Teresa Scalia: Education at the…

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Teresa Scalia: An Education at the Gentlemen’s Club

Mark Anderson parked his Ford Taurus in the garage and entered the house through the connecting door. Walking towards the family room Mark called out “Hello the house, anybody here”?

“In here Dad” answered Mark’s son Chad.

Mark entered the family room to find Chad immersed in a video game.

“How was your swim meet, champ”?

“Okay, I guess, I won my event, but I shouldn’t have”.

“You won, but you shouldn’t have? What’s up with that, son”.

“Well, DJ Scalia was ahead of me on the last lap, but his mom fell into the pool on top of him, that slowed him up and I touched out first”.

“Terri Scalia fell into the pool! I don’t believe it!” laughed Mark Anderson.

“Coach Benson tried to help her out of the pool, but pulled her clothes off by accident. Then Mrs. Scalia knocked Mom into the pool. Mrs. Scalia started fighting with Coach Benson and pulled off her clothes. Coach Benson ran out and Mom and Mrs. Scalia started fighting. Mrs. Scalia pulled off Mom’s clothes. Then Principal Abercrombie got there and took Mom and Mrs. Scalia to her office”. Chad, of course, related this tale, in the most nonchalant manner, while keeping his eyes on the TV screen, intent on his game.

“Whoa champ, you’ve had quite a day. What happened in the principal’s office?”

“Don’t know. Me and DJ got dressed and rode our bikes home. Mom got home about twenty minutes ago and went right upstairs.”

“Thanks pal” Mark said as he ruffled his boy’s hair. Mark headed for the stairs.

Indeed Barbara had gone directly to her bedroom when she got home, her clothes still soaked from her unscheduled dip in the pool and still smarting from her public humiliation. Barbara was also smarting from a source other than humiliation. Having gotten out of her wet clothes, Barbara got in the shower to rinse off. She found it necessary to adjust the shower head to it’s most gentle setting when she turned her back to the stream of water. Barbara.toweled off and put on her terry cloth robe. Walking into the bedroom she stood in front of their full-length mirror and tried to assess the state of her derriere. Her robe gathered at the waist and pulled to the side, Barbara bent slightly and looked over her shoulder. Mirrors don’t lie and Barbara saw the visual evidence of her discomfort. Barbara tanned year-round and unlike some, she always wore a bikini top and bottom, the effect being some very nice tan lines and white cheeks. As Barbara got a look at her derriere she saw that a bright pink color had replaced the usual white. From the upper swell of her butt at the sacral dimples and down over the hemisphere of each cheek, the fiery glow had spread. Barbara slowly rubbed her paddled tush in a soothing manner. The bedroom door opened and Mark walked in. Barbara quickly covered up before Mark could discover her ailment.

“Interesting time at the swim meet?” Mark asked wondering how Barbara would answer.

“Well, if it isn’t all over town by now I’m sure it will be tomorrow” Barbara said “Ms. Bitch Scalia and I got into it again. I didn’t start anything, I only went over to help after she fell in the water”.

“Chad gave me all the details, at least he doesn’t seem bothered by your public embarrassment. I’m sure we’ll hear from Miss Abercrombie and that will be a pleasant meeting”.

“Oh I’ve already met with Miss Abercrombie” Barbara said as she sat on the chair of her dressing table. Unfortunately, Barbara sat with little too much force. “Ooooo” Barbara exclaimed as she rapidly returned to standing.

“I think I know what you talking about” Mark snickered as he raised Barbara’s robe and took a look at her abused bottom. “Miss Abercrombie is indeed old school. How did Terri Scalia fair?”

“Oh she got the same. I saw the whole thing. She got the same all right.”

Over at Casa Scalia a similar scene was unfolding. Dominic arrived home from work and greeted his son. “Hey DJ, how’d the swim meet go?”

“Lousy” DJ answered curtly.

“How so?”

“Would’ve won except for Mom.”

“How’d Mom keep you from winning?”

“All she did was fall into the pool, right on top of me!” DJ said revealing his frustration. “Then she fought with Coach Benson and Chad’s Mom and Principal Abercrombie came and took her and Chad’s Mom to her office.”

“Oh man, I’m sorry that happened. Where’s Mom now?”

“She’s in your room.”

“I need to go talk to her.”

“A lot of good that will do me now, Dad.”

Dominic Sr. walked to the other end of the house where the master bedroom was located. Walking through the door he saw Teresa lying face down on the king size bed with a comforter over her back.

“Go swimming today?” Dominic asked sarcastically.

