Ten Inches for Dessert

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Double Penetration

Linda looked at the clock and rushed to finish her hair. It was almost 6:00 and she wasn’t ready. She had labored over what to wear for her date. She didn’t want to dress too slutty, giving Mark the wrong impression. She wanted to look hot. After a half hour of trying on outfits, she decided to wear something a bit naughty. After all, Mark had shown her all of his body in their last 2 dates… what’s a little leg and cleavage to spice up the evening? She chose a short black skirt and a dark low-cut button up top to wear. Linda put on some thigh-high stockings and decided she would go without panties. The thought of meeting Mark without wearing panties made her pussy tingle and her nipples hard. She put on a black push-up bra and buttoned the shirt up enough.

By 6:30 she was finally ready. She glanced into the mirror, hoping deep down that he didn’t think she looked too slutty. Somewhat unsure but determined to go, she grabbed her coat and purse and headed for the door.

Linda pulled into the parking lot of the bar and checked her make-up in the mirror. Before getting out of the car, she unbuttoned her top so that he would get enough of a look at her chest sporting very perky breasts. Linda was determined to turn Mark on, as she so wanted to feel that enormous cock of Mark’s again in her pussy.

Smiling, she got out of the car and headed for the door. She noticed someone standing outside, his hands in the pockets. He had on a sports coat and a nice gray shirt. At first, she didn’t recognize him in the dark, but as she moved closer, she saw that it was Mark. He smiled when he saw her and waved, walking towards her.

“Hi, I wasn’t sure you were going to make it,” he said to her as he wrapped his arms around her holding her close.

She could smell his cologne as he held her and felt his hand on her lower back, pulling her close. She welcomed the embrace and pressed herself against him. Mark kissed her quickly and pulled away. Linda, disappointed, wanted the kiss to last longer. But, in the back of her mind, she knew the night was young.

“Yeah right, you knew I’d be here. I wouldn’t stand up a new friend,” she replied, laughing.

In the back of his mind, Mark was thrilled to see Linda again and hoped to have his huge dick sucked on by Linda’s warm, wet mouth. Mark already knew from their last date that Linda gives great head.

They laughed together briefly and went inside. CJ’s was a dance club/sports grill that served decent dinner for bar food. They both decided to throw calories to the wind and ordered chicken strips. As they ate, they talked about their present jobs, Linda’s marriage and divorce, and Mark’s work. Several times during dinner, Linda noticed Mark’s hand on her leg. When he wasn’t looking, she pulled her skirt up just enough so that the next time he touched her, his hand would not just be touching her skirt, just her stocking-covered leg. She let her hand do a bit of friendly exploring as well, but she didn’t make it obvious that she was aroused and wanted to move her hand higher.

The waitress stopped by to inquire if they wanted any desert seeing their plates empty. Mark almost began asking what was available when he was interrupted.

“No thanks. We’re done eating for now,” Linda quickly chimed in.

Mark looked back at Linda with a quizzical look and a gleam in his eye.

After dinner, Linda grabbed Mark by the hand and dragged him onto the dance floor, kicking and screaming. She wasn’t sure why he didn’t want to dance as he moved very nicely. As they danced and the songs progressed, they began to dance closer and closer. With her back turned against him, she swallowed deeply and pressed her ass against him. She was relieved when she felt his hands on her hips, pulling her closer. She could now feel him rubbing against her and a distinct hardening bulge pressing against her butt. The thought that she was the cause of his arousal excited her and she pressed harder, moving her ass up and down against his crotch. She leaned back and laid her head against his muscular chest. Mark’s hand moved to her belly.

“Let’s go sit down for a minute, I need to rest,” she whispered in his ear, sweaty and in need of a drink.

“Ok, but walk closely in front of me. I don’t want anyone seeing the state I’m in,” he replied with a giggle.

Linda did as he asked, holding his hand as they moved from the dance floor. As they walked towards gebze escort their table, a couple walked in front of her and she had to stop abruptly. Not meaning to, her hand came into firm contact with his crotch. Briefly she considered jerking it away, but the thoughts of feeling his hard-on against her ass on the dance floor overcame her shyness and she let go of his hand and exchanged it with his cock. He did not flinch and she was sure he was either smiling or had his eyes wide open as she squeezed his crotch gently. Mark’s cock felt so good in her hand even though his pants were in the way. Linda felt her pussy instantly become wet. She let go when the couple finally passed and they went to their table.

They made their way back to the table and sipped on their drinks. Linda began to feel strange and guilty about squeezing Mark’s crotch in public.

“Mark, I’m sorry I grabbed you. I shouldn’t have… You were probably too shocked to remove my hand from your…you know.”

“Linda, I didn’t mind at all,” he replied, taking her hand and placing it on his lap.

She was quite pleased with what she felt. The electric attraction was quite obvious to both and this was only their third date Linda thought to herself. She smiled naughtily and began to move her hand slowly across his slacks. In response, she felt his hand moving up her thigh. It moved past the top of her stockings and she moved her leg to give him easier access. Slowly, Mark moved his hand up her leg until she felt his fingers touching her bare pussy lips. She moaned softly and saw him smile. His fingers spread her lips slightly and she felt her wetness almost running onto them. He slid his middle finger inside and she grasped his hard cock forcefully.

