Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 15.5

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Tales of the Sexual Healers, Chapter 15, Part 2…Queen Ann Boleyn conceives a Prince (second part of Isolde meets Ann Boleyn)

The morning air was very still as the Queen and I lay with our bodies intertwined. The sweet smell of baking apples simmering in sugar was wafting through the air. The Viscount and the courtier were gone, leaving sticky remains of our coupling in the satin sheets. With a sleepy smile I realized I had fallen in love again. Ann’s passion, her directness and her candor had drawn her to me. I reached out and caressed a lock of her flowing black tresses even as I buried my face in its sweetness. She gazed upon my nakedness even as I began to kiss her neck and take her breasts in my hands. She purred, like the enchanting cat that she was as she arched her back to receive my hands and my lips. I was worshipping her with my mind…my soul. My heart was exploding with love for her and I mounted her, kissing her deeply and sucking her tongue into my mouth. We breathed together as we rubbed our cunts together in rhythmic motions that caused us both to gasp. She arose from the bed with a smile, drawing us both into a hot bath filled with rose petals, hot water and luxurious suds. I was surprised because I had seen no servants to prepare such a decadent treat. We lay together in the bath as she washed my hair and I began to wash her narrow-soled feet. She smiled as she spread her long, thin legs as I began to massage her feet, drawing sighs of pleasure from her.

All I could think of was pleasing her and caring for her, but make no mistake. I was summoned by her magick and I craved her, like a cat craves milk. I took the cleansing sponge and washed her, worshipping her with escort bayan kisses and stroking her body with the soap. I took some of the rose petals that floated on the surface of the bathing-waters and rubbed her yoni with them. Crushing some of the fragrant white petals, I inserted them into her tight and fragrant vaginal canal. As I pushed them in her opening, her clitoris hardened under my knuckle. Using my finger, I gently explored her beautiful pussy. Her large clit was standing at attention again, as her vagina expanded in the heat of the perfumed bath.

Here was the Queen of England… unclothed, in a bath of dreams with me, with soap-suds covering us as we giggled like school girls. I was reminded of my first female lover when I left home, Medea. The air of magic was shimmering in the air again as she washed every inch of my body, tracing circles around my breasts, pinching my turgid nipples and suckling them. She licked my nipples with her hot pointed tongue as I started groaning in torment. She paid special attention to my steaming twat which was glowing pink with the sex magick she was weaving into it. It was like she knew me…and I knew her…and we were two souls infusing each other with our knowledge and our love.

I stood in the ornate tub “Come,” I said, with the iridescent bubbles still clinging to my luscious form. She picked up a bejeweled chamber pot filled with warm rosewater and irises floating in it and rinsed me off. Taking my hand, we made our way to the dais, where the dazzling, sparkling pentagram was. Invisible hands had placed some holly berry as offerings to the Gods and Goddess as we slowly lay down, with my face in her pussy and hers in mine. We bursa vip escort couldn’t get enough of each other, as we licked, and sucked and rubbed each other’s twats until we both orgasmed in each other’s mouths. Rubbing my clitoris and frigging my G spot with her highly skilled fingers, she fucked my anus with her hot tongue. Tears sprang to my eyes as I squirted right into her royal mouth.

She taught me how to Shape-shift. We stalked the palace walls as black cats, or frogs or any manner of creatures. Laughing, cavorting and startling the people at court. We made merry our time together.

I stayed in the palace with her for many moons. Even as she began to show the signs of pregnancy. My beloved Nan was indeed with child, as she had felt the spark of life within her, as she, and I, and her brother George and the young boy made love. King Henry was of course, delighted. I became her Lady-in-Waiting, her most precious one indeed, as we celebrated the Sabbats in her personal chambers. There was so much pressure on her to produce a male heir, and so much sorrow for her King did not visit her much, he was seducing other women or gorging himself on rich food and drink. Each day we took walks in the forest, worshipping the Sun God as He made his way across the sky. I spoke to her of my own son, Faun, who I had not seen for a long time. We would whisper to each other late at night as we lay abed and I caressed and drew magickal sigils into her burgeoning belly.

Her brother secluded himself, living in fear that he would be caught with Ann for he had a vicious and jealous wife who peered around corners and was always spying on the three of us. We bursa elit escort tried to make love when we could but we he was under suspicion within the court. Then, one day, the labor pains began and my beautiful Ann was writhing in the bed where we had conceived the child. I massaged her round belly with raspberry leaves, and hung meadowsweet and black cohosh around her. She was already in a meditative state of bliss when the contractions began and I began to stimulate her vagina, rubbing her clitoris, to give her pleasure as the baby began to crown. The King was outside, drinking as usual. Her breasts were swollen and nipples erect and she had never looked more beautiful. Quickly, I oiled her pussy with almond oil, rubbing it into the birthing canal and giving her tiny orgasms as she effortlessly birthed the baby into my hands. It was a boy! Just as we had predicted, with our scrying and our divinations. The date was 15, March in the year 1536. The King finally had his son.

But in the ensuing days, the chaos and the stress in the palace continued. Threats and accusations flew around, like so much chaff in the wind. Ann was arrested and sent to the Tower of London for treason. I was summarily imprisoned as well. Cries of witchcraft were everywhere. We were not together in the Tower but I could hear her anguished cries all the time. No one had seen the baby since his arrival. Nor would they give us any news of him. We both pleaded for mercy and I heard them take her away. In fear for my life, I shape-shifted into a crow and with a piercing cry, I flew out of the window and escaped into the crowd. I saw her, with the ax positioned over her head. Flapping my blue-black shiny wings, I glared at the executioner as he did it. With a cacophony of sound, I screamed my rage into the wind as her soul was released. I sent my love for her with her as she descended into the Underworld. Then I turned and I disappeared into the Mists, my heart breaking. Yet again.


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