Tanya 3.1.0: Stepdaughter

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Tanya’s life has been upended. She has a stepdaughter. An 18year old stepdaughter. And she’s gonna live with them. Tanya felt angry with Jimmy, yet knew it was the right decision.

18years earlier they had had a threesome with a tribal woman on a trip. Mohini, she called herself, the Enchantress. And they were enchanted with the woman with quirky beliefs. They had not thought about it for a long time.

A few days back, a girl came knocking at their door. Her mother had died and as a last thought sent her here. They stared at the apparition. It could have been their own daughter after a few years. The girl was unmistakably Jimmy’s.

Tanya struggled with the idea of having a stepdaughter. She didn’t have the heart to turn her away, yet she couldn’t bear to look at the girl. Her Jimmy has a child and she isn’t the mother: it was too much for her.

The girl had grown up with her mother. In a red light area. Mohini was a sex worker, and finally died of AIDS. The world-wise girl could clearly see the disgust in Tanya’s eyes behind her composed coldness. Jimmy too seemed less than enthusiastic about her existence. However the two kids were overjoyed to find they had a big sister.

The first few days went well. The girl stayed out of Tanya’s way for most part. Jimmy had engaged a tutor to help her cope with school after limited schooling all these years. The tutor has been rather exhilarated with her intelligence and learning capabilities.

Then one day, Tanya got a call. “Are you Chandni’s guardian? Can you come to school.” Tanya was most irritated at having to go and deal with her stepdaughter’s disciplinary lapses.

“See, we understand the girl had not had an expected childhood. So we are most happy to report she is coping well academically. But as you know, we give equal, if not more, importance to proper behaviour. Chandni went out of control today. She not just bashed two guys in the head, she even punched the teacher who tried to stop her. We will have to suspend her indefinitely till you prove to us she is safe,” the principal told her.

Tanya had no reply to that. She thanked the Principal, and the other parents for not following up with an assault complaint. Her mind raced with angry thoughts as she drove home, Chandni sitting beside her. Her knuckles were white with the bursa escort effort to not hit the girl.

“Mam.. I..,” the girl tried to tell her.

“Keep quiet. I don’t want to hear a word. Go to your room. Your father will deal with you when he returns.”

“Mam! Why do you hate me? I know why you hate me. But please, I am trying.”

“I don’t want to talk with you Chandni. You are Jimmy’s issue. He will deal.”

“I’ll leave if that’s what you want.”

“and go where? Back to that brothel?”

“Yes. My mom grew me up so many years there. I will live there. I will be a Prostitute like my mother.”

Tanya was shocked. While these were exactly her thoughts, she felt guilty. She had no need to lash out at the poor girl. Jimmy was her husband, who loved her. This was an accident, one that she knew of and participated in. She couldn’t wash her hands off.

But she said nothing. Chandni went to her room, the guest room, alone and unloved. Jimmy sensed a hostile mood when he returned. Tanya was gloomy like a storm while Chandni did not even greet him back. The two kids sensing the gloom were staying silent in their room.

“Tanya? Is something wrong?”

“Your daughter got suspended from school. More like rusticated. Hit two boys and a teacher. I have never been that embarrassed.”

“Chandni!” Jimmy shouted.

“Not now Jimmy. Deal with her after dinner.”

Dinner was subdued and silent. Immediately after Tanya sent the kids to sleep.

Jimmy: Is it true?

Chandni: Yes Sir. I am sorry.

Jimmy: Is this how you intend to repay us? By having yourself thrown out of school. Tarnishing our names. And I am endangering my kids future by having you here.

Tanya: Please Jimmy. Don’t shout.

Jimmy : You don’t want to deal with her, then stay out of it.

Chandni : punish me as you see fit.

Jimmy : take off your skirt and lay on my lap. I am going to paddle your ass.

Chandni followed silently. Jimmy started to hit the buttocks hard and fast. He was heedless of her crying, her pleas and her plight. Tanya had to stop by grabbing his hand.

“That’s enough Jimmy. Chandni, wash your face then go to your room.”

“You stay out of it woman. And you girl, you get off my lap without my permission and I will cane the bursa escort bayan living lights out of you.

