Teasing Niece Pt. 01

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My name is Wyatt, I am 41 and happily married to a beautiful, sexy wife. We have no kids and therefor have an uninhibited, carefree and elaborate sex-life. Before the events of this story, I had never even considered cheating on my wife, Lisa. And never, not even in my wildest dreams – or my most adventurous fantasies – had I ever envisioned such a fantastic turn of events.

Let me first introduce the two women involved. First of all, there’s Lisa, my wife, 34. She’s got long blond hair, brown eyes and a body to kill for. And then there’s Chloe, her niece, 23 and an even finer specimen of a woman. She’s got long, red, waving hair, brown eyes, legs that won’t quit and a body that could make a grown man cry.

Although Lisa was much older than Chloe, they were very close. Probably because Chloe’s mom had died when she was only ten and Lisa had always been there to fill the void, both as a friend and as a cool, big sister. They called each other on a regular basis and always sought each other out during family gatherings and parties. When Chloe started attending college close to where Lisa and I lived, the two women grew even closer and started having frequent girls’ nights out.

I can’t speak for when the girls were alone, but around me, Chloe was a genuine delight. She was well-behaved, funny and never in a bad mood. The fact that she was easy on the eyes was a nice bonus.

At a certain point, Chloe’s boyfriend of four years broke up with her, and she was, understandably so, brokenhearted. Because they’d been living together in his apartment, Chloe suddenly, also found herself without a place to live. Her asshole of a boyfriend had ‘kindly’ given her five days to find a new place and move out.

Chloe, her heart broken and her pride wounded, had no intention of hanging around the apartment for another five days, or even a single day. As a matter of fact, she and Lisa managed to clear out the place in less than two hours. After briefly discussing it with me on the phone, Lisa had invited Chloe to stay with us, until she could get a place of her own.

Lisa really went out of her way to comfort and console her, and even took some time off from work to be there for her. The girls did their own thing when I was at work, and when I got home, we talked, played board games, or watched some lighthearted comedy on tv. Although Chloe was pretty much back to her old self after three or four days, there was no indication that she was thinking of moving out, or that she was even looking for a new place.

But because she was no hassle whatsoever and Lisa still put out for me whenever I asked – as she always did – I saw no reason to make a big deal out of her staying as long as she wanted. Somewhere in the third week, the dynamic between the three of us changed somehow. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment where things took an odd turn, but I figure it all started with the trip to Rome…

On the day in question, Lisa woke me up with a nice, big, sloppy blowjob. When I was about to cum, she slid off the bed and got on her knees for the big finale. I also got on my knees, on the edge of the bed, and jacked myself off, aiming for her naked tits. After liberally coating them in my juicy, morning spunk, we lay back down on the bed and snuggled for a few minutes.

It was then that Lisa asked, “Hey, how would you feel about a trip to Rome?”

As it turned out, Chloe had booked a surprise trip to Rome for her and her boyfriend, about three months ago. After the breakup, she’d forgotten all about it, until yesterday, when she’d gotten an email from the travel agency, informing her that they’d charged her credit card for the amount due.

Because the tickets were non-refundable, it would have been a waste not to use them, and since both Chloe and Lisa had always wanted to see Rome, the whole thing was a no brainer. Chloe insisted that we accept the tickets already bought, so Lisa and I paid for her extra plane ticket and hotel room in return.

That same evening, after spending the whole day talking about our upcoming trip, I started noticing a change in Chloe’s behavior. At the dinner table, when Lisa had gotten up to get a second bottle of wine from the pantry, Lisa reached out and softly caressed my hand, which was on the table next to my plate. She dragged her finger nails across my hand and up my arm, sending shivers down my spine. I was surprised, but thought nothing of it, and just assumed it was a sweet, amicable caress, in combination with the wine.

But a few hours later, when it was time to go to bed, she walked up to me to give me kiss goodnight – as she did every night – and kissed me full on the lips, meanwhile bumping her fist against my crotch. Before my brain realized what had happened, her hand was already gone and she was walking over to Lisa, who was cleaning up in the kitchen. When Chloe walked past me again, on her way out of the kitchen, she gave me a wicked smile and I could have sworn I saw her glancing down at the bulge in my pants.

Not escort gaziantep wanting any trouble, I walked up to my wife and whispered, “I really think you need to find Chloe a new boyfriend, as soon as we get back from Rome.”

