Talking Past Each Other Ch. 04

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*All characters are over 18.

I’m looking for an editor. if you like this kind of thing, and would like to improve my next works, let me know through the feedback.*

Chapter 4

Julia arrived a little late at her aunt and uncle’s place. She closed the door to her car and reflected on the nice tree-lined street they lived on. There were robins in the crabapple trees, singing, looking for mates. Up the street she could see a young family cleaning out their vehicle, there was a lawn mower in the near distance making lawn mower sounds.

You never really know what goes on behind closed doors, she thought to herself. All these people are living separate lives.

She took off her sunglasses and threw them into the car, locked the car door, and walked towards the house.

The screen door was closed but the real door was open; she called hello and walked in. She heard both her aunt and uncle call back to her from the kitchen, it sounded like they were cooking. She took her shoes off and walked through the living room. She could hear her aunt and uncle speaking to each other in tones that were familiar and sweet. She envied their relationship; it was a marriage, but it was also a friendship.

The kitchen was done up and rustic wood, and everything had kind of an earthy feel. It was lit by sunlight through the windows to the back yard and everything had a very traditional feeling. She loved it here, her house had a very clinical feel in some ways. Like it hadn’t been lived in, but this house felt like it was generational. It was humid, but had a fresh smell from the vegetables being cut and the plants that hung in the corners

The table was a thick wooden slab, and the benches at either end were as well. They could have all been cut from the same tree. Her uncle sat with his back to the window, using a light to read.

Jacob was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, sipping on a cup of coffee, he lifted his head and gave her a smile, lowering his paper but not putting it down. Julia’s heart fluttered at that smile. Madeline on the other hand was completely naked, save for a candy stripe apron, she was preparing some food. Madeline put down what she was doing in the pan to go and give her a hug.

“Julie, it’s so wonderful to see you,” Madeline said. They kissed on the lips, a quick peck at first, but then they both thought about it, looked at each other giggling and fell into a deeper kiss. Their lips pressed together for the first time that week, and a shiver of excitement ran through both, they kissed quickly again and pulled apart. They held hands for half a second, but then Madeline went back to cooking lunch

“You two seem very 1950s right now,” Julia said jokingly, “Aunt Maddie the housewife and uncle Jake is… What is that an actual newspaper? I didn’t even know they made those anymore. Do you have an old wooden pipe you can smoke?” She stood beside his chair looking down.

“I’m glad you asked Julie,” he said as he folded in half and stood, “these are actually very useful. He pointed towards Maddie still frying, with her ass hanging out. While Julia had her back turned to look, he used the paper to spank her across the rear.

“Ow!” She turned and wagged her finger at Jacob.

“Don’t disrespect your elders, millennial.” Jacob said as he went back to his paper.

Julia pouted, she took a small hand and pushed his paper out of the way, making space for herself to sit down on his lap. “I’m sorry Uncle Jake, I’ll try to be nicer.” He wrapped his arms around her as she began kissing his neck.

Jacob could feel his cock stiffening, he gave his niece a kiss on the lips, and she smiled into his face. He pushed her mouth back onto his neck and asked his wife, in the nude, chopping vegetables, “Maddie when how long do you think it’ll take for lunch?”

Maddie turned around, smiling knowingly “How long do you need?”

He whispered into Julia’s ear, “Do you want to join me in the bedroom?”

She answered a question with a question, “Can you fuck me here? I want to watch her like this.” She ran her hands over Jacob’s shoulders and down his sides, slipping them under his shirt. He did the same, moving his hands along her back, unhooking her bra.

“Oh yeah, the slutty housewife look is doing it for you?” They kissed deeply.

Julia rose from Jacob’s lap, holding one of his hands, pulling him off his seat. She walked around to the other side of the table where she positioned herself with their hands on the edge of the table and her butt out a little bit. Jacob walked up behind her and slowly began kissing her neck, taking off her clothes.

He pulled her shirt over her head, and she let her arms be pulled up with it. She kept her eyes on her aunt’s beautiful back. Her bottom stuck out from the sides of her apron like a ripe peach in a cloth cover. Julia watched the muscles of Madeline’s back as she cut vegetables for a salad. Jacob’s hands gently fondled her tits.

