Tales from Tennis Class Ch. 01

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The fall semester was about to start and I was excited to see what my class would look like this year. Though I am a happily married man and never intended to go outside of the bond, I always felt like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to see what co-eds would be enrolled for the upcoming semester.

I guess I should start with a little background information. I recently began working as the tennis instructor in the PE department of the local college. I’ve played competitively for years, but never considered being an instructor until I was approached by the head of our department. I thought it would be a great way to earn a little extra money while enjoying some harmless flirting with college girls. I’m 38 years old, 6’3 and athletically built, with a good tan from my competitions. At 8 inches in length, I don’t have the longest cock around, but I make up for it in girth that is well above average.

The first couple of years, aside from some flirting, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I was having a great time getting to know all of the students, though the level of play was pretty poor. There was always a wide array of talents, with some members of the varsity team enrolled, and others that were only in it to meet their PE requirements and acted like they never left their computer except for my class. I had fun with all of them and none of us took the class very seriously. We were out there to promote exercise and fitness, not to train them to become professionals, so we joked around with each other a lot and made it as fun as we could.

Chapter 1

I was excited to meet my new class and got to the courts early to make sure everything was set up. As the class starting arriving, I was mentally taking an inventory of what I’d be working with. It looked like I’d have 15 guys (10 athletes in other sports, 5 that were more of the computer type), and 10 girls. Right away, I recognized Cassie, Anna, and Lara as athletes from other teams on our campus. Cassy is a 5’6 blonde, busty, with thicker, athletic legs from her time on the soccer team. Anna was a tiny little firecracker, 5’1 with long brown hair, small chest, and a lean, athletic build that helped her excel on our gymnastics team. Lara was the top player on the women’s tennis team, with Spanish heritage and the muscular build of most tennis players. There were also a few students that I did not recognize, but was glad to see were in my class. There was Rachel, a fiery redhead with glasses and a thin build, and her best friend Maddie, a thicker brunette with bleached highlights and a curvier frame to go with her baby fat. I was most excited about the idea of coaching Paige and Haley though, a set of identical blonde twins that looked like they were right off of the runway; leggy blondes with all of the right curves. There were a lot of good prospects for some harmless flirting.

The semester started out like every other year. A couple of students had played some in high school and were decent players. They usually went to the back courts on their own to play at a higher pace. A lot of the guys in class thought they’d be able to easily beat the girls, but Lara from the tennis team was easily embarrassing them each class. I spent most of my time on the front courts, working with the students that had never played before and needed to learn the basics.

It was during these early classes that I began working closely with Rachel, the pale-skinned redhead that looked like she had never played sports in her life. She had a small frame and wasn’t in bad shape, but her coordination and tennis skills were far behind the rest. After a few days of class, it was obvious that Rachel was falling behind her classmates, which I could tell was frustrating to this 4.0 student.

“Coach Jack, do you think you could stay after class with me and help me with my serve? I can’t afford a bad grade in this class.”

“No problem Rachel” I smiled at her. It wasn’t uncommon for students to ask this, and I never minded staying late for the ones that wanted to learn.

After class ended, Rachel stuck around and waited for me by the basket of tennis balls I had set up on the baseline. After showing her the proper technique more than a dozen times, she was still struggling to make contact with the ball. She just couldn’t seem to toss the Kartal escort ball straight up and find it with her racquet. Sensing her frustration, I decided a new approach was needed.

“If you promise not to hit me with the racquet, I’m going to kneel on the ground in front of you and toss the ball up. All you need to do is watch the ball until it hits the strings on your racquet”

“That sounds easy enough, thanks Coach. I promise not to hit you!” She laughed and got ready for the first toss. I could tell right away that she took her eye off the ball, and missed it completely when she swung again.

“Remember Rachel, keep your eye on it the whole time!”

The next toss was better, with her hitting the ball into the net. A great improvement, even though it still didn’t go in-bounds. After a handful of tosses, she was starting to hit it pretty good. As she got ready for each serve, I couldn’t help but get distracted by the concentration on her face as she watched the ball. Her slim legs in front of my face, only covered by a short tennis-skirt, weren’t helping me keep my focus either.

“Alright Rachel, now really try to hit this one hard! I know you can get it over the net now that you know how to hit it!”

With the next toss, Rachel swung as hard as she could and made solid contact…with my shoulder!

“Oh no Coach, I am so sorry! You’ll probably never want to help me again…” she said sadly, feeling bad for causing the pain she thought she had caused. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings and tell her that she didn’t swing very hard and it really didn’t hurt. Plus, milking a little extra attention may not be the worst thing in the world!

“It’s ok Rachel, I know you didn’t mean too…”

“No, but I still feel awful. Why don’t you at least let me rub it for you?” she asks, walking over and starting to reach for my shoulder.