“The thought had crossed my mind as well, but she doesn’t want to hear about it; she says she’s done with guys for a while!” Lisa replied.

Not really having a reason to whine, I decided not to make a big deal out of it – and risk an argument with Lisa, possibly ruining my chance of getting laid that night.

But when Lisa was bouncing up and down my hard cock about fifteen minutes later, I couldn’t help but think about Chloe. She was a beautiful, young woman, and I had fantasized about her many times before, but now, after what had just happened, those fantasies suddenly didn’t seem so farfetched any more. I came like a motherfucker and passionately pumped Lisa’s twat full with cum.

The following morning, I was up around eight and headed down to the kitchen, where I started reading the paper on my iPad, while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. Since it was Saturday, I figured the girls were going to sleep in, and I was right. For another hour or so, I had the house all to myself, until a cheerful and well-rested Chloe came prancing into the kitchen.

She was wearing a long, grey t-shirt, which covered everything – but only barely. With the whole length of her bare, gorgeous legs visible, I caught myself staring – almost drooling – at them, while she poured herself a cup of coffee. Luckily, she had her back to me, at the time. When she turned and came to give me a peck on the cheek, I quickly pretended to be so caught up in my newspaper, that I didn’t see her come in.

I told myself that I had seen her legs before – although not this exposed – and forced myself to ignore the growing bulge in my pants, reminding myself that my wife was upstairs sleeping.

But then, after sipping from her coffee a couple of times, Chloe put her mug down and stretched her arms high above her head, whispering, “Oh, I can feel I’ve been neglecting my yoga this week… I am all stiff and tensed up.”

As I glanced up from my iPad for a moment, I could see her t-shirt had ridden up to the point where I could see her white panties. Still assuming she wasn’t doing this on purpose, I quickly averted my eyes and tried to remember what the article I was reading was about.

But then, she started doing yoga – or at least what I thought was yoga – right in front of me, with her eyes, conveniently, closed. She put her feet wide apart and leaned one way, then the other, keeping one hand above her head and the other on her hip. As a result, her t-shirt rode up even higher and I could see her perfect tummy and her cute little belly button with every move she made. I glimpsed at her, but kept my face directed at the screen, so that I could redirect my eyes in a moment’s notice, if necessary.

Then, she turned her back towards me, and slowly leaned forward, her arms stretched out, reaching for the floor. And just like that, I was staring at her ass, nicely outlined in her white, flimsy, panties. She held that pose for nearly a minute, before getting up again. After pausing for about ten seconds, she bent down again, again sticking her cute little ass in my face.

Fearing she was going to notice the, by now, offensive bulge in my pajama boxers, I quickly excused myself and nearly ran up the stairs, to the master bedroom, where Lisa was still sleeping. I closed the door, took my boxers off and pulled the covers down. I was on the bed, in between her naked legs, before she could open her eyes.

While she was still waking up, I nudged my throbbing cock against her twat and entered her, ignoring her dryness. As expected, she quickly moistened, and moaned as she felt my huge dick sliding in.

“Fuck,” she moaned as she grabbed her tits and started squeezing them. I fucked her harder and a lot more passionate than usual, a fact which didn’t escape her.

“Jesus Wyatt, what’s gotten into you?” she squealed in between pants.

“What would you say if I told you that your niece was coming onto me?” I asked, moaning.

“Yeah right, keep dreaming…” she giggled, “… fantasizing about my niece are you, you little pervert?”

“Look, I am…” I started to say.

“Cum on my tits,” Lisa blurted out, interrupting me, sensing I wasn’t far off. I pulled out, leaned over her body, putting my left hand against the wall above her head, as I used my right one to jack off, aiming at her beautiful tits. I groaned and just let go, covering her entire chest in a colossal amount of sperm.

“Fuck yeah,” she whispered, amused and impressed, as she glanced down at my spurting cock.

When my balls were empty, I sat down next to her and said, “Lisa, I am serious… Chloe’s behaving strangely.”

I told her about the caress at the dinner table, the kiss on the lips, the hand bump and the whole yoga-incident. gaziantep escort pornoları

After listening to my tale, Lisa replied, “Look, I am not saying that you imagined the whole thing, but it doesn’t mean that she’s coming onto you… she’s just teasing you!”

“Teasing me?” I asked, surprised.

“Chloe’s always been a bit of a tease! This is actually good news, it means she’s getting in touch with her sexuality again.”