“I don’t think that’s funny. Someone pushed me into the pool. Then that brat coach of DJ’s tears my dress off and I have to listen to insults from that blond bimbo Barbara Anderson. To top it off, I’m brutalized by that old hag principal.”

While xnxx Teresa was airing her complaints, Dominic noticed an unusual lump under the comforter. The area around Teresa’s posterior looked considerably fuller than usual. Flipping the comforter off Teresa, Dominic discovered two zip lock bags of ice strategically placed one on each cheek of her ass. Dominic adroitly removed the ice bags to reveal the twin hemispheres of Teresa’s ass. Teresa’s bottom had acquired the same hot rosy pink hue that Barbara had experienced. Glistening with beads of condensation, Teresa’s rear appeared to throb. In fact one could almost see a few tendrils of steam rising from her very full and shapely butt.

“Looks as though the Board of Education came into contact with the seat of the problem.” laughed Dominic. “Got well acquainted with Miss Abercrombie did you? I have no doubt you got what you deserved Terri. Did Barbara miss out on the “corporal” treatment?”

“No, blondie Barbie had her fanny blistered too. I only wish it was me that did the blistering.” Teresa said with more than a pinch of vengeance.

“Well Teresa dear, in all the excitement did you get any good video?”

“Video? Oh no! The camcorder oh no!”

“What about the camcorder?”

“It’s in the pool.”

“Well I’ll just pick it up tomorrow on my way from the office.”

“The camcorder isn’t at the pool, it’s in the pool. I dropped it when I fell in.”

“Lovely” Dominic said grimly as he left the room,”

Teresa and Barbara’s latest dust up was indeed the talk of the town for several weeks. Eventually something new comes along to occupy people’s minds. A dance hall, built in the ’40s, was located at the north edge of town. It had been vacant for two years with no one interested in acquiring the property. That was until Roxanne Starr came to town. Ms. Starr was interested in refurbishing and reopening the dance hall. Dominic Scalia’s bank held the paper on that property. A meeting was arranged for Dominic and Roxanne to discuss plans for the property and possible financial arrangements.

Dominic’s phone rang, “Mr. Scalia, Ms. Starr your 2:00 appointment is here.”

“Thank you please send her in.”

Dominic rose from his desk as the outer door of his office opened. In stepped Ms. Roxanne Starr. Dominic caught his breath as he glimpsed Roxanne for the first time. At a well proportioned 5′ 8 “, Ms. Starr was wearing a tasteful black business suit with the hem line sufficiently above the knee to feature her legs in black hose. Roxanne’s dark auburn hair was simply tied in back and extended to her shoulder blades. A white ruffled blouse concealed but did not hide the fact she had an abundant endowment.

“Ms. Starr, nice to meet you, please have a seat.”

“Thank you for meeting with me Mr. Scalia.” Roxanne said as she said down in a chair opposite Dominic’s desk.

Dominic took note as the hem of Roxanne’s skirt rose as she sat down and crossed her legs, making that unique sound of hose rubbing against hose and revealing some delectable thigh.

“It’s my understanding you want to re-open the Allen dance hall.”

“Yes that’s right. I think it would be a good location for a restaurant and lounge. Combining with that, some unique entertainment.” explained Roxanne.

“Well I’ve read your business plan and financial statement and I think we could come to an agreement. I’ve had papers drawn up and if you’d like to take them with you and review, we can close this the first of next week.”

“That’s wonderful! I must say, I’ve never had an easier time doing business than with you Mr. Scalia.”

Dominic rose and handed the documents to Roxanne. “Please, call me Dominic if I may call you Roxanne?”

Accepting the bundled papers from Dominic, Roxanne said as she smiled demurely “Please do. After all we will be working closely.”

With that Roxanne turned to leave the office allowing Dominic a good look at her derriere in that tight black skirt. Dominic, being somewhat of a connoisseur of female bottoms, was indeed impressed. Roxanne had full hips with nicely rounded cheeks. She also walked placing one foot directly in front of the other that gave a lovely sway to her back porch.

Roxanne had indeed supplied a comprehensive business plan to the bank. What she had carefully neglected to include was the specific nature of the entertainment she intended to provide. The Allen dance hall property was located just outside the city limits. The laws in the surrounding county in regards to “adult” entertainment were significantly less stringent than those in the city. Roxanne Starr had done her homework and had researched the local statutes. Her plan, plain and simple, was to open a strip club.

