Teammates Ch. 01

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Credit to KellyEvans01 who unwittingly inspired me to commit the story to writing (see my profile for details).

Joanna was having a great time. She had been dancing with her boyfriend, and anyone else willing, for hours (and there was never a lack of willing dance partners). She was a high-energy dancer and right now she was on a new plateau! She didn’t know the host personally, a teammate of her boyfriend, but he was the star on the university rugby team and she didn’t want to miss this party for anything. He was very good looking and appeared to be with a stunningly beautiful blonde who Joanna presumed was his girlfriend.

Toward midnight her boyfriend had less interest in dancing and more interest in beers and bullshitting, and by 1AM the beers seemed to have won out as he had become pretty passive on the couch. Perfect, she thought as she gave him a look of disgust and disappointment that nobody missed. As she turned and walked away it was equally clear to anyone watching that she was determined to carry on enjoying herself.

Matt had seen Joanna from across the room at the start of the night and he was watching now. She was very attractive with short dark hair with a slight tuck. She was wearing a thin black dress, cut high on one side to reveal an expanse of tanned, athletic thigh. Her open toed high-heeled red shoes and bright red polished toenails (that appeared to be the only make-up she was wearing) further accentuated her long, firm legs. The outline of her black G-string could be seen when the light was right and it drew his eyes to her absolutely perfect ass and the delicate cleft dividing her firm cheeks that had been toned by endless hours of gym work. The low cut dress revealed an eye-catching cleavage and her breasts seeming to shine in the light.

Joanna had become very comfortable with how men looked at her body. She had always been popular growing up but in a very asexual way as boys tended to keep their distance with her father being the headmaster and her mother the head of the English department. The way her parents made sure she dressed did nothing to spur their courage or curiosity. Her conservative approach to life changed last fall when she entered university and met her boyfriend at a concert on campus. She was painfully shy and he was gentlemanly patient. First studying and then doing other things together, she became more and more comfortable under his gentle encouragement. Soon she started altering her wardrobe in response to his steady stream of complements. She was surprised by the impact the more and more revealing clothes had on her confidence and self-esteem.

Soon she was enjoying the playful teasing from her boyfriend at the attention she got from other guys… guys who were no longer constrained by fear of her father and mother, but guys who, she assured him, were also a bit too late.

While she was dressing for the party in her dorm room he had tried everything her could to convince her to wear just the dress, but she decided that the G-string lines would add an accent of naughtiness to an already revealing outfit. In particular guys seemed to adore her breasts and she enjoyed their gazes so much that she never wore a bra anymore. As a mock concession for refusing to go pantiless she handed him a tube of lotion and asked that he help make sure her breasts were well moisturized. She leaned her back against him and raised her hands back over his strong shoulders, “Make sure there’s no lotion left. I don’t want to stain my dress”, she said with mock encouragement as she leaned her head back and closed here eyes. He did an expectedly thorough job, cupping his hands inside her dress to assure that both breasts were sufficiently moist. Her knees weakened when he focused his attention on both nipples and she playfully slapped the back of his hand as he started sliding her dress off her shoulder. “There’s no time for that now”, she said as she broke away, mockingly shaking her finger at him as she lifted her dress back in place.

Now several hours into the party, Matt’s cock twitched in his pants as he thought of how he would love to get inside her knickers tonight. He could see she had the attention of most of the guys as she now danced with a couple of girlfriends. Looking over and seeing that her date, his teammate, appeared completely drunk, Matt was afraid Göztepe Escort someone else would make their move first, so he started to plot his opening.

After checking to see that his girlfriend Cindy was safely on the other side of the house and deeply involved with a group of friends, he moved over to chat with Joanna. He soon had her listening intently and laughing at his jokes. He got her a drink, making sure that it was a generous pour. Each time Joanna decided she wanted to dance Matt begged off and moved her toward one of her girlfriends, and used the time to check back with Cindy. He chatted with her and her friends for a while, and made sure Cindy’s drink was full before going back to Joanna. After several top ups, he saw that Joanna was starting to look like she was well on her way to joining her boyfriend’s drunken state.

Finally the guests started to leave. Joanna was disappointed that that the evening was not turning out as planned and resigned herself to helping her boyfriend toward the door. As they got close to the door Matt came up from behind and touched her on the arm to get her attention and whispered the suggestion that they might like to sleep it off in a spare room. Joanna felt the electricity from his touch go right to her nipples and agreed without hesitation.

When all the guests had left Matt and Cindy helped to put Joanna’s boyfriend to bed, wished her goodnight and retired to Matt’s bedroom. They got undressed and went to bed naked (as usual), but he pretended to be too tired to make love to Cindy, and lay in the dark waiting for the lovely blonde beside him to fall asleep. When her breathing was deep and regular he got up and went to the spare room.