Jacob’s pants came off, and he kapalı gaziantep escort pressed his hips into her ass, with his erect cock between her butt cheeks, he began kissing her back, and the back of her neck, with one hand running through her hair and the other on her chest. Madeline continued to chop vegetables, her back to the action, with a smile on her face.

Jacob eased the head of his cock down towards Julia’s slit, and then slid it in slowly. Julia’s eyes went wide, her throat let out a low moan, and her arms relaxed as she sunk down onto her elbows. She let her feet come up off the floor as Jacob’s dick went all the way in. He put his hands on her hips and began slowly to thrust into her from behind.

Madeline finished chopping a green pepper and put her knife down on the cutting board. She turned to watch her two lovers. Her husband had her niece bent over their kitchen table, the two of them stared at her, with passion in their eyes. Jacob is kissing his niece’s neck, well Julia writhed as she was being slowly fucked from behind. but even while all of this is happening, the two of them stared at Madeline. They didn’t say a word.

Madeline, with her apron still on, walked over to the table. She hopped up on the table beside them and offered her lips to Julia. Julia took the invitation and raised herself up and pressed your lips into Madeline’s,

Madeline looked at her husband, “pull her back” she told him. Without releasing Julia’s hips, he backed her up, giving Madeline the space at the edge of the table.

The two women wrapped their arms around each other, With Julia putting her arms around her aunt’s delightfully soft body. The young woman found herself exactly where she wanted to be, sandwiched between your two lovers. She felt her aunt’s nails lightly scratch her back.

As they kissed, Julia undid the strap on her aunt’s apron and let the top fall off, freeing her wonderful breasts. Her hand slid down the sides of Madeline’s torso, as Jacob continued to fuck her firmly and gently from behind. She could feel his hands on her hips, directing her, Madeline’s hands ran down her back, gently encouraging her.

She broke off the kiss with Madeline’s mouth and began kissing the sides of her face and down her neck, soon she was kissing Madeline’s chest, with every stroke of Jacob’s hips, she moved a little bit further down. Madeline leaned back while sitting on the edge of the table and allowed her niece to begin suckling at a breast, and she began to relax her arms and she found herself on her back, with Julia pressed into her.

Jacob slowly began pulling Julia back. Madeline felt Julia kissing down her body. lifting the apron that was loosely tied to her, settling her face between Madeline’s thighs. Madeline could feel every thrust that her husband gave into the younger woman, her pussy open under Julia’s tongue. Julia began to lick Madeline’s clit to the rhythm of her husband’s thrusts.

Madeline relaxed onto the cold, smooth hardwood table, her legs hanging over the side, and let her fingers drift through Julia’s hair, she knew how to get to orgasm quickly, and she didn’t hold anything back. She had food cooking on the stove. Julia has been trained well, “make me come quickly, honey” she requested of her niece.

With her hands wrapped around her aunt’s legs, she dug her fingernails into her thighs lightly. She closed her eyes and pressed her mouth to Madeline’s pussy, and she began to run her tongue up and down over the clit. Each steady pounding from her uncle behind her was a small rhythmic distraction. Her tongue exerted slow, even pressure.

Jacob reached in from behind and touched his wife’s hand as it was stroking Julia’s hair. Bent slightly over and with his other hand firmly on her hips, he continued to thrust into her wet pussy. Madeline began to shake.

Well trained, Julia felt Madeline’s orgasm coming, she began repeating the same actions faster and faster. Her tongue licked furiously. Her lips suckled and kissed. She felt her aunt’s hands tighten around her hair.

Maddie was shaking, and Julia who was still getting pounded from behind, was trying to hold on. Maddie’s moan echoed throughout the room. Her back arched, and her hips bucked, but Julia held on, and finished with the aftershocks of pleasure. She felt her aunt’s hands, which had been holding her in place, relax.

But then a new set of hands wrapped itself around her hair. Jacob pulled out of her pussy, and she found herself being gently guided into a kneeling position on the floor. She opened her mouth obediently, as Jacob slid his hard cock into her mouth. She could taste her own slick pussy juices. She put her hands on his muscular legs, as she began to suck onto each of the thrusts of his hips.

