Teaching Too Well Ch. 02

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Chapter Two: Summer Maid in Heaven

After I received the job at the prestigious Sinclair High School I decided to surprise my parents with a visit and tell them about how things have been going. I had spent the weekend up in Maine with a few friends before I was to head down to New York City and decided to fly into JFK airport. I had my friend Jeremy meet me at the airport so he could drive me to my folks’ place.

Jeremy was an old friend that I knew ever since I was a child. Our parents were good friends and knew each other from the country club we belonged to so Jeremy and I pretty much grew up together. We had a good understanding of each other and no matter how much time we spent away we always started up where we left off.

I told him about my rendezvous with Mrs. Julia Bramstead, the director of the Parent’s Board at Sinclair, and he told me about some of his recent escapades. We had a lot of laughs on the long ride into the city and I was glad to see him.

After a little over an hour we arrived at my parent’s townhouse in midtown Manhattan. I was surprised when Jeremy said he wasn’t going to come say hello to my parents but he said he had to go back to work. I grabbed my luggage from the trunk of his Lexus and parted ways with him.

I lugged my baggage up the stairs to the entrance of my house and even though I had a key I decided to ring the doorbell. I waited impatiently to see my parents for I was very fond of both of them. After a few moments the door swung open and I was greeted by an unfamiliar face.

For the second time in a matter of months I have gone to a house expecting to see one person and only greeted by a beautiful young girl. This one was incredibly striking. She had soft blue eyes that stood out around her dark brown hair that was tied up in a ponytail. She was a tall girl standing at about five foot ten and had long slender legs that were a beautiful white.

This girl was staring at me with a curious smile and she raised her eyebrows as if expecting something. “Oui? Yes?” I was shocked to find that she was a young French girl, and not only was she standing in my parent’s doorway.

I stepped back and leaned around to look at the house number, for some reason I wasn’t quite sure if I had the right house. “Uh, yes, uh, is Mr. or Mrs. Scarsdale here?” I smiled at her but still kept a confused look about my face.

“Yes, but ‘zey are not to be disturbed. May I inquire as to what ‘zis is pertaining to?” Her French accent was absolutely heart stopping. I decided to step closer to her and let her in on the secret.

“I think they might want to come to the door for me,” I moved in to whisper in her ear, “I am their son.” A look of panic overtook her and her face turned a bright red from embarrassment.

“Oh, monsieur, I am most sorry, please come in.” She bowed deeply which was very unexpected.

“No, it’s not a big deal.” I put my hand on her shoulder to let her no I had friendly intentions.

“I should have recognized you; you are like your father, just very young and more handsome.” She smiled comfortably and walked behind me a few steps as I looked around the house. I turned to look at her and her white skirt swayed with her luscious hips.

I decided to be more playful with her so she would relax. “I am notthatyoung looking am I?”

“No!” She blushed again. “You are older than I am correct?”

“Well I don’t know,” I looked her up and down, “How old are you?”

“Twenty.” She spoke proudly. I think she was very satisfied with getting that number correct in English. “So what is your name? Mine is Chloe.”

I extended my hand, “nice to meet you Chloe, I am Peter Scarsdale.” I looked around the house as Chloe followed me like a puppy.

“So Chloe, if you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing here?” She thought about this question very deeply trying to calculate the correct answer.

“I clean, and I cook, and I go to school at Columbia.” She smiled politely as I sat down on the couch.

I pointed to the seat next to me and said, “Please sit down Chloe, your standing is making me nervous.”

“Sorry,” she plopped down into the seat quickly. Her breasts bounced in her tight yellow t-shirt as she sat.

I decided to examine this girl further. “So how do you like Columbia?”

“Ah,” she shook her head, “tres difficile! I mean it is very difficult. I know English well but I can’t speak it very understandably.” She suddenly stood up very quickly and I realized there were footsteps entering the room.

My mother rushed in the room with her arms extended as my father slowly walked in. “PETE!” My mother embraced me and I returned her hug. My father extended his hand and I shook it.

“Peter, son, how are you?” Our handshake turned into a hug with a few manly pats on the back.

“Good dad. Really good!” We all sat down.

