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“I wanna watch you cum,” I said as I peeled off my shirt.

“Alright,” she said, tugging her pants over her hips, “but no touching. I don’t think your girlfriend or my boyfriend would appreciate that.”

We had a couple classes together, and had started hanging out several nights a week. For the most part we just watched TV together. We were both in long-distance relationships, and we were both horny as hell.

One night after the show ended, conversation drifted to our significant others. We complained about how frustrating the whole long-distance thing is. As our talk drifted into more sexual territory, a charge was building between us. We spoke frankly about masturbation, and what we fantasized about. The dam finally burst when she asked if I ever got off while thinking about her. I admitted that I did, frequently, and she said she did the same.

We talked about whether it was cheating, and decided it wasn’t. So I suppose it was only natural to suggest masturbating together. That’s how I found myself watching escort mecidiyeköy as she reached behind her back to undo her bra while I took off my boxers.

Both naked, we leaned back, facing one another across the couch. I wrapped my hand around my growing hard-on as I surveyed her body. She had tied her hair back in a simple ponytail, and her eyes stared hungrily at my cock. She slid her hands up to cup her breasts and pull on her nipples. Inhaling, she let them go, and I felt a surge as I watched them harden and contract.

I began stroking, squeezing the head of my cock between my thumb and forefinger. She held my gaze as she slowly, deliberately slid her hand down her body. Starting from her breast, moving down her belly and over her trimmed bush. She opened her thighs and spread her pussy to show me her wetness.

She closed her eyes and pushed two fingers inside. I groaned when I saw them emerge covered in her juices. She began to move her hand in small, tight circles over her clit. When she bayan escort opened her eyes again, they fixed on my hand moving along my shaft.

As she slipped her fingers back inside, I shifted, sitting up so I could see better. I jealously watched them plunging in and out of her, and continued to stroke my cock. I imagined what her lips would feel like wrapped around me, and felt a surge of lust.

The smell of sex was strong around us. That musky, sweaty scent arousing us further. She was now fingering herself with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other.

I was on my knees and she was reclining back on the couch, her head on the armrest. I inched forward, desperately wanting to get closer.

I glanced up and saw that she was staring at my face. She licked her lips and we held eye contact for a long minute. The sounds that filled the room became increasingly urgent, sloppy and wet.

I felt a surge, and my cock throbbed in my hand. I gripped it tight and imagined it was me she was squeezing bayrampaşa escort bayan instead of her fingers. Her tits bounced as her motions grew more frantic, and I tried to match my stroke to hers.

When she started moaning I felt the pressure building. I closed my eyes and thrust my hips forward as an intense orgasm ripped through my body. My cock throbbed and twitched in my hand. As the final wave washed over me, I opened my eyes to find my last thrust left me further forward than intended.

I was kneeling between her spread thighs, my pelvis thrust forward. My cum had landed in her bush and all over her fingers, which were still moving in circles around her clit. She was making little sounds with each breath, squirming and gyrating her hips.

I gave my cock one final squeeze and watched the last pearl of cum drip onto her hand. Her shoulders started to shake. I stared, breathless, as my cum ran down her fingers onto her pussy. She was rubbing it into herself. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she suddenly moaned loudly. All at once, her hands stopped moving and her legs pulled shut. She rocked back and forth, cumming, with my spunk all over her.

After she caught her breath, she laughed and said “Next time, you’re gonna have to sit further away… or wear a rubber.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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