Jacob began moaning now, “I’m coming, baby,” he told her as he flooded Julia’s mouth with his cum. He held her head in place as he pumped into her. She swallowed gaziantep kapalı escort each spurt of semen. As his orgasm subsided, he released her, but she continued to suck and kiss his cock as it lost its hardness.

Madeline got up to the from the table where she’s been sitting, watching. She gave her bewildered husband a kiss on the cheek and helped her niece onto her feet.

“Thank you, honey,” Maddie said, pressing her hand to her cheek and kissing Julia’s lips. She tried to pull away, but Julia brought her back in for a deeper kiss, wrapping her arms around her aunt’s waist. They rested their foreheads together, “No, thank you, Aunt Maddie, for letting me share this.” The kissed once more, and Madeline put her apron on, and headed back to the neglected food.

Julia turned towards her uncle Jacob, who had now recovered somewhat from his spectacular orgasm. He pulled her in for a hug and she buried her face in his bare chest. He kissed the top of her head as he watched his wife begin to finish up breakfast. “Thank you for swallowing my cum, Julia.” She sighed into her uncle’s chest, happy.

For James, the month of June had gone very well. The city was getting hotter and hotter, and while his job search hadn’t improved, his attitude had. He had six days to lazily find work and then essentially got to be a sex toy to an older woman on the weekend. Even if he couldn’t tell his friends about it, it was a pretty good life.

When James arrived at Wendy’s place that day the house felt empty, he walked through the front door and into the dark entryway calling out her name.

“Aunt Wendy, are you here?” He called out. He wandered upstairs and he called out again, “Julia?” She shouldn’t be here, Wendy had said that she’d be gone all day, that they would have the house to themselves. He looked into Julia’s room. Nothing. He walked back into the living room, and he saw Julia’s laptop sitting open.

At that moment, he heard the shower start up in the bathroom down the hall. He walked back down towards it as if called by a siren onto the rocks.

He opened the door a crack, the room was dark. The bathroom had no outside windows, and James couldn’t see anything inside. He became apprehensive, who was in here? Was it more than one person, he leaned into the doorway, and whispered in “Aunt Wendy is that you?”

“Yes, James it’s me, take off your clothes and come in,”

“Why are you…” she cut him off.

“Don’t speak just come in. I don’t want you to talk right now.” As his aunt commanded, James went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

“Take off your clothes,” she repeated. He could hear her voice behind the shower curtain as spray of water bounced off her skin and onto the walls.

He worried about what he was getting himself into, and suddenly had a vision that there were more people in the bathroom with him, watching, or videotaping. But the desire, rising within him knowing that her naked body was just on the other side of that thin sheet of plastic under a spray of water that would leave her body wet and supple, pushed him to step inside.

He walked in and put his hand up to feel for her in the darkness. His hands touched her soft back and she turned around, and soon those hands went to her chest and then down, touching her hips. She moved towards him and began kissing his neck.

He could feel her wet hair on her body as her hands went around softly on his muscular back. She began to kiss his neck, moving down to his shoulders then back up to his ear. “You should take me from behind, okay?

“Yes,” he said, “Absolutely,”

“But don’t say anything,” he moved closer and kissed her, opening his mouth, and pushing his tongue in as she wrapped her arms around him. He ran his hands all over her, feeling her smooth body covered in water. Her hair was much longer now, weighed down, and he grabbed it, pulling her head back, kissing her neck. She pulled him towards her then began to turn her body around.

He put his hands on her hips and she rotated around to face the water, his hard cock slid between the cheeks of her ass. His hands moved up her thin waist and up over her breasts. One of her arms reached back and grabbed a hold of the back of his head, running her fingers through his hair, the other moved back and grabbed his balls

He kissed her around the neck and sunk his teeth into her shoulders. She moaned, moving her head back, and she ran the tips of her fingers over his cock as it laid between her ass cheeks, He tried to push it in. “Not this time, maybe next time,” Wendy said in a sultry voice. James realized he was trying to put it in her ass. “Next time,” he thought to himself

He put the tip against the opening of her cunt and squeezed one of her breasts with one hand. He pulled her towards him, Wendy moaned even more, a deep sound of satisfaction.