“Towards me?”

“Jeez,” Lisa giggled, “Don’t let it go to your head; you’re the only guy she’s interacted with in weeks!”


“Look, you’re a big boy! You can take a little teasing, can’t you? Just let her get it out of her system,” Lisa whispered, caressing my limp cock, “I don’t even mind you fantasizing about her. Just know your boundaries.”

“If you say so…” I said, looking at her cum-covered chest.

We got dressed and headed down to have some breakfast. Chloe was on her best behavior, and even acted a little shy and distant towards me. She almost had me doubting myself. I was starting to feel like a fool for telling on her. But then, right after breakfast, Chloe went back upstairs to take a shower. Just when I had all but forgotten the whole thing, she suddenly came back into the kitchen, wearing nothing but a large, white towel, just about covering her ass and breasts.

“I hate to be a hassle,” she said, “But there’s no hot water.”

“I’ll come and have a look,” I said, sipping from my coffee one last time, before getting up. I accompanied her to the bathroom, where I carefully stepped into the shower and turned on the faucet. To my surprise, steaming hot water came pouring out instantly.

I looked at her, confused and said, “I uh… I don’t see the problem.”

“Oh silly me, I must have turned it the wrong way,” she said as she undid the knot holding up her towel and let it fall to the floor, exposing her naked body, just like that. Naturally, I gawked at her for a moment… at her perfect tits and her meticulously trimmed bush!

But only for a moment. Then, I forced myself to look away, stepped out of the shower and marched straight out of the bathroom. Bewildered, I walked back down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Lisa had taken my iPad, and was reading the newspaper.

“Fixed?” she asked, without looking up.

“There never was a problem, “I said, unzipping and pushing my pants down. Lisa looked up at me, startled, but before she could say or ask anything, I pushed my boxers down, bringing my hard cock into view, giving it a few hard pumps with my right hand.

“She dropped her towel while I was still in there… I saw everything!”

“She what?” Lisa asked flabbergasted, “That little slut!”

I didn’t reply and just stepped up to her, pushing my dick into her mouth. There was no resistance, no hesitation. Maybe because she was a bit horny herself, or maybe she realized I really needed this one, badly. She sucked me for about two minutes, then, got up and lifted her dress as she reclined on the breakfast table. I helped her take off her black panties and slid my fat cock into her moist twat, for the second time that day. Once I was in, I just banged her in blind lust, hardly giving her any consideration. She moaned and screamed, gawking at me, clearly amazed and excited by how hard and deep I was fucking her.

“Oh my god, you’re thinking about her right now, aren’t you?” Lisa moaned, squirming on the table.

“Fuck yeah!” I replied truthfully, thrusting a little deeper.

“Oh!” Lisa squealed, pretending I had actually insulted her, “You think you can just come and fuck me, while you’re thinking of her?”

“Yes I can!” I said, unwavering, “You’re a slut!”

Once again, Lisa gasped, acting shocked and outraged.

“Say her name,” she suddenly murmured, a few seconds later.


“Say her name,” Lisa said, almost pleading.

“Oh Chloe…” I whispered.

Lisa shuddered, gasped and then said, “Close your eyes… pretend it’s her you’re fucking!”

I loved the idea, so I closed my eyes, tried to picture Chloe’s gorgeous, naked body and began fucking Lisa even harder, really ramming my hard cock into her, hitting her cervix with every thrust.

“Oh!” Lisa whined, amazed at the effect her niece was having on me, “You bastard!”

“I want you to scream her name when you cum inside of me!” Lisa moaned. In situations such as these, it’s usually a good idea to ask for confirmation, and avoid painful misunderstandings, but in this particular case, there simply wasn’t time. As soon as I heard her say those words, I went off like a rocket.

“Oh Chloe… oh fuck yeah… oh Chloe,” I moaned as I pumped Lisa’s twat full of cum.

Afterwards, when I opened my eyes, I noticed Lisa smiling up at me.

“Fuck, that was insanely hot!” she whispered.

“Your turn,” I said, as I replaced my cock with two fingers and gently began massaging her gaziantep escort portalı twat from the inside, “I want you to cum as well… while thinking of her!”

Clearly uncomfortable with the idea, Lisa hesitated, and for a moment, it even looked like she was going to stop me – or ask me to stop. But after the initial awkwardness, she visibly relaxed and started getting horny again. She closed her eyes and surrendered to her feelings, and even started touching herself, running her hands over her stomach and her tits as she breathed loudly.

