Tales of a Mature Prostitute Ch. 01

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Let me introduce myself: I work under the name of Gabby and I am a mature (60+) prostitute who specialises in clients with erection problems. (I could call myself by all kinds of euphemisms but, at the end of the day, I am a prostitute.) But before we go any further, let me make it clear that this is not an advert for my services because my diary is more than full and my client list is closed.

I do what I do primarily because I need the money, but I won’t burden you with how that unfortunate situation came about. Even if this was not the case, I would hope to have a few gentleman friends whom I could take care of, just because I’d get very aroused in doing so and it would give me tremendous satisfaction to please them (and myself).

I’ve decided to write this short piece about what I do in the hope that there are people out there who might identify with what I have to say and so gain some re-assurance that the problems of aging are not necessarily an end to sexuality.

Before I continue, perhaps you would like to know a little more about me (If not, just skip this and the next two paragraphs.) I have a university education which was followed by a career in the arts from which I retired some 10 years ago. I am twice divorced but have no children.

I was introduced to swinging by my first husband and that lifestyle was renewed with my second husband. As a result and by choice, I am sexually flexible. While there are activities in which I don’t wish to participate, there is little that I have not encountered at some time.

Despite the accumulation of years, I take good care of myself and am in reasonably good shape. There are a few too many saggy bits for my liking but I don’t have very much excess weight and only a few wrinkles. I’m on the izmit rus escort petite side with medium length dark hair that is naturally wavy. I don’t have big boobs but my nipples are relatively large and dark coloured. I keep my pubes well trimmed and shaped, my inner lips are also dark coloured and on the long side, and my clit protrudes a lot when I am turned on. My bum and thighs are still well toned and probably my best features.

As I have already said, the main reason I got into prostitution was the need for money, which was essential to maintain my standard of living. I was of the opinion that there was a niche in the market for women who would cater for older men, especially those who had wives that had lost interest in sex. And then there were those with whom aging was catching up while erections were going down. I tried various discrete adverts in the local paper but I didn’t like the responses I received. They were along the lines of “How much for a fuck?” and “Do you do anal?” which were not the kind of services I wanted to provide.

Eventually I hit on a form of words that got some attention from the kind of men I wanted to attract and the day came for me to entertain my first client in my apartment. On the telephone he had seemed very nervous, even more than me, and he was no less so when he arrived. He was probably in his sixties, greying hair and a little overweight, and very well dressed and groomed. He paid me my fee for a 1 hour session, I offered him a drink which he accepted and we sat down to talk.

It was clear that the situation of prostitute and client was new to both of us and it took a good 15 minutes and another drink before I managed to turn the subject to sex, as I felt obliged to do. That’s when his izmit escort floodgates opened. For the next hour, with ever deeper intimacies, I heard the story of his sex life and all its disappointments.

We were well over the hour for which he had paid but I wasn’t concerned about that; I wanted to give him some value for his money. I pointed out the time and told him that we needed to bring things to a close but that I really wanted to please him in some way before he left. I asked what he would like and he thought for a while. Almost apologetically he said that it would be perfect for him if I would lift up my skirt and bend over for him to masturbate on my bottom.

I told him that it would be my pleasure and he asked if I had any massage oil, which I duly provided. Looking around the room, it seemed that the best place for me was against the back of the sofa and so that is where I positioned myself. He walked around behind me, I slipped of my g-string, raised my skirt and bent over with my legs apart. To say that I felt vulnerable would be an understatement. I would have been more comfortable if it had been straight sex but this was what I had let myself in for and for which he had paid.

I didn’t look around but I guessed he had dropped his pants and was lubricating himself so I thought I had better do a little more than just stay still. I stroked the backs of my bestockinged thighs, slowly wiggled my hips and ground against the sofa. From what I could sense he was rubbing himself and quite close to me, and he was telling me how good I looked. It went on like that for a few minutes and then the sounds I heard suggested he was increasing the pace of his wanking. He told me he was very close and asked me to spread my bottom apart. I did as he asked and a moment kocaeli escort later I felt his cock head and his hot cum on my bum hole. He was groaning and seemed to be trembling as he unloaded against me, and I have to say that my pussy juices were flowing.

When it seemed to be over, I stood up and went to the bathroom to get a towel. He was in the process of re-dressing himself but I insisted that I clean him up and knelt down in front of him. His dick was very sticky with oil and cum and had shrivelled to a very wrinkly little thing but I did my best to clean it before he put it away.

I think he was a little bashful and embarrassed but he assured me that it had been the most erotic experience of his life and that he would like to return to do something with me again. After a visit to the bathroom, he finally left.

For me, I had an enormous sense of elation that things had gone so well and, alongside that, I was very aroused. There was only one thing for it: a session with the dildo and vibrator. I went to the bedroom, dropped my skirt, took out the toys and started to play with myself. There was no need for lube to get the dildo planted inside and the vibrator had my clit sticking out in no time. Thoughts of my earlier vulnerability, the lewdness of the way I had displayed myself and the sensations of his cock cumming against my most private place brought me to a very fast and furious orgasm.

For all my experiences of swinging, and all the excitement and orgasms that I had in those days , I never had an encounter that touched me much as that with my first client. And what’s more, when I went to the bathroom, I found he had doubled my fee.

As I have developed confidence, and my client base has expanded, I have had many varied experiences with older men, almost all of which have been intensely personal and intimate. If enough people are interested, I will take the time to relate them in detail — just send me a message so that I know where I stand.

Thank you – Gabby.

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