With one hand around her hips and another gaziantep kapalı escort bayan gripping her chest, he began slowly to pound his hips into her. He moved the hand from her hips down to her clit. Finding it in the dark, he began to massage her in circles each time he made a pass with his index finger, Wendy shuddered even more

He wrapped his arm around her body to hold her tight, with the other hand stimulating her, all the while pounding her from behind. Wendy placed both of her hands in front of her to brace herself against the wall, she began to call out loudly, “Yes, fuck me!”

The water poured over both. It was completely dark, and James couldn’t see a thing, but he was dedicated to his task – slamming his hips into his aunt from behind. Soon she began to shutter; her orgasm was like an explosion for both of them. She began to make a noise like he had never heard a woman make, shouting and grabbing on to his arm like she was falling off a cliff.

As the ripples of pleasure went through her, James felt her knees buckle and the arm that he was using to hold her close was now holding her upright so that he could continue giving her pleasure. He slowed down and relaxed his hand, but he continued to fuck her from behind.

‘It’s okay,” Wendy said, “let me down.” James put his hand in hers and slowly lowered her to the ground while still standing up, his hard cock still in front of them. She slid down and put her face directly on it. Kissing the balls and shaft, “that was so good,” she said. “So good. Would you like to finish in my mouth?”

She pulled down his cock into her mouth and began sucking it slowly. James could feel that Wendy was sitting down leaning against his legs as she pleasured him, stroking his cock with her hand as she moved her tongue and her lips over the rest.

He ran his hands through her wet hair, giving her encouragement as he felt this orgasm build. In the dark, he felt the pleasure of her warm mouth on his cock

His hips started fucking her mouth as his orgasm built. Wendy sucked furiously until James released the tension that had been building up, the cum burst from his cock. For the first time, Wendy was surprised by the quantity of it, she tried to swallow but instead she just let it spill over her lips and down her body with the water that flowed down her chest. She kept working with her lips and tongue, rubbing your hands over his balls

After he had recovered, James got out of the shower first, and grabbed a towel from the rack “Do you mind if I turn the lights back on?” he asked.

“Yes, go ahead it’s all right now, I was just feeling off. I hope you don’t mind; I was pretending you were someone else,” she said from behind the curtain

“Oh, uhh, okay,” James wasn’t sure that he felt comfortable with that, but the fact is that he was the junior partner in this relationship. Maybe this is what relationships are like for older women, he thought to himself.

Wendy took a towel that he offered her and got out of the shower. She was genuinely pleased to see her nephew. He was young and handsome, and she genuinely enjoyed having him around.

She put her hand to his chest. “Thank you for coming over,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind. I’ve organized the list of tasks for you. It shouldn’t take you more than 2 or 3 hours and I’ll bring you out some lemonade in a little while.”

“You don’t have to get me anything, Aunt Wendy. I’m happy just doing this,” James said toweling off his hair.

Wendy looked at him, perplexed, “James, it’s lemonade. Just drink it.”

He looked apologetic “Okay, aunt Wendy.”

She felt bad for making him feel bad, “then you can fuck me again.” She opened up her towel and posed for him, showing her tight body still moist from the shower.

He brightened up, staring at her, “I can definitely do that.” He looked away and started putting on his pants, “I guess I’ll go do that stuff now.” He looked back at her; she wrapped her towel back around her hips leaving her beautiful chest exposed. She was staring at him as he got dressed for the mixture of amusement and concern for the time.

As he wandered out into the living room, she called after him, “you’ll find the list on the kitchen table, I’m going to get dressed and get ready.”

He wandered upstairs to find a list of detailed things to do, it looked like he had several hours of actual work ahead of him.

Jacob laid on the bed with his wife on one side and Julia beside him on the other. He held them both close to him and they slept soundly. He didn’t know if he’d ever felt this satisfied. An arm draped around each of his women, he held them close, and kissed each on the tops of their heads.

He felt Julia move a little bit. She opened her eyes, with her hair tousled and a little bit of sleep still in her gaze, she looked up and kissed him on the lips. She snuggled into his neck and ran her hands on his chest. She began slowly kissing his neck, then his chest. Wordlessly, she started making her way down his body.

Her mouth soon made it to his abs, as her right hand began to gently knead his balls.

Jacob held on tight to his wife as Julia began kissing his cock. He just had sex with both, and their juices were still all over him. He could tell under the covers that Julia had begun the long, slow process of licking him clean.

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