“Jimmy, let the girl off. You are too angry. I’ll deal with her.” Tanya told.

Tanya didn’t expect what happened next. Jimmy dropped Chandni from his lap, pulled Tanya over and flipped her maxi skirt up. Before she could say anything, Jimmy spanked her several times very hard. As Tanya noticed her humiliation being observed by Chandni, she grew angrier.

“How dare you hit me in front of that girl, Jimmy?! Let me off now.” she screamed. Jimmy dropped her too and went out.

Tanya composed herself quickly. She needed to establish her dominance over her stepdaughter right now.

Bending the girl over the bed, she hit her bottom again and again with the rattan cane. She was out letting all her anger and frustration through the thrashing. She went on hitting as hard as she could, regardless of the girl’s suffering.

When she finished, she was appaled. She had hit her so badly that the entire buttocks were covered with bruises and welts. The girl’s black skin looked like burnt skin. And blood was oozing out. Tears formed in her eyes even as the girl stood obediently offering her ravaged bottom for more chastisement. This was after all a child, a child she is supposed to care for. She sent the girl to her room, to cry alone and uncared.

Some time later she went to the girl’s room.

“I am so sorry Chandni. I lost control. Lay down on the bed and I will treat you.” Tanya soothed the girl.

Tanya rubbed ice on the bottom she had herself ravaged and applied ointment. She felt guilty and sorry and tears rolled down her cheeks.


“Yes Ma’am”

“Can I do something for you? I am sorry I lost control.”

“I am sorry too. But the boys deserved it. They called my Mom a whore. They wanted me to suck them because she was a whore. And they called you a whore.”

“You should have reported them to the teacher.”

“I did. She laughed. She said it’s true that both my Moms are loose women and she didn’t expect better from me.”

“Still you didn’t need to hit them.”

“I didn’t. Not until they pulled me inside the boys’ bathroom and tried to pull my skirt up.”

“That’s assault! Why didn’t you say that earlier?”

“If escort bursa you kick me out of here, that will be my daily destiny.”

Guilt choked Tanya’s throat. She hugged the girl tightly, petting her.

“I may not be your mother. But from this day on I will love you and take care of you.” she promised.

She let the girl sleep. Jimmy came back late, Tanya didn’t talk with him.

Next morning, she dropped the kids at a friend’s house. Chandni and Jimmy was each in their own room. It was a Saturday.

She made omelet and served the girl in bed. She was having trouble sitting.

“Can you get up and come to our room. Don’t bother dressing.” The girl meekly followed. They went and woke up Jimmy.

“What now Tanya?”

“I punished her last night. But we made a mistake. She only fought when the boys tried to assault her. Sexually. But right now it’s my ass that deserves a caning. Cane me till my ass is in the same state as hers. Show your ass to your dad Chandni.”

Jimmy looked with horror at Chandni’s battered buttocks. He felt weak. How could Tanya do this? And him beating Tanya to this state? Impossible! Tanya had already stripped naked, and bent over the side of the bed offering her buttocks for chastisement.

“I can’t do this!” Jimmy pleaded.

“Chandni, then you cane me.” Tanya ordered.

The girl balked at the idea of caning her step-mother harshly. She looked at Jimmy for help but found no refuge in those quarters.

“I don’t enjoy waiting in this position. Do. It. NOW!!” Tanya exclaimed.

Chandni took up the cane. It felt odd in her hands. She targeted the tip at Tanya’s right buttock and swung it with force. A red stripe marked her brown skin.

Tanya felt searing pain. Her stepdaughter had hit really hard. But she was determined to take it meekly like the girl had.

Chandni caned her again and again with rising force and tempo, leaving deep welts across Tanya’s bottom. She was relieving her pains- of loosing her mom, of being treated meanly by Tanya, of being caned. This was Tanya’s hardest caning in years and soon she was pleading. “I will be a good mother” SHWICK SHWICK “pleeassee stoppp!”

When Chandni stopped, Tanya was sobbing into the bedsheet. She felt sorry and hugged her.

“Mommy I will be a good daughter to you,” she promised. Tanya promised back, “I will be a caring mother. I won’t be mean. ”

Jimmy realizing how out of place he was, left the two women to console each other. Finally there would be again one family in his house.

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