The full moon coming through the window provided ample light to see the sleeping figures on the king sized bed. While her boyfriend was still fully clothed, as they’d left him, Joanna was naked with the sheet pulled just to her waist, revealing her firm breasts and tight midriff. Her breasts were average in size, but their firmness, perfect shape, and the large, proud nipples made size the only aspect that was average. Looking farther down across her firm stomach he could barely see the edge of her dark bush peaking above the sheet. Matt stood there naked looking at Joanna’s sleeping form, not wondering if he dared to fuck her (with her boyfriend, his teammate, lying next to her), but if he dared trying to suck on her first and risk waking her before claimed this beauty. His cock hardening as he stroked it and he pondered his dilemma for just a few more seconds until it grew to its full magnificent size, and then he made his move.

He slid his toned and muscular body into the bed next to Joanna and gently sucked on her nipple making it grow even bigger. After a minute his fingers lightly stroked the down on her belly before moving under the sheet to stroke the hair on her pussy. After gently brushing his fingers up and down her slit a few times he concentrated his attention on her clit. With an almost imperceptible pressure between his thumb and forefingers, it was a matter of seconds before he felt the lips moisten allowing him to slip a finger inside while his thumb continued to caress her clit. As he delicately played with her nipple and pussy Joanna moaned in her sleep and started to stir, parting her legs just slightly. He didn’t think her pussy was wet enough yet to take his sizable cock, but his resistance was fading and he was afraid she might wake before he was in full control of the situation.

Matt moved over Joanna, but at the last minute he straddled her face and rubbed the end of his thick penis across her lips, smearing his precum over the soft flesh. Joanna licked her lips and then moaned and sleepily slurped the head of his cock into her mouth. For a second Matt thought he’d awakened her, but she just a quickly let his cock slip from her mouth and rolled her head to the side. Matt held still until he was sure she was back asleep, as he looked at the string of precum that stretched between her lips and his cock. When he couldn’t wait any longer he slipped down over Joanna, carefully spread her legs as he positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy, and slowly pushed.

Joanna arched her neck slightly, moaned, and pursed her lips as he pushed into her. He got about halfway in before İstanbul Escort it was too dry to risk pushing further. He backed out for a couple of short strokes to rewet her pussy lips, and made it in the rest of the way in the next full thrust. After a few seconds pause buried to the hilt in her tight pussy he began to gently move inside her. He felt her moisten around him, but the grip of her pussy was still incredible. He gradually built up the rhythm, pulling out slowly and thrusting back harder inside her. As Matt continued to have his way with the sleeping girls pussy her moans intensified and her head was thrashing from side to side. He couldn’t imagine what this girl would be like when she was awake if she fucked like this in her sleep, but he was about to find out.

Suddenly Joanna’s eyes sprang open and the two stared at each other. She gasped as she realized she been more than just dreaming about fucking Matt. Matt paused and looked into her eyes for just a second, then smiled and continued to work his cock in her. She started to protest, but the sensations of his big tool in her tight pussy and the thought of her boyfriend next to her kept her quiet. As she continued to sort things out her focus was diverted to the cock that was stretching her pussy, and as her sopping pussy took stroke after stroke she conceded to the overpowering sensations, opened her legs wider, and grabbed his muscular ass to pull him harder into her.

“Be careful,” she pleaded, “I’m not on the pill” she moaned as she tried unsuccessfully to slow the reflexive thrusting of her hips. “Not my problem” he grimaced, as his thrusts increased their depth and speed and he felt himself close to cumming. Joanna knew she could try to push him off but the sensations of his huge cock inside her tight pussy overwhelmed any resistance. He had picked up his pace and it was clear he intended to cum inside her, so with a moan of combined resignation and impending ecstasy she wrapped her legs round his ass, looked him straight in the eye and matched his energy.

“Take my cum bitch!” and he gave a final push as she felt his cock’s first spasm. Matt’s cock spurted deep into her, one stream after another filling Joanna’s pussy as she railed on the edge of her own orgasm. Just when Joanna thought he’d never stop pumping jism into her, Matt arched his back and his cock gave its final twitch. Through no intention of his own, that changed the angle just enough and it was like someone had attached a battery to her clit. Joanna roared over the edge in one of those orgasms that are hard and deep and consume every ounce of consciousness. Her muscles convulsed around the intruder inside her and milked out last drops of cum. Matt felt the stream of cum hit his balls as her pussy squeezed his cock, and then he collapsed his full weight on top of her.

After a few seconds his dick pop out of her followed by a stream of cum. She felt like a river was flowing out of her pussy and down over her ass. As Matt finally rolled his full weight off her and lay panting by her side, Joanna silently pondered what had just happened. She’d just experienced a great fuck, by her boyfriend’s teammate, who had snuck up on her while she slept. And her boyfriend hadn’t even flinched while she had just been ravaged right there in bed next to him. And as she thought about all these things, she came to a decision… she decided that she wasn’t through.