“That’s really very nice, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Plus, what would it look like if someone walked by and saw you giving me a massage?”

“Oh fine” she pouted playfully. I couldn’t help but notice her hand drifting down my back and over my ass as she pulled her arm away, but I decided it was probably unintentional.

Chapter 2

At dinner that night, I had to share my encounter with Rachel with my wife Carly. Carly is a stunning woman, 36 years old with long brown hair. She runs regularly and has very fit body, with A-cup breasts and the kind of legs and ass that makes guys melt. Some of my friends that are into pornography have compared her to India Summer, though she’s not that outgoing with her sexuality. We have an exciting sex life and enjoy each other several times a week, but it’s usually pretty routine. Like most guys, I’ve told her my fantasies of having a threesome, but she’s never shown the same interest. She does love to ask about the co-eds in my class though, and I think it turns her on to hear me talking about how some of them flirt, so I couldn’t wait to tell her about Rachel trying to give me a rub down on the court!

“I really think it was just an accident when she touched my ass though…” I said, finishing my story about Rachel. Even though I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong, I was trying to reassure her that it was probably harmless.

“I don’t know baby, you’re at the age now where these girls are going to throw themselves at you because you’re young enough to still be sexy, but old enough to be a challenge and unattainable, in their minds. Make sure you keep it that way! Now tell me, what else was she doing during the private lesson?”

“Well, now that you mention it, it did seem like she was bending over at the waist more than she needed to, giving me a look down her top.”

“Oh dear, you’re so oblivious. There is NO WAY that was an accident!” she playfully argued.

“So I guess when I was kneeling in front of her for the toss, she knew I could see up her tennis skirt too?”

“Honey, you are so naïve! I guarantee she knew you were checking her out. I bet her little panties were getting wet knowing this strong married man was looking at her…”she trailed off, acting like she was upset that I let it get that far. As she was pretending to be upset though, I noticed her arm slip under the table and her breathing pick up.

“Carly, if I didn’t know you better, I’d say the thought Kurtköy Escort of this young thing flirting with me is turning you on.”

Reaching her foot under the table and into my lap, she felt my slightly growing wood. I didn’t realize the conversation was having the same impact on me. “It looks like I’m not the only one excited here, I bet your boner was poking out through your shorts today!”

“You know I’d never act on it baby, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t turn me on to look up her skirt. What man wouldn’t love that view of a hot college chick?”

“You say you wouldn’t cheat, but I’m not sure you could stop her if she did this…”

Before I knew it, Carly had slipped all the way beneath the table and I felt her unzipping my fly to release my quickly growing cock. I knew she was turned on because she rarely gave me head after years of marriage. It didn’t take long though before her tongue was sliding along the underside of my now fully erect 8 inches.

“Mmmmm, baby, that feels so good” I moaned as I slid down in my chair, my head resting on the back.

Her lips slipped over the head of my cock and went halfway down the shaft before reversing and rising back up. She repeated this slowly a few times, occasionally coming all the way off my cock to give a playful lick along the bottom side, which she knew drove me wild. She finally wrapped her lips around one more time and lowered her mouth the full 8 inches down until her nose touched my skin, a move she hadn’t done in years.

“Ohhhhh baby, I forgot you knew how to do that!” feeling the orgasm starting to rise but not wanting this to end.

She must have sensed my fastly approaching climax too, because she quickly pulled off, licked the pre-cum off the tip of my cock and came out from under the table. As she stood, I noticed her skirt was bunched at her waist and her panties were pushed aside where she had been fingering herself during her performance.

Without another word, I lifted her up, laid her onto the table, and thrust my hard cock into her soaking wet slit. We usually have more romantic sex, but this was carnal lust from both of us. I didn’t even bother taking off either of our clothes, but just pushed aside her panties and dove in. There was no place for foreplay anymore, as I pumped fast and deep, in and out, into her.

Not usually liking it this hard, I was surprised but so turned on to hear her moaning in pleasure with each thrust.

“Deeper baby, go deeper! Fuck my wet pussy like you never had before, OOHHHHHH fuck, yesssssss!!”

We would play around with dirty talk a little in the past, but I’d never heard her talk so openly, and hearing her beg for me to fuck her was pushing me over the top.

“Oh shit Carly! I’m gonna cum!!” With one final thrust, I unloaded rope after rope deep into her box, feeling her muscles contract around me and milk my cock for every last drop


She came right after me, her body gyrating on and off of the kitchen table as her vagina pulsed on my still hard cock. It had to the most powerful orgasms we’d had in years together.

Collapsing on top of her, we kissed passionately and smiled at what had just happened.

