Teacher’s Pet

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Sitting on the bench in the park wasn’t the best thing she could be doing, but going back to the house was not going to make any thing happen. Her dad was talking to her teacher at college. She’d been sitting there for over hour when her dad found her. “Beth Professor Hanks wants you to go to his class room and he will give you another test, better do good this time.” he told her. She told him she would and left the park.

Standing outside Professor Hanks door, trying to work up her never to go in. She knocks on the door. “Come in.” he calls out. She walks into the room. “Professor Hanks my dad said you wanted to see me.” she said. “Yes come and sit down I’ll be with you in a minute.” he said not looking up from what he was doing. She sat down at her desk. She watch as he walk around the room, pulling down the shades, locking the door ,then he walk over to her.

Putting his hands on her shoulders, squeezing them. He bent and whispered in her ear. “Daddy said I was to give you another chance, it seems that you know the stuff, but can’t put it down on paper. Stand up and take off your clothes.” he told her. Doing as she was told, she pull up her dress and drop it to the floor. “Now come over here to me.” he said. Standing in front of him, she felt his hands move across her body Kartal escort asking what this and that was. “That was very good Beth, Now I want you to tell me what this is?” he ask, placing her hand on his chest. “Your chest.” she told him. “Yes now move your hand down and name what you touch.” he told her.

She name all the muscles and body parts, stopping at his waist. “Undo my belt and pants.” he told her. She undid them, and move her hand down when he told her to. “Wrap your fingers around me and tell me what your holding.” he said. She held his had cock in her hand, feeling the heat coming off of him. “Now kneel down and suck my cock Beth, suck me good and you’ll get your A, and if it’s really good maybe I’ll fuck your.” he told her.

She kneel down and took him in her mouth. Sucking him deep into her throat. He held her head as he fuck her face, moving in and out of her mouth he felt his cock stiffen and he knew he’s be cumming soon. Holding her face he move his cock faster, and deeper in her throat. Burying deep in her throat he exploded, and she drank his cum. He help her to her feet, then move her to sit down. She watch him pull his pants up and put his shirt back on. Picking up her dress he walk over to her and help slip it back on. “Now I think I’ll Kurtköy Escort call your dad and tell him that I’m taking you home with me to give extra help with your work. mmmmm, baby that was some sucking you gave me, and now I’m going to take you home and fuck your brains out. Wait here Beth.” he said.

She followed him into his house, once the door was close he told her to get out of her clothes, and go over to the rug and lay down with her legs spread. Laying there she watch as he undress and walk over to stand above her. She look up at him and saw that his cock look enormous from her view. He kneel down between her legs, easing down he put his cock at the entrance of her pussy, pushing, he slip inside. He started moving in and out of her faster and faster. “Oh Beth I’m going to fill your hot, juicy pussy with my cum, then I’m going to turn your over and fuck your ass filling it with my cum, then you’ll get your A, and if you want to keep your it, you’ll come to my house after school everyday so we can suck, and fuck each other like crazy.” he told her. “OH GOD YES PROFESSOR, YES FUCK ME, MAKE ME CUM.” she scream. He buried his cock deep inside her and exploded.

Walking her to the door, “Reminder Beth tomorrow after school, and wear something sexy under Maltepe Escort your clothes.” he told her. Walking home she thought about what she would tell her dad when she got home. She walk in the house and found a note from her dad. “Beth sorry mom and I have to go out off town Grandpa Tom had a heart attack will be back as soon as we can.” the note read. Going up to her room she pull out a box she had hidden. Pulling out the sheer black teddy, her boyfriend had given it to her wanting her to wear it for him. She never did, but she did want to for the Professor. Slipping it on she pick up the phone. “Hello Professor Hanks this is Beth, Just wanted to let you know that mom and dad have gone out of town and I’m wearing a beautiful sheer black teddy just laying here on my bed thinking about what we just did and was wondering if you’d be interested in coming over and spending the night fucking me.” she whisper into the phone and hung up. Going down stairs, to wait for him. She heard a knock at the back door. Walking into the kitchen to answer the door. “Come in Professor, I’ve been waiting for you.” she said.

“OH GOD, you are wearing it, Are you sure your parents are gone out of town?” he ask. She gave him the note as she kneel down, taking his cock out of his pants and putting it in her mouth. Drooping the note he grab her head and fuck her face. He couldn’t control his hips, he was moving them faster and faster in her mouth, she kept up with his movements. Pulling her head up closer his body stiffen and she felt his cum explode from his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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