“Let’s get out of here,” Mark whispered.

Unable to speak, Linda only nodded in agreement and stood. They quickly walked to his car, which was parked closer to the doors.

“Follow me,” he said.


“Over there.”

She looked over and saw a hotel conveniently located across the street. With only a moment’s hesitation, she agreed. And before arriving to her car, they shared an intense kiss. Their tongues intertwined and as she pressed herself against him she could feel his hardness once more. He gently sucked on her tongue before pulling away.

“Let’s go,” Linda said.

She followed him to the hotel parking lot. She stayed outside so he could rent the room. After getting the key, Mark walked outside and to her car. He took her by the hand and they went to the room.

Once inside, Linda let her passion erupt. She turned on the television to some music and pushed Mark onto the bed. She turned on the bathroom light and shut off the room lights.

She began to dance to the music, watching his reactions. Linda slowly unbuttoned her top and with her back to Mark, pulled it from her body. She then undid her bra and pulled the straps off her arms. She held the bra to her chest and turned to him. She saw that he had removed his coat and shirt while she was removing hers and she threw him her bra. She began to rub her breasts and pinched her nipples. They stood erect and hard. She then placed her right leg up on the counter in front of him and bent over, pulling her skirt up slowly. She looked back to see Mark taking off his pants and briefs all the while staring intensely at Linda’s show. She felt her pussy begin to flow with wetness as she saw him begin stroking his dick slowly for her in anticipation. Bending over farther, she spread her ass cheeks so he could get a good look at her shaven pussy and then she slid 2 fingers inside herself. She turned to watch him slowly stroking his meat and her fingers began to move in rhythm with his.

“Come over here,” Mark said letting go of his semi hard boner.

Linda quickly removed her skirt, but left her shoes and stockings on. She moved to the bed and he stood, taking her in his arms. They kissed passionately and his big hard cock felt warm against her belly. She reached between them and began stroking it. It felt so thick and long. Linda slowly stroked his shaft and could feel Mark’s dick pulsate as it filled with blood with each passing heartbeat. She looked down as her small hands and thin fingers played with his growing phallus. Large veins popped out along the shaft while it stiffened in her hands. Linda watched in amazement göztepe escort as Mark’s cock took on a life of it’s own. It felt so warm and wonderful in her hands. Linda enjoyed its smooth purple head and long veiny shaft. Her hands examined every bit of his cock as it finally blew up to its full 10-inch length engorged with blood.

Examining every erect inch closely, Linda turned to Mark looking him in the eye and exclaimed, “Mark, you have the biggest most beautiful cock I have ever seen.”

Mark smiled and enjoyed Linda’s attention.

“Remember the waitress asking if we wanted desert?” Linda whispered.

Mark nodded and smiled.

“Well, I didn’t want to say it in front of her, but I really wanted you to feed me your big cock for dessert,” she giggled.

Linda let her tongue glide down Mark’s chest, licking his nipples, and then worked her way down to his prick. Linda fell to her knees. She began to tease him by licking along his lengthy shaft and velvety purple head. Linda gently caressed Mark large balls with her left hand as she grabbed the base of Mark’s cock with her right hand. Linda then proceeded to take in the purple head and suck gently.

Mark looked down at the gorgeous blonde swallowing his massive meat. Linda’s mouth stretched wide around his cock’s girth to take it in deeper. She was determined to see how much of his enormous bone she could get down her throat.

Linda decided to reveal her talent of opening her throat to Mark. Fighting off her gag reflex, she swallowed deep as she worked her way past his wide head and inched down his long shaft. Mark looked on in amazement as half of his 10 inches disappeared into Linda’s mouth. He felt the head of his cock hit the back of her mouth. Suddenly, holding her breath, Linda opened her throat and slid down another 2 inches. She released the base of Mark’s dick with her right hand. To his amazement, Mark felt his head in Linda’s throat.

Suddenly she pulled back. Linda could not breath and began to gag. Mark’s cock was the first one that was too long and too wide for her to swallow in full. That was a first Linda thought to herself. Mark looked on still amazed that she got that far. Mark thought to himself that was the farthest any woman had ever gotten down the length of his shaft.

Linda looked up at Mark and began to fuck his dick with her mouth in earnest. Her saliva began dripping down her chin. Mark let out a low groan. She pulled back, seeing that his stiff pole was nicely lubricated as it glistened against the dim light coming from the bathroom.

She began moving her fingers up and down his dick causing Mark’s legs to buckle slightly. Linda’s small hands could barely reach around the fat shaft of Mark’s hard cock. He moaned audibly and she felt his penis grow even harder in her mouth when she swallowed it once more. Both Linda’s hands grabbed on to Mark’s extended shaft as her mouth busied itself with his head. Linda clamped her hands tightly around Mark’s dick and continued her slurping.

Slowly, Mark felt his seed rising from his balls.

“Oh my God. I’m going to cum!” he exclaimed.

