Tangled in Europe Ch. 02

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This is the continuing saga of Ben Black and his twenty-one year old daughter Cynthia; our lovers are having a deep loving and passionate incestuous love affair. And despite the tragedy and heart break they have endured along the way. They have managed to somehow make their sex fuelled relationship work. Well, as best they can anyway. Our lovers are now holidaying in Europe posing as husband and wife.


God my head, my fucking head! There’s a party still going on in my head, and I’m the only one not invited. I mentally say to myself. Trying to get my eyes to focus I slowly sit up in the bed, looking over I see my baby Cynthia lying on her tummy out cold in the bed beside me. For a few moments I gaze at my little girl lying there; I love watching Cynthia sleeping, serenely, peacefully, almost angelic.

Slowly and carefully I put one foot out of this oversized bed, I don’t notice a discarded wine bottle sneakily lying in wait for me. Abruptly, that sneaky bastard sends me to the floor on my ass. Oh fuck it anyways! My balls, my god dam balls ache. And here I sit now silently moaning to myself.

Getting up I head to the bathroom to empty my can as it were. And standing in front of the bowel the blurred events of last night start to appear in my mind, only they are a bit jumbled up. God my cock and balls ache. Who would have thought a big ornate bed in France and a few bottles of wine would turn my little girl into a sex craved monster. But it did. Cupping my balls I mentally say to them; mustn’t grumble lads, we are lucky to have her.

Examining my cock to survey the damage I find teeth marks, I mean what the fuck! Jesus no wonder it was throbbing away. Cynthia got a bit carried away last night. She was like a wild animal in the bed. We fucked in just about every possible position, and in a few I never dreamed of. And when I got soft, she used every trick in the book to get me going again so she could continue to pound her pussy with my cock. Eventually exhaustion and the wine got to her too. Thank fuck!

Closing my eyes I take a deep breath and as I slowly let it out my very full bladder begins to release its self. God that’s feels good, I sigh.

“Good morning lover.” Looking over to the door I see Cynthia leaning on the door jam with just a smile on her face.

“Fuck, you startled me babe. I nearly hosed the place down.”

“You were expecting someone else. Who else would be here?” She giggles.

“You could have been the maid.”

“Well if it was the maid, and she was any kind of woman at all. She would be like me, standing here taking in this wonderful view.”

“Do you want me to hold it for you dad?” she giggles.”No, I can manage.”

“Here, let me.” She says, taking hold of my shaft from behind.”

“There now, doesn’t that feel better Ben?” she laughs, as she leans around to guide my piss into the bowl.

“Hmm, now I see why you like to watch me pee. It’s kind of erotic. Will I give it a shake for you?”

“Easy babe, it’s a bit tender this morning.” I say, finishing up.

“Awww, did my pussy wear my daddy’s cock out last night?”

“NO! but you did leave teeth marks.”

“Oh fuck! Show me.”

Turning me around she takes my cock in her hand to examine it. Cynthia looks up at me with that devilish coy look in her eyes, as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.”I’m sorry. All I can say in my defence is, I was hungry. And I do like your cock. Do you want me to kiss it better for you?” she says as she starts to rub her lips along my cock from tip to balls.

“Well it’s a start, I suppose.”

“Come this way so.” Taking hold of my cock in her hand, she leads me back into the room. I lie on the bed with my legs slightly dangling over the edge. Climbing in beside me she starts to lick my cock up and down very slowly and very softly, she pushes my legs apart wider so she can have better access to my balls as well.

Pumping my cock gently with her hand she presses the swollen head to her lips. She rubs her lips in slow circles around my cockhead while gently sipping my pre-cum from its slit. I watch as she starts to take me into her mouth slowly, just the head at first; she uses her tongue to tantalise my swollen gland. Looking up at me with a beautiful loving smile she asks. “Is that any better dad?”

“That feels amazing pet. Really amazing.” I moan, slightly out of breath.

She continues to lavish her loving attentions on my hardon, she takes me fully in to her moist mouth right down to my balls. “That’s it babe. Suck me, suck me nice and slowly. And I close my eyes and let myself be carried away with this moment of passion. Cynthia really loves sucking my cock; to her sucking me off is a labour of love, and not just a quick blowjob. Nothing else matters but the satisfaction of her lover, Me.