“I see you met Chloe,” my father pointed over to her. “We’ve been paying for her college and giving her a place to live in yenibosna escort exchange for a little work around the house.” My parents were known for their generosity which sometimes was abused by business men and politicians but occasionally they were able to do some good.

“Yeah, she’s absolutely great, and makes great dinners. Really exotic.” My mother spoke about Chloe in the highest regard as she did with everyone. My mom was an excitable woman who found pleasure in everything, especially those of the exotic. “So Pete, what is new? Why do we deserve this splendid visit?”

“Well, I thought I should tell you that starting in August I will be working at Sinclair High School in Connecticut as the Senior English Teacher.” My mom squealed with delight and gave me another hug.

“Good for you, son.” My father spoke with great esteem.

“You know I just read something about that school in the newspaper. Apparently it has the most successful graduates because of their alternative methods. You must be very excited.” Being an avid reader my mother knew something about everything. No stone went unturned with her.

“Listen, Peter, we have dinner reservations, if we had known you were coming we would have made them for three but I don’t want to hassle them.” My dad was very apologetic which he didn’t need to be.

“Not a problem. I want to relax and I’ll just make myself a sandwich or something.” I smiled at them both. I was very happy to see them.

My father rose and grabbed my mothers hand, “Well, we should get going. We figured we would walk since it is such a pleasant evening out.” I stayed sitting as my mother bent over and kissed me on the cheek. My father put his hand on my shoulder then they both left the house.

My parents were known to have late nights when they went out and I was sure that tonight would be no exception, even though I was home. My mother returned suddenly and peaked her head in the room speaking to Chloe, “Listen Chloe, there isn’t anything more that needs to be done so just take the night off, we will be home late.” I laughed as they left.

I looked up at Chloe and she smiled back at me. She really was exquisitely beautiful. The idea that she was foreign too was quite attractive as well. She didn’t have the biggest breasts but they were perky and round. Like most foreign girls she didn’t wear a bra and her nipples got hard as I stared at her smiling.

“Well I should take my things to my room. Are you going to be around?” I looked at her intently with a puppy dog look on my face.

“Yes, would you like me to help you to your room?” I shook my head.

“That’s alright, I think I’ll be okay.” I walked over to my luggage and started hauling it upstairs. I imagine Chloe was just standing in the room with no earthly idea of what to do but I wasn’t sure. I moved all my stuff into my room which still had all my college posters and pictures of beautiful yet unrealistic models. I sighed as I plopped down on to my bed. I closed my eyes and started thinking about Chloe naked. Her perfect tits in my hand, her nipples erect from me pleasing her.

I started trying to picture her smell, how she would taste and how her pussy would feel around my cock. I slowly fell into a wonderful nap, dreaming about a French girl I had just met.

I awoke startled lying half off of my bed with a full erection straining against my slacks. I yawned and stretched, standing at the side of my bed. It was fully dark out now as I looked at the city lights outside of my window. I had been asleep only for a little over an hour but I felt very refreshed.

Then I noticed footsteps coming down the hallway and the sound of a door creaking shut. I walked out into the hallways stealthily to find out what it was. Slowly creeping down the hallway I saw a light coming from the guest room. The door was cracked open slightly. I was still waking up from my nap, trying to figure out who was in the house.

As I reached the door it dawned on me that I was not the only guest in this house. I had completely forgotten about the girl I had just dreamt about. I looked into the room to see, to my surprise, Chloe was completely naked except for a skimpy lace black thong. I watched her walk around the room completely unaware of my peeping.

She looked stunning. The type of girl that makes you forget there are other girls in existence. Her breasts sat so nicely against her body and her ass was the type of round that men only dream of. She grabbed a black shirt off of her bed and slid it over her body. She then stopped to look at herself in the mirror, striking a models pose. Her hair was in a fashionable bun held together with chopsticks. She was obviously preparing to go out.

Then to my surprise she bent over taking off her thong. I got a great look at her voluptuous pussy. It looked so sweet to taste, I almost burst in on her but I didn’t know if I would scare her or zeytinburnu escort not. She looked at herself again in the mirror and her fingers slid down to her pussy lips. She spread herself with her fingers and inserted one finger into her pussy.