With her financing in place, Roxanne began the renovation of the dance hall. Nearly five months of work were completed when Dominic Scalia stopped by one afternoon. He walked through the front doors and took in the sight before him. A mirrored bar took up one side of the bakire porno structure. At the far end was a stage with a long runway extending into the seating area. Brass poles were spaced along the runway. The décor was predominantly red velvet and there appeared to be a side room concealed by curtains.

“This doesn’t look like a restaurant” Dominic thought to himself, “she’s turned this into a strip club.”

“Why hello Dominic!” Roxanne called out a she emerged from behind the curtain.

“Roxanne, this is not a restaurant, correct?”

“Well, not in the traditional sense.”

“You have turned this place into a strip club, haven’t you?”

“I prefer the term gentlemen’s club, sounds so much nicer.” Roxanne explained.

“There are laws in this town prohibiting nudity in establishments that serve alcohol. My bank did not intend to finance this type of enterprise.” Dominic said.

“Oh I’ve done my homework, Dominic sweetie.” Roxanne cooed. “This place is outside the city limits and my business plan, that you personally approved, left open the option on entertainment. Financially, I’ve met all the obligations of the contract. Your bank has no arguments with me. Besides there might be some fringe benefits for you as well.” Roxanne said as she stroked Dominic’s arm.

“It’s the appearance of impropriety. A respected financial institution supporting nude dancing?”

“Darling don’t worry. Everything will be fine. You’ll see.”

Construction was completed and a grand opening took place. Of course, the town was scandalized by a gentleman’s club in the community. Word spread quickly that Dominic Scalia’s bank had financed the club. In fact, Dominic had been spending a great deal of time monitoring that particular investment. Something that had not gone unnoticed by some of the wives in town. Teresa was also aware of the whisperings that were going on and of course it was particularly irritating to her.

At the country club, Barbara Anderson had finished a round of tennis with her friend Rhonda Wilson. In the locker room they caught up on the local gossip.

“Well you know Rhonda” Barbara said “that so-called gentleman’s club north of town seems to have plenty of cars in the lot most evenings.”

“If I ever caught Bill in that place, I’d cut him off for six months.” Replied Rhonda.

“I’m lucky, I don’t think Mark has ever been in there. But I think Dominic Scalia is a regular. It’s hard to miss that gold BMW parked near the front door. Do you suppose Teresa is so dumb that she doesn’t realize what’s going on?”

“Perhaps Dominic is getting something out there that he’s not getting at home.” Rhonda laughed.

“Well the rumor is the owner is a very attractive red head.” Barbara offered. “I don’t think it’s any secret that Dominic is doing more out at that club than checking on his investment. Maybe he is cashing in dividends!” Barbara said with a giggle. “Teresa never could take any competition.”

Unbeknownst to the two gossiping ladies, Teresa was taking this all in from the other row of lockers.

Barbara offered a few more comments. “I think it serves her right. She’s always thought she was above all the rest of us. Now it looks like she can’t keep her own husband at home.”

Teresa had heard enough. Seething with anger by the insulting observations she had overheard, Teresa quietly left the locker room. Surprisingly she did not confront Barbara about her comments. She was saving her wrath for a particular club owner and wayward husband.

As she drove, Teresa was thinking, “It’s one thing for Dominic to have his head turned by some stripper, but I don’t have to hear it from that bitch Barbara. I’ll get Dominic out of there once and for all, and then I’ll settle things with that slut owner. Miss Barbie I’ll deal with later.”

It was 5:00 p.m. on Friday when Teresa headed to the gentlemen’s club. The club had been running a Friday afternoon happy hour that brought in a good crowd. When Teresa arrived she found the lot full and parked her car directly in front of the main entrance. Dominic’s BMW was parked in the slot next to the door. She stepped out of the Lexus, slammed the door shut and took a moment to collect her thoughts. Hands on her hips, legs slightly apart with her feet at shoulder width, Teresa was a sight for the patrons still arriving at the club. She was dressed casually in a white sleeveless blouse that buttoned up the front and was worn outside her khaki shorts. Her shorts were sufficiently fitted to highlight Teresa’s best asset. Her blouse, while not excessively snug, did not conceal her ample bust. Never one to go flatfooted, she was wearing wedge sandals that gave a nice accent to her legs and bottom. This did not go unnoticed by some of the arriving customers.

“Hey, check out the brunette next to the Lexus.” one construction worker said to his buddy.

“Not bad, no spring chicken but not bad at all. Hey baby, what’s shaking?” The other construction worker called bedava porno out to Teresa.

Teresa said nothing, but shot a look at the two men that would melt plutonium. “Ignorant morons” Teresa thought.