This only enticed her more and she moved faster. She felt his cock swell in her mouth and his balls tightened in her hand. The head of his penis turned hard as a baseball. Suddenly, Mark’s stiff dick exploded. His enormous penis erupted in Linda’s mouth and spurted his jism to the back of her throat. Linda felt the hot spurts fill her mouth as her wet pussy dripped onto the carpet. Mark’s cock pulsated and he pumped the cum from his balls. He came so much Linda had trouble swallowing all the spunk being delivered by this fire hose. Some of it dribbled down her chin and onto his leg. When his cock stopped pulsating, she did something she never thought she would do. She leaned over and gently licked the cum off his leg, cleaning him up. Mark looked down and was amazed at how hot and slutty Linda could be.

“That was great honey. Now it’s my turn,” Mark said, his eyes shining.

He stood on shaky legs and bent her over the bed. Linda rested her tits on the mattress and reaching behind herself, spread her ass cheeks for him. She felt his tongue tickling her ass and pressing inside. She had never had a man lick her ass before. It felt so naughty that she could feel herself getting close to orgasm from that action alone. He then haramidere escort pushed his tongue deep into her pussy. He then rolled her over onto her back and she moved up on the bed, spreading her legs wide. He moved between them and began to lick her pussy lips and the inside of her thighs. She wanted and needed to feel his tongue on her clit. She could feel it throbbing and desperately wanted to touch it. Just as she was reaching to relieve herself, she felt his tongue glide from inside her pussy to her clit. He licked it with long, slow licks at first and then began to apply more pressure and lick faster. His fingers went inside her pussy and began to rub her g-spot. Linda’s legs shook as he worked his magic with his tongue. She felt her body tighten as he gently sucked her clit into his mouth and then exploded. Her hips bucked and she writhed on the bed as she came. Her pussy juices ran freely from her and Mark made every effort to lick them up.

Normally, after she came, she was done for the night. But when she looked at Mark, she saw that he was standing in front of her between her legs, and his enormous cock was hard again. Reaching out, she took the 10-inch monster in her hands and pulled it to her pussy. She rubbed his big round head between her tiny slit and over her clit causing her to shiver. Mark, taking control, grabbed the base of his pole and slowly pushed it into her. The big round head made it’s way into Linda’s slick love hole. Mark kept pushing opening up Linda’s pussy wider. His cock felt so good inside her and he began to move very slowly, pulling it all the way out before pushing it back in. They moved up so that they were completely on the bed and she wrapped her legs around his waste and lined his lengthy pecker up with her pussy.

“Fuck me hard. I need it so bad. Give me your big stiff dick.” She pleaded in the sluttiest voice she could muster.

In response, she felt Mark’s cock pull all the way out. Suddenly, he jammed his rod quickly into her pussy. Her entire body moved upward. Mark began pumping faster. He took her nipples into his mouth one at a time, sucking on them gently.

Linda decided to take control and rolled Mark onto his back. With her left hand she grabbed Mark’s pecker and slowly eased herself onto it. He was deep inside her now and she began to move her hips so that his head rubbed her cervix. The feeling was incredible. Linda felt her orgasm building and she began to slam her pussy down onto him.

Mark fondled Linda’s perfect breasts and pinched her stiff nipples. Linda shuttered in ecstasy as Mark let out a soft moan.

“Don’t cum yet. Not yet. I’m so close!” she screamed.

Linda sat on him hard as her fingernails dug into his chest. She reached behind herself to squeeze his balls and could feel her juices running down them. Suddenly, Linda’s body stiffened and her pussy began to pulsate with pleasure. She screamed as her orgasm began.

“Oh God Mark. I’m coming! Your big cock is making me cum.” Linda exclaimed

Mark’s enormous prick filled her pussy to capacity as Linda rode it still screaming with delight. Wave after wave of her orgasm continued until she was spent.

After her orgasm subsided, she slowly slid off his penis and got on her hands and knees in front of him.

“I want you to cum for me now,” she said, arching her back so he could see her pussy hole.

Mark moved behind her and slid his hard dick deep inside her still quaking pussy. He fucked her like an animal. Holding onto her hips, he slammed his cock into her. Mark’s balls slapped against her clit, sending shivers down her spine. She knew if he kept fucking her like this, she would cum again soon.

“Where do you want me to cum?” Mark asked, gasping.

“Oh God, cum in my pussy. I want to cum again.”

Mark began to move even faster and suddenly she felt him pressing deep into her swollen pussy. His big hard cock swelled and began to pulsate. She could feel his cum spraying inside her pussy, warm and wet. The feeling was too much and she came with him, her pussy milking every drop from his prick. When he started to soften, he pulled his phallus out of her pussy and his cum began to run out. Linda reached under herself and scooped some of it up with her finger and put it in her mouth, tasting their juices.

They both lied down on the bed together in the spoon position, Mark’s arms wrapped around her. Linda felt so comfortable after realizing that this was something she both wanted and needed, she smiled. Turning to face Mark, she kissed him softly and took him in her hand.

“Thanks for the great tasting desert Mark.” Linda whispered

“I know that was not something on the menu at CJ’s.”

Mark smiled as they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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