Chloe giggled with delight as she penetrated her entrance with her fingers. I was almost breaking the seams in my pants watching her do this. Granted I was an easily aroused young man but this was a whole greater level of arousal. She played with her slit for only a few more seconds then went to her dresser to grab a white thong out. She bent over to put on the thong then went out of sight to put on a pair of white Capri pants.

When I saw her fully dressed I figured if I was going to talk to her now would be the best time. I knocked on the door and opened it slightly. “Hey there.” She was completely startled by my presence and put her hands to her chest. “Sorry.”

“No, monsieur, it is alright. You scared me, zat’s all.” She smiled in relief to see it was not a burglar.

“Chloe. Can I call you Chloe?” She nodded in approval. “Then you call me Peter okay?” She nodded again. “So, Chloe. Are you headed out tonight?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “maybe. I would like to but in zis country I can not have anysing to drink, so I ‘sink maybe I won’t have a good time if I do.” Chloe for some reason always smiled after she said anything.

“Well, it looks like you are headed out. You look quite beautiful.” I looked at her from head to toe and she did in fact look very beautiful.

“Oh ‘sank you,” she blushed, “you make me feel very sexy.”

I laughed, that was the first time someone I barely knew had said that to me. Either she didn’t have a command of American culture or she was coming on to me. I thought to myself either way I was going to take my chance. I stepped into her room fully even though my erection had been positioned to an upright against my body but still was showing through my pants.

When I stepped in her room Chloe’s eyes immediately went to my cock. “I see Peter you may be going out tonight? See your girlfriend?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” I moved in her room and walked around a little, trying to show my nonchalant attitude to me finding her extremely sexy.

“‘Zat is a shame for someone as gorgeous as you are.” I looked over at her and she was staring right back at me. She paused and gave me a devilish smile. “What woman would not want a cock ‘zat huge inside ‘zeir body?”

I stopped dead in my tracks. I think she had gotten the hint and didn’t want to be at all coy or discreet about it. “Only a second ago I was ‘sinking about what a big cock you had and how I wanted you to fill me up.” Her voice became sultry and pouty.

I turned to look at her and saw that she was moving closer to me. She came within inches of my face and I could smell her intoxicating perfume. “Is it alright if I have you?” Her bottom lip stuck out, coming within centimeters of mine and so I took her face and kissed her.

Her hands immediately grabbed my pulsating cock through my pants. I felt her hands strongly sliding up and down my solid shaft. I was bubbling on the inside and sick of her teasing me. She should just take out my cock right now! Why was she waiting?

We continued to kiss intensely, feeling the flames run through our mouths, igniting with passion. I was overcome with a sense of heat as I realized I loved everything about this girl from her immediate curtain of shyness to her intense sexual fury.

My hands ran up and down her side, caressing her soft skin underneath her shirt. She began taking off my polo shirt over my head and as I threw it across the room she kissed my body, starting at my neck and working her way down my abdomen. She held my sides as her tongue took long slides over my chest and down my core. I moaned, feeling her warm mouth massaging my upper body.

I placed my hands on her head, running my fingers through her hair. She had soft delicate hair that moved like silk through my hands. She fell to her knees lightly and began undoing my pants. “I want to see what look like Peter.” I wanted to say something but I couldn’t think of anything; I was just overtaken by ecstasy.

The brown slacks dropped to the floor and my dick fell straight out towards Chloe’s face. She giggled as she licked her hand. She placed her lubricated hand lightly around my red tip and began making circles around it with her palm. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, comforted by the idea of a young girl who was in control. She began taking longer strokes with her hand, up and down my strong shaft. I twitched as she worked harder and harder with her soft smooth fingers.

“Pete,” she had stood and looked at me, “would you like me to take you in my mouth? I don’t know if I can fit it all but I would like to taste you.” I stared at her, desire in my eyes. I grabbed her face and kissed her. acıbadem escort She understood and quickly put her mouth around my cock.

She began licking the head at first as she continued to slowly slide her hands up and down my wet cock. Licking the tiny bit of cum that had escaped from my tip she began slowly taking my hard beam in her mouth, bit by bit. The feeling was excruciatingly enjoyable. I placed my hands on her head to guide her deeper around my cock.