“Oh Chloe,” she whispered passionately, then stuck out her tongue and started licking something imaginary, probably her niece’s twat. She was soaking wet by now. I had rarely seen her like this.

“Oh Chloe, oh, ooooh, ooooooh, Chloe… Chloe,” Lisa moaned louder and louder, her climax rapidly approaching.

About half a minute later, she suddenly started convulsing and trashing violently on the table, her face getting redder with every passing second, as her mouth was open, but no air was going in or out. Meanwhile she gushed, down the table, on the floor and onto my legs. Eventually, when I figured she had had enough, I slowly pulled my fingers out of her and let her enjoy the aftermath of her, apparently Earth-shattering orgasm.

After she’d gotten up from the table, I asked, “What are we going to do?”

“About what?” she asked, truly mystified, as she rearranged her dress.

“What do you mean about what? About Chloe! About this trip,” I replied.

“Look, I don’t know…” Lisa replied.

She knew that that answer wasn’t going to cut it and that I was waiting for a better one. Realizing this wasn’t an easy situation, I was prepared to give her all the time she needed. But after a minute of racking her brain, she still had nothing… I could tell from the look on her face. Still, she knew she had to say something sooner or later.

“Look, if she wants to tease you, let her… just… just keep your dick out of her, okay?”

And with that, she walked out of the kitchen, holding her panties in her hand.

In the afternoon, the girls went shopping, which gave me a little reprieve and a chance to do some binge watching. Around 5.30pm, Lisa called me, and told me that she and Chloe were going to get a bite to eat, and a few drinks afterwards – which essentially meant they would be gone for the rest of the evening. I ordered some pizza and continued watching tv, having a pretty uneventful and relaxing evening.

When I woke up the following morning, Lisa was still sound asleep, as usual. Chloe, however, was – from the sounds of things – already up and about downstairs. After sneaking out of the bedroom, careful not to wake up Lisa, I went to take a leak, and then headed downstairs. I figured Chloe would have started breakfast by now, and I was actually quite hungry.

Imagine my shock when I saw my wife’s niece sitting in the middle of the living room, stark naked, on all fours, reaching back with her right hand, pumping a large dildo in and out of her soaking twat. I gawked at her divine tits, dangling underneath her, as her whole body rocked back and forth to the rhythm of her masturbation.

“Oh shit,” I whispered out of reflex, mortified and extremely uncomfortable.

Pretending to be startled, Chloe, opened her eyes and whispered, “Oh shit, Wyatt!”

Although she seemed genuinely shocked, she didn’t stop what she was doing!

“Sorry, sorry,” I said and closed the door, obviously mortified. However, the more I thought about it – as I made my way back upstairs – the more I became convinced that Chloe had staged the whole thing. She had probably heard me go to the bathroom, and then walk down the stairs, giving her more than ample time to get into that lewd, compromising position.

In dire need of some relief, I snuck back into our bedroom and kneeled down next the bed. I gently put my mouth on Lisa’s ear and softly started kissing her. First on her ear, then her neck, her cheek and finally her lips. Considering how horny and raunchy Chloe had made me, I was actually pretty proud of myself for being so gentle.

“Morning,” Lisa whispered, smiling, as she slowly opened one eye.

“Morning,” I replied, with a trembling voice.

She lifted her head up slightly and glanced down, over the edge of the bed, at my right hand pumping my insanely hard cock.

“What did she do now?” Lisa grinned, clearly liking the effect Chloe was having on me.

I quickly told her what I had seen, as I continued jacking off.

“My my, how… naughty,” Lisa whispered, staring down at my fat cock.

“Naughty? That’s it? That’s all you have to say?” I stammered, shocked, “I… I have seen porn flics with less explicit…”

“Ssshh,” Lisa said, putting her index finger against my lips, calming me down instantly.

“I know what you need,” she hissed, as she threw off the covers, spun around on her back and scooted down towards me, so that her naked twat was now right in front of my face. I leaned in and began licking her between her legs, making her moan and squirm. I licked her clit, her lips and even stuck my tongue up her moist twat, tonguing her as deep as I could.

“Are you thinking of her,” Lisa suddenly asked, looking down at me.

“Yesss,” I replied as I kept licking her.

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