Taking my cock out of her mouth she straddles me, and slowly she lowers her pussy to my shaft. Jesus the heat of her pussy, she is wet, very wet. Barely touching my shaft with her sticky escort bostancı pussy she starts to glide along me coating with her honey. Leaning into me she whispers softly. “Does my wet pussy feel nice Ben?” And dipping her fingers into her pussy she smears her sweet sticky honey across my lips, before pressing them in to my mouth. She watches as I make love to her fingers, sucking, tasting, and savouring her sweet tasting honey.

“I love you Cynthia, I love you so very much.”

“I know dad, I know. I love you too with all my heart.” She whispers to me. And slowly she places her lips to mine, and we share a passionate oh so slow kiss. Our tongues probe each other’s mouths as we savour each other’s lips. She lifts herself up slightly and taking my cock she begins to circle her swollen clit slowly against my cockhead. “Ohh, that nice. That’s so nice Ben.” And she gives a little shudder as the heat of her own orgasm begins to slowly build inside her body.

She guides me between her soft pussy lips, just taking the head of my cock inside first. With her eyes closed, she slowly takes me deep in to her; she has the most wonderful expression of ecstasy on her face as she slowly slides herself down my shaft. Tossing her head back she gasps. “Christ, your cock. Ohhh, its so good my love.” she sighs.

Slowly she starts to ride my cock, god she is amazing to watch in action her breasts are heaving with the effort, and biting her bottom lip she begins to work into a wonderful rhythm of lovemaking. The heat of her passion in her pussy is incredible; I feel her honey running down my balls, down the crack of my ass and soaking into the sheets below me. God what a sensation it is to feel so wet by her passion.

“Fuck Cynthia. Your pussy. God, it’s wet. Christ I love it.” “I can feel you getting near my love. Try to last a bit longer, please.” She begs. Last night’s insane fuck fest was nothing but shear animal lust. But this! This was my baby, my lover pouring her love, her passion for me into one magical moment of beautiful lovemaking. That can only be experienced by two lovers deeply, hopelessly in love with each other.

She snuggles her face into my neck and slowly she places baby kiss after baby kiss lovingly on my neck. The heat of our passion is finally too much for my balls, and taking a long deep breath I release my cum into her hot pussy. “Ohhh, dear god I am cumming. I’m coming.” I gasp. Her pussy clinches my shaft hard as it does not want to waste a drop of my cum. Pressing her lips to my ear she sighs. “Fill my pussy Ben. I want to feel your cum deep in me. Please.”

As my throbbing cock finally finishes filling my lover, she lifts herself up and lets me slide out; she places it between the soft folds of her pussy and begins to slide along its entire length. Slowly her orgasm is starting to build deep inside, she shudders, and with her eyes closed she pressed her wet pussy hard on my shaft. Her grinding is getting faster, stronger, and harder as she nears her tipping point.

“Dear god Ben, my pussy is on fire. Fuck, I cumming. I’m cumming all over you.” she cries, her body is shaking from the waves of ecstasy that are coursing through her. My cock is flooded with her wonderful warm cum, my ass and balls soaked from all of her love juice. The bed sheets below me are soaking from all our passion. God what a wonderful feeling, what a wondrous sight my daughter is when she is in the throes of unbridled ecstasy. Her passion is so intense, it’s like her whole body is on fire.

She lies down again resting her head on my shoulder and snuggles in close to me, her body glistens with sweat, her breathing is deep and laboured as she shakes from the intensity of this passionate moment. “That was intense dad. Just fucking intense. My pussy is throbbing so hard, it’s wonderful. Thank you. I love you so much.” She sighs into my ear.”I love you too Cynthia. You know that, don’t you?”

She nods her head slowly in agreement as she continues to rub her pussy on my softening cock in small circular motions; I can feel her engorged clit pressing into my shaft. It’s so tantalising, so wonderful to be able to feel the passion that flows from my baby.

We are both wasted by this deep loving episode of passion; silently we lie there snuggling, basking in the afterglow of our intense lovemaking. After a few minutes and with a wonderful lovers smile on her face Cynthia lifts herself up and speaking softly she says. “Last night was wonderful dad. But this was amazing. When we make love like this I can feel the deep love you have for me.”

“Ditto, my love. The passion and love you give to me is so wonderful. It takes my breath away. I love you so very much, it hurts. And sometimes it scares me. God Cynthia I love you, more than life itself.” And I hug her tightly as if it’s the last time I would.

“I know. I feel like that too. I want us to be together always. Don’t ever leave me Ben.”

“I will love you forever my love. Forever.”

We ümraniye escort continue to gaze in silence at each other only breaking away briefly from it to share a passionate kiss. Gently we roll onto the sheets facing each other.