She continued to lick even as she got further down my shaft; I loved the feeling of her warm tongue circling around me. She twisted her hand down my shaft one last time before she moved her fingers to hold my balls.

Taking a breath for a moment, she moved her tongue up and down my glistening cock. My hips buckled as I could feel myself getting ready to cum. She saw how she was torturing me and then with one stroke she took almost all of me inside her mouth. Like a well experienced woman, this girl took about six and a half inches of my throbbing meat inside her mouth, her lips closing around me completely and still licking me without once gagging.

Her mouth felt fiery around my wet cock and she let me exit her mouth. She then put me right back down her throw, only faster this time. I loved fucking her mouth and as she sped up I came closer and closer to cumming down her throat. I grabbed her hair and felt her move back and forth on my dick before I exploded an epic amount of cum into her mouth.

I moaned loudly but she moaned even louder with excitement of having my juice inside her mouth. “Oh you are so warm Pete. I am so aroused by you.” As she soaked up my cum with her tongue she continued to moan but also started lifting her shirt and playing with her bouncy tits. I watched her play with her erect nipples before I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Would you like me to please you?” I looked at her with my puppy dog eyes and a pouting lower lip. I smiled to let her know that I wanted to taste her now.

“If you would like to taste my pussy Pete, you will have to beg for it.” I was stunned to here this from this girl.

But I complied, “Chloe, I beg of you let me nibble and lick your pussy. I want to make you cum inside my mouth as you let me cum inside of yours.” I pleaded as best I could for this French beauty.

“Hmm,” she pondered for a moment, ” I suppose ‘zat is good enough.” I kissed her deeply tasting the remains of my cum inside her mouth. I grabbed her hips and pushed her down onto the bed.

I quickly unbuttoned and tore off her white Capri pants. Underneath her pants rest a lovely white lace thong that I had only caught a glimpse of earlier. I kissed her stomach, caressing her tight flesh with my tongue. As I worked further down towards her lovely smelling pussy, she ran her fingers across her hard nipples.

Right before I moved to pull off her panties and lick her pussy I looked up at her. She was biting her lip and playing with her tits. I had seen this look on girls and I was glad to know that she would probably be very easy to make orgasm.

I worked my tongue around her inner thigh, teasing her as long as I could. After the teasing became too much for Chloe she grabbed my head and shoved my tongue between her wet pussy lips. My tongue began flicking her clit lightly, making circles around her exterior.

I ran my hands around her legs, caressing her softly, feeling her silky white skin. I wrapped my arms under her legs lifting her hips slightly as I licked harder and harder against her glistening entrance. She squirmed delightfully and played with my hair as I kept licking harder and harder with every stroke of my tongue.

Her hips buckled as I gave her swollen clit a soft nibble with my teeth. Her movements became faster and faster as my tongue and my mouth worked harder and harder. Her moans turned into soft screams and my cock started to grow just listening to her.

With Chloe enjoying my tongue as much as she was I took advantage of the situation by thrusting my warm tongue inside her entrance with one hard stroke. My hands grabbed onto her cute ass helping my tongue get further down her velvety slip. She began to scream louder now with a few phrases she moaned in French. I worked harder and harder slipping my pinky into her ass.

“Yes! YES!” She screamed as loud as she could, “Oh! You make it feel sooo good!” She grabbed my hair hard and pulled on it as her cum sprinkled down between her lips. Chloe buckled over and over again as she finished cumming. I continued to lick her pussy gently to continue the sensation.

I ducked my head down to wipe off my mouth. I sat up between Chloe’s heavenly legs and smiled at her.

Chloe opened her eyes still breathing hard, “Can you enter me with your cock?”

This girl knew exactly what I wanted to hear. I stood up showing her how hard I was again. She gave a sexy giggle then licked two fingers. She slowly ran them down her body then grabbed my throbbing meat in her hand. “Peter, I want you to have me,” she pleaded with me.

I bent my knees as she guided my cock inside her still wet pussy. She moaned and tilted her head back as I gave a soft thrust inside of her. Chloe’s pussy felt even better around my hard dick. I gave her another thrust letting more and more of me pound inside of her. She moaned more as I got deeper.

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