her pussy very wet. He moved his finger back to Staci’s clit, using her wetness as lubrication as he continued to slowly tease her. Staci continued her long moans of “no” as he fingered her.

Staci’s clit was soft and supple as Ryan’s finger danced across and around the sensitive nub. Staci’s moans were getting louder and her grinding was getting harder. She tickled the back of Ryan’s neck and ran her fingers through her hair. Staci could feel the pre-cum from his cock on her ass, letting his cock slide easily. She couldn’t believe how hot and horny she was. A weak voice in her head said to stop this but her needy pussy was loudly demanding satisfaction. No matter how much she moaned “no,” she didn’t want to stop…her pussy had won the argument.

Staci slowly turned around and kissed Ryan. It was a deep, aggressive kiss. She also moved her hand to Ryan’s cock and began stroking his throbbing member. Staci broke this kiss and moaned, “Oh we shouldn’t be doing this.” She resumed the animalistic kiss as she stroked him. Satisfied that Ryan was at full length, Staci pulled him towards the small, hidden grassy area perfect for fucking and not being seen. When Staci felt the soft grass on her feet she took several more steps and then dropped to her knees, pulling Ryan with her. Staci broke the kiss and lay down on the grass, pulling Ryan on top of her.

Staci spread her legs as Ryan entered her waiting pussy. “Go slow please,” Staci moaned, “I’m a little small down there.” Ryan could feel the resistance as his head slipped inside her. He took slow strokes, allowing her body to dictate how deep he thrust. Staci was moaning with each stroke due to the intense pleasure that Ryan’s gentle screw was causing. After several minutes the walls of Staci’s vagina finally relaxed just enough that Ryan could bury himself balls deep.

The deep thrust pushed Staci to her first orgasm. Ryan held himself deep inside Staci as she ground her mound against Ryan, the soft hairs of her pussy tickling his balls. Staci’s quivering pussy contracted around Ryan’s cock, squeezing gently. Ryan had to concentrate on not blowing his load right then and there.

As her orgasm passed, Staci relaxed and raised her legs, locking her feet behind Ryan’s back. Ryan rocked back-n-forth slowly, using long, deep strokes. Staci pulled Ryan deep inside her with each deep thrust. She was so tight. Ryan went slow and steady so he didn’t cum quickly. He was enjoying the feel of her tight, wet cunt surrounding and massaging his hard cock. Staci’s moaning increased in volume steadily as she approached her next orgasm. Ryan was a little concerned people would hear and come looking for the source of the noise, especially since her moans were echoing. But the feeling was so good he didn’t really care that much.

“Faster Ryan,” Staci demanded breathlessly. Ryan knew if he went faster he’d shoot his load. He was trying to enjoy the feeling of being inside Staci, the incredible pleasure the smooth, velvety walls of Staci’s Maltepe Escort cunt provided. But he figured he wouldn’t last much longer anyway. He began to pump his cock in and out of Staci’s hungry pussy. Staci pulled him deep as Ryan fucked her hard. They were both close, screaming out each other’s name as they reached their release together. Ryan pushed deep one last time and froze as his cock spurted his hot cum. Staci ground her pussy against Ryan as wave after wave of pleasure emanated from her womanhood and pulsed through her body.

Ryan didn’t open his eyes till he felt Staci’s body go limp underneath him. He opened his eyes and looked down to see Staci lying with her eyes closed, softly whimpering. Staci had removed her legs from around Ryan. Ryan slowly pulled his limp cock from Staci and lay on the ground next to her. Several minutes passed before Staci opened her eyes. “It wasn’t a dream,” Staci said quietly, “we really had sex didn’t we?”

“Yes we did,” Ryan answered.

Staci sat up, wide-eyed, “well we should get our clothes on and get this done.” Staci was very business-like now.

They both dressed in silence and took their seats. “Ok, the trail down the other side of the mountain is gone,” said Ryan, “but we can go halfway down this side and take this other trail over.”

Staci wouldn’t look at him. “Ok,” she said, “let’s go.”

It took another 45 minutes but they finally made it to their destination, unloaded the wood and raced back to the campground. There was an uncomfortable silence between the two. When they returned to the campsite, Staci pulled on her sweat pants to cover the wet crotch of her shorts and went inside the camper. Ryan loaded up his side-by-side and tools.

Once packed, Ryan knocked on the camper door. “Hey Staci, all packed…I’m going to head off.”

Staci opened the door, “oh, ok…um, can I get you a drink for the road? Water or soda?”

“Yeah, please…water,” Ryan stammered.

“Come on in,” Staci said as she moved to the fridge.

Ryan stepped in, closing the door behind him. “Nice camper.”

“Thanks. Here ya go.” Staci handed Ryan a bottle of water. “Ummm…I wanted to thank you for all your help today. And, um, I’m sorry about earlier on the mountain, not sure what happened up there.”

“Yeah…I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have done that,” Ryan said.

“No, it’s wasn’t just you.” Staci sat, “I don’t know how to explain. I really didn’t think about this outfit. But it was nice to see the effect I was having on you. Then things settled down when we were riding up the mountain. Then we got to the top. I had forgotten about that place you parked. That was a placed where I have had many intense sexual experiences and they came flooding back to me. Just one thing after another…”

“I understand…and then I came along,” said Ryan, “pulled off you shorts, touched you, kissed you. I shouldn’t have, I’m sorry.”

Staci smiled and stood, “we’re both at fault. I teased you all day and then you see me playing with my tits and moaning. And then what you were doing to me felt so good and your cock against my ass.” Staci sighed.

Staci and Ryan stood in silence, staring at each other. Ryan finally spoke, “well I should go,” before something else happens he finished in his head.

“Oh, sure,” said Staci, “before you go…” Staci pulled Ryan to her and kissed him deeply. She broke the kiss and stepped to the door. “You promise this will stay between us?”

“Of course Stac,” Ryan replied, “I’m not tellin’ a soul.”

“Thanks,” Staci said as she opened the door. “See ya Monday.”

Ryan stepped out of the camper, “see ya Monday.” He got in his truck and drove home with the feel of Staci’s kiss lingering on his lips.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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