“Fuck, the sheets are soaked. Is that from us?” she giggles.”Yep. That’s our passion right there alright.” I laugh. “Would I want to wash them? You know, the maid what will she think.” “Oh don’t worry about her. She’ll probably be jealous when she sees them. Hell she may even suck on them to taste our passion.” I laugh. “Ben, you perverted fucker. I love you so much.”

And we both giggle like little kids at the thought of the maid enviously surveying our gift of passion that we leave her. “Well babe. What do you fancy doing today? Visit a museum or go for a walk, or whatever.” “I’m a bit wasted by our lovemaking. I was thinking about putting on my new bikini and lounging around by the lake. It looks lovely and warm today.” Ha, I am glad it’s not only me who’s shattered by our gymnastic fucking session. No man likes to admit they are well and truly fucked. It’s just not done; it’s a matter of male virility. Well, pride of course.

“Awww has daddy worn out his little girl so soon?” I whisper into her ear giggling.

“You are just as wasted as me, aren’t you?”

“Oh, I could easily go another few rounds babe.” I quip back, with an innocent looking grin on my face.”

“Liar.” She laughs, and chases me into the shower.

We both enjoy showering together slowly washing each other’s body, it is just another wonderful way of expressing our love for each other. I love the little moans Cynthia let’s out as I wash her back down slowly. Before taking the showerhead in my hand to rinse the soapy bubbles away. I love to watch the water cascading down from her shoulders over her bum. A little waterfall forms between her legs, with droplets of water dripping down from her pussy. A very erotic sight.

We get dressed eventually, and Cynthia puts on that wonderful white bikini. God does it accentuate her lovely puffy pussy. What a wonderful cameltoe her pussy forms in the crotch. Breathtaking, simply breathtaking. “What do you think Ben?” she asks, giving me a twirl.

“Hot, babe. Very Hot!” I say and I grab her and pull her tight to me so I can steal another one of those long passionate kisses from her lips. “Easy Rover. We have all day for that later.” She giggles.

I put on some blue board-shorts myself and a simple white T-shirt, while Cynthia wraps a sarong around her waist before we head off downstairs to scrounge up some breakfast. On the way down the stairs we meet one of the female staff members heading up to start cleaning the rooms perhaps. We both turn back to look at her and we start to giggle.”I wonder will she suck the sheets Ben?”

“Now who’s the pervert. Really Cynthia I’m disgusted by you.” I whisper in her ear.

She elbows me in the ribs before skipping down the stairs ahead of me laughing her head off. After breakfast we walk the short distance to the lake shore, it resembles a beach more than a lake. The owners went to great length to pull off a beach setting, and they really pulled it off.

Lying back in a sun lounger I settle down. It is lovely here by the lake, a cool gentle breeze soothes the cares away just nicely. Stretching my legs out and flexing my toes, I watch as Cynthia drops her sarong on the lounger beside me savouring every one of her wonderful curves.

“Just off for a quick dip Ben.” “Ok, my love. I’ll be watching you.”

Placing a kiss on my cheek she whispers in my ear. “Fucking pervert.” Giggling like a little girl, she turns to run to the water with excitement. I watch as she launches herself into the water. For the briefest of moments I freeze the picture of Cynthia’s ass and that gorgeous pussy in my mind. God, if only I could print some of the images my mind has captured.

I lie here with my eyes closed in the warm sunshine and I think to myself, Ben you are one lucky bastard. I am now beyond caring if people know that Cynthia is my daughter. Fuck them! What do they know about the deep love we have for each other? It’s not sordid or dirty, or anything like that. It’s pure love, a deep caring love we both share. And of course I am going to fuck the guts out of her every chance I get, who wouldn’t when they have such a beautiful creature like my Cynthia.

Fuck the bigots; fuck them all I think to myself, they can only dream of sharing a love, a passion at this level of intensity. Those fathers’s can go back to silently tugging their cocks as the sniff their daughter’s knickers. While they lock themselves up in their toilets or some other dark hole getting off. It won’t be me. No way!

My personal rant gets interrupted by someone blocking the sunlight, and thinking it’s my baby back from her swim I open my eyes. Jesus Christ would you look at that, I don’t believe what I am looking at. It’s her, the girl from the abbey.

The Asian kartal escort bayan looking girl who was with her father or lover that morning as we had breakfast. She had her back turned to me, and she was just a few feet away at another lounger, her raven black hair went all the way to her bum, and boy is she a goddess.