Inside the club Dominic was at a table with Roxanne Starr sitting closely with her hand on Dominic’s thigh under the table.

“Dom honey, I have to go work on the books, but I’ve got a surprise for you. I’ve got a new girl that I’m going to send over to you. She’s a local, and has never danced before. I know you’ll be good her.

“Sounds like fun Roxy, I’ll be gentle.” Dominic said with a smile.

“Oh I know you will.” Roxanne said as she rose from the table giving Dominic the slightest brush of her lips on his cheek and a subtle puff of her breath in his ear. Dominic also felt Roxanne gently touch his upper arm with her breast, that was barely contained in a black tube top. Dominic’s hand found the swell of Roxanne’s derriere encased in tight black stretch pants and gave it a squeeze as she turned to walk away.

Dominic turned his attention to the stage where four dancers were performing. Taking a sip from is Scotch on the rocks, Dominic felt a tap on the shoulder.

“Hello Mr. Scalia, I’m here for you.” said an attractive young lady with light brown hair of no more than 21 or 22 years of age.

“Well aren’t I the lucky one! Sit down here and let’s get equated.” Dominic offered his lap to the dancer. Strangely, Dominic thought he knew her from someplace. But he surely would have remembered this lingerie clad hottie who was grinding her bottom against his crotch. Wearing white heels, white thigh high stockings, with a white lace thong and bra she projected an image of both purity and the possibility of activities not so pure.

The dancer rose from Dominic’s lap. Facing away from him, she straddled his thighs and bent at the waist displaying her barely covered bottom to him. Dominic’s hands roamed up and down her back, pausing only to release the hooks of her bra and slip it off her shoulders. She then pivoted to face Dominic, placing a leg on either side of his with her breasts inches from his face.

It was at this point Teresa entered the club. Taking a moment to allow her eyes to adjust to the reduced light, she scanned the club for husband. Dominic was concealed from Teresa’s sight for a few seconds by the dancer on his lap. Unfortunately he was revealed when the dancer did a back bend and pressed her pelvis into his.

“That bastard!” Teresa thought. Teresa walked up to Dominic’s table, stopped directly behind the dancer and watched the performance for a few seconds. Dominic had buried his face between her breasts and had no idea is very unhappy wife was watching the exhibition. Pulling out for air Dominic looked directly into Teresa’s eyes.

“Having fun hubby?” Teresa asked.

“Oh shit! Get off me! My wife is here!” Dominic exclaimed as he tried to push the dancer away from him.

Teresa aided Dominic by grabbing a good handful of the dancer’s hair and pulling her backward. Unable to get footing with her high heels she fell backward onto the carpeted floor upsetting the table and spilling drinks.

Composing herself she looked up at her tormentor.

“Oh my God!! Mrs. Scalia!”

“Kathy Benson you little slut. This is how you use your degree in education? Get away from my husband.”

Kathy Benson, you may recall, was the middle school swimming coach. She was so unnerved by her episode with Teresa and Barbara at the swimming meet she abandoned her career in education and to make ends meet took up stripping.

The crash of the table had drawn the attention of the bouncer. Jazz the bouncer was 6 ft. 5inches and weighed 275 pounds of solid muscle. Seeing Teresa standing over the fallen Kathy, Jazz came up to them and got a grip on Teresa’s arm preventing any further problems.

“Take your hand off of me you ape!” Teresa spat out as she struggled in his grip.

Kathy got to her feet, retrieved her bra and made a quick exit to the dressing rooms. The commotion had also gotten the attention of the bar patrons and the manager Roxanne Starr. Dominic had risen to his feet when Roxanne arrived.

“Well, well, well, Mrs. Scalia I presume?” Roxanne asked. “Let her go Jazz.”

Teresa pulled her arm away from the bouncer but did not make any advance toward Roxanne or Dominic.

“Let’s get out of here Teresa and not cause anymore difficulty.”

“Oh I’ve got some business of my own with Miss Starr I need to finish.”

Jazz stepped up to once again restrain Teresa but stopped short when Roxanne gave him a subtle look.

“Jazz would you please show Mr. Scalia the way out. Mrs. Scalia and I do need to tie up some loose ends.”

Jazz raised one massive arm to indicate the way out for Dominic. Without argument Dominic left the building. This left Roxanne and Teresa facing each other.

“Mrs. Scalia I don’t know why you’re so upset. It should be obvious that your husband gets something here that you fail to provide to him at home. Why don’t you just toddle along before you get in too much trouble.”

“The only thing Dominic can get here that he can’t at home is a disease. Or perhaps access to your surgically enhanced breasts.”

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