Teenage Lust

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And so the scene begins, a crisp clear morning in a small suburban town.

Unbeknown to each other two lonely teenagers thinking about the other stared up at the rising sun and pondered their feelings.

Stepping out their doors at nearly the same time they were greeted by a gust of cold wind and the kiss of the warm sun and the cool dew. Imagining that warmth was the body of another they both smiled, went to their bus, got on, and pondered, on the way to school.

The girl, Desiree, was romantically involved with a charismatic boy two grades older than her, but her heart was no longer in it, as her feelings for the boy, Frank, grew.

Frank, secretly despising the boy Desiree went out with, felt himself wanting to just take her away from her boyfriend and keep her.

There was the sexual aspect too, they would stare at each other, the tension thick in the air, as they wondered about their bodies, about hooking up and about lust.

But life is not so poetic, so here goes the tale of a secret love, so strong yet so fragile.

Franks Day

Getting to first period as the bell rang, I settled in for another boring 2 periods of Geraci, punctuated with many mildly funny comments by Simon, the boy who sits behind me. All I could think about was the conversation Desiree and I had online about how she’s not into her boyfriend anymore.

I want to make a move on her, but I don’t know if she’s ready, she just seems really into me.

I emerged from Geraci virtually unscathed and the rest morning sped by up until the end of lunch. I had been looking forward to seeing Desiree and the minutes seemed to drag by. People asked me questions but I only responded half-heartedly because I was so subdued.

As I entered Spanish class my heart practically leapt with joy, there Desiree was waiting for me, her eyes and posture beckoning.

When I got close to her, her eyes told me something words did not and I understood.

After a moment of silence she finally articulated what I had foretold.

“I broke up with Willard” She stated, in an almost nonchalant manner.

Our eyes met and ankara escort I moved closer suddenly she embraced me and it felt so natural, like two pieces of a puzzle adjoining at last. There was no sexual element only the first thread in a strong bond that would surely grow. For the rest of Spanish class I stared at her with ease as I sit one row to the left of her and one seat behind. The day passed and my joy knew no bounds when she smiled to me as we walked out the door.

In the hallway after school I spotted her by her locker and walked up to her.

“So” I started, not sure how to continue “So” she replied looking equally at a loss for words. “You want to go out, sometime like, uhh… tomorrow” “Sure” she laughed easily, the tension suddenly gone “Alright” I smiled And left school grinning from ear to ear.

Desiree’s Day

I got to school early and had a long talk with Willard.

It went very smoothly, I was surprised, we both agreed that the new love we had seen and acted upon so rashly was gone and with that we parted ways, but agreed to remain close (plus I wanted to be able to have him drive me around)

I went to social studies and then to other classes but the entire time I was thinking of my Frank.

How would I break it to Frank, how could I tell it to him without being totally obvious that I was his!

I waded through the day like it was a thick pool of mud. Until I finally got to Spanish.

You already know the dialogue but suffice to say Desiree was overjoyed at Franks reaction and even happier when they agreed to go on a date.


They decided on the pizza place near them for their date, impromptu as it was.

When they got there they talked easily about school, about friends, about likes and dislikes, they were good friends and had been for many years.

The food arrived and suddenly they were silent but somehow it was not awkward.

Gazing deep into each others’ eyes the steam rose from their plates and a drop of liquid gathered on Desiree’s eyelash.

Slowly and without realizing it they had gotten closer and closer until ankara escort bayan the inevitable. Their lips meeting with surprise they lingered for a moment and broke off, color rising to their faces they smiled and with a renewed and hunger began to eat.

The food was done all too soon and the small talk can only be stretched too thin.

They parted ways at the door as they stepped into the chilly evening air.

The next day was a Saturday and the day of Maureen’s party. Maureen, aware of the romantic situation, made sure there would be a secluded place

When Desiree and Frank got there, there were already many people there and they mingled for a while but soon their urges got the better of them as they had been waiting for this moment.

Maureen had already told them to use her room and lock the door (what a lifesaver) and they hurried up the stairs, a twinkle in their eyes.

Franks pants were bulging with anticipation as they sat down on Maureen’s bed that wasn’t really a bed.

As quickly as they had sat down, Frank leaned over and kissed Desiree full on the lips. Receiving the kiss with open lips, Desiree put her arm over his shoulder and brought him into a leaning position.

They’re tongues entwined and each felt a feeling they had not felt before. A sweet and hot taste invaded each others ‘mouth as they exchanged the most intimate kiss possible.

Coming up for air they were both panting, a lust taking them as they fell into each other’s arms once more, hands wandering everywhere caressing and fondling.

Finally Franks hand came to rest on Desiree’s inner thigh and Desiree’s hand on Franks.

As each of their hands moved inward Desiree reached her destination first as the destination was straining to get to her as well.

Desiree holding the throbbing member in her hands gave a squeeze and their mouths still pressed together were interrupted by a loud moan from Frank.

The moan was punctuated with the movement of his hands all the way up to her crotch.

Clumsily trying to massage her through the her jeans he finally relented and unzipped them. The heat escort ankara of her body surprised him but he didn’t really care, as her hand was now running up and down his cock through his jeans making the fabric hot and him even hotter.

She could feel him swelling even more, and (was it possible) getting harder. He pushed her hand away and said, don’t finish yet.

Breaking away from Desiree, Frank sat up, Desiree then proceeded to unbutton and unzip his jeans. He lifted his ass as she pulled the jeans down to his ankles. His boxer shorts, sticking straight out, were then also pulled down causing his dick to smack his belly.

They both giggled, and Desiree began to stroke him up and down, his excitement not quite at the brink anymore.

Frank leaned back and closed his eyes, basking in the heat of the situation, still fingering Desiree, working his finger deeper and deeper into her cunt feeling the like he was at the top of his game.

Desiree moaned loudly, imagining something else inside of her as she felt her mid-section being pleasured by a simple finger.

Suddenly, a hot cavern enveloped Frank’s dick and he opened his eyes in surprise.

Desiree was leaning over his crotch with an interesting look on her face. Surprise, mixed with delight twinkled in her eyes as she slowly went down the length of his cock with her tongue.

Shuddering with the intensity of the feelings Frank’s eyes rolled back into his head for a moment. As Desiree put her mouth around the head of his dick his hips thrust up without his control and he somehow managed not to hit the back of her throat.

She worked on his cock with her tongue as she began to get in rhythm with his thrusting, swirling everywhere like a juicy Swiffer mop.

Suddenly and without warning Frank brought his hips up off the ground and shot deeply into Desiree’s mouth, his hot seed hitting her with such intensity that she almost gagged.

She tasted the liquid with her tongue and let some spill out onto Frank’s belly forming a little pool below his belly-button. After a moment of deliberation Desiree swallowed the rest with only a mild grimace.

Then they shared one last kiss, zipped up and went out to join the party, grinning mischievously and not realizing that Frank’s pants were on backwards.

Ahh the wonderful naivete of teenage lust…

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