I knew she’d enjoy my story, but it wasn’t THAT good of a story. I was too happy to question it at the time though…

Chapter 3

I arrived at my office a couple of hours before class started the next morning, knowing I had to answer some e-mails and meet with Dr. Griffin, the Dean of our program. As I logged onto my computer, I heard a soft knock on my office door. As a tennis teacher, I didn’t often have students come by my actual office like normal professors do, so I assumed it was a colleague stopping in to say good morning.

“Come in, the door’s unlocked” I yelled without getting up. To my surprised, in walks Rachel wearing a low-cut blouse and tight blue jeans. I usually only see my students in workout clothes (not that I don’t love sports bras, tennis skirts, and yoga pants), but they’re not usually wearing much makeup and they’re never dressed like this. She looked much better than I initially thought from seeing her in class.

“Hi Coach, I just wanted to check on you and see how your shoulder is doing today?”

“Oh it’s fine Rachel, thank you!” Thoughts began racing Maltepe Escort through my mind of my fun last night with Carly after telling her the story. “I think I’ll survive.”

“It’s just that, well, I’m a nursing student and I think you should let me look at it. I know you said I couldn’t at the courts because someone might see, but I thought it’d be ok in here? I won’t bite…” she flirted. Before yesterday I would have thought it was harmless, but after what Carly said, I was starting to think that maybe her intentions weren’t so pure.

“Really Rachel, I don’t think it’d be appropriate to let a student touch me like that. Plus, Dr. Griffin will be here in a few minutes to talk about my class. It just wouldn’t look right, even though I know you mean well.”

“This is purely a medical checkup,” she winked at me and came around my desk uninvited. Before I could stop her, I felt her hands on my shoulder, lifting and rotating, before setting it back down and softly massaging it. “I don’t think there is any major damage, but it’s pretty tight. Let me help you loosen it up a little.”

Somewhere in the back of my head, I think I heard a quiet voice telling me this was a bad idea, but it just felt so damn good.

“I’m really worried about this class Coach,” she continued through the massage. “I’m a 4.0 student, but I just don’t have an athletic bone in my body.” I smiled at that, but assumed she didn’t mean that the way it sounded. She giggled, seeing my reaction. “I don’t know what I would do if I lost my 4.0 because of a PE class” she playfully pouted, her hands beginning to massage more of my back than my shoulders.

“Well you are a little behind the others in class, but I’m sure with some hard work, you’ll be just fine,” I assured her while taking her hands off of my back. “I really do think you should be going now Rachel, I have this meeting coming up…”

“Listen Coach, I saw you checking me out during our lesson yesterday. So I’m just gonna say it, whatever I have to do to get an A in this class, I’ll do it.” Laughing, she knelt down next to my chair and gave my growing cock a playful squeeze. “It looks like part of you knows what I’m talking about!”

Right at that moment, and without knocking, Dr. Griffin let himself into my office for our meeting. Thinking quickly, Rachel slid underneath my desk and was able to stifle the giggling long enough for me to regain my composure.

“Oh, uh, hey Dr. Griffin. You surprised me! What did you want to talk about?”

As he started to ramble on about the importance of being fair in my grading and not playing favorites with my students, I felt a cold hand slide up the leg of my tennis shorts and into my boxers, tickling the bottom of my balls.

“Err, uh, yes sir, of course. I would never give a student preferential treatment…”

Feeling a cool breeze as my shorts were worked up and over my growing erection, it was all I could do not to groan in pleasure. Before I knew it, I felt Rachel’s lips softly cover the head of my cock as she playfully tongued my shaft. She expertly began bobbing up and down slowly as I tried my hardest to pay attention to what Dr. Griffin was saying. I’m usually able to hold out for a long time, and I almost never get off on oral sex alone, but something about the danger of getting caught was making my climax rise quickly.

“Coach Jack, are you feeling alright? You look a little flushed…” Dr. Griffin asked.

“Uh, yes sir, I am just, oh, feeling a little feverish. I’m sure it’s nothing…”

With one final bob on my cock, sending all 8 inches deep in to Rachel’s throat, I began spurting string after string of hot cum. After swallowing every drop of cum that I shot down her throat, Rachel softly started giggling. I tried to cough to cover up the noise of what was going on below the desk.

Dr. Griffin, giving me a skeptical look, finally started making his way out of my office. “Ok Coach, if you say so. Just remember what we talked about, NO PLAYING FAVORITES.”

After he was safely back in his office, I motioned for Rachel to come out.

“Oh my God Rachel, I can’t believe you just did that. I could get fired if anyone found out! Not to mention what my wife would do to me!”

“Don’t worry Coach, I won’t tell anyone…unless I don’t get an A in your class!” She seductively licked her lips and skipped out of my door.

After feeling a mixture of excitement, arousal, fear, and regret of what just happened and what would happen if anyone found out, there was only one thing I was sure of. This was going to be an interesting semester, and it was just starting…

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