As she started moving Matt expected a rebuke… or maybe that she would try to wake the oaf who had slept while he had fucked his girlfriend’s brains out. He was surprised when she leaned over and kissed him, slipping her tongue between his lips. He was surprised when she broke the kiss off, smiled, and then kissed her way down his body. He was surprised when she looked up into his eyes… just before she sucked his semi-hard cock into her hot mouth. He didn’t expect his cock to stir back to life so soon after he just dumped one of his biggest loads, but by this point he was beyond further thought and completely into himself as he laid his head back and enjoyed the long slow blow-job. He got an unexpected second triumph of the night when he was about to cum again and instead of backing off she increased her tempo and the grip until he spurted another load of cum, this time down her willing throat.

Joanna Anadolu Yakası Escort swallowed hard, unable to believe Matt had this much left after he’d flooded her pussy minutes before. She made a loud slurp as she popped his dick from her mouth and sat back splay-legged on the bed. Matt got up without a word and stood looking down at her. The sweet, innocence he gazed upon a half hour ago now had that well-fucked look… her dark hair all disheveled, the wetness inside thighs glistening in the moonlight, and a trace of his cum that escaped her eager throat dripping from the corner of her mouth. Without a word he started walking toward the door… and without a word she turned and watched him. As he reached the door he cockily turned to blow her a kiss… and she meekly turned her eyes downward… and in the brief second before he turned his back he saw the hint of the innocence that he’d just driven to be so naughty! And as he walked through the door he was proud of his conquest over a teammate’s date, with her boyfriend and his girlfriend sleeping soundly so close by.

When she heard the click a smile broke across her lips and she looked up at the closed door. Matt is probably a nice guy… for a scrum half… who’ll fuck his buddy’s girl… when he thinks she’s passed out… one room away his sleeping girlfriend. OK, maybe he’s not so nice, but Joanna wasn’t looking for nice. She read him like a book and he didn’t disappoint. She got just what she needed and just how she needed it.

Still sitting back on her haunches she started to stretch, and as she spread her legs she felt her boyfriend’s hand reach over and stroke her pussy. “Did you have to give him a blow-job, too?” Joanna looked over at him and a smile broke on her face. “Thanks for the birthday present, lover. The only thing he didn’t do as you predicted was taking so long to get in here. But then actually being asleep when he came in made it all that much closer to my fantasy, so you’re forgiven”, as her smile broadened.

“So it sounds like we hit your dream pretty closely. But what was that bit about not being on the pill?”

“We nailed it… so to speak. The pill? Well, I figured that if my lover was going to let me get fucked right next to him I might go for all I could get. Matt is so into himself that I thought he might fuck even harder if he felt he had his cock in a fertile one. When I begged him not to cum inside me, he was true to form. That was one hell of an orgasm! The illusion of innocence is fun when I do it with you, but he’s not you. He’s probably patting himself on the back thinking no one’s the wiser that he got a stupid little freshman knocked up! I think a payback is in order.”

“What ever happened to that withdrawn little headmaster’s daughter I met last fall?”

Joanna moved forward on hands and knees. “You weren’t put off by her shyness and you treated her so nice.” She moved her hand so she straddled his torso and dangled her nipples inches from his face. “And in a 1-month transformation that I still can’t believe you had her begging you to bust her cherry…” and she moved her nipple to his mouth… “and in doing so you created a monster.”… she exhaled in his ear and in a hot, low, sultry voice, “Now that I’ve had my first fantasy fuck…” she nipped his earlobe… “and you’ve been sooooo patient…” she reached down and undid the snap on his shorts… “I need to naughty with the right guy…” and she caressed his freed cock… “that is if you’re in the mood” she asked with a wry smile.

The answer was silent but clear as she felt her clit being gently pinched between his fingers, and Joanna closed here eyes and laid her head briefly on his chest as a shudder went through her. Was that an orgasm or an aftershock? It didn’t matter… from that first night she responded quickly to his gentle touch. She moaned softly and went back to the task. She took his cock in her hand and licked the head, and briefly thought that while Matt was definitely thicker, this was the perfect cock. She slipped the head past her lips, and in a slow, steady motion slid him into her mouth, opening her throat to take in the last of his 8-inches. She pressed her nose against his pelvis to get every centimeter of his cock in that she could… and she gently shook her head and felt his cock rub against her throat. And she sucked in as hard as she could as she let it slide out of her mouth. And as my cock popped out of her mouth she heard me moan… like she’s made me moan so many times in the last 6 months… and she smiled before sliding her mouth down again…

to be continued…

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