She is wearing a simple black bikini top and holy fuck a thong bottom. She bends over to pick up her towel, and ohhh my fucking god, her pussy, Jesus Christ almighty the lips of her pussy. They have won the battle and swallowed the thong between her soft lips. I can see some dark fluffy hair peeping out. Ohhh my, what a sight.My cock leaps to attention, god what a hardon.

She starts to dry herself off with the towel, she must have been in for a swim too. I am enjoying the sight when unbeknownst to me Cynthia had returned herself. She places her hand in my crotch and pressed very hard she coyly whispers to me. “You old pervert dad.” And she giggles. “I can’t blame you though, she’s nice. Very nice.”

Flopping down on the sun lounger beside me Cynthia let out a long sigh. “God that swim was good Ben. You should have a dip yourself, to cool off.” And she has that wicked grin I love so much on her face. The girl turns around to face us, she has a wonderful smile and my goddess begins to speak. “I am sorry, was this spot taken?” Before I could answer Cynthia chimes in. “No, make yourself at home. I’m Cynthia. Cynthia Black and this is my husband Ben.” She replies as she sits up on the lounger, I watch as Cynthia’s eyes practically devour this beautiful creature.

“Hello Cynthia. Hello Mr. Black it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Jasmine. Jasmin Ford.”

“Call me Ben Jasmin, and it’s a pleasure to me you.” I say, sitting up and extending my hand out to her. I want to get a closer look at this hot girl. And besides I want to wind up Cynthia in the process for leaning so hard on my cock, ouch that hurt. “So, are you on holiday’s guys?” she enquires as she sits on the lounger. “Yes, Ben and I are on our honeymoon.” “Aw, that’s so cute guys. I hope you will be very happy.”

“What about you, are you on holidays too?” I ask, still wondering about the man I saw her with. “Yes, yes we are. My dad took me with him on his business trip. And we are taking a few days off to enjoy France.” So that’s who he is. I watch as Jasmin takes a bottle of sun tan lotion out of a bag beside her, carefully she spreads the lotion all over her arms and tummy. God how I envy that lotion. She struggles to do her back properly and I hear Cynthia ask. “Would you like me to do that for you Jasmin.”

“Only if you don’t mind Cynthia.”

“No problem. We girls have to look after each other.”

Standing up Cynthia gives me a Nelson Munch type Haw, Haw grin. I can see hunger in those deep blue eyes of hers, and fuck I wish it was me. Jasmin lies down on the lounger face down with her head turned to the side, Cynthia sits by her side and I see her whisper in Jasmin’s ear. She grins over to me, and I wonder if it’s some secret code between girls. I watch as Cynthia undo’s Jasmin’s strap at the back setting her wonderful breasts free underneath, but still out of sight. Carefully she places lotion on her hands rubbing it slowly and provocatively while grinning at me with a sinful devilish look on her face. Cynthia begins to slowly rub the lotion on Jasmin, starting at her shoulders and working her way down Jasmin’s back.

She acknowledges Cynthia’s touch with a little moan. “Thanks Cynthia, that feel so good.” Fuck that little bitch! I’m so fucking jealous right now I could burst, Ahhhh! Again she whispers into Jasmin’s ear softly, and again she nods her head. I jealously watch as she starts to apply lotion to her long slender legs, when she reaches her bum she lets her thumbs slide in between the cheeks of her ass. And although I can’t see her touch Jasmin’s pussy, I know when a girl slightly lifts her ass like a cat when you rub its back. That Cynthia had indeed made contact with Jasmin’s amazing pussy with her thumbs. What a temptress my girl Cynthia is.

“There Jasmin, all done now.” Cynthia says, and standing up again looking over to me she raises her eyebrows and smiles without saying anything; I know that look, it’s the. Did you like the show look.

“Thanks Cynthia. That felt great.”

Sitting down at my side she kisses me on the forehead and whispers into my ear. “Well dad you old pervert. Did you like the show? And yes her pussy is amazing too.” I don’t say anything, what could I say but yes. That fucking show was marvellous and I wanted to fuck her brains out there and then! Jesus, I need a strong drink or a cool dip, something; anything.

Getting up and discreetly hiding my obvious bulge with a discarded French newspaper, I excuse myself to the girls and head into the bar for a much needed drink. A nice cool beer I think. I am struggling to ask the barman for a beer, he is obviously a relation of the famous Spanish waiter Manuel. He keeps looking at me blankly while showing me this bottle and that bottle of wine.

Just then a voice interrupts our comical sketch. “Excuse me buddy, perhaps I can help.” Looking to my left I see its Jasmin’s father. “Permit me to introduce myself. I